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1 MARCH 2012



This tsunami of evidence on the oft-mentioned but little understood guerrilla war and nationalist campesino rebellion offers an unprecedented look at events "on the ground" in a major episode of foreign invasion & occupation during the golden age of US imperialism in the circum-Caribbean (c. 1898-1934). The portrait of Augusto César Sandino's revolt that emerges from this documentary deluge is vastly more nuanced and complex than any scholar or poet has yet conveyed.

Yet however nuanced this portrait, however intricate and messy and confusing, it is also true that most everything you read about in these pages – all the killing & suffering, all the sacrifice & heroism, all the planning & scheming & marching & spying & fighting & dying – all were rooted in a simple reality: the government of the United States of America decided to invade and occupy this small Central American country, and a small group of Nicaraguans, led by a charismatic patriot, decided to resist.


The US Marines first intervened militarily in Nicaragua in the civil war of 1912, and were stationed in the country more or less continuously for the next 20 years. Nicaragua effectively became a U.S. protectorate, surrendering much of its sovereignty to the United States, as was true of much of the circum-Caribbean during this period.



In the late 1920s this rugged region bordering Honduras was home to about 120,000 people spread over some 6,000 square miles of mountains, valleys, forests, and jungles, in several dozen towns and hundreds of villages, hamlets, and homesteads. Even before the Marines arrived, extreme inequality, oppression, exploitation, poverty, and violence dominated the social landscape. After May 1927 Segovianos flocked to Sandino's banner. The Marine invasion intensified; the US-created National Guard grew in power; and by 1932 the Sandinista rebels, based in Las Segovias and organized into a government of their own, threatened to topple the national government.

Before mid-1927 there is very little documentation on Las Segovias, a frontier region bordering Honduras mostly ignored by the national state. Then in June 1927 came the Marine invasion & occupation, and our documentary base explodes. For over 5 years the US imperial spotlight – expressed in a dazzling variety & quantity of texts – illluminated the hidden corners & crevices of a culture & society & history hitherto almost totally obscured. Alongside this explosion of imperial texts was the proliferation of texts & artifacts created by the Sandinista rebels that the Marines & Guardia were trying to eradicate. In January 1933 the spotlight vanished, and a month later Sandino's armed rebellion effectively ended in a provisional peace treaty with the newly elected Sacasa government. The Marines went home, carting hundreds of boxes of records with them.

These four videos commemorating Augusto Sandino contain some rare footage, and although entirely in Spanish, the snippets from back then are muy interesting. Turn down the volume if you like. The three main speakers are the author of the website, a grandson of Sandino, and the producer. ~ WWS

SUCCESS! and then...

In accordance with FDR's Good Neighbor Policy, the last U.S. Marines left Nicaragua in January 1933, following the inauguration of Juan Bautista Sacasa as the country's president. After they departed, Augusto César Sandino stated, "I salute the American people" and vowed he would never attack a working-class American who visited Nicaragua.

Sandino met with Sacasa in Managua the following February, during which he pledged his loyalty to the President and agreed to order his forces to surrender their weapons within three months. In exchange, Sacasa agreed to give the soldiers in Sandino's army who surrendered their arms squatters rights in the Coco River Valley, require that the Coco River Valley would be guarded by 100 Sandinista fighters under the government's orders and give preference in employment to Sandinistas on public works in northern Nicaragua.

However, Sandino saw the National Guard as unconstitutional, because of its ties to the U.S. military, and insisted on its dissolution. His attitude towards National Guard leader Somoza and his officers made him unpopular with the troops. Without consulting Sacasa, Somoza gave orders for Sandino's assassination.

On February 21, 1934, Sandino was ambushed by the National Guard and betrayed along with his father, brother Socrates, two of his favorite generals, and the poet Sofonías Salvatierra (Sacasa's Minister of Agriculture) when he returned from new rounds of the talks with Sacasa. While the six men were leaving Sacasa's Presidential Palace, they were stopped at the main gate by local Guardsmen and ordered to leave their car.

