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Scenario to Start WWIII

Did I miss anything? [Comment from CR: Yes, WWII began when the US cut off Japan's supply of oil, leading to their attack on Pearl Harbor. And you missed the fact that the World Trade Centers were scheduled to be demolished because of asbestos used in construction, but were purchased by a Zionist with one of the Bush brothers involved, and then insured for billions right before 9-11 happened. Coincidence? The best defense against the Big Lie is the Whole Truth!]

Jews need to create a false flag in order to justify a war with Iran, while at the same time, they want to avoid igniting the anger of Russia and China, who are allies of Iran. the American troops will once again be used to further the Jewish agenda. I WISH THE AMERICAN TROOPS WOULD WAKE UP ALREADY! ~ TWC

Pastor Robert and Dorothy Miles
Both on the right; both 1925 – 1992


How would such a war look? That's the topic of this article. The IDF has an image of strength. Reality is different. Those judging weapons by their number commit a serious error; an intentional one as part of the IDF intimidation tactic is: "we have hundreds of American fighters, you can't win." Mmm... Let's see the real picture; what are the IDF weak points: ...

The creation of Jewish Internment Camps in America would be a step in the right direction. The opportunist groups supporting Jews, like Zionist Christians and certain politicians, would vanish as soon as their masters lose their political powers. ~ Roy Tov

Bollyn: You write that Israel's Mossad and Shin Bet keep tabs on Israelis in the same way that East German's secret police (Stasi) or the KGB of the Soviet Union spied on their fellow citizens. Are the Israeli secret services at the top of the pecking order? Who are they really serving? Do they take orders from the Rothschilds, the banking family who played a leading role in organizing and financing the creation of the state of Israel?

Roy Tov: It's not only my writings that say this. The Shin Bet itself has openly said that. Following Rabin's assassination, the Shin Bet agitator Avishai Raviv appeared in an Israeli court. There we learned about "Haagaf Hayehudi" (The Jewish Department of the Shin Bet) and about Avishai pushing Yigal Amir into committing the hideous murder in the name of hatred, war, and war bankers. These are facts: Israel is a police state run by organizations keeping a network of "politruks."

If walking in downtown Tel Aviv – a city I like very much in its design despite all my troubled history there – you'll find that Rothschild Boulevard is one of the most beautiful spots in town. Yet, throwing all the blame on one small family would be quite na├»ve. The people appearing in The Cross of Bethlehem as the "Isaacsons" are very rich and influential – "Rahamim" was a personal friend of Yitzhak Rabin – yet very few people know them. The super-rich stay in the shadows for their own safety.

The design of general goals is defined by a small cabal, call it the Elders of Zion if you like, which includes people in Israel and outside it. Yet, if one of the cabal members changes his mind in a way perceived as dangerous by the others – see Rabin's case – he's dispensable. The implementation is left to many servant organizations, depending on their nature. Some of them are criminal in nature – like the Mossad – others are financial, commercial, political, scientific, and so on. Back to the beginning of this question, The Cross of Bethlehem exposes the methods used by these entities from the operational point of view, and as such is quite unique. Spycatcher and A CIA Diary are similar, but they are presented from the point-of-view of the criminal organization (MI5 and CIA are both clearly presented as violators of human rights).


I am a believer in the benefits of curcumin/turmeric. Someone did a study on mice, where the mice were on turmeric, and the scientists could NOT give them prostate cancer! A supplement has to be good when the mainstream medical people agree with the herbalists on how good it works. I have been hammering large doses of curcumin for a few months now and I think it has kept some of my many health problems at bay. Other things I use are garlic (I ran out of my garlic pills yesterday, but I have a couple cloves of garlic by my computer monitor and I have been shaving off pieces of that with a sharp knife and eating it. I have also always liked garlic in cooking. Garlic is good for blood pressure and acts as a natural anti biotic. This is important to me since I used to suffer frequent sinus infections, have had MRSA and have been fighting a cellulitis infection for a couple months, that I think would have put me in the hospital if it weren't for the supplements I take. I also take oil of Oregeno. Oil of O kills most bacteria and virus, including MRSA. Oil of O was used to sterilize medical instruments up until the 1950's I have been told. You can get it in capsule form, or better yet, you can get it in concentrated liquid form from good health food dealers. To take it internally, or use it externally on wounds or infections you cut it fifty fifty with olive oil. (another miracle food) I haven't had any stomach upset from any of these, but take ginger, just in case and for it's anti oxidant properties.

A recent Coast to Coast AM show talked about curcumin/termeric, and they said that big pharma is trying to duplicate this natural substance artificially so that they can sell it to people at those obscene prices they sell drugs for. The coast to coast guy said that on this subject, big pharma is caught between a shit and a sweat because curcumin/turmeric is FDA approved, and folks like us know it works, and it is available cheap. They would never get away with banning or regulating it because there is no way they could take the curry away from the dot heads.

FORWARD OBSERVER:  It's All About Control

Hi TT, New Jersey's Capital City Trenton had no Major Hotel within the city limits from 1981 until the year 2002. In 2002 the Marriott Hotel opened up Downtown on the orders of City Government. Since then the Hotel has lost money as no one in their right mind would pay $100 a night to stay in a WAR ZONE. Athletes and show business people who Perform in Trenton stay in Princeton. The same goes for our Yellow-livered governor Two Ton Tony. The ONLY State in the Union where the Governor does not reside in the State's Capital. Reading from the article:


The managers of the Trenton Marriott hotel went before the City Council seeking $385,000 to fund the hotel's operational costs, but council members expressed dissatisfaction.

"You are mismanaging the money. You are going to run the hotel into the ground," South Ward Councilman George Muschal said of the hotel's management firm, Waterford Hotel Group. "The taxpayers cannot be paying more money for mismanagement." The City of Trenton is obligated to pay a $1.4 million annual payment on the debt service of the hotel. Waterford representatives said they have plans to improve the marketing of the hotel and expressed confidence that 2012 can be a strong year for the hotel, which will be stripped of its Marriott brand name in mid-2013. The city's Lafayette board said it can give City Council updates on the hotel situation on a quarterly basis. The council Thursday night listened to the hotel's presentation and asked questions but didn't decide whether to give the hotel the $385,000.

F.O. says: This is how Government works, Big Money makes a deal with politicians to rape the taxpayer. Politicians will seem outraged but will cave in to the Corporations.


