No Quarter Left No Quarter Right INSURGENT
1 JANUARY 2012


Bringing down the police state depends on each of us doing our part to dismantle every aspect of it, everywhere it is encountered. I would ask that anyone writing or speaking about the dictatorship refrain from scaring and demoralizing his audience by not including a counter-plan to neutralize the threat. It's fine to detail the dastardly goals of FEMA and the military and the rest of the rotten government. But you can't just leave it there. It takes guts to call for action, but that's what is needed now. At some point, the town criers are going to be considered agents of disinformation and morale-busters if they do not call for resistance to the tyrants as they describe the latest assault on our lives. Because most of what we're up against is psychological warfare, designed to make us surrender without firing a shot. That's something we just cannot allow. ~ JB Campbell

Kikejew Liebermann: Revoke citizenship, through State Department Decree, for anyone suspected of terrorism, as defined by my kikejew cohorts B'nai B'rith and its ADL, with input from alien agents e.g. AIPAC et al.

SR.510, NDAA-S.1867, and now this. The Protocols of Zion are quickly superceding centuries of hard fought for liberty!

Goyishe Kop



8 January 1920  –  3 June 1983



12 January 1876  –  22 November 1916

Worship the universe. It is us. Worship the universe and venerate everything in it that lives. Remember that all the people who aren't building their own metaphrands for the purpose of overthrowing all the tyrannical governments in the world at once are quietly waiting to be exterminated by their own government at any time.

This is all about troubleshooting the mechanics of your own process of abstract thinking, and creating a repository in your own mind that is hermetically sealed off from the rest of your conscious thought processes, a safety deposit box in which you put your most valuable mental possessions, and protect them – seal them off – from all the misguided poisons, principally in the form of bogus information, that you have ingested throughout your life. A place that can withstand torture. You could call it your 'bug out' bag for check out time.

We can't fix anything by organizing into groups and opposing the powers that be. Jewish infiltration of everything has become far too sophisticated to accomplish anything on that level. Like J. B. Campbell says, the only thing you get out of Christianity is to be deceived and abused throughout your life, and then get crucified unjustifiably. And humanity has been taught to believe this is a good thing.

No, this process has to occur inside everyone's brain, everyone's heart, to do the right thing reflexively, without a second thought, like the Egyptians did it before they were sodomized by the Hebrews. As long as our lives are based on this concept of our own eternal salvation – which effectively atomizes society, increases alienation (for more consistent human spending habits), and makes us forsake our own families – we are doomed to endless wars and fatal diseases, because we have not even asked the first right question – why are we really here? What are we really supposed to do?

We're all going to the party at the end of time. Regardless how you live, you get to spend eternity with everyone you ever knew while living. That's the real heaven and hell. If you can't get along with your family, if you can't get along with the ones you love, who the hell ARE you going to get along with? The important thing is not living a perfect life; nobody does that: if they say they do, they're hypocrites. The important thing is learning from your mistakes and not repeating them more than ten times.

All Jewish information is tainted, because they're out to kill off the rest of the world; keep it out of your starship, or you definitely won't make it to where you're trying to go. (Eustace Mullins, paraphrased)

We can have any reality we want, but we can't accept theirs. If we do, we're doomed, and our families and all our children are doomed, too. I bet you didn't know it, but there's a shadowmasters' garage in your neighborhood, too, and chances are excellent if you've read this far that it's yours.

Trust yourself to dream – and act. We all love you and miss you, and are thrilled to know you're gonna make it. See you at the party.

John Kaminski

The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!

Kikejew instigates witches brew!
HARPY Every aspect of Aung San Suu Kyi (right) is the creation of a carefully orchestrated, immensely funded propaganda campaign carried out not within Myanmar but from Washington and the City of London. Every NGO associated with Suu Kyi, every pro Suu Kyi news service in Myanmar, and every opposition movement supporting her, is either funded by, or a whole cloth creation of, the British and US government.

George Soros' recent trip to Myanmar to meet with this unelected, though defacto "point of contact" for the West, signifies an attempt to conduct this support more openly and possibly attempt to dispel suspicion resulting from Soros and NED's omnipresent sedition sown worldwide, often operating behind the scenes. However, as we will see, regardless of how open or secretive Wall Street and London attempt to be as they carry out their agenda, the trend of manipulating the destiny of a sovereign nation-state for the sake of their own financial and political benefit is apparent.

A 2006 36-page document out of the Burma Campaign UK explicitly details the enormous amount of money and resources both the US government and its corporate-funded foundations have poured into Suu Kyi's image and her "movement." It also details the complicity of then Thai Prime Minster and verified Wall Street stooge Thaksin Shinwatra's government in aiding the West in their Burmese agenda.

The most telling information begins on page 14 of Failing the People of Burma? where the report enumerates vast resources the West has invested in building a "pro-democracy" movement, in tandem with similar disingenuous movements throughout the region, and indeed throughout the world, and insists that even more support be given to initiate a "transition" in Myanmar.

Tom, I am about to tackle a survival/preparedness problem that might save thousands or millions of lives in the northern/temperate climates if it can be solved.

People are not adequately prepared to heat their homes, or even a room sized living area when "the balloon goes up". If the power went off now, I would have lights, food and water, communications, defense, some medical supplies, but no heat source. What I am seeking is a "quick and dirty" solution to this problem, in other words, a cheap, simple and 'thinking out of the box' solution.