Sandino, his brother Socrates, and the two generals were executed. The following day soldiers from the National Guard descended on Sandino's army and wiped it out in less than a month. Two years later Somoza García forced Sacasa to resign and declared himself President, establishing a yanqui friendly dynasty that dominated Nicaragua for the next 40 years.

The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!

The newly discovered and recently dated early Maryland and other US east coast Stone Age tools are from between 26,000 to 19,000 years ago – and are therefore contemporary with the virtually identical western European Solutrean material.

What's more, chemical analysis carried out last year on a European-style stone knife found in Virginia back in 1971 revealed that it was made of flint originated from France.


by Mark Twain

He is ignoble – base and treacherous, and hateful in every way. Not even imminent death can startle him into a spasm of virtue. The ruling trait of all savages is a greedy and consuming selfishness, and in our Noble Red Man it is found in its amplest development. His heart is a cesspool of falsehood, of treachery, and of low and devilish instincts. With him, gratitude is an unknown emotion; and when one does him a kindness, it is safest to keep the face toward him, lest the reward be an arrow in the back. To accept of a favor from him is to assume a debt which you can never repay to his satisfaction, though you bankrupt yourself trying. To give him a dinner when he is starving, is to precipitate the whole hungry tribe upon your hospitality, for he will go straight and fetch them, men, women, children, and dogs, and these they will huddle patiently around your door, or flatten their noses against your window, day aft er day, gazing beseechingly upon every mouthful you take, and unconsciously swallowing when you swallow! The scum of the earth!

(from The Wyoming (NY) Massacre!)

"On the way, a few miles west of Geneva [New York], he became worn out – fell and was given up to the squaws, who put him to death with cruel torture." Ref. 6, Appendix p. 39.

The prisoner, Daniel Carr, reported later that the squaws stuck turpentine splinters in John Gardner and burned him to death. Ref. 9, p. 455.

"When they reached Kanadesaga, [near Geneva] New York, one hundred miles or more from Wyoming, he could go no farther, so was tortured most inhumanely, then burned to death. A fellow prisoner, who witnessed his torture and death afterward escaped, came back to Wyoming and told the tale." Ref. 10, pp. 67, 68.


In 1779, Mohawks captured 16-year twin sisters Maria and Christina Manheim from their home in Pennsylvania. The band who captured the twins thought it would "cause" conflict among their owners when they were turned into slaves, they looked so much alike, so the chiefs decided the girls should he destroyed. The Red Niggers sharpened a supply of pine splinters about 5 inches long, then dipped the blunt ends in turpentine. The twins were stripped naked, hung from a sapling by their hands tied together, then had more than 600 splinters hammered into their bodies from their knees to their shoulders. Each of the splinters was set on fire. It was almost three hours before they died. By that time they had lost "almost every resemblance of the human form".

You annotate the image you capture with date and location (if you didn't enable the auto-geolocation function); additional details like a "Subject's" name, gender, eye color, "hair style" and more; and vehicle information if applicable. And you can submit your own information, allowing the authorities to contact you, or choose to submit it anonymously.

Once you click the green "Submit Report" bar, the picture you've snapped and the information you've recorded goes to the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center, a partnership between state law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security. "The longer you wait the less accurate eyewitness information becomes and evidence fades," the fusion center's director, Thom Kirk, said in the statement.

There's nothing in the app to stop you from snapping a picture of your annoying neighbor and sending it to the attention of federal and state counterterrorism agents in West Virginia, who can keep information on your neighbor's face, body and perhaps his vehicle for an unspecified period of time.

MINIMUM I think all of our people should own guns, because if TSHTF, there really is no substitute for firearms. Don't bring knives to a gunfight! But there are some qualifications and, for now, the Most Important is STAY LEGAL.