We have the US Special Forces operating in the Horn of AFRICA, in the country of Somalia, just as my source indicated several weeks ago. Also get this, the Special Forces Op was only the beginning. Look for a large operation to start soon based around "Humanitarian Relief" for those starving in Africa. With this deployment comes an election win for Mr. Chimp as it is a calculated move to keep most of the soldiers from coming home to a jobless future. Colonel Gaddafi was right to preach the Pan-African Concept. He warned the other African Nations that soon the enemy will come for them if we do not all stick together and form a United Front against the enemy. Libya was one of Africa's strongest nations. The system wants a way into Africa, and that way will be disguised in the form of Famine Relief and peace keeping forces. Reading from the article on Special Forces in Africa:


The American woman rescued by an elite American special operations team during a nighttime raid in Somalia was suffering from a medical condition that could have killed her in captivity, but instead she is now recovering at a U.S. military facility and could soon be reunited with her family, U.S. officials said today. American Jessica Buchanan, 32, and Poul Hagen Thisted, 60, of Denmark, were abducted three months ago by a group of Somali bandits while working for the aid organization, Danish Refugee Council's Danish Demining Group. The two were rescued in a dangerous mission ordered Monday by President Obama after the government received information that Buchanan's medical condition was possibly "life-threatening" and a "window of opportunity for mission success" presented itself, according to Pentagon spokesperson George Little. Little did not describe Buchanan's medical condition. Nine "heavily-armed" Somalis were killed in the operation that involved special operations forces from various military services, Little said. According to another U.S. official, members of the famed U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six participated in the ground operations of the Operation "Octave Fushion" rescue.


I just read your Intel letter from Australia. Seems the young man was having trouble with MUD PEOPLE moving into his once all-WHITE town and he was wondering what to do about it. I would advise if he has roots in that Town to STAY AND FIGHT! When we think about White Expansion, The Once Great Inner City Areas offer the greatest Opportunity for White Growth. There is a downside to this. MUD PEOPLE are unfriendly to WHITES or anyone they perceive as weak. That means the very young, the very old and the sick or handicapped are the mud people's biggest targets. Operating procedure for being alone out in public day or night is to always be aware of your blind side. The Enemy will often attack from the blind side as muds have no sense of a "fair fight". POLITICAL Opposition Party people need to be aware inside your AUTOMOBILE as well. Reports that the enemy is using autos, so watch your mirrors especially at red lights or stop signs. Identify and talk with other members of the WHITE RACE still left inside your town. Share the pain of Urban Blight with them. Network for security and ideas. Always have the mindset of moving FORWARD, ONWARD towards the goal of WHITE EXPANSION and the Pan-Aryan Concept. The System fears us, they fear that our Propaganda is sinking in and converting not the idiots at the bottom, but those at the levers of power who could one day help us in the hour of need.

In the Big Cities Machines Rule. The American Automobile Industry with its Propaganda captured the Spirit of many a young man.

FRONT STREET Philadelphia, Pattison Avenue. The Street Rods ran ALL NIGHT LONG. Two-by-Two rolling up to the line. Some Machines had Wide-Open Exhaust, others had Glass-Packed Mufflers. The Pairs of cars lined up 30 deep. THOUSANDS of Fans gathered to watch this display of DETROIT IRON. The sounds of these machines revving up was like the call of the Pied-Piper. Spectators lined up shoulder to shoulder for half the length of the quarter mile stretch of road. Car after car raced up the street for many days, weeks and years until one night something happened. One of the cars lost control and killed spectators who were watching too close for safety. Soon after the accident an army of cop cars came and the thousands of spectators began to leave in a fast manner. In the months that followed, the race cars tried to assemble again but the authorities never allowed it. The nightly event moved to a different location, then gradually faded away just like the big Muscle Cars from Detroit did.

I say again that the age of machines will be over very soon. Prepare for it. And don't let the enemy's fancy weaponry scare you, when their line of supply runs out, and all their paid stooges run away there will be no one to run their gadgets. Hence the move to incorporate robots and drones to do the enemy's business. A Robot wont disobey orders but can be disabled through high RF. Commenting on Ted Kazinski's understudy, old enough to know better, still, I'd like to be the attorney who questions the young lady on cross.

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

P.S. Keep those weather predictions coming. We had a blanket of snow that lasted 40 hours. Predict East Coast no snow this year with record snow for 2012-13. Mid West prediction comes from Wolves in the Mid-West. Thanks to Blood and Soil for his input.

INTEL:  Blood and Soil

Today at a yard sale an elderly White Women asked me if I was a Marine. I said no and asked her why. She said I walk like a Marine. Note that I have never served in the Military nor in Law Enforcement. I am 52 years old and walk like a 22 year old Marine. How is that possible. It is the result of swinging a Base Ball Bat for ten months in addition to wearing a Weighted Vest while doing chores and while Trail hiking over the past six months. Need I say more? Christ Insanity has weakened the Minds of Whites while Civilization has weakened the Bodies of Whites.

TT: So you like Machetes. The Ancient Greeks were the first to use a Machete called the Makhaira Sword. Soldiers of Alexander the Great took the Makhaira Sword with them into India. From there the Ancient Grecian Makharia Sword became today's Kukri Machete. Recall that the European and Viking Battle Axes are wielded one handedly and designed for most of the blade to swing beyond an opponent's head while the inner blade does the actual cutting (decapitation). The Ancient Grecian Makhaira Sword and the modern Kukri Machete are designed to be used exactly the same as the Viking Battle Axe with its "Beard". Neither Swords nor Machetes make the ear piercing "bang" (known legally as the "report") of firearms. At this time it would be better for Lone Wolfs to view themselves as Assassins and not as disconnected Soldiers in a Guerrilla War. Besides having a covert folding Dagger and a Tactical Tomahawk every Lone Wolf needs a Kukri Machete or its equivalent.

The last time the US Military issued Tomahawks to Enlisted Men was the War of 1812. However, in the Vietnam Police Action individual Soldiers bought and carried Tactical Tomahawks into battle. The same is happening in the various conflicts in the Middle East. Most European and Viking Battle Axes had short handles and were held with one hand. The Tomahawk is close to being the size of a European and Viking Battle Axe. American Indians didn't fight with shields so their Tomahawks were also meant to be thrown. Thus, the Toe of the blade would slightly curve up. On the backside of the blade was usually a spike. A good Tactical Tomahawk will have a Viking "Beard" (extended Heel) to use to decapitate with. Lone Wolfs need to acquire low technology Tactical Tomahawks before they are somehow outlawed.

European Battle axes were not meant to be thrown. Instead of having a rising Toe, like a Throwing Axe, the Battle Axes had falling Heels that were also known as Beards. The Battle Axes were often flat on top like the Main Double Bit Felling Axe. Most Battle Axes had short handles because they were held in only one hand while the other hand held a shield. Battle Axes were designed to decapitate at the start of the –second half of the swing– when the arm is starting back towards the handler. The Axe was not designed to decapitate on the first half of the swing when the Axe is moving away from the handler. For a one handed Battle Axe, the decapitation occurred at the beginning of the second half of the swing with that part of the blade that makes up the long Heel or Beard. In other words, the decapitation cut occurred with the lower or inside edge of the blade. This meant that the bulk of the Axe head was moving out beyond the neck of the person who was targeted for decapitation. The long Heel or Beard would cut the head off sort of like a Guillotine blade. The Vikings called the long extended Heel of the blade a "Beard" and used it to also catch an opponent's shield to pull him closer and then make a second swing that would decapitate.

