No Quarter Left No Quarter Right INSURGENT
1 APRIL 2012


I was successful as an informant from 2003 to early 2006 working on money-for-hire operations, bank robberies, and infiltrating white supremacist groups.

The FBI supplied me with sophisticated surveillance devices. They were called key fobs. It is like a car remote control. I had maybe five or six of them. They are always charged and I left them around the mosques where I would frequently pray. I had one in my pocket the entire time, always on, and I had other key fobs just laying around in certain places where the they wanted me to target – the Imams' offices, certain board members' offices, certain worshippers' cars, in their homes. So those devices were pretty much used on daily basis.

In retrospect... the reason why I disagree is because entrapment methods never stop. It always grows. There are no boundaries for it. If I can seek out an individual and get them coerced in some way to do something they normally would not do, that behavior from the informant only grows into more violation, more severe violations of the civil rights of Americans. So I think entrapment alone must be stopped.

How widespread is entrapment in the US?

I worked with several federal agencies and several local police departments as an informant. And on each and every operation and case I worked on, a large degree of entrapment was the principal method. That is not justice. And I believe the FBI must rethink their policies and procedures. I believe that entrapment creates enemies.

Does the US entrap people abroad?


The FBI planted a local informant, Dan Murray, inside the Hutaree Militia in 2008. The college-educated IT specialist in his 50s earns a six-figure salary at his real job and was among the government's key witnesses.

Defense lawyers grilled Murray about a shooting incident involving his wife, a knifing incident in which he stabbed himself in the gut with a 14-inch knife and initially blamed his wife, his battle with alcohol abuse, and his failure to pay taxes on the $30,000 he earned as an informant spying on the Hutaree.


Subsequently the Feds added an FBI agent from New Jersey, Steve Haug (right, partial). "Jersey Steve" posed as a trucker and spent months secretly recording talks with a Hutaree, even serving as best man at his wedding! Haug repeatedly enticed the Hutaree to build pipe bombs and other sophisticated explosives.

This story hits close to home, as John Demjanjuk lived not far from me and I attended high school with his son, John Demjanjuk, Jr., and also worked out at the gym with his son-in-law, Ed Nishnic. A friend of mine, the late Jerome Brentar was instrumental in helping win freedom for Demjanjuk during his appeal in an Israeli court in 1993, as he flew witnesses around the world and gathered evidence proving he was not some character known as "Ivan the Terrible." And, of course, the National Alliance's Cleveland Unit publicly demonstrated on Demjanjuk's behalf on several occasions.

Here's a brief glimpse into the life of John Demjanjuk. He was born in Ukraine in 1920 and survived the forced famine upon his people which killed millions. He was later forced to serve in the Red Army in World War Two. In 1942 he was captured by the German Army and spent much of the remainder of the war as a POW. He immigrated to the United States in 1952 and eventually gained his citizenship in 1958. He settled in Seven Hills, Ohio and worked as an assembly line mechanic at the Ford Motor Company.

However, it was during the 1950s when John's wife Vera made a mistake. Vera wrote to John's mother in Ukraine that her son had survived the war and emigrated to America. The elder woman excitedly reported that Demjanjuk was still alive, thus upsetting the local communist officials.


After finding out that Demjanjuk was still alive, the KGB confiscated family photographs and records and branded him as a traitor. The communist leadership decided to seek revenge upon Demjanjuk for evading Operation Keelhaul, which was an agreement in which the Allies were to return all Red Army POWs to the Soviet Union, before the Soviets were to return the U.S. and British POWs liberated in the march to Berlin.

As word got around the village that Demjanjuk was alive and well in the United States, the KGB turned up an ID card that said Demjanjuk was trained at Trawniki to be a concentration camp guard. Thus began the decades-long persecution, as the KGB began feeding lies about Demjanjuk to the U.S. Justice Department's Office for Special Investigations, also known as the OSI.

On August 25, 1977, Demjanjuk's life changed forever. He came home from work to find reporters in his driveway, as they wanted to speak to the alleged "Nazi collaborator."

Using a German ID card with Demjanjuk's name on it, the Justice Department asked a federal judge to revoke John's citizenship, claiming he lied on his application and entered the United States illegally. In 1986 he was taken to Israel, where he was convicted of being "Ivan the Terrible," but won his appeal and returned to the U.S. seven years later.

Throughout the ordeal, credit must be given to Demjanjuk and his family for staying strong and persevering. Remember, Demjanjuk spent several years on death row in Israel before winning his appeal in 1993. Demjanjuk did live to be the ripe age of 91, and leaves behind a solid family, of whom he provided well for. John Demjanjuk was a true hero; he fought evil forces and the traditional enemy of the truth for decades, whereas a lesser man would've given up the fight long ago.

I would someday love to see a holiday named after John Demjanjuk, to serve as an inspiration for our people, at a time when our race is in its eleventh hour. Rest in Peace, John.

Erich Gliebe
National Alliance

The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!

White Slavery in America

"17th and 18th century 'economists' advocated the enslavement of poor Whites because they saw them as the cheapest and most effective way to develop the colonies in the New World and expand the British empire. As the plantation system expanded in the southern American colonies, planters demanded the legalization of the practice of kidnapping poor Whites."


Poor Whites and the Confederacy

"...The slaves saw enough abject poverty, disease, and demoralization among the poor whites... to see their own condition under Ole Massa's protection as perhaps not the worst of evils." (Eugene D. Genovese, "Rather Be a Nigger Than a Poor White Man': Slave Perceptions of Southern Yeoman and Poor Whites").

This situation engendered a rage in the descendants and survivors of White slavery which has seldom been accounted for in the history of White working class support for the Northern abolitionist cause. We can gauge the attitude of yeoman Whites, especially in the border states like Kentucky and Tennessee, but throughout the U.S.A. as well, who were either neutral during the Confederacy's struggle or sided with Lincoln, from the statement of an Iowa Congressman who maintained that it was the planter aristocracy "which exalts and spreads Africans at the expense of the White race." (Emma Lou Thornbrough, "The Race Issue in Indiana Politics During the Civil War," Indiana Magazine of History, June, 1951).

Some of the leaders of the Free Soil Party and many of the Unionist soldiers who made up the ranks of Lincoln's armies in southern Ohio, western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, southern Illi-nois, Kentucky and elsewhere were survivors of White slavery or descendants of White slaves. They did not view themselves as advocates of what was then referred to as racial "amalgamation."

Historically they regarded themselves as separatists and viewed the Southern planter's desire to spread negroes into California, Oregon and other territories as a grave threat to free White labor and the Old Testament principle of racial separation (Nehemiah 13:23-27; Ezra 10:10-14; Hosea 5:7).

Congressman David Wilmot sponsored a law to ban Black slavery in the American West. He dubbed his proposed law, "the White Man's Proviso." He was bitterly opposed by the Southern elite. Wilmot told Congress that he intended to preserve America's western frontier for "the sons of toil, my own race and color." (Charles B. Going, David Wilmot: Free-Soiler, p. 174).