Every household should have at least one 12 ga. shotgun, one good hunting rifle, and lots of ammunition. The AGI Armorer's dvd course for each gun [http://www.americangunsmith.com/] should be studied at least until assembly and dis-assembly become second nature. Critical replacement parts – springs, firing pins, etc. – will not be available when TSHTF (http://www.gunpartscorp.com/ and http://www.brownells.com/ are good sources for these).

State Laws and Published Ordinances – Firearms

Is it legal? If so, arm each adult with a handgun, and possibly an assault rifle. I recommend the AK-47. A surplus AK-47 is about 1/3 the cost of a new AR-15, and has greater knock-down power. Surplus East-Block handguns are around $200, and usually just need some clean-up. Surplus gun dealers advertize in the "Shotgun News" print edition. Repeat the Armorer's course for each new gun, and acquire spare parts for each.

Build up your ammo supply as you go – you will need lots of it! Two good sources are www.cheaperthandirt.net and www.sportsmansguide.com. Surplus 50 cal. metal ammo cans are excellent for storage.

Become profficient with every firearm, and practice enough to retain skills. When TSHTF is not the time to fire your weapon for the first time! Remember – you only need a few guns of different types, spare parts, ammo and the Armorer dvd for each, not a costly arsenal that draws undue attention. And STAY LEGAL! ~ Associate

FORWARD OBSERVER:  Dothead 'Whites' and more...

Hi TT,

Well the FBI have done it again, they've saved us from those awful WHITE SUPREMACIST by stopping another plot that they themselves hatched up. Reading from the article:



A Bucks County man pleaded guilty Friday to trying to get an FBI agent posing as a "white supremacist" to kidnap a New Jersey woman and her daughter to force the mother into slavery. Jayan Patel, 41, of Southampton, Pa., pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to one count of soliciting an individual to aid in a kidnapping, said U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman.

In September 2010, Patel contacted someone through a social networking website site, thinking he was a white supremacist. As the relationship between the two grew, Patel identified a woman and her daughter he wanted kidnapped, claiming the child's father wanted custody of the child. Patel told the "supremacist" if he and his associates helped in the abduction, they would be paid money taken from the victim, whom they would share as a slave following the kidnapping, Fishman said.

During his guilty plea before U.S. District Judge Freda Wolfson, Patel admitted he gave the "kidnappers" instructions as to how to kidnap the mother, separate her from her child, restrain the mother with handcuffs and knock her unconscious if she fought.

Patel also gave the "supremacist" the victims' names and address and urged the "kidnapper" to put them under surveillance to learn their habits and schedules. Hefaces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $125,000 and remains under house arrest and electronic monitoring pending sentencing on June 1.

Forward Observer Says: The Perp in this case got house arrest, while the Mahon Brother got jailed. Question: What compensation will the one Mahon Brother get from being locked up under false pretenses?


All through School I identified myself as a RACIST to my teachers. They not only respected this, but they saw me as being more advanced compared to other Students and spent extra time with me.

I was Taught Music and Instruments, Science and History. English and Math were not taught as those teachers didn't even bother to speak loud enough to teach a class. The big push in Education back in the 1970-80's was the teaching of Spanish as a Primary Language, even for Aryan Children. German was not taught ANYPLACE in Mercer County, one had to go 25 miles to the next county to take a German Language Class.

A lot of White teachers then and now see this negrofication of the school system, [with most of the help going towards the beaner mestizo invaders] as a means to destroy the White Race by corrupting our children. The Child CAN get a real life experience of mud people by going to a mud school.Can you imagine? The Best and Brightest Aryan Children going to school with some dark nigger spic mass of mud people, dragging their knuckles in dirty clothes, bubble-lipped, stinking loud garbage dropping niggers. That's just about the sickest thing I ever heard.

When transitioning to a working environment you must keep your racial views hidden. The System's goal is to make every Racist Un Employed. If anything, play the OTHER side of the race card at Work.


Without knowing the answer or doing any research on the question of fan belt longevity, I would put forth the idea that the conversion to a "V" type design and adding a strengthening agent inside the belt such as a nylon or kevlar band.