All axes can be thrown but the best Throwing Axes are the French Francisca Axes. An Axe can be thought of as a person's leg and foot. The Handle is the equivalent of a person's leg and the Blade is the equivalent of a person's foot. When a person is walking forward their heel will land on the ground to be followed by the toes. Axe blades strike a log the way that a person's foot strikes the ground. The "heel" of the blade lands on the log, first, to be followed, lastly, by the "toe" of the blade. A person's leg will pull the heel of the foot away from the ground to be followed by the toe being pulled away when continuing to walk forward. Pulling an Axe head out of a log is done similarly how a person's foot is lifted off the ground. The handle is used to pull the heel out of the log to be followed, lastly, by the toe being pulled out of the log.A Throwing Axe works opposite of a cutting Axe. The best method for a thrown Axe to strike its target is not for the Heel to make contact with the target but for the Toe to make contact with the target. To increase the odds of this happening the Toe needs to be curved up and out, in its manufacture, and that is exactly how the French Francisca Axe was manufactured.

American Axes are brutish much like a Cave Man's Club that a rock has been attached to. American Axes are variations of the Wedge Axe with long handles. European Axes are tools. European Axes have thin cheeks with short handles. The Broad Axe is a good example of a European Axe. The Broad Axe is used as a tool to shape and finish logs after the tree has been felled. The Broad Axe has cheeks so thin that the Axe head is more like a knife mounted on the handle than a cave man's rock mounted on a club like American Wedge Axes are. Broad Axes are used to shape a round long into a square log and to cut notches in logs. Broad Axes have both an extended Heel and an extended Toe so that the blade is longer and curved more than an American brutish Wedge Axe is.

American Axes are Brutish meaning that they have large and thick "cheeks". The Cheek of an Axe is that part between the Eye and the Blade. The Eye is the part that the handle slides into. The Blade of an Axe has two important parts that are the Heel and the Toe. The Heel is the lower point of the Blade and the Toe is the upper point of the Blade. The Maine Double Bit Felling Axe is flat on top which means that it's two Toes (of it's Blade) do not extend upwards. Unlike the Wedge Axe it's two Heels do extend downwards. The Michigan Double Bit Felling Axe is curved on top which means that both it's Toes extend upwards and, also, both of it's Heels extend Downward. This gives it the look of Axes that are often shown being wielded by Norse Gods.

The next most popular Axe in America is the Double Bit Felling Axe. It is more slender than the Race Axe and has two cutting edges instead of one cutting edge. It is the equivalent of a Cross Cut Saw in that it is meant to cut trees across the grain and not with the grain like Wedge Axes are exclusively designed to do. Unlike the Wedge Axe and Race Axe, that are designed to only cut wood that is extremely dry, the Double Bit Felling Axe is designed to cut green wood. The blades of the Double Bit Felling Axe are slender so that they will not bind on green wood because green wood will not chip away like dry wood does. The extra blade adds mass/weight that is removed by the slenderness of the blades and provides a second edge to use when deep in the woods felling trees. The slenderness of the blades also gives better accuracy of the cuts unlike the Wedge Axe and Race Axe that are thick and easily deflected from the desired point of impact.

The most popular Axe in America is the Wedge Axe. Technically, it is as opposite to a Viking Battle Axe as it is possible to be. Viking Battle Axes were smallish with blades that were more like a Guillotine Blade mounted on an Axe Handle. American Wedge Axes are large brutish chunks of metal mounted on an Axe Handle. By the time of the Black Death Western Europe had been deforested. It was the Black Death that allowed Western Europe to regrow its trees. But once again, Western Europe was deforested for the pressing need of cooking food. The pressing need to cook food is what drove the Western Europeans to mine Coal. When the easy to mine Coal was all gone the pressing need to cook food drove the Western Europeans to develop Steam Power so as to mine Coal at greater depths. By the time that any quantity of Iron was available for fashioning large and brutish Wedge Axes there was no need to do so in Europe as all the trees used for cooking food had been cut downed and burned. When America was rediscovered by Western Europeans there was enormous stands of trees along with plenty of iron from Europe to fashion large and brutish Axes. The American Wedge Axe is primarily used to split very dry short logs to make fire wood and not to fell green trees or to decapitate humans with. The American Wedge Axe is essentially an Iron Wedge used to split very dry logs that is mounted on an Axe Handle. Like a "rip" saw blade it is designed to cut along the grain of the wood and not across the grain of the wood that "cross cut" saws are designed for. All-in-all, the popular American Wedge Axe is as far removed from a European Battle Axe as it could be and still be called an Axe.

2012 will be the final year to prepare for the coming violent racial struggle. There will be two major trends in 2012. The first is that the ten year old Drought in the Southwest will accelerate into a Dust Bowl. The second trend will be slowly increasing Polarization that only goes hyper AFTER the American Federal elections in November. Even though a Food Panic could break out by early Summer I don't expect SHTF until AFTER the American Presidential elections in November. There is very little time left to prepare for the coming violent racial struggle. Every day in 2012 should be used to its best to prepare for SHTF next year and endlessly beyond. I spoke to a clerk at a nearby Walmart yesterday and he told me they are cutting hours at his store and now there is this:

J.C. Penney planning layoffs at all stores
I have noticed that American gasoline use has been falling for weeks and is three percent lower than last year at this time so where is that recovery? Worse is Better!

One time in a handgun competition I had failed to shoot one target down because I did not "see it" and this is why:

Video optical illusion wins by a head
In a recent Ghost Wolf Radio Show Sling Blade had mentioned about turning around and not looking at the horizon. When I turn around I have conditioned myself to look at my shoulder, then the ground, and then from a person's feet up to their face. That is a "three count". I do not turn around and look at the horizon with a "far away" look. The best way to "look" when turning around is to condition ones self to NOT look far away but to look with maximum peripheral vision that then, and only then, starts going towards a more distant look. This is because the danger behind a person is usually up close and personal. When turning around to look, tilt both your head –and– your eyes down, slightly, instead of turning both your head and eyes on a horizontal plane. Good Boxers use both their shoulders to protect their chin by lowering their chin and raising their shoulders. When turning the head it helps to think of doing so by pressing and planting the chin in that shoulder. This automatically tilts the head down and greatly helps to be looking with peripheral vision instead of distant vision. With the chin going towards the shoulder, so to, the eye is looking for the shoulder to be more precise in the chin being planted and protected by that shoulder. In other words, by using the eyes to assist the chin you have automatically eliminated the eyes being focused for a "far away look" when turning the head. As the economic and Racial situation worsens this method of looking behind will become ever more important for survival.

"Hope Springs Eternal" especially among Whites. This has just been shown with Whitey buying more on debt in the last Quarter due to becoming Hopeful about this year and the Presidential elections. Hope is what Pandora's Box was all about. The Ancient Greeks knew when to "draw a line in the sand" and say there is no Hope. White Americans have been taught that there is always Hope and to never draw a line in the sand. Don't worry TT, Reality is going to smash the Hope of White Americans on the rocks of reality as this year comes to a close.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

INTEL:  Philosopher

History not taught in High School:
David Sassoon was born in Baghdad, Ottoman Iraq in 1792, son of Saleh Sassoon, a wealthy banker and treasurer to Ahmet Pasha, governor of Baghdad (making him the "court Jew" – a highly influential position). When Ahmet was overthrown for corruption in 1829, the Sassoons fled to Bombay, India, the strategic trade route to India and gateway to the Far East. Soon the British government granted Sassoon "monopoly rights" to the manufacture of cotton goods, silk, and most importantly, Opium – at that time the most addictive drug in the world! Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan. He placed his eight sons in charge of the major opium exchanges in China. According to the 1944 Jewish Encyclopedia: "He employed only Jews in his business, and wherever he sent them he built synagogues and schools for them. He imported whole families of fellow Jews . . . and put them to work."