During much of the Civil War the political and military leaders of the Confederacy could not travel in certain parts of the Deep South without armed escorts (Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, "The Civil War," The United States at War Audio Classics Series, Part Two), for fear of attack from "Upcountry" Southern Whites who hated the planter aristocracy and the war they saw as being for the sole benefit of the expansion of the planter's "infernal negroes." Upcountry Southern Whites consisted in large part of the survivors and the children of the survivors of White slavery who resided in the hills, mountains and Piedmont regions of the South under frontier conditions.

Last President of the Republic
Andrew Johnson

STAUNCH This is a country for white men and by God,
as long as I am President,
it shall be a government for white men.

One remarkable former member of the "poor White trash" of the South who exhibited a lifelong solidarity with his own kind, was the phenomenally successful Andrew Johnson, military governor of Tennessee, U.S. Senator, Vice-President and 17th President of the United States.

Andrew Johnson was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, where at the age of ten he was apprenticed to the Selby tailor shop and ordered to work twelve hours a day, until he was 21 years of age. After enduring nearly six years of apprenticeship he fled Raleigh, and a ten dollar reward was posted for his capture. By law, no other employer in North Carolina was allowed to give him work and as long as he remained there he was subject to arrest, so he moved to Tennessee where he went into business for himself and eventually became a leader of men.

In 1859, while U.S. Senator, Johnson "...asserted that the famous phrase in the Declaration of Independence proclaiming that all men were created equal could not apply to negroes."

Johnson has been described as having "...strongly held predilections for the (White) laboring classes and... deepest prejudice against the blacks." As military governor of Tennessee during the war Johnson protected the white poor. He was a staunch Unionist, strictly devoted to preserving the country as one nation. Lincoln selected him as his vice-president in 1864 because he was a border-state Southerner, a constituency which was Lincoln's crucial power base and one he needed to fortify.

As president, Andrew Johnson ordered the removal of negro troops from East Tennessee and Mississippi. He also "...reanimated (White) Southern resistance and fatally undermined efforts to integrate the (negro) freedmen into society..."

President Johnson was everything to the defeated Southern people (though not to their despised Planter-dominated Confederate leadership) that some argue Lincoln would have become. He was impeached mainly through the efforts of Republicans such as Rep. Thaddeus Stevens and Sen. Charles Sumner, because he refused to cooperate in the collective "Reconstruction" punishment of poor White people in the South.

"...the 17th president unquestionably undermined the Reconstruction process... Johnson identified with an America of small farmers and 'mechanics' and refused to adjust his racial views to the needs of the Republican party... Considering the effect of his policies upon the South, he had achieved at least in the long run what he wanted, the continued existence of viable Southern state governments within the Union and the maintenance of White rule."

After Johnson vetoed the "Civil Rights" Bill of 1866, radical Massachusetts Senator Sumner interceded to demand the vote for negroes. The President was so contemptuous of the negrophile Senator that in the course of their discussion he used the Senator's hat as a spittoon!

Andrew Johnson was determined to protect Southern whites from the horrors of full legal equality for negroes.

WAR The only foreign enemy we have is Zionism.
Our domestic enemy is Judaism, the basis of Zionism.
Judaism and Zionism have made America the enemy
of mankind, an obscenity beyond comprehension.

Violence by our government against foreigners and ourselves can only be answered with counter-violence, not demonstrations, protests and petitions. This is armed America! Self-defense and defense of others who are being killed and terrorized by our tax-eaters here and abroad require the readiness to kill them, either as it is happening or after the fact.

America is perfect because there is and can be no shortage of guns to use for the overthrow and to use for defending ourselves from renegade police and military. We can never be actually disarmed – the threat is to be disarmed mentally so that even though we have guns we could be conditioned not to use them.

Alex Jones is working against us just as much as the 13,000 preachers who work for Homeland Security, persuading the faithful not to resist fedgov. He rages at the horrible fate planned for us by the sadists and I don't doubt that most of his listeners are terrified. They are terrified because with his high-tech communications center in Austin and his capability to mobilize hundreds of thousands of armed fighters, he sells scary and demoralizing videos with no plan of action other than futile analysis and frightening yak-yak and buying more videos. It's the same old John Birch Society formula for fleecing the sheep and keeping them scared, bunched up and under control.

He protects the Jews. He misses no opportunity to please his Jewish supporters by repeating their revolting lies of World War II and pretends that our Talmudic government is to be compared with the Nazis. The obvious fact is that the Nazis were fighting and got wiped out by the same gang that is planning to wipe us out.

RIGHT? Dear Landsmann: 25 October 1985

...I read the letters of N.S. in the September issue of Liberty Bell and, as a long-time student of the works of Lyndon LaRouche, I would like to answer his query about him. LaRouche is a white man, highly intelligent, and well educated. On his own he has virtually recreated much of the thought and policy of Hitler – though he doesn't know it. It is the fixed MO of the Jews to infiltrate organizations and subvert them to their own ends. In the case of LaRouche, they have done this. Although they have been unable to prevent his condemnation of usury and of Jewish rule, they have been able to limit the damage by keeping him misinformed on two vital subjects: Race and Jewry.

As a socialist, LaRouche believes in the cardinal tenet of Jewish socialism: that people are identical economic units. Thus, he completely ignores inherent biological differences between races. To him, creating a modern society in Africa is merely a matter of education, capital, and work. He never says anything about how a civilization can be maintained by creatures with an IQ of 50 and no forebrain. To recognize the problem would be "racism" and hence forbidden. To him, like all Liberals, the biological, mental inferiority of Negroes is to be cured through "education" and similar magical rites. Not recognizing racial differences is the basis of his blindness on the Jewish question. Again and again he runs into the Jews; in government, banking, the dope trade, etc., etc. Yet, despite the very fact that many of the leaders of these Jewish criminal organizations are identified Jews (like Kissinger, Volker, Armand Hammer, Bronfmann, Sharon, Oppenheimer, Rothschild), LaRouche is always led to ascribe their actions to somebody else, usually England. To ascribe the Jews' crimes to England is like accusing a horse of the crimes of its rider. Alas, this is being done with America as well. Down in South America, many people regard Americans as "a bunch of filthy Jews," not realizing that only our owners are Jewish.

By controlling LaRouche's thinking on these two vital questions they have largely "sanitized" him as a danger to Jewry. He thus serves to mislead opponents of the Jews just as the "Kosher Conservatives" do and waste their time and money in futile efforts.


I have written to LaRouche and spoken to him on the telephone, but his mind is fixed. It must be remembered that he grew up during the most intense hate campaign in history, the 1930s hate against "Nazism." He was thus, in his innocent childhood, programmed to hate Hitler and to consider the Jews as poor, persecuted victims. Anything NAZI is automatically evil, while Jew Socialism is the "hope of the earth." Ironically, 40 years of experience have led LaRouche to recreate much of Hitler's thinking – but he doesn't know it since the Jews have carefully prevented him from learning what Hitler's ideas actually were! That is were the situation stands at present. LaRouche is surrounded by Jews. They permeate his organization. If he should show any sign of understanding the Jewish problem, he would either be murdered or forced out of his own organization. After his death, his organization will probably become 100% Jew-run and lose even the partial utility it now has. For now, I read his material with pleasure and learn many things from it. But, I always remember his prejudices.