Also one tip for Automotive Belts. You should always have a fresh serpentine belt on your engine and carry a spare in the trunk. Don't run without extra belts as thrown belt is one of the biggest causes of breakdown, the highways are littered with them. These new cars use ONE BELT that runs the whole show, unlike older cars that had several different belts. Lose that one belt and you have about 5 minutes of runtime before you overheat. The steering wheel will become hard to turn. [ANSWER: Twist belt so it wears both sides evenly. ~ TT]

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

INTEL:  Wolf Portugal


TT: I haven't heard what you have said yet, but I agree with him. there's no other way an outnumbered and technologically overwhelmed group of people can win a war but by dirty guerrilla war. However, regarding winning people's sympathy when the masses are asses and we are one percenters, there is nothing wrong with continuing to try it, as long as we don't lose our way. People will wake to the truth with time – they will realize sooner or later who the good guys and bad guys are.


It is true. I already told you that when a society of h/g doesn't adjust to modern times and society and technological advancement. We are a race of workers buliders and inventors. The h/g also worked hard at finding ways to trap their prey, gut them, make clothes and find shelter, their lives weren't that easy and they evolved to a more advanced stage. They got out of it as soon as they could and didn't want to go back.

Besides the kike jewry, we have good examples of hunter gatherers in the eskimoes and the bushmen of Kalahari desert. Even the indians of the Amazon and the black of the african bush have some agriculture to support their economy. Personally, I wouldn't mind living like a hunter and a fisherman in the great north, for example, but I would never say no to some vegetables and some technological goodies.

A society of h/g is based on preying and not production. I don't think that such society, either of the old or modern version, will get to the stars, except in Hollyweird!! The guy put it right!


Just watched a documentary on TV about some Cherokee Indians that were looking for their roots by DNA testing. What triggered this quest was the issue of possibly being one of the 13 lost tribes of Israel, something related to an old tribal oral tale. It came out that their DNA was mostly European, as European as any other non-Indian. Not Asian, not Jewish or middle-easterner, but European.

This only confirmed what I already knew only by looking at their faces. With few exceptions, all of those guys looked pretty European except for Indian haircuts or adornments. They looked exactly like west European Celts, either Spaniards, French Irish or Brits. They weren't Asian butchers for sure. They had to be descendants of Celts that somehow managed to cross the Atlantic during the iron age and reach America. It is known that many tribes of Celts from the Atlantic were great seamen, like the Bretons of Brittany, France. It is not impossible at all they have crossed the Atlantic and later lost contact with Europe.

Some linguists say that the language of the eastern American "Indian" tribes was Celtic, something I don't doubt. The lies we have been living in since birth come in many different fields. It seems that the Jewish and 'Judeo-Christian' establishment want to impose their own version of the history of the world, which minimizes and vilifies the White Race in all accounts.


I was listening to the latest show with guests. Personally, I don't give a damn if some guys like to take it from behind, as long as they keep it civil and don't molest under aged people. The problem is that first they want freedom of speech and legal status, then they want to get married, and then they want to adopt children!! I don't feel any kind of sympathy for the gay scene, even if many are white and get harassed by the spic and negro machos – that's a lesser evil; they could all die and leave us alone: fags, niggers and spics!!


I agree though that there is a certain confusion and overlapping of identities and behaviours concerning the gay scene and the artistic and drug scene – the use of funny or provocative clothes and behaviour, and so on, plus the generation gap where the elders always portray the young rebel using a different outfit inevitably as "a fag". This is where the Jewish propaganda comes in by the mainstream media, portraying homosexuality as something cool and funny! namely with those humorist's social-Marxist TV shows. Homosexuality is nothing else but some genetic fault that makes people feel sexually attracted to the same sex. It is a birth fault. It is not acquired. It isn't optional software. It's hardware. It can also happen in any race.