In 1839, the Manchu Emperor ordered it stopped and named Commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse-hsu, to lead a campaign against opium. Lin seized 2,000 chests of Sassoon opium and threw it into the river. An outraged David Sassoon demanded that Great Britain retaliate. Thus, the Opium Wars began with the British Army fighting as mercenaries of the Sassoons. They attacked cities and blockaded ports. The Chinese Army, decimated by 10 years of rampant opium addiction, proved no match for the British Army. The war ended in 1839 with the signing of "The Treaty of Nanking." The Manchus resisted and the British Army again attacked in the "Second Opium War" fought 1858 – 1860. Palmerston declared that all of interior China must be open for uninterrupted opium traffic. The British suffered a defeat at the Taku Forts in June 1859, when sailors, ordered to seize the forts, were run aground in the mud-choked harbor and several hundred killed or captured. An enraged Palmerston said: "We shall teach such a lesson to these perfidious hordes that the name of Europe will hereeafter be a passport of fear." In October, the British besieged Peking. When the city fell, British commander Lord Elgin, ordered the temples in the city sacked and burned to the ground as a show of contempt. In the new "Peace Treaty" of October 25, 1860, the British were assigned rights to a vastly expanded opium trade

Franklin D. Roosevelt's fortune was inherited from his maternal grandfather Warren Delano. In 1830 he was a senior partner of Russell & Company whose merchant fleet carried Sassoon's opium to China and returned with tea. Warren Delano moved to Newburgh, N.Y. In 1851 his daughter Sara married well-born neighbor, James Roosevelt – the father of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The bulk of mankind is as well equipped for flying as thinking. ~ Jonathon Swift
It used to BE that to find rare TRUTH you had to find and invest in rare books and study them. Before the printing press in the DARK AGES the Objective TRUTH was simply NOT available to most all humans. Today, the Truth about anything you can imagine is available on the Net, and yet humanity still has the HABIT of "Blanking Out" Information. Or the soul, or level of intelligence is too LOW? Or the individual is simply too LAZY, Undisciplined, and too IGNOBLE to care about such things. THIS last one is the norm I think. Nietzsche [1836-1900] was horrified in the realization that the masses were so incapable, and that the rare individual that COULD learn appeared to be a rare freak of Nature. Certainly the Jew Term; "Goyim" is very accurate still. Add the lying [Jew-Transvalued] TV, News, and Movies today and the Individual swims in a constant brew of dysfunction and failure due to the above. I know people who keep the TV on constantly in their waking hours so they do NOT have to think at all! The sudden Awareness of a DEEPER level of TRUTH. Without the great thinkers you most likely will never hit the bullseye in logic to their level of accuracy, unless you yourself are equally gifted. Until 1440 – a THOUSAND YEARS of Dark Age and Ignorance [Christianity]. Suddenly Gutenberg's Press could turn out a "book". [It took a thousand years of using the old Roman Wine Press before someone had this adaptation "Vision"!]

Today the Internet is so powerful that not only can you learn almost anything there, a few of us are making a living from the markets using the accurate information available. ie; In the 1970's-80's – 90's – for about 30 Years, I had to subscribe to an expensive chart service to get accurate charts every Month of the Year or painstakingly make them up myself. Today, the charts are available instantly at the touch of the keyboard, and printed out by the computer on the printer-scanner. The Internet should easily have the same Revolutionary effect soon as gunpowder in 1350, or the printing press in 1440. Or the Steam Locomotive in 1840. etc. The only thing holding people BACK are... themselves, and the obsolete erroneous perspectives foisted on them – mostly by the Jews. – And for 2,000+ Years. Today the Jews in growing desperation are frantically taking you BACKWARDS to Despotism, Ignorance-"Dumbing Down", and their Evil Erroneous Transvalued Perspectives. The latest bureaucratic Attacks against the internet; Wikipedia and Google are an example of this despotism. Include the terrible frantic illegal attacks against the Constitution and all Occidental Nations. It will be interesting to see if they are eventually successful.

Excellent example in a traffic court. Women Lawyers, Women Judges, women secretaries, women answering the phone!... God forbid: a Woman "Boss"! A PATTERN INDEED! You've no doubt run into it numerous times! Let's say you need some specific Technical information for your auto or lawn mower. You call the "tech dept." and unfortunately... you get a woman on the phone. You ask her about your specific "problem" and instead of refering you to the MALE TECHNICIAN that actually knows his stuff!!! – She simply sandbags you with the explanation that the info is unavailable [Well! It's not on the screen!]. Secretaries are real good at playing "Junk Yard Dog" and keeping you AWAY from the Boss or whoever you NEED to talk to. It's rare indeed to find a woman who DOESN'T REEK with simmering vicious RESENTMENT for the MALE. It's rare indeed to find a woman that can actually BE courteous, sincere, and even somewhat tolerably friendly! Can you imagine what the World would be like if women genuinely took over? We simply won't get to that – it would collapse in disfunctional chaos before then.

A Manhattan man was arrested today for making anti-Semitic calls to his mother and other elderly women – and he is also suspected of scrawling hate symbols in a heavily Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhood, The Post has learned. David Haddad, 56, of Chelsea, allegedly snarled, "All Jews should die and go to hell," when he called his 80-year-old mother on Dec. 11 at her Brooklyn home in Sheepshead Bay.

Makow doesn't say this, but it's obvious that the Jew-Establishment sees that the phony "Holocaust Guilt" or "Racist" accusation on Whites is running out of steam so they replace it with NEW powerful oppressive "Labels". The TRUE modern Definition of a "Terrorist": Anyone who Attacks Jew "Will to Power" or Jew-Wealth, or Jew-Culture anywhere... OR Defends Jew-ENEMIES – especially the WHITE RACE. Jews have been the true terrorists in every arena but are never labeled as such. The White Race is NOT to be defended at all i.e. Hate Crimes only go one way: If Whites attack other Races it's a "Hate Crime"... If Whites are attacked, the crime is hushed up and not labeled a Hate Crime. So Jew "Justice" AGAINST WHITES will always be much harsher! Makow, a JEW himself, explains at the link.
White Slavery Again and... the usual Israhell JEWS LYING, Tricking, beating the poor girls into Prostitution – Slavery in Israhell. No one ever finds out what happens to them either.

Ringleaders forced hundreds of Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Belorussian, and Uzbek women into prostitution in an operation that reached as far as England, Belgium, and Cyprus.
Here's a new "Vision" on "Reparations":
The Jews OWE Russia an uncountable fortune for 100 Years of Communism, THEFT and Mass-Murder. The Jews OWE Germany for 100 Years of THEFT, Socialism and a Return of the Reparations of the phony LYING Holocaust. And for Destroying Germany in 2 Wars. The Jews OWE America for the 100 Years of Federal Reserve Theft and failed Socialism in America, and a return of the Interest on the Illegal Odious "Debts". The Jews OWE the Ukraine for the Famine and Communism there. God only knows what the Jews OWE the Palestinians now. Include the RUINATION of Britain through Jew-Socialism and Mud-Race Invasion. Add the ruination of Rhodesia and South Africa. And on and on.... An unimaginable amount of money is OWED by the Evil Jews.