Sincerely, R.S., New York State

Dear Liberty Bell: 14 November 1985

It is entirely possible that N.S. of Massachusetts [see Liberty Bell for September 1985] is well aware that LaRouche is another agent planted by the Jews (as per Protocol 12, para. 11), whose job is to hoodwink real patriots into giving themselves away to him about the Jews, in order for him then to pass on their names and their remarks to the B'nai B'rith. Or maybe Mr. N.S. is just not sure, and he wants specific information. Well, LaRouche has all the earmarks of being that type of creature. To me, he is a Jew with a French name. He founded the NCLC, a thing that was branded as Marxist by Attorney General Griffin Bell, and reportedly kept under surveillance by his office. On an NBC report back in 1978, a spokesman for the NCLC by the name of Cohen appeared, nervously denying that they were Marxist. Later on, LaRouche seemingly made a turnabout; on another NBC report he was described as "fascist" and "anti-Semitic." And then, after that (1983), he was afforded a series of campaign programs over nationwide TV, over which he said, among other appealing things, that, if elected President (he was running for the Democratic Party (!) nomination), he would immediately declare a state of economic emergency and order the abolition of the Federal Reserve Board. Now, the Jews won't allow anyone to do that over their media except under the intention that it will work for them. For other good-point remarks on LaRouche, see the letter by W.F. on page 35 of the April 1984 Liberty Bell.

... For a Whiter, Brighter, and MORE PRAGMATIC World,

L.E., New York State
Source: Liberty Bell, December 1985

FORWARD OBSERVER:  Don't Deal With Niggers!

Hey TT,
Building Contractors in the State of New Jersey are learning a painful lesson: DON'T DEAL WITH NIGGERS. Several Building Contractors did jobs for Browntown and the City stuck them for the money just like a typical nigger would do. Reading from the newspapers story:



State and federal authorities confirmed last week that nearly $1.8 million in stimulus funds earmarked for three street projects, including the one on South Broad, were revoked from the city last year after contractors and Trenton officials failed to live up to specifications and meet reporting requirements.

The situation has left two companies waiting on close to $250,000 in outstanding payments from the city. The Lambertville-based Jonico Inc. threatened to file suit against the city last week over $95,000 it's still owed from the Broad Street project. Representatives from Diamond Construction, located in Brick, say they're still owed about $120,000 for sidewalk improvements throughout the city.

"We've gotten stiffed," Diamond owner John Kovacs said during an interview last week. "It's killing us. It's almost put us out of business to be honest with you. We still have creditors tied with that project that we haven't paid yet as a result. I don't even have enough money to sustain the company, let alone paying vendors from a year ago."


After working 9 straight days helping a fellow Aryan repair storm damage, I read the Newspaper to find that a White Aryan Working Man from Browntown accused of defending himself from a knife wielding beaner was denied a chance for "Pre-Trial Intervention" program, although he has had NO PRIOR criminal record. I went to school with this Working Class White Man. All we City Whites try to do is work and go to our jobs. Often times we are harassed by Unlicensed beaner drivers that make the daily drive to work a challenge. The System's message to Whites is CLEAR. When Whites are attacked by non-whites in the streets you will receive NO HELP from the system, in fact just the opposite. The enemy uses this tactic to draw productive WHITES out of the struggle.

ADVISE all Whites who drive and work in the city to NOT ENGAGE the enemy. If a mud comes after you with a bat or gun simply drive away. Do not confront the enemy while in your car or work vehicle but rather keep driving until you are in a WHITE AREA. The newspaper article:


Assistant Prosecutor Katie Magee opposed the application!!!

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

INTEL:  Philosopher

Radiation so High off the coast of Japan, I'm afraid Godzilla will be resurrected !!! – Well, a basis for a fun new movie anyway! I need to go buy a new surfboard NOW since demand in California must have Crashed! Corona Del Mar has the highest radiation readings – one of my old surfing spots was not far from there: the Santa Ana River Jetties. If going in the Ocean seems too risky and too filthy, we could "beach-comb" for Fukushima-Japanese Radioactive "Souvenirs". Use a radiation detector to sell the WORST to bureaucrats. Japan has outlawed foreign made radiation detectors for about the same reason Diebold voting machines are Fixed here – the "Ron Paul" Vote causes counter malfunction. ["Tilt! Tilt!"].

You might get a fat discount now at Disneyland in Orange County too. But don't stay too close to San Onofre – Their Nuclear Power Plant has badly corroded flues!


We've seen enough Evidence recently of Ghoulish STEALING people's Vital Organs. From Chinese Communists "DISSECTING LIVE political prisoners" to Those Ghoulish Heebs that were Arrested in New Jersey, to those dead or near-dead Haitians robbed of their organs and sent to Israhell for Rich Jews in Need. etc. etc.... Imagine you are just hanging on to your life in the hospital, and the Surgeons are all standing around calculating how much YOU are Worth all "gutted" out and your organs sent to Israhell.

The movie "Soylent Green" wasn't that bad! Even in the heavily propagandized "She Demons" [1958], the phony Nazi Doctor didn't CUT INTO the girls! So would you like your organs to be put into one of the modern Demons like say Al Gore, Kissinger, or Satan worshipping Pope Ratzinger?

What a SICK AGE!


Four of the biggest Mines are nearly in my backyard here in N. Nevada. I've even worked at them as an employee of contractors. Briefly three problems:

1. Diesel Fuel and energy prices. ie; Barrick's MONTHLY Electric bill alone was $1.7 MILLION$. Sky-High Diesel prices will shut the MINES DOWN – PRONTO!

2. Barrick's [Oliphant's] Hedge program was used to hold the Gold price DOWN. Billionaire Peter Munk PROMISED WALL St. that ABX was a gold mining company they could be comfortable with. – i.e. Ha HA! – Comfy for "Gold Bears"!

3. Now with JP Morgan involved in financing acquisitions [Cortez, etc.] you have "Protocols" Conspiracy; ie; Illuminati Jews will "TAKE" all the Gold from Everyone ["Protocols"], thru theft and thru price manipulations. Also read Solzhenitsyn's "Gold Wave" arrests pages 52-54; What happened to Gold Bugs in Russia under Communism !!!

I suspect the Jewish Financial community NOW has enough Gold to SMASH or Sky-Rocket the price at will – destroying investors or creating chaos. The Enemy has had a PLAN to destroy Occidental Nations for over 100 YEARS. Read the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". Also Henry Ford Sr's "The International Jew".


Just talking with other ex-truckers, guys who've had real years of experience like me, heavy-hauling America's Groceries – Food Supplies. Fuel and Bulk Commodities. The "NUMBERS" concerning SKY HIGH FUEL PRICES add up to a simple Mega-DISASTER.

Trucking Companies or individual owner-operators WILL NOT be able to put Multi $THOUSANDS$ into the Fuel Tanks hauling loads. And the Customers will PANIC when they see FUEL SURCHARGES go up 1,000%++ Truckers will also demand PRE-Payment for the fuel and this Mega $Thousands$ Mega Burden will be an intollerable shock to the associated Grocery Warehouses – The distribution points for YOUR Grocery Store. It simply boils down to ...the loads won't get hauled at all.