What the Jewish media have been feeding us for quite some time is that homosexuals are white and most likely of Nordic appearance. The white youngster is fed all kinds of bullshit, like being a fag is cool and will make a lot of female friends (sic!). This became folklore in southern Europe and other highly race mixed and non-white regions of the world. The ugly mongrels, and Jews with confused traits, mistake the good looking young male with symmetrical traits and a clean complexion as effeminate. I had to cope with this kind of crap many times in my life. It doesn't make me feel any sympathy for them, especially when most of them are slant-eyed kinky haired kikes, communists and pseudo machos with their female beards!

Yes, I came across one or two white homosexuals that showed respect, but I don't see any reason to cultivate any friendship with such people. That famous gay scene in San Francisco, with all the fags dressed in leather and Nazi-like uniforms, is a mockery of our race Tommy! – Let the niggers and the wetbacks beat their asses, maybe some of them will realize they are not real fags after all, only talked into it by false gurus. Homosexuality has to be kicked out of our race. I am not advocating a religious and zealot persecution of homosexuals, like we have to kill them all, but this shit has gone too far. This is just more poison that the Jew's and social Marxist's inject into our race.

The real image of the homosexual can't be the good looking athletic young white, this shit has to stop. The real image of the homosexual is the dark mongrel, the slimy kike or the Moorish sultan in occupied Spain, craving for young white boys. So Tommy, in my opinion, this is not as simple as shrugging our shoulders and saying: "what the hell, as long as they don't hurt anybody"...

WOLF (White Hetero!) PORTUGAL


Without violence no change is possible
by Joost van Steenis

Important changes in the past have been
drenched in violence, most against the 99%

All activities for change have been two-fold, violent and non-violent. Non-violent leaders had more negotiating power because the ruling elite did not want to talk to violent leaders. But they often referred to the non-violent part of the struggle. Martin Luther King told Kennedy on a visit to the White House that the black masses were losing their patience with him – then the Civil Rights Acts went through.

MLK, while following his own heartfelt path and despite his own strong philosophical differences with the violent part of the movement was never publicly critical of those within the Black Freedom Movement like Malcolm X who espoused the need for a more militant approach.

NV people in Occupy are unrealistic. The two sides of the Movement attract different people, the non-violent part the middle-class that has more to lose, the others people who live in a more violent environment, closer to the periphery of society. It is an illusion to suppose that only non-violent actions can achieve important changes. The present mass-actions may put some pressure on political leaders, the 1% with the highest power are not pressured at all. They continue to live in their separated and privileged world and when the money is still streaming in they are not interested in what happens in the world of the 99% that is regulated by their stooges, the politicians.

The Occupy Movement is still young but it cannot sustain on mass-actions alone. It needs successes. The strength of the squatters movement were the daily successes that houses came available for people without houses. Squatted houses were often retained because of the militant and sometimes violent response of part of the Squatters Movement. When the houses that could be squatted became scarce the movement withered away though the need for houses was still great. In the whole process a certain amount of violence and militancy was essential for successes.

The peaceful marches of Occupy will attract some people but the militancy of e.g. the Oakland marches will have more impact on those parts of the 99% that are living in more violent environments. Ten thousand people walking peacefully in Washington make less impression than thousand people who resist the police or one rock thrown through the window of a 1%-er.

Demonstrations are not sufficient. Actions are needed that force members of the 1% to react on the pressure from below. The illusion that this will happen with friendly, decent and non-violent actions will soon have its influence on the continuing existence of the Movement. The efforts to oust militant protestors is killing. MLK never attacked openly other protesters. He understood the world better than people who say they are followers of his idea.

Joost van Steenis

I asked a well-informed Australian correspondent why the Australians didn't start building Spitfires back in 1939 – by now they'd have something to fight with. He was intensely bitter. "We tried to get the English to let us do just that. The answer came back: 'the patents couldn't be obtained.' The English were simply afraid to let this pastoral country start manufacturing anything. They were afraid of the consequences after the war."