INTEL:  John Kaminski

and the coming epiphany

So long ago, the time before time, it seems like, the French proto patriot Vercingetorix – who now only makes occasional appearances in a French comic strip – fought against the incredible general Julius Caesar for 25 years, from one end to the other of what is now called France but in the first century BC was called Gaul. What finally cost Vercingetorix his victory was the nation, with firm solidarity and tangible support, that stood behind Caesar, as opposed to a disorganized group of French tribes who could never decide to do what they needed to do and unite against the foreign interlopers.

Raise our standards high enough and the Jews will fall away like dead leaves in autumn, fossils of their own con game. Wish them well. Their own self destruction is something they always wanted, because despite all the phony prizes they have invented for themselves, they have always known that what they were doing was wrong. What do you do when somebody you don't trust to do anything right, fair, honest or justifiable has the power to take your life at any time for no reason at all? There's only one course of action when it's your last chance at life. Go right at them hard, and beat them so badly that it will never be possible for them to do it again. Organize the metaphrands, attack with full force, and overwhelm them before they can kill another living thing.

Why Christians are unreliable allies
in the fight against Jewish world tyranny

The first thing Jews always do, starting with the Hebrew plundering of Egypt (about which we read a totally convoluted version n the Old Testament), is to command both sides of every conflict, which is why they covertly support one combatant while openly supporting the other. That's why in Rome factions of Jews set up reasons for discord, and so enflamed the slaves to overrun the people who built everything, using the incentive that "all your sins will be forgiven." Or like when Roosevelt sent Harriman to run Russia in 1941 when Hitler attacked and Stalin had a nervous breakdown. The Jews always figure out a way to keep the war going. You saw it – or failed to see it – during the Vietnam War of the 1960s, in which Jewish radicals led millions into the streets to protest a war insisted upon by the Jewish financiers, for no reason other than to kill people and sell weapons. Primo destabilization technique! No matter what a Jew says he is, he is a Jew, and has, can and will never change. He can't. It's the programming, not the biology. The circumcision ritual. The constant reminder that everybody hates him. The passed-down knowledge of every trick in the book about how to screw somebody else. And the holy promise to deceive.
A Jewish monster has infected all of our souls.
Above all else we all need to attempt some kind of comprehension of the extent and magnitude of how Jewish thinking, spreading like an inexorable stain of bribery and coercion throughout the world, has permeated and perverted our lives, to the degree that the skills we need to even perceive this psychological encroachment on our otherwise normal minds have been removed from public school curricula and public media, hastening our slide into semi-conscious servitude.

Insight into destructive forces determining the way we think

What got the big headlines was the Catholic priests with their hands down boys' pants, although the Jews milked that for all it was worth (almost as much as the Holocaust reparations scams). The aspect of this story never told is the covert effort to get gay Jews into Catholic seminaries. As Freud's master manipulations gave us a society ruled by pill pushing Jewish dissemblers forcing us to eat the feces of their own nihilistic projections, so Jewish controlled Washington has dispensed an endless array of drugs, weapons and mental constrictions on a populace that mostly has never cared about who is taking how much off the top – as long as they have their sedatives and distractions secure and nearby.

Compliments of DOOM GODDESS:
by KAZ

The point of no return is not yet upon us, however, we will come to that point tomorrow if we do not recognize that the point of return is upon us today, and well within our reach. Many of us have not, nor ever will, give up or give in to the destructive forces being relentlessly waged against us. We know that within each and every genetically healthy Aryan Child lies the promise of posterity, a bright future for which they will enjoy and in turn pass on. Yes, currently we are being lead to the slaughter both physically and spiritually through a vigorous attack on the minds of Our White Children, and this, as most know, is not only a current problem but, on which has been systematically inflicted upon Our White Race for decades, if not centuries. Though, today, our most fierce and threatening enemy is found within our own White Race, namely the liberal-traitor who Our White Children call teacher, or priest, or social-worker, or counselor, and nearly every paid actor and actress in Hollywood. The battle seems anything but encouraging, yet, in the face of this onslaught do we as a "People" lay down our weapons of war, or do we instead begin to fight back harder and smarter? To He and She with the warrior soul, the answer is obvious. So what then is the hold up? Has Our will to sustain as a species faded? Have we become helpless defeatists who find satisfaction through merely ranting about the problems?

There is one, and only one, generation remaining who can and must halt and reverse the terribly destructive trends in play – US! The responsible and aware adults. There is no such thing as entrusting Our Racial survival to those who are in their teenage years today, nor those in their twenties; for they are the generations that have been allowed to become morally bankrupt and void of any true Race-Soul. Brutal truth? We are the one who failed them by resorting to rhetoric and ranting rather than executing tangible solutions to what we all saw coming years ago. Suffice it to say we have found ourselves in a debt that can now only be repaid by sacrifice.

Facing a sad reality, perhaps one out of every 100 men and women in their 20's is Race conscious – being " conscious" is a verb, action, not a noun, stating that you are conscious is simply not good enough – many, if not most, are inherently race-aware, however, being Race-conscious, as applied to a true racial-activist, entails controlling your actions intentionally. You are not "conscious" if you are doing nothing positive or productive for Our Racial survival and advancement.

Recently, I penned a writing explaining how it is apparent that an entirely new race has been developing whereby genetic characteristic have no place. Something of a race without a collective consciousness, and where genetic constitution is in no obvious way a qualitative factor. For some, this may at first thought be unfathomable, even suggested to be impossible, however, in light of the fact that race, as defined by history, is not based solely on biological likeness, but moreover, by its very soul; as C.G. Jung put it "a collective unconscious". If Race is in fact the biological followed by the spiritual, as described impeccably by F. P. Yockey in his book Imperium, than the concept that I birthed in-so-far-as a new race emerging would make perfect sense. And so, we now stand upon the precipice of return today, or the point of no return tomorrow.

Unless White Parents effectively educate their young against the daily attack which is mind polluting race integration dogma, these White Children will be utterly defenseless, knowing no better, and may very well be tomorrow's adults who hammer the final nail into a coffin that should not be. That is the harsh reality. The very White Children who have the potential to restore Our Race's greatness, those who it is Our duty to protect, may end up being those who develop into a "face" defined by no color/genetic barrier, and what will follow thereafter would be the eternal death of a long lived White Race defined by a greatness possible only through the good stuff found imprinted in Our DNA.

How many White Parents today are educating their Children on the value and uniqueness of their race, and more-over, how many are being honest enough with their Children about the many dangers of non-white races and exactly what these non-white races truly are? Of course I cannot provide any accurate number, yet, if there are one hundred million White families in this country (which is far over-shooting), I would be willing to assume that perhaps, at best, five million of these families have race aware parents, and less than half of these are race conscious whereby they actually properly educate their children. What does this harsh reality mean for tomorrow?