Trains? I actually had a tanker job fueling up Locomotives in Nevada due to the outrageous THREAT of California Suing the Hell out of Union Pacific "IF" they had a fuel spill in California! – The PREDATORY Lawyers and Judges just Giddily DROOLED over the potential massive environmental fines and settlements! So U.P. fueled as FEW locomotives as possible in California. With sky high fuel it might cost U.P. $72,000.+ for "ONE" FILL-UP in a four locomotive set! [current cost, roughly $36,000. ALREADY!!!] Can the Railroad afford THAT? I doubt it since profit margins are stinko slim anyway on mostly bulk commodity shipments.

Armageddon Approaches

The Owl's entrails SAY: America! Lookout! YOUR ENTIRE FOOD and FUEL SUPPLIES are in Danger of CANCELLATION as soon as the Strait of Hormuz is closed! Better get ready on a personal level. Because the shocking scene coming into view is: Multi-Multi-Millions will simply STARVE TO DEATH and even FREEZE in the Cities.

{In Trucking, I used to "Run the Scales" right through Ashland ALL THE TIME! They used to call that; "Blockade Running" in the old days. It infuriated the cops and they'd send out a bitch cop in a van to chase us down. I HID in the Truck Stop North of Town – lot's of fun! I also had a fun method of "screwing up" their Gov. computer in Pendlelton... Too bad people don't say NO to their system – we'd be done with it now.}

In Philosophy, One can boil down all the complexities today to a simple rule: If the Jews promote it, it's BAD for YOU. If the Jews DISALLOW it, TABOO it, HIDE it, CONDEMN it, it's GOOD for YOU.


Going BACK almost 1700 Years, The White Race was REFINED by the hardships of the long Medieval Centuries [376-1600]. White Women who failed in child bearing were simply out of the game – Genetically. White Men who failed in Battle or failed to survive diseases and plagues were killed off. This led to a refined halcyon "healthy" period, say 1650 to 1960. Just 310 Years! – Maybe alittle longer.

The original Whites in America were certainly more than a match for the primative Indians. Then came the greatly superior Weapons technology of "repeating rifles". Also the VISION of superior Government and Superior Civilization developed due to long centuries of ignorant trial and error, corruptions and failure. Add the shocking [from long Historical perspective] leaps in Industrial – Technological Progress. The Transcontinental Railroad was finished rapidly despite the outrageous corruptions in management! With THIS, Americans realized they could DO just about anything! [i.e. Panama Canal].

All this included a superior VISION and Idealism which lasted UNTIL the JEWS and their poisonous "Transvaluing" creeped into the picture. By 1968, this was the "NEW Idealism". The Industries immediately started DYING with the heavy Jew-Taxation and Bureaucracy. The old "Healthy" Culture of Industrialism and Individualism – Idealism began a rapid DECLINE.

If the trends continue, expect a Dramatic Decline into Bankruptcy like ancient Rome except more rapid. A New DARK AGE will dawn since the genuine ingredients for a Superior Civilization are being destroyed so rapidly – so dramatically, so completely today.


Isadora Duncan, [1878-1927] Existentialist – Communist DANCER – pooh-poohed the discipline of Ballet dance traditions. Danced in her bare feet, bared her breasts and declared Communism her philosophy. Her neglect and lack of respect for Natural Laws – "Physics" caused her dramatic death: Just hopped in an Amilecar with Italian boyfriend for a ride. Her long flowing silk scarf caught in the spokes on the rear wheel quickly winding the scarf around the axle JERKED her violently out of the car, strangled her and broke her neck. The accelerating rear axle Executed her alot faster than an old Spanish Garrote.

I've seen many such careless occurrences in life. In my youth, saw a young couple die in an old "hot rod" ford coupe – outrageously wreckless driving! [tried to make it "fly".] Saw boys my age on motorcycles kill themselves or end up as mental vegetables. More subtle, I saw Dick and Jennette Bagley slowly commit suicide on unfiltered Camel Cigarettes!


A recently published book written by a Skvere hasidic rabbi and endorsed by the Skvere Rebbe himself tells Skvere hasidim and other Jews to hate all gentiles. Gentiles are wholly evil, the book says. They spiritually pollute the world, and even looking at their faces is harmful. {That's right! Don't look at my face! And leave the WHITE Women alone too! OY OY!}

Question: Is it appropriate to not love, or to hate, a gentile?

Answer: A Jew is intrinsically good. A Jew is a part of God above. Even if at times he strays it is not because he has become evil. It is only that there is evil within him that he has to cleanse.

However, to separate with a million degrees of separation, a gentile is an impure thing. The entire essence of the gentile is evil and impure. Even if he occasionally does good deeds he does not thereby become good. As is also well known, even educated gentiles who guarded themselves because of their clear understanding of what is right, nonetheless failed when they were tested, because a gentile has no power for goodness within him. On the contrary, the evil thoughts of gentiles contaminate the world's atmosphere and create ordeals for Jewish children. As the Remnant for Pinchos {i.e., the author of the book Sheairit L'Pinchas} says, the thoughts of gentiles, even when they are dead, still linger in and contaminate the atmosphere.

He says that to be protected from this, there is only one solution: to completely despise the thoughts of gentiles and to realize that all their thoughts are only evil.


The old saying, "Given a number of different choices, people usually choose the WORST one possible!" Ho HO! It certainly applies here! WHO is telling these kids to go way in debt for college? While they stay in school, do they realize the Entire Underlying Structure is being Destroyed? [and for about 50+ YEARS!] And IF their Degrees are to be worthless then how do they pay the money back? [Economics PH.D Gary North's prediction of the "Breakdown in the Division of Labor" – Yep.]

Incidently, the Highest paying jobs around HERE have nothing to do with College Degrees! In fact "Degreed Geologists" or Mining Engineers are hired on a "per-Job" – "Contract" basis. There IS NO Full time employment for most of them! But if you can efficiently run a big front-end loader, Underground "Jumbo", or if you are a genuine skilled Auto-Diesel Mechanic??? Ho HO! You've got a high paying job INSTANTLY !!! – And include maybe a nice "Bonus".

Corporations like Barrick or Newmont don't give a DAMN about Individuals – or even how "Talented" you are! [Ha HA! I myself am real Proof of that!]. [I usually had to BUY my "education" in the way of Tools or a Tractor-Trailer to get "IN" to a job or business. As a Machinist, Futures Trader, and even in Philosophy, I'm absolutely SELF-Taught, thank you, no "Legitimate" "schooling" at all! [Lots of Books, though.]

Re: J B Campbell's "Frame of Mind"

Yes, I was just thinking also of how various "characters" have worked hard to brainwash us with the PERSPECTIVE that just because it's become "Law" we have to obey. Yet the "Laws" are no laws at all unless we obey OR the Feds throw massive military oppression at us – Not likely. Just the attempt to turn the National Guard on the public will awaken not only the guardsmen but the public and police. No wonder they NEED the scarecrow "Terrorism" to keep the fever going.