Tommy I love the format you have been putting on your radio shows so cal wolf, wws, gwr and of course the terrible one. Please continue to have these great wolves on. Thank you very much for everything you continue to do. ~ LW

HERITAGE Aryan Nations HQ

On my way back from Idaho last week, I stopped at Pastor and Betty Butler's graves in the Hayden Lake cemetary to pay my respects. Afterwards I drove past the Church property which had been seized after the lawsuit against the church in 2002. It was overcast with snow on the ground and the gate was locked with a no tresspassing sign attached so I climbed over and walked the 80 yards up the road to see what was left.

The entire site has been bullozed and returned to nature. Deer were runnning around the property and only one horse was grazing. There is no sign of even the former foundations to the bunkhouse, the kitchen, church, office and school building, barn or even the pastor's house. The only indication that some type of structures were once located there is the presence of a power pole and phone pedistal. Everything else has been returned to nature.

Obviously they believe that by destroying a few buildings, they will eliminate the spiritual message. They tried that after the war with Germany by destroying every semblance of third reich architecture and symbolism. It hasn't worked in that case and it won't work with the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. You can destroy the physical remnants but you can never destroy an idea. ~ LW

They just don't understand! ~ TT

Greetings TT,
Good webpage. Agree with you on religion. if you listed your top 5 or 10 reasons why xinsane is bad, would one of them be their track record? When they reigned during the dark ages they terrorized damn near everyone. xians today I have seen will get mighty angry in regular conversation if their God or belief is questioned. If they ever get a good deal of power again I fear the next dark ages will be 10 times as worse as before. Xianity needs be demolished. There should be public media exposing these dangerous myths.
Thank you!

Dear Mr Metzger,
I'm from Australia and I just wanted to say.... Thank you. We believe in you. Keep fighting the good fight. Our people here aren't small. We don't advertise on the net. But we are here beside you.... More than you think.
Wish you well for the future!


The jury found Dennis Mahon guilty of three charges in the bombing but found his brother Daniel Mahon, also a White Aryan, not guilty of the one charge he faced: conspiracy to damage buildings and property by means of explosives.

TT says:
I hope you all realize that the Mahon's would have been found guilty whether or not they were innocent. JOG spent a very large amount of money on this case. The corporate media and policing agents desperately need cases like this from time to time in support of their myths. Also, it's a diversion from the WAR CRIMINALS in Washington and their genocidal murders in occupied lands. The blood on the hands of Bush junior and Obama, by comparison, makes the trial in Phoenix a cruel joke.


TT: I have to disagree with you whether using bombs is an effective way to win an unconventional war. Improvised explosive devices (IED's) were what effectively won the war in Iraq, defeating the American Army & Marine corps. Better than 60% of American military causalities in both Iraq and Afghanistan were directly attributable to IED's. Take away 60% of the casualties in Iraq and the US would still be over there in full force.

In fact the DOD did a study which stated $30 IED'S were costing the US Billions of dollars in countermeasures. A Navy report stated that as early as 2005 (seven years ago!) the US had already spent 1 billion 360 million dollars just on IED countermeasures. It was IED's that by the end of the American occupation largely was keeping the American military confined to their bases, not Iraqi snipers. Likewise in Vietnam the Vietcong filled the jungles, pathways and rice paddies with mines and booby-traps which took a horrific toll on the US military. I think you would be hard pressed to find any successful insurgency which did not make use of Bombs. I really don't think it's feasible if we want to win to take such a devastatingly effective weapon off the playing field, after all our opposition would make full use of all sorts of heavy ordnance against us. It would be like David trying to fight Goliath with one hand tied behind his back.

I'm also not sure I follow your logic on winning "hearts and minds" – we've said all along the masses are lost to us; they have been brainwashed for too long with Jewthink and Judeo-Christian ideology. A massive propaganda machine has targeted them for generations unless we are somehow able to out propaganda the Jew machine then I think it highly unlikely we will ever win their hearts and minds. We have for so long said a large percentage of Whites are as much or more of an enemy then the Muds. There are only two ways to command respect of the masses: either through Love or Fear, and the Jew think propaganda machine has pretty much ruled out the possibility of the masses ever loving us, so that only leaves us with fear, and IED's inspire lots of fear.