We have covered the problem here, so what is the solution? Can we afford to rely on the same fruitless tactics that have proven to get us nowhere? Looking back over the past thirty years at the constant ranting, printing, problem based propaganda, marching with signs, etc., it can safely be stated that it has not worked. Our country, in fact, has become more polluted and Our Race had become more liberated and "tolerant". Facing this glaring fact, do we go on with such unsuccessful methods?

Many within Our racialist movement (if it can even be called a "movement" at all) preach legal methods. Can we find victory in the courts, or congress, or any legal office whatever? Do we have a legal avenue by which to save a race that is factually being fast-tracked to its death? If so, I would very much like to know what it might be. We currently have a Kenyan president, a half-black U.S. Attorney General, approximately seventy jews in government, a U.S. Supreme Court with three jews, including one who is a vicious anti-First Amendment lesbian, and to boot a Hispanic "La Raza" (which translated means "The Race" – a Mexican nationalist movement member), and a negro. Legal victory you say? Shall we continue to fool ourselves?

Propagating Our Pro-White Cause via literature, broadcast, and speaking is something I am unwilling to deem unnecessary, as it is in fact a necessary element for educating, and every here and there we do manage to pull a member of Our Race to the same side. Our message must be spread vigorously, HOWEVER, it is by no means a viable solution. We have been doing this for decades now, only to bear witness to the fact that IT HAS NOT WORKED! Therefore, it is not going to work. The ability to press periodicals, newsletters, etc. at this point, must be geared toward preparing Our People for a harsh pending catastrophe.

Most, if not all of Our publications are previewed only by those who are already aware of the problems, so what sense is there in continuing on with such material? A good suggestion would be printing material as to how we can survive in a state of chaos. Do you know how to disassemble and reassemble fire arms? Do you know how to squeeze off an accurate shot, how to use a scope, even how to load a fire arm? Do you know which way is west if you are in a mountain range? Do you know how to catch a fish without a fishing pole or capture wild game? How about creating shelter in the wilderness or even starting a fire to cook your catch without a book of matches? If you know none of these things, it is safe to say we are grossly failing to put our best foot forward. Would you prefer another newsletter wherein you will only read about the problems that you already know, problems you see each time you exit your home today in America, or is it time to learn how to survive? So what can you do? Well, for starters, if you are learned in any of the above areas of survival techniques, put your knowledge to paper and submit it to some of our White racialist publishers. I am pretty sure it would be put to good use, and guess what, that hour of your time and forty-four cent stamp may just save a White families life.

Above, we see that educating Our Children is key to their future, however, is educating them solely about the beauty of Our Race enough today? Absolutely not. In Our White Children I see the re-builders of tomorrow, so likewise, educate them on hunting, fishing, building, how to grow food and how to defend themselves. If you, as a parent, are not learned in such vital areas, it is time you learn, because factually disaster is ahead and fast approaching. Knowing that we are a naturally superior race will by no means afford you survival.

There is no paranoia in stating that this country is going to eventually collapse and be reduced to chaos. To this, I say GOOD! A strong house cannot be built on a faulty foundation, there will be a remodeling, and before that can be done correctly there would have to be demolition. A very wise man said, "Political, economic, and religious systems may be destroyed and resurrected by men, but the death of a race is eternal." Again, the methods heretofore employed by Our People have not worked. The ranting and game-playing must end now. One way or another, all hell is going to break loose, we cannot afford to be at a disadvantage.

Any print-press that is still pushing out what is useless propaganda is simply wasting time, money and energy. Such material is not needed by the truly understood White Racialist, and it certainly will not suffice in pushing Our race in the right direction. At best, it may push another half-wit to do something that can only prove detrimental to Our Cause. A couple more ill thought-out moves and a full-on police state will likely be the result. This possibility is all the more reason to prepare ourselves, as stated above, one way or another ...

Further we will not see a true leader any time soon in the forever tainted "White House", school teachers are not going to stop preaching "strength through diversity" and "equality of man", your television and local theater will continue feeding Our White Children the poison of racial miscegenation, the Zionist jew will not be correctly identified without you being targeted by zog; there will be no such thing as any vote, protest, rally, print-press, or words what-so-ever that will miraculously save Our Race from its current suicidal course it seems to be on. Stop fooling yourself! There is no legal avenue in the "demon-ocracy" for our sought after and necessary end. There is only a death-sentence if we continue sitting idle and resorting to the same methods which have been evidenced as a non-solution.

Our survival is not an impossibility, and I am inclined to believe Our racial advancement is within Our destiny, however, Our destiny has to be manufactured by the choices we make today and the selfless will to act upon those choices. Many White Nationalists seem to believe that "waiting" for this country to "self-collapse" is the answer, as if that possible fate will provide an opportunity for us to rise up and reclaim what is rightfully ours. Such a notion is sheer stupidity, or a best, an ideal that is ill-thought out. For a close examination of this, request my writing "Looking at the Bigger Picture", and I am certain that you will abandon that tactic faster than you adopted it.

There is a return to a healthy White culture and country if we stop talking and start acting responsibly. Preparing ourselves is vital and taking Our Children back is key. A word to the wise, purchase excessive amounts of ammunition and firearms (if you are permitted), non-perishable foods, all things necessary to survive in the wilderness – a boy-scout handbook is actually one of the best things you can possess for both you and your children. Convert a good portion of those "paper-backed" FRN's that will soon be worthless into silver coinage or bullion, and prepare for survival, because this country is eventually going to erupt in all out domestic war. Our Race's future will not be secured by way of the word, but only by way of the sword. Tomorrow is the point of no return, today we still have a fighting chance, and the choice belongs to us alone.

Hail White Victory!

Important Lone Wolf Info!


Keep Your Computer Bug-Free
Also include Loaris

An ACTA of War
Secret world wide web censor tool!

Józef Pilsudski's great train robbery!


Monsanto Buys Blackwater-XE

When Mitt Romney Came To Town
Right To Work For Nothing

Kikejew's 'JFK Option' for Obongo!
Will Secret Service visit ???

Jim Crow Still Exists In America

Kikejews and the Real Holocaust of Blacks
Kikejews Influence Niggers to Kill Whites

Broadcasts by Dr. William Pierce
No combination of clever lawyers, yuppies, and Joe Sixpacks will ever beat the Jews. Money will not beat them. Brains alone will not beat them. Votes will not beat them. But blood will, eventually. ~ Dr. William Pierce

When the shooting was over, the dead included the U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel, four majors, two captains and a master sergeant. The contractor killed was a retired lieutenant colonel. ~ 436 page report

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. ~ H L Mencken

You don't need to outrun the bear, you just need to outrun your friends! ~ Living Alaskan


Hi Tom,
I live in Australia. I work in retail every day and deal with all types of people just like yourself in your tv repair work. Obviously by my comments I have seen interviews with you and I was very much interested in what you were saying, "not that they betrayed you in the full sense that they should have". But after watching I have done further research and still very much enjoy what I have been reading. I live in the western suburbs of the city of Melbourne in Australia, and to me the place has very much changed right in front of my eyes as I have grown up. I am of white English heritage born in Australia and I am very proud of that, but at this present time I feel like I have been let down! Now when I walk to the stores I cannot read all the signs and from what I make of it they don't make you welcome to go into the store as all signs are not printed in English just Vietnamese. I have also seen posters with "help wanted" in English but the rest of the poster is in another language. It's very concerning to me, but these places are avoidable. I grew up in a very uncultured environment, very similar to your white suburban neighbourhood, but since 18 I have moved around quite a lot.