We haven't used the guns... yet. Right now, the line in the sand is simply your threshold at home; Solzhenitsyn's page 13 footnote #5 for now is where you must be ready as an individual. As for the inner "Enemies" of America; It's possible many of them will simply "strike out"; ie Visualize the Trucks stopping due to the sky high oil. The Crisis would be SOOOOoooo horrible that all of America's "System" would simply collapse. Without Tax Revenues the entire panorama completely fails. – ie Greece RIGHT NOW dragged kicking and screaming through this "Wringer" Natural Law Process despite the lies of bureaucrats.

Side note: A retired police officer has told me that when the "breakdown" comes they most likely will stay home to protect their families. They are also trained to arrest YOU – NOT at your place of residence – Because YOU have the strategic advantage of knowing the "layout" – a REAL ADVANTAGE in a gun battle. They also do NOT know just WHAT weapons you have there. Imagine; Say, facing someone with a "full-auto" AK-47... NOT a pleasant thought if you intend to stay alive!

Lately, the Sheriff ventures into our rural neighborhood as little as possible. But the Highway Patrol has been very aggressive in their own environment; the highway. The GRIM Reality; IF the Jews are successful in their Despotism, then... the rats that infest the house MUST be Killed – there is no other option. Thank God we do have the guns!

I myself, if my survival is threatened, will have nothing to do but put all sorts of "characters" – you know like College Professors who all have helped WRECK America – put them in the crosshairs and squeeze, just for the change in their pockets or less! No reason to "take pisoners" – of what value is that? Leaving the "rats" alive is a most repugnant thought.

They're up to 750 MILLION rounds of .40 cal. plus look at that list for the U.S Forestry; They can shoot ALL Adults TWICE in the head and still have left-overs! {photo: My 9mm reloaded with Winchester's hollow-point bullets [at #3], also I was experimenting with the crappy-"for free" aluminum cases [at #2] they worked, but not recommended – brass is better. Russian Tula primers shown [at #1] are just as good as domestic.}


INTEL:  Blood and Soil

TT: In ancient times there were two basic bladed weapon designs. The first is a straight short sword with both edges sharpened and the second is a curved short sword with only one edge sharpened. The straight short sword with both edges sharpened was used primarily with shields. The shield was used to pin the opponent and once he was pinned or immobile the straight short sword was used to puncture the abdomen and thrust upwards and puncture the heart. The straight short sword was not meant to slash and cut with it's two sharp edges even though it could be used that way.

The curved short sword was sharpened on only one edge and was not used with a shield. The curved short sword was used to slash and cut and not used to puncture. Without using a shield to pin a person or make them immobile it was not possible to thrust at them with a short sword. With no means to pin or immobilize an opponent, the curve short sword was used to slash, cut, and decapitate the limbs and head. With out a shield, the curved short sword was preferred to use in either defense or offense.

The modern Kukri Machete is the workhorse of one handed bladed weapons regardless whether used in defense or offense. Every Lone Wolf needs several Kukri Machetes and to make them the main bladed weapons to use in actions.



I used to try to find Aggression somewhere, anywhere, in every White Male that I ran across. I would look for Aggression in their toes, maybe in their elbows, maybe in their earlobes, anywhere, everywhere, just so that I could try to nurture it into full blown Aggression. But it never worked. At best, all I ever got out of most White Males was effeminate Intellectual Assertiveness. But now that I have the new knowledge about the Aggressive Gene I have quit looking for the most remote sign of Aggression. Instead, I now look for Passiveness and Intellectual Assertiveness and I am finding it everywhere. It is truly amazing how blind I have been for most of my life. No more.

Every Lone Wolf needs to stop looking for elusive Aggression in most White Males and open their eyes to looking for Passivity and Intellectual Assertiveness instead. In this way then can more effectively utilize their time in rejecting most White Males and focus on the few with real biological Aggression thereby finally forming a real Brotherhood what like The Order had.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

TT says:  When you must choose between the most physically Aryan looking and the racial Fanatic, always choose the Fanatic!

Monsters of the ID

This is what happens to anyone in the military with a
conscience. Here is just a small sampling of what our troops
did to Iraqi civilians to bring 'freedom and democracy.'
Are the troops ever going to wake up?? ~ TWC



Can you hear the war drums beating? For the last couple of years, they have been less obvious, but then so is a snake – until it strikes. I am, of course, speaking of Israel and its determination to goad the United States into attacking Iran by way of their much used false-flag game plan, much like with Iraq, which was attacked at the insistence of Israel. What most folks do not see/understand is that Israel demands to be the only power in the Mideast. They want no one there that can stand up to them.

How many more of our young people and money we do not have are We, the People, going to allow because some in Israel are never happy unless they are creating a conflict for America to fight? The leaders of Iran know that if they threw a snowball at the U.S. of A. they would be attacked. They, on the other hand, have a right to arm themselves, just like other nations have. I believe no nation should be allowed nuclear weapons.

Many in D.C. claim that Israel is our friend. Yeah right, so were Stalin and Lenin. A friend does not steal secrets from you then sell them to other countries, nor would a friend attack and do its best to kill every sailor aboard ship, I am referring to the premeditated two-hour attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, a ship that was a peaceful radar ship in international waters.

Those in Washington give Israel billions of our money every year since 1948, along with military equipment, etc. They in turn take much of that money and bribe our elected servants in D.C. to do their bidding.

Do we really need more turmoil in the Middle East? And more hate from that region directed at us because we condone anything Israel does? Within the U.N. there are more than 67 U.N. resolutions against Israel, but they can not be enforced because the U.S. blocks them.

Israel has many nuclear weapons, yet they refuse any agency to inspect them, and no one says a word, why is that? Only We, the People, can stop the madness. Please stand up and speak up before many more Americans die for no reason.

Some within the G.W. Bush administration use to talk of how they did not seek to raise taxes or reinstate the draft when we attacked Iraq. They knew better, for there would be another Vietnam disturbance here at home. Draft cards, etc. being burnt.

Ron Ely

In-Q-Tel of Arlington, Virginia is a not-for-profit venture capital firm that invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability.

Communism and capitalism are two heads of the same jewish coin. ~ Adolf Hitler

I'm training my grandchildren to use long-range rifles. ~ Peter Fonda

MAHNIGGA "It's Not Just Trayvon: 9 Other Cases That Prove People of Color Can't Safely Walk the Streets of America"

3. Mulugeta Seraw

Mulugeta Seraw was an Ethiopian immigrant who sought a better life in Portland, Oregon. His dreams came to a close on Nov. 12, 1988, after a confrontation with three white racist gang members outside his apartment. The three men – Steve Strasser, Kyle Brewster and Ken Mieske – beat Seraw with baseball bats while their girlfriends watched. The group then left Seraw to die in a puddle of his own blood, in a killing the notorious Tom Metzger called their "civic duty." Strasser and Brewster caught manslaughter charges, while Mieske received a life sentence for first-degree murder. Seraw's son and father later received pro bono representation from the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center in a suit against Metzer and his son John. Seraw's family received $12.5 million in damages. Metzger later had to forfeit his home and go on welfare. He still has to make monthly payments to Seraw's surviving family.