For obvious legal reasons we cannot and should not "push" bombs or distribute info on them, but I think at the same time it's not a good plan to suggest that they should never be used in some future military struggle. Our people should understand that any future struggle is going to be a long protracted bloody violent affair, I think anything less than that and the White race fades into history.


Hello Tom,
Few months ago I was listening your show about hunter/gatherers (h/g). It was a very good show, I loved it. It kept me awake for a few nights. I thought a lot about the characteriscics of this mental attitude, I asked myself: is it possible to live the modern times like our h/g ancestors? Shouldn't we evolve higher? Who are h/g of today?


First let's make a little description of h/g:

• never work the land, against agriculture
• they don't work manual job like working man of today
• they were the masters of deceit, great hunting skills
• always eat healthy food
• no artificial moral codes apply to them
• they were spread over the land, broad hunting area
• they probably had much more time for spiritual activity like: art, music
• they lived in a small tribes, which they were loyal to.

Now, lets transport us and our h/g attitude to modern times where you have a literal sea of people and almost no uninhabited area on this planet. For the purpose of this short essay lets characterize our "old friends" the Jews. They have a multitude of people at their disposal and now what do they do???

• they treat the people like the prey to thrive upon
• they never work the land, there are no Jew farmers
• hardly ever do manual work
• eat healthy – kosher
• buy cheap, sell for alot
• they own art and music (hollywood)
• they own the media (radio, TV, soon - the internet)
• they own big finance, banks, conduct huge speculating deals on Wall Street
• they are high thieves
• they perfectly deceive their prey by the religion delussions
• no moral codes of a prey apply to them
• they are spread all over the world like this is their hunting area
• they boast of the thousands years of activity, year in their calendar is now 5772
• they live as a big tribe that are loyal to (Israel).

H/g way of thinking didn't stop thousands years ago, as the author of that article assumed, it just adopted itself to the changing conditions on the planet. Tom correct me if I'm wrong I think "our friends" are evolved h/g of modern times. Please let me know what do you think about it... Kind Regards!

I think you've pinned the tail on the donkey! ~ TT


Slavery is not a black and white issue. It is primarily one of Class, where Race may play a secondary role. At some point, there have been slaves of every race and in nearly every ethnicity within them. Slave masters are the problem! Currently, the worst slave trafficking is in young white females from Ukraine, Russia, etc. who are kidnapped, or are tricked into leaving home for a 'brighter future'. Many end up in the brothels of Tel Aviv.

Her call for separation is a sound one. Multi-culturalism is a tool used to divide lower classes against each another; or to create one mono-racial slave class, where there is no diversity. Separation defuses this problem and shifts the focus to Class.

Freedom is what we fight for.
Slavery is what we don't.


Heard on the Net:

Step 1. Mentally ill loner needs cash (crackhead?).

Step 2. Pay his rent; buy his drugs.

Step 3. Coerce him into really dumb criminal act.

Step 4. Make arrest.

Step 5. Hold press conference.

Step 6. Ask at the 'we're winning!' cocktail party if "people are so stupid as to buy 'entrapment security'."

Step 7. Laugh asses off; high fives all around.

Step 8. Find next victim/terrorist.

Step 9. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

To Be Paid In Blood Or Money
Hello: I don't have any comments or questions. Needless to say the website is very informative. I always read the News and Views section when I can. I would like to contribute some lyrics if I may. I know they are not country, more metal I guess. I am not even a head banger myself. I actually work for the enemy at a processing center owned by a bank. Go figure. A strap holds one hundred bills. A brick holds ten straps. I know that money isn't a real form of payment that's all. But if one brick fell into my pocket I wouldn't complain. Anyway, with the amount of traffic your site gets, someone is bounded to see this. ~ Regards!


The doctor needed a sperm count as part of the physical exam for his 85-year-old patient. He sent him home with a speciman jar to be returned the next day.