In recent years some incidences have occurred. On one occasion I was sitting at a train station after school and talking to friend, minding my own business, when out of nowhere in broad daylight I get hit in the back of the head and robbed of my phone. When I stood up after recovering from the blow two very large islanders from New Zealand wearing red bandannas were standing there shaking there heads saying "its gone, sit down" and said some things about their made up fake gang. A year ago I was jumped by two men of islander/asian appearance that were at least three times my size in the main street, on my way to work, for no reason what so ever. My lip was split through by one but I managed to get away before any more damage could be done. Since then I have thought a lot and also looked into the politics of my country, and I think that our system is wrong. Our money is leaving the country to support other people in other countries. When they buy their products they buy from their own people. They also send money off to their country. They are allowed to enter the country on student visas to study, basically for free, and then go back home to help their country, but do nothing for us. They also get the option to stay and work, but the money still goes back to their country, so I dont see the point in me paying tax to support foreigners and their country.

I really want to know more about everything and would love if you could help me with some material, like books or videos/dvds, as there is nothing available for me; or please tell me where I can find it, I have very limited internet so it's very hard. I really hope I hear back from you Tom. Thank you and keep up the excellent work. ~ Aussie

TT says: Need payback down under. We deserve what we permit!

Never Forgive Our Enemies, Never Forget Our Fallen!

Hey TT,
The shows continue to be great. Hopefully this year will be the one when everything finally comes to a head or at least closer than the previous years. It's not a good idea to put a date on anything because we've seen how many times they actually came true. It's probably going to come down to each Lone Wolf and locality on how to act in the future. Best winning formula for now: prepare then prepare some more. Train, then train harder the next day. And always remain focused on our Ideological Goal and the perpetual battle that lies ahead.

Somewhat off topic, but not really. Article about how the Boston Bruins (an all-White hockey team) goalie refused to go to the 'white house' and obongo because of his opposition to the federal government. ALSO TT, don't forget to mention the Important Dates Section on the front page of RESIST.com that honors our Fallen Heroes, a new one will be sent for next month.


SITUATION... While driving on a rural end of the roadway on Thursday morning, I saw an infant car seat on the side of the road with a blanket draped over it. For whatever reason, I did not stop, even though I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. But when I got to my destination, I called the Canton PD and they were going to check it out. But, this is what the Police advised even before they went out there to check.... "There are several things to be aware of... gangs and thieves are now plotting different ways to get a person (mostly women) to stop their vehicle and get out of the car. There is a gang initiation reported by the local Police Department where gangs are placing a car seat by the road... with a fake baby in it... waiting for a woman, of course, to stop and check on the abandoned baby." "Note that the location of this car seat is usually beside a wooded or grassy (field) area and the person – woman – will be dragged into the woods, beaten and raped, and usually left for dead. If it's a man, they're usually beaten and robbed and maybe left for dead, too."


WARNING #2 Some know about the red light on cars, but not the 112*. It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and Lauren was driving to visit a friend. An UNMARKED police car pulled up behind her and put his lights on. Lauren's parents have always told her never to pull over for an unmarked car on the side of the road,but rather to wait until they get to a gas station, etc. Lauren had actually listened to her parents advice, and promptly called 112 on her cell phone to tell the police dispatcher that she would not pull over right away. She proceeded to tell the dispatcher that there was an unmarked police car with a flashing red light on his rooftop behind her. The dispatcher checked to see if there were police cars where she was and there weren't, and he told her to keep driving, remain calm and that he had back up already on the way. Ten minutes later 4 cop cars surrounded her and the unmarked car behind her. One policeman went to her side and the others surrounded the car behind. They pulled the guy from the car and tackled him to the ground. The man was a convicted rapist and wanted for other crimes. I never knew about the 112 Cell Phone feature, but especially for a woman alone in a car, you should not pull over for an unmarked car. Apparently police have to respect your right to keep going to a safe place.

*Speaking to a service representative at Bell Mobility confirmedthat 112 was a direct link to State trooperinfo. This applies to ALL 50 states!

~ John de Nugent


Hello – Humorous side of Fort Pillow (per historian Bruce Catton):
"In the closing moments of the battle the fort surgeon Dr. Charles Fitch of Massachusetts who made his way to Iowa before the war, approached Forrest for protection and identified himself as a surgeon and noncombatant. Forrest replied, "You are Surgeon of a Damn Nigger Regiment." Dr. Fitch replied that he was not. You are a Damn Tennessee Yankee then," said Forrest. Fitch protested that he was from Iowa. Forrest said to him, What in hell are you down here for? I have a great mind to have you killed for being down here. If the Northwest had staid (sic) home the war would have been over long ago." General Forrest turned to a soldier and told him to take charge of Fitch and see that the surgeon was not harmed, for which DR. Fitch thanked Forrest."
Note that Forrest referred to the Midwest as the Northwest which was common at the time. Forrest seemingly dismissed New England by giving the Midwest credit for a drawn out war.


The department store Bed Bath & Beyond had to pull some metal tissue dispenser boxes from their shelves because they were radioactive. According to the main stream media, they emit enough radiation the equivalent of a chest x-ray if you spend a few hours a foot away from them. Part of the composition of these items is the radioactive isotope Cobalt 60. What SCREAMS out from the article is the lack of a mention as to where these things were made. I'm guessing China. Those third world animals, except for the top echelons, don't understand radiation, and will use anything they find in a dump or junk yard. And, for the last few years, they have been exporting FOOD to the U.S.


Folks in Atlanta are starting to use the word "Monday" as a slur for blacks. I felt it was catchy, discrete and appropriate in the workplace. Monday being the least favorite day of the week and I'm sure you have heard of people having a "case of the Monday's". But mainly, when I'm at work and I get sat with a table full of "Monday's" I have to serve, this fairly new (to me) term gives me a heads up what I have to look forward to and how I can best "serve" my customers. :) All the Best
Atlanta Wolfette


Not all the facts are in, but it's clear what kind of scumbag this is... lol, ah, good old elitist upper-class bourgeois – now you know why this is a class war as much a racial one: Riemann's said it, Marx said it, Engel's said it, Trotsky said it, Lenin said it, Goebbels said it, Hitler said it!!! lol, I see they refuse to publish the perps identity!!! What do you want to bet that he was a Kike??? How much that the name is Goldman, Silverman, Bronzeman, Greenman, etc, or something ending with (Burg) or (Stein) or (Inski), etc, or some other Jewish bastard hybrid name from the Ghettos of Krakow & London & Astrakahn-Khazaria??? I have no love lost for this pig, or the pig DA prosecutor for ZOG who probably has notches on their belt for putting away German revolutionary socialist & racialist brothers and sisters in their Jewlag's – but it does show after all that the right wing capitalist-conservative judeo-christians are full of shit about peace, love, tolerance, law, order, no violence, etc, and will use lethality to protect their criminal conspiring bourgeoisie enterprises... I think this Jewish-German swine needs to be gassed, and the DA already got his... You fuck over our German workers – you die! You steal our German money – you die! You violate-defile-debase and exploit our German nation & people's community – you die! You're a Jew, Corrupt Gentile, Mud – you die! LMAO, sadly it was supposed to be this guy dying – not the patsy DA who was trying to at least put away a corrupt criminal swine for what really amounts to wage-slavery exploitation/usury/theft/fraud... This is something like a Jew would do, but I wouldn't put it past a right winger or any criminal for that matter with the politics & ethnicity aside... LMAO, and it occurred in Dachau, Deutschland – lol, Oy Vey, it's the Holocau$t that made me do it, Shmuel & Mishka, I can see the camps still from my corporate HQ, the Nazis – the Nazis, made o' the horror!