TT says:
As usual the truth rarely catches up to the lie. The death of Mr. Seraw was the result of a street fight over an auto right of way argument that grew into a brawl. It could just as easily have been between white youth and white youth. The maximun this altercation should have been tried for is manslaughter. If this case had gone to trial it would have been exposed that both groups were culpable in a mutual fight.

When the fight started, Seraw was several yards away about to enter his home. He set down his beer and ran back to join the fist fight. At this point the last young man (Ken Mieske), who had just been sitting in the car, saw that his two friends were out-numbered and exited the car with a board or baseball bat and hit Seraw. Over-reaction? Possibly... but that his concern was over the possible death or severe injury of his friends is understandable. It is ironic that if Seraw had entered his home and not returned to the fight, it would have all ended with bloody noses, and Ken Meiske would have remained in the car until the the skirmish ended. All this can be verified by the notes of the pretrial investigation.

If it had gone to trial it would not have turned into a political football and Tom Metzger would never have been sued. Tom Metzger never had been in Portland and never met the accused. There is a lot more to this story, but I feel it's a waste of time go on. Those who dislike a persons political/racial beliefs don't care about facts – just the spin!

Former NSM Presidential Candidate Brian Holland
Outs Himself As A Professional FBI Snitch


15,000 FBI Rats and Counting

Here at the White Voice we have casually said that if someone approaches you and talks about committing a crime, the odds are that you are talking to a federal informer. There are currently 15,000 rats or snitches or whatever you want to call these ZOG scum. It is imperative that you as a pro-white be trained in what to do if you are approached by one. They may talk about robbing the pizza shop or rubbing out someone or planting a bomb. All the FBI needs to arrest you is for you to give a positive sign. This could be saying something along the lines of "great" or "yeah" or "that sounds good to me". You will be charged in a criminal conspiracy to commit said imaginary crime. This is how they got Rev. Matt Hale. Hale allowed Evola to talk about certain criminal acts toward certain individuals. Notice I said "allowed". If Evola said that in my presence I'd ask him if he was joking and if he didn't answer "yes" I'd be calling the local police department to report him. I'm not going to jail for somebody's criminal talk whether it sounds serious or not.

It appears the FBI is trying to justify its inflated budget. If there aren't real terrorists out there doing bad things on their own, this article shows how they manufacture terrorists. They're not joking about "home grown" terrorists. The FBI is literally planting the seed and watering the pot. They find some poor sap of mediocre intelligence – don't let that sap be you – talk to him about some criminal act and then they even offer him the illegal weapons to carry it out. Of course the weapons they give out are always duds. They seek out people who could be "lone wolves" and then give them the correct coaxing (or kick in the butt) to do the deed. Be aware that under our current legal system the defense of "entrapment" no longer exists. And it won't help you one iota with the jury that the man who set you up and gave you your dud weapons was an FBI informer. Over the past decade the FBI orchestrated every terrorist plot in the US with the exception of three.

Joe Adams

P.S. The only thing left to add is a message to self hating anti-Whites: Would you like to be fried extra crispy or original recipe?

Breitbart Right Wing Hysteria Paranoia

The Alex Jones broadcast – I listened to it last night ("infowars.com") – tells that Breitbart had announced-foolishly-that he had Obama film clips from Obama's College day as fellow traveler of open Communist Terrorists (friends of Bernadine Dorn & Bill Ayers etc.) where he talks openly about Revolution. Breitbart was going to release the tapes on March 1st, the same day as he died. The Controlled press, 2 hours after his death, claim he had died of natural causes. A coroner still hasn't concluded their investigation of the death. Alex Jones says Obozo had it done & that Michael Savage is hiding even doing broadcasts afraid he'll be assassinated by Government goons. Rush Limberger & others on the Kosher Right are also scared they may be "purged"!

TT says:
So what about obama. The public wouldn't do anything anyhow, even if the film was exposed.


Charlie Sheen's father was on some recent TV program talking to some genealogist about information they had "discovered" about his grandfather. His grandfather, Estevez, had been imprisoned by those "evil" Spanish Fascists because he fought on the "Loyalist" side of Grand Orient Freemasons Communists Trotskyites Anarchists Basque & Catalan Separatists etc. It is to weep! Those meenie Fascists – who "falsely" imprisoned Millions – fought the "noble" Communist-Anarchist-Freemasons" LOYALISTS who killed Priests & Nuns at will... "womderful" Anarchists who would like in Barcelona 1934 take people out in the Bull-Ring & if they didn't have callouses on their hands, they were immediately shot. I guess a lot of Revolutionaries were themselves shot that way..... "NO CALLOUSES. NO REVOLUTIONARIES". No wonder, Charlie Sheen has a Jewish Mother. I wonder if the Estevezes have Marrano ancestry.

LOL, with a name ending with "ez" who knows? (duhh)... anyway, it's the first time I see Spanish republicans described as "loyalists".

The civil war of 36-39 was fought between the nationalists (headed by Franco), close to italian fascism, and the republicans, that were divided between pro-anarchists and pro-stalinists. The first were for a united Spain, the latter were for independency of several regions, not for love of the people, only to weaken the nation. (It's the old game of setting white against white, while darkie is evrybody's friend).

Spanish regional separatism have been traditionally fed by the commies, often under the guise of nationalism, but their goal has been always to divide and weaken the nation, as Spain has been one of those few countries that remained white in it's majority, and loyal to its origins and historical memory, unaccordingly with it's neighbour, Portugal.

Wolf Portugal

P.S. "Estevezes" sounds kind of funny for a native speaker! LOL, as it gains other meanings...


TT: Just a quick comment on your view about the increase in Fright train loads. The Union Pacific makes a regular run not far from where I am and I have noticed that the length of the trains are getting longer and longer as well. I've seen them recently with 3 and 4 engines pulling trains that seemed to go on forever.

TT says:
It's more noticable in the town near me since there are only 2 underpasses for the Pennsylvania Railroad and none for the north-south rail line. So at least 25 avenues and streets are blocked for up to one half hour, so far.

TOM A sincere thank you

Mr. Metzger,
I just wanted to say I found your website tonight and have devoted the last hour and a half to it. I was most impressed with your take on the Lone Wolf approach and your ten political positions (way too much common sense for today's america). But what got me to write you was the 14 Words Memorial. I was most inspired by that. Most White Organizations could care less about the past or who did some of the most heavy lifting to get us to this moment in history. Much less actually devote space to them. And the POW section? A true service to our incarcerated brothers. I guarantee you there are Parties out there that won't touch them with a ten foot pole. But I believe they should not be forgotten. Every Movement needs foot soldiers and members that actually got their hands dirty. To suddenly treat them as outcasts – is a shame. Anyway, I'm just one man. But you reached me. The world wide web is a fantastic and amazing thing. I wish you continued success and appreciate all you're doing.
Yours in the struggle!