The old man came back and handed the doctor an empty jar, clean as a whistle. Doc asked what happened.

Well doc, it's like this – first I tried with my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried with my left hand, but still nothing.

Then I asked my wife for help. She tried with her right hand, then with her left, still nothing. She tried with her mouth, first with her teeth in, and then with her teeth out, still nothing.

We even called up Arleen, the lady next door, and she tried too, first with both hands, then an armpit, and she even tried squeezin' it between her knees. But still nothing...

Doc was shocked! You asked your neighbor?

Yep, none of us could get that damn jar open!

Greater Israel NOW?


Mark Glenn and Mark Dankof on kikejew progress toward
Eretz Yisrael ... Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Part Two of abridged MP3 file HERE.

"The Jewish State" – What It Really Means...

Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper on news about Iran.
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Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb

Israel leader tells ministers to stay mum on Iran

FARRAKHAN on February 26, 2012

Young people turn out in droves to mark the
70th anniversary of Avraham Ya'ir Stern's death
NO QUARTER Avraham Stern, whose writing was filled with death and the undying glory of valor, was intensely revered by a smattering of followers and widely detested by the majority of Jews in Palestine. He had, after all, advocated for a deal with Nazi Germany, arguing that the Jews in the land of Israel, under the boot of the British, should seek "the least of all evils" and make a pact with the enemies of their enemies, the Nazis, believing that he could oust the British from Palestine and help the Nazis rid Europe of its Jewish presence by moving them to the Hebrew state.

That was in January 1941.


Various threads and factions within the Zionist movement pursued different territorial and political goals with different strategies; Stern was among the most militant foes of anything with the whiff of collaboration with the British. When the armed underground movement Irgun opted in 1940 to suspend attacks against British targets during World War II, Stern created a splinter organization with a program of continuing anti-British violence.

The Stern Gang, as imperial authorities knew it, had its reasons – controversial enough that more moderate Jewish elements were happy to help the British hunt it. The Gang's logic was premised on the notion that London was the fundamental enemy of Jewish national interests, while Berlin and its anti-Semitism was not!

The Stern Gang is alive, and most have dual citizenship! ~ TT

John Hagee and Benny Hinn Pray For War
This makes me utterly sick. Benny Hinn (Israeli fake 'healer') and John Hagee (obese Jew ass-kisser) praying for a war with Iran. I completely understand why people hate Christians so much. What a bunch of phony hypocrites! ~ TWC

Lunch with Ayman al-Zawahiri

I asked al-Zawahiri about Nasser.

"I was still at school when Nasser was president of Egypt... Nasser became a strong nationalist and therefore not popular with Israel, the US or UK... I was in the Muslim Brotherhood... Nasser said that the Muslim Brotherhood was a tool of the British... Eventually, the CIA supported the Muslim Brotherhood against Nasser."

I asked him about Israel's attitude.

"Israel always supports the Islamists against the nationalists."

In 1986 al-Zawahiri moved to Pakistan. I asked him about his help for the Mujahideen.

"I was helped by the CIA to get arms, training and money for the Mujahideen."

I wondered if the CIA knew about his activities in Egypt.

"Indeed yes. But the CIA gave us new identities and new passports."

What about Osama bin Laden? (Al Zawahiri was once Osama's doctor.)

"Osama, and his brother Salem, worked for the CIA."

CIA may take command in Afghanistan!
The U.S. and Afghanistan could say there are no more U.S. troops on the ground because once the SEALs, Rangers and other elite units are assigned to CIA control they become spies.



I lived near Camp Pendleton Marine base for over 40 years and
knew many Marines. During the 70s and 80s FORCE RECON
Marines were forced to take in Negroes. That experiment failed
miserably because water and snakes terrify most Negroes! ~ TT

OATHKEEPERS:  Kikejew psyop?


"'Stand down, don't fight, it's not your problem.'
This is Rhodes' message to the Military i.e. stay
out of the way of Rhodes and his tribe of jews."



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