Something is telling me, that I am sure the German workers victimized in this case are not feeling the German NS'ist proud meaning of, "Arbeit ist Macht und Freiheit [Work is Power and Freedom!]" right now... I wouldn't each, vultures – left/right & liberal-conservative/republican-democrat – same swine and needs to die, doesn't matter!!! In the primitive nations, they cut your hands off for stealing from the people – in S.E. Asia they coup/overthrow their governments and institute a military totalitarian-authoritarian regime every few months, lol, when their government becomes corrupt and they just either shoot the politicians & corporates with one too the back of the head, or fist fights right in parliament and beat their ass down and chuck them out, lol!!! They're Back!!! ~ LW


Hello, I wanted to remind you of an MLK story that took place at my high school in the South. MLK was shot on a Thursday. I was absent from school the following day, Friday (can't remember why). While standing in line to get a permit for class Monday morning, I was surrounded by Negroes. They too had been absent on Friday to mourn and protest the killing of King. During this time the local Negro school had recently closed and the White kids were still coping with the racial adjustment. Anyway, our principal Mr. Anderson, gave all the Negroes inexcusable absences for missing school Friday. Through the course of the day, I told my White peers what I witnessed. By the time school let out, Mr. Anderson was forever dubbed William Bloody Bill Anderson for his audacity.


Terrible Tommy: Saw my email on January News and Views. My Scanner is not working, so I will mail you a copy of Aryan Nations Declaration of Independence. It will take a week or two to get to you.

I retired in 2000 to Ecuador. Its cheap to live here and is a farm paradise. The beaches are beautiful, and the mountains. Many Americans are coming here now. There are many New Age people in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Project Camolot is there and they have seminars all the time about free energy and many other topics. In fact, put NEW BERLIN Project Camolot on google search and you will see a big write up on Natioinal Socialists in Antartica. I am old like you now, but still have a little fire in me. I have been in all kinds of organizations during my life. I noticed I did more for my Race alone – like giving out flyers like Butler's "Who What Where" Aryan Nations leaflet – than being involved with any group. Most of the groups are GOVT controlled for Monitoring, Controlling and Neutralizing. In fact, the Justice Dept. has a training school where they train Agents. They are highly trained in all facets of White Supremacy. They go all over the USA and get good size GOVT paychecks. Some Agents are given money to set up phoney organizations. I noticed when I went to Duke and Black Meetings in Palm Beach, Florida, they would be full of Hate Crime Cops, ADLers and God knows what other kind of spies. I asked Black why he didn't give Lie Detector Tests and he brushed the question off quickly.

I will go to the Mail Office tommorrow and mail you the Declaration of Independence of Aryan Nations. Hope you put it under Mathew's Declaration of War. No one else on Web has put it up. It's a great Document of our Race. ~ Respectfully!


Southern boys sucked in ... again!
... "the Jewish right-wing" and "white racists" ...

The kikejew right wingnut takeover continues: Let's you christians and them mooslims have a big fight, maybe a war!

"Let be absolutely clear. I am Jewish, a strong hard-line supporter of Israel, an AIPAC benefactor, and so on and so on."


Mr. Metzger,
We see more and more of our rights and liberties being taken from us. Approx. 13:00 today when I went online Google wants to be censored by the feds. Also when I went online to Wikipedia, also being targeted. We better get ready! Stay low, keep your mouth shut! Don't say anything to anybody! Don't tell anybody! It's going to be like Russia. You were right all along man. Also Approx. 15:35 I went to resist.com and noticed your website is down, you probably shut it down temporarily. Probably thinkin' "oh boy these screw jobs want to monitor everything." They're sayin' "oh its to protect your ip address against foreign hackers" with this PIPA bill.Oh No Brother. Saying it's for protection. This is a bunch of bullshit. The government uses this term 'protect' as newspeak. Question is, are we ready or not? But there are plenty of people out here who are willing to stand for our liberties and die for them. This is Jimbo 'outa Cleveland' like the niggers say!
PS 14/88 Keep the spirit alive.

More Lockouts:

Ultimately, it's a question of Loyalty. Good wages are necessary for a strong middle class. Most elites really don't want competition from a rising middle class, so they opt for scab labor – whenever and wherever possible. The effective labor movement was destroyed early in the 20th century, leaving little more than the "management vs. labor" paradigm, and ridiculous 'game theories'. People mention socialism, but this can only work well in a mono-ethnic society, where the elites have much more trouble playing one faction off against another. People mention capitalism, but this can only work well when seed capital is made available for all who can justify its use. (Some speak of 'social credit' in this regard.) In the end, too many capitalist elites just don't like competition! The misleading phrase "Right To Work" was a brilliant piece of propaganda created by corporate elites. Many workers don't figure out what it really means until it's too late. Labor long ago should have fought back with something like "Right To Work – FOR NOTHING" ... extreme, yes, but it makes a point. ~ WWS


TT: I was listening to your replay of DC Wolf's radio show from the 19th and there was a part in it where he talked about having firearms set aside to arm others. This is something I thought about some time back. However, anyone who hasn't had the foresight to arm themselves prior to things hitting the fan I would highly suspect is among the racially comatose. These are the kind of people who today will call the police if they think you are distributing race related literature, tell all they know about you to federal agents, and convict you if they are on a jury. These same people might shoot us in the back after we gave them a gun. If things get bloody in this country, those people need a lesson that only personal hardship is going to teach them. Let them fight with their kitchen knives and garden tools. Our money would be put to better use by having extra ammunition, body armor, gasoline, and food for ourselves and families.


TT: I never got much out of Christ-insanity. You go to church for two hours on Sunday morning. The service is filled with old White people whose clothing smells like mothballs and stale coffee. Then there's the mandatory baby crying and some guy farting up a storm right next to you. Then the pastor (usually a closet fruit) shakes everyone's hands as they file out and go to Arby's for lunch. Ugh, I don't want to shake hands with the pastor! He's got snot, pee-pee and old people germs all over his hands. I always tried to get out of the place using a side exit. My point is that as a reasonably sane White man Christianity means nothing to me. I can get along quite well without it.


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