Giant Role

Dear Tom:
I'm a lone wolf here in Ohio. I know that you have had a giant role in the movement and I would like to ask you for some advice. I'm living in southeastern Ohio and there is not a strong front here at all; actually a majority white town that was once an all white town. Whites have turned into race traitors from the young to the old; it makes me sick having to see this every day.

I have had police at my house for speaking my mind when cocky niggers try to start shit. I act and the first word spoken of course is hate crime. I have dealt with that issue but I'm sick, Tom. I'm tired of sitting here day in and day out letting this shit continue to happen. I recently saw the interview you had done with the BBC and Louie and I will say you my friend have a lot more patience than I could ever have. I guess that is why I'm asking for your advice.

I need guidance, Tom. I have been to prison here in Ohio before and the AB and the skins in there are all about extorting the white man instead of lifting him up. All their patches are made up by a guy with Jewish background so I have not been impressed with them. I ran with older guys who were there when it was about us and keeping us living well or just living some days. I'm getting older now and have children and I can't stand the thought of my son growing up in this place with the community pushing the idea it's cool to be black. Every day I watch children get off the bus with pants hanging off their asses and I want to slap their parents and say "wake up".

I guess I'm getting off track here - sorry, passion is a problem with me. Sometimes my mind rants, but anyhow I need help. I need to find someone to give me a hand - point me in the right direction. Ideas on how to inform my community what they have done to themselves; not that they would listen, but if one kid gets his nigger garb trashed or one man stands up, that's better than me alone. If you could help to plug me into someone close I would be forever in debt and would do much for the cause. Please contact me and I will be more than happy to take any and all advice a man of your wisdom has to offer.

Sent Survival Manual ~ TT

Truth About The Amerindians

As John DeMay points out in his book, Settlers Forts of Western Pennsylvania, the Scotch-Irish and Germans in western Pennsylvania were FURIOUS that the liberal Quakers (as in Quaker Oats) back east in Philadelphia, then still the state capital, refused to sell guns to endangered pioneer white families, but in nauseating self-imagined christian virtue – and race treason – sold guns to the Indians "for self-defense"!

It goes without saying that the Stone Age Amerindians themselves had no knowledge of metallurgy or gun-making; only whites had that. In one incident the Scotch-Irish of western Pa. seized a wagonload of guns out of Philadelphia and destined for the Injuns, keeping them for the defense of their own families FROM the Indians. The problem of ultraliberals and white self-hate is not new in American society.... JdN

Longtime Comrade, First time Complainant

Hey TT,
If you believe in what you claim, why wouldn't you make the radio shows cost nothing and do all broadcasts out of good will for your Folk? Even Duke's shows are free to listen to! ~ JP

TT says:
Simply because I do not have a private income to pay the bills that are incurred by my projects. I do not run businesses like VNN, NV, DUKE incorporated with membership dues etc. My only outside income is social security, which pays my personal bills.

If there were enough free will donations to support and pay the bills for the website, phones, equipment etc. I would gladly give the shows freely. But since most people won't even cough up $5 or $10 now and then, I must get funds somehow or quit. The people who are giving it away are getting funds somehow.

Of course, most of what those people put out is just knee jerk reactionary stuff that leads nowhere. My FREE ARCHIVE received maybe $20 a month in donations. I know it may be hard to believe by the numbers of those who used the shows, but it's the truth. Most people are just plain cheap. I get more stamps and donations from prisoners than from the free radio show listeners.

Anyone still loyal to DUKE needs their head examined. Also for that FED listening post website he and Black created.


TT, Just a comment on the Intel you sent on the passage of the self defense law in Indiana. I think this law is destined to be overturned in a Federal court as it appears to be over reaching. I think before long the Justice Dept. will take an interest in this law and seek an injunction in Federal court and eventually the law will be thrown out.

The main reason the law is defective is that it authorizes the use of force against a "Public Servant". In Indiana state law, a Public Servant is anyone who is authorized to perform an official function on behalf of a government entity. The legal problem with this is that it would include Federal workers (ATF, FBI, Secret Service etc.). Federal law makes it a crime to use force against these people, which places the state law in conflict with the Federal law. Since state law cannot override Federal law, this law is destined to be tossed out.

People should also understand that in the meantime, if they do use force against Federal agents in Indiana, they will be charged and prosecuted under Federal law. Indiana could salvage the law by rewriting the definition of public servant to include only State or local officials, we will have to see if that happens.

TT says:
You're right and I understand the bastards and how they work. When the FEDS throw it out, the rotten republicrats in Indiana will blame it all on Obama, wringing their hands and crying "BUT WE TRIED".


Hey TT, On television where I live (Tampa,FL), Spanish words are being placed into advertisements with English. Slogans such as "Verizon: Live Mas", or The Sundance (indy) films commercial that says "Ahorra. Now you're up" Plus, I remember the show Tom did with Wolf SoCal (very smart fellow, btw) and SoCal wolf said he spoke to a middle schooler who told him that in his school, "All day we do languages. Everybody talks to each other in Spanish and English all day."

This sneaky, Jewish advertising is making me believe more in the Mexico/US and possibly even Canada becoming one country. The Southwest is becoming a defacto Aztlan region, but non-white hispanics are very present in FL and many other places. I have no problem with white Castillians from latin nations coming here. It's the nonwhites that bother me.

It's not only being made easier for non-white latrinos to live here without learning or speaking English, it's being forced on us that we must learn Spanish if we white Americans want to be competative in the job market.

I saw a car commercial featuring an Asian couple buying Kia cars. They were speaking with the goofy white salesman, then took a break to put on their "Privacy Filter" and talk in Korean before lapsing back into English to speak to the salesman. The commercial is clearly forcing the idea that it is fine for non-whites in America to use their native language as a Privacy Filter.

As white Americans, we're told we have to participate in non-white culture, but cannot be proud of or express our culture. We're told there is nothing special about being white. We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White children!


FYI I am passing this along... there are comments from two other people:

I have also been asked if we keep guns in the house. The nurse just kinda slipped it in along with all the other regular questions. I told her I refused to answer because it was against the law to ask. Everyone, whether you have guns or not, should give a neutral answer so they have no idea who does and who doesn't.

My doctor asked me if I had guns in my house and also if any were loaded. I, of course, answered yes to both questions. Then he asked why I kept a loaded gun close to my bed. I answered that my son, who is a certified gun instructor and also works for Homeland Security, advised me that an unloaded, locked up gun is no protection against criminal attack. The Government now requires these questions be asked of people on Medicare, and probably everyone else.

Just passing this along for your information:

I had to visit a doctor other than my regular doctor when my doctor was on vacation.. One of the questions on the form I had to fill out was: Do you have any guns in your house?? My answer was None of your damn business!! So it is out there!

It is either an insurance issue or government intervention. Either way, it is out there and the second the government gets into your medical records (as they want to under Obamacare) it will become a major issue and will ultimately result in lock and load!!

Please pass this on to all the other retired guys and gun owners... Thanks

From a Vietnam Vet and retired Police Officer:
I had a doctors appointment at the local VA clinic yesterday and found out something very interesting that I would like to pass along. While going through triage before seeing the doctor, I was asked at the end of the exam, three questions:

1. Did I feel stressed?
2. Did I feel threatened?
3. Did I feel like doing harm to someone?

The nurse then informed me, that if I had answered yes to any of the questions, I would have lost my concealed carry permit as it would have gone into my medical records and the VA would have reported it to Homeland Security.

Looks like they are going after the vets first. Other gun people like retired law enforcement will probably be next. Then when they go after the civilians, what argument will they have?

Be forewarned and be aware. The Obama administration has gone on record as considering veterans and gun owners potential terrorists. Whether you are a gun owner veteran or not, YOU"VE BEEN WARNED ! If you know veterans and gun owners, please pass this on to them. Be very cautious about what you say and to whom.

Never answer these questions. ~ TT

Hey TT, Check out this documentary on the IRA. The IRA campaign
is one of the BEST Guerrilla warfare actions ever undertaken:


Always hit them when they're talking...
....and when they're thinking!

TUNEIN CIA Doping In Beat/Hip San Fran

TT, This is a very lengthy article about how the CIA experimented on civilians. I lived in California during part of this time and I vaguely remember this. You were there too and maybe you have a better memory of it than I. It also brings home what you say about who you associate with and who you talk to. These rats went to any length to see what happens to people under the influence of LSD and other drugs, and photographed them doing it.
Lone wolf Austin 14/5

Kennedy was going to dump the CIA ~ TT

Dear TT,
Not just flattery, your site is the very best, not only in Europe. That your government imprisons intelligent people like Matt Hale is a shame. And it is a shame over here in Austria also.

Wish I could speak a more decent English. A dear friend of mine from England told me that it sounds as if I want to smash his teeth. I am sorry for this and I am lacking practice. It is not my intention, my German colored English must sound very hard. Just want to tell you: He who wants to be a creator must be a destroyer first. Just to give a tribute to Ragnar Redbeard.
Lone Wolf Austria


Any white person understands geopolitics and the massive downward spiral it has had on whites for centuries now. Time to re-evaluate our situation as a race. Whether we look at Europe, USA, Canada, or Oz, their policy toward whites on their own soil is the same massive reduction in numbers through policies written mostly by ivy league schools that want us exterminated. Rather than ethnic cleansing, the ivy leaguers just use economic cleansing to keep us in a constant state of poverty, worry, working all the time to pay "their debt" to society. Not our debt, like they arrogantly state and lie 24/7.

Even on an economic scale, white men loses job goes through "legal" channel decisions made usually by these pencil pushing creeps. Many are lesbian, faggots, different assortment of dog shit. We victims are to be made whole including lost wages etc, now the amount of time, effort, energy (TEE) consumed to fight this injustice which should be unjustice has been sucked out of you including lost time, interest & value of money lost.

This is why whites need to focus on bio-politics (race based). One still must fight the system. Just load them up with massive amounts of paperwork, since they like paperwork. Go to any library and research case law and file the paperwork. Do your job as a zogbot.

So much for congress and their law to make everything electronic. Aryan ethics is the practice to rid ourselves of slave state control, including mind control of our kinfolk world wide. Ethnic cleansing is happening everyday to whites in every form and format. It does not have to be with a gun. Suppression is a jewish communist silent extermination through channels of control psyop. This is what we see today in the JEWSA.


Hey TT,
Just wanted to comment on your new term for Niggers – "Honor student" – personally I prefer the other term you used recently "Protected Class". That's a term we can apply to Jews, Non-Whites, Homosexuals and very wealthy Whites. So instead of saying "He's a Nigger", We can say "He's the protected class". Yep, members of protected classes... or should I say protected species, but not endangered of extinction species?

I tend to agree more with Sling Blade on one of your latest debates: they are trying to mongrelize us into oblivion, The use of the white race is reaching its end for the jews – they only need a few of us locked in cages to carry on their programs of gene hijacking. Once they can steal from us our genetic resilience, health and beauty, they won't need us for anything. They already stole our gold our blood and our science. We are being quickly outnumbered.

How the hell are we going to dive into a new middle age for the coming centuries? There will be no coming centuries for our race if things carry on like this, simply because there won't be any generational replacement, unless maybe in eastern europe. I am not being alarmist. We may have more than 10 or 20 years, but not many generations...

GOTNO Bananas for Sambo

The team Anhzi, which retains the famous black, black nigger Chris Samba, had a game the other night; being the only nigger on the team, he was pelted with bananas. The League President was falling all over himself to apologize, just like a pussy ass american.

The famous and most dominant force in most Russian sport, including soccer, is 'The Army Men' they are all white and kick ass. They beat team Spartak, which is a big Moscow team, owned and financed by jews, and is all black niggers. The army men annihilated them, and the crowd went wild in the racially motivated game.

Tom was quite right when he predicted in the late 1980's that Russia and Eastern Europe will be the driving force in the white races' future on a global level. The United states is in an almost untenable situation.

Hey Tommy:
Every time I go to the liquor store there are always niggers in it. Yesterday, there was 3 gargantuan black ass niggers haranguing people inside and around the store. Of course, they made it a point to not quite confront me, but one stuck his ape like arm out in front of my face and shot a crumpled up lottery ticket into the wastepaper basket (which he missed; I'm sure thats why he's hanging out at the liquor store and not in the NBA. Of course he did not pick it up.). I then realized that this madrigal of chimps were staying next door at the flophouse, and only came in because they saw a white guy going in to buy something. I hate that fucking store, but they have a really good beer selection so I risk it a lot, only to be severely depressed every time. My life is pretty much nigger-free except for that store......

Hitler's California Homestead


In the 1930s, American Siver Shirts built an outpost for Hitler,
hoping that he would spread the message from there!

Back in the 1930s, Adolf Hitler's American sympathizers had big plans. They built him a retreat in the hills above Hollywood where they planned he would one day mingle with movie stars. What would the Tinseltown hideout have been like? Here is a brief guide:

Wait, Americans actually built Hitler's dream ranch?

Yes. A wealthy couple, Winona and Norman Stephens, who were followers of the Silver Shirts, American supporters of Hitler, had purchased the 55-acre property in 1933 from screen cowboy Will Rogers. Then they struck up correspondence with a German man they knew only as Herr Schmidt. Schmidt, as it turns out, was Hitler's agent in America who eventually convinced the Stephens to invest $4 million to turn the property into a fortified palace for Hitler. "This was supposed to be the seat of American National socialism."

What happened?

The day after Pearl Harbor was attacked, police raided the place. There were about 50 Silver Shirts living there, and they were all arrested. Local authorities now plan to tear down the ruins – located about a mile from Schindler's List director Steven Spielberg's home – and turn it into a kikejew picnic area.

Rappers Desecrate Hitler's American Bunker
Visit and photograph while you can !!! ~ TT

Lone Wolf assassin misses Hitler by 13 minutes!

Johann Georg Elser's meticulous planning and preparations over the next twelve months were nothing short of amazing. ... It wasn't until 1970 that two German historians who studied the matter announced there was no evidence that Elser had acted in concert with anyone else or even told anyone about his plans.

Wake Up !!Breakout !!!
Lone Wolf