My idea is a small propane heater that is VENTED OUTSIDE, i.e. has a chimney to exhaust waste gasses outside and uses fresh, outside air, so that the heater does not use up the oxygen inside the home or room. Sources of propane could range from the small tanks people use for RVs, to the large "pig" people use to heat their homes for an entire winter. Back a few years ago when I was living in the city, in an apartment building, I saw an advertisement somewhere for a very small propane heater that had a chimney and was vented outside. I had a big patio window, and my plan was to mount this little furnace in a piece of plywood that would fit snugly in the patio window when I opened it, and all I would have to do in an emergency would be to place the furnace with it's plywood mounting in the open doorway of the patio door and close the door on it snugly, and turn it on and I would have enough heat for my three room apartment.

People with limited funds (most of us) could use a device like this to survive a long term power outage even if they have a large home. They could heat a small living area, and rig up other devices to keep the pipes from freezing, which might not even be an issue if the water is also shut off. This solution is probably only good for surviving one winter, because after one winter, it is possible that propane might be hard to get. But, surviving one winter might be all someone might need to get them through some hard times, and in the mean time they would be working on developing other heat sources and methods.

I would appreciate detailed technical input on this subject from the lone wolf community.


FORWARD OBSERVER:  The State is Corrupt

Hi TT,

NABBEDNOT This is the story I was talking about on the Radio Show. Paul Sigmund, who is one of the Mayor's friends, gets let off of Drug possession charges and aggravated assault on two Police Officers:


Paul Sigmund IV of Princeton, who resigned in May as chief of staff to Trenton Mayor Tony Mack after he was charged with heroin possession and assaulting two city police officers during the arrest, has gotten off all but scott-free after being accepted into the pretrial intervention program.

City cops nabbed Sigmund on May 2 prowling in drug-infested alleys a block and a half from City Hall and said they found 10 decks of heroin in his pockets. Two cops were hurt during the arrest. Sigmund was suspended May 6 by Mack but continued calling in to City Hall as though he remained second in command in the faltering administration.

"Unbelieveable," one officer said. "How does a guy get all those charges – they're indictable offenses, two counts agg-assault on police, and on the pretrial intervention, he walks for everything. Ten bags of heroin, resisting arrest, the whole thing. I'd love to know who makes those charges go away like that."

F.O. Says: It's not what you know it's WHO you know. This Sigmund was so high on those nigger drugs that one night he rode on the outside of a New Jersey Transit train and was nearly cut in half when he jumped off.

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

TT says:
All major cities, state governments and even some small town governments have become a irretrievably corrupt. It's simply a mirror of the public at large. The electorate are either corrupt or don't care – that's how you get rotten leadership. Nothing will change it except bloody upheaval. And when the smoke clears the cycle begins anew. Zero corruption is impossible, but when it reaches a certain point Parkinson's Law comes into play.

INTEL:  Blood and Soil WHITE WOLF


TT: 2012 should be the year of propagandizing "resist.com". This propaganda campaign should start out as far back in the country as possible and proceed to the cities. Most economy autos have folding rear seats allowing for expanded trunk use. T Posts are the steal poles used to hold up barbed wire on most ranches. Lone Wolfs need to start putting up signs with "resist.com" painted on them using T Posts to hold up the plywood signs. The plywood signs can be four feet long by taking a four-by-eight foot sheet of exterior grade plywood and cutting it in sizes that will fit in the trunk of an economy auto. Four T Posts should be used with two as uprights and two more at an angle (for support against the wind) and Tie Wired to the uprights. After the four T Posts are ready eight holes can be battery drilled in the plywood sign for Tie Wire to hold the sign to the upright T Posts. The two upright T Posts should be driven in the ground backwards for their smooth edge to face the plywood sign.

Always put the signs on private land. There is plenty of empty private land out in the country especially with absentee landlords. Places to start are campground exits along with trail head exits. Truck bypasses and roads that circumvent congested areas are also good starting areas. Roads that lead to fifty home hideaways are also good places as most of the people there are white-flighters.


Lone Wolf Browntown is both an electrician and amateur weather enthusiast like myself. In 1968 there were three major droughts. Two "twenty two year" Solar sun Spot Cycles from 1968 is next year: 2012. After five years of extremly low to no Solar activity the Sun is now flaring up as expected. Texas is still in a major drought and I expect it to expand into a Dust Bowl in 2012.

Lone Wolf Browntown needs to find out what the NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation index) is and how it effects the Pacific Jet Stream.


A Reminder needs to be sent out that on January 1st the 2011 CrossFit games will be aired. Too many Wolfs are wasting their Property of Time on lifting weights and MMA. MMA is of limited to no use for Assassins and Guerrilla Warriors. Too much MMA is a waste of Time and a Dead End street. One reason for the popularity of MMA is the constant threat of incarceration.

In 2012 we need to start a new direction for the Wolfs. CrossFit style of Training will prepare Wolfs to become Elite Infantry. Elite Infantry mixed with Police Training and Police Techniques will make Wolfs better Assassins and Guerrilla Warriors. Weight Lifting and MMA has next to nothing to do with becoming better Assassins and Guerrilla Warriors. Lone Wolfs need to spend their Property of Time on more fruitful activities for the Struggle other than Weight Lifting and MMA. The Broadcasting of the CrossFit Games on the first day of 2012 can be used to start a new direction for the Wolfs.


"How nonsensical the religious aspect of this hatred was becomes obvious, when one considers the fact that Jews were to be held responsible for the Crucifixion of Christ; an event, known to have been set in motion by Roman authorities which cowardly followed the clamor of a mob in Jerusalem. This Jewish mob at the time of Christ had not done any more or any less than any mob at any other time and among other nations has done, is now doing and will do in the future. Today they shout "hosannah" and tomorrow they will cry "crucify". Human nature calls upon providence and religion whenever a foolish act or some perfidy is about to be committed. It is rare that there has not been mutual annihilation without one side and the other calling upon gods or our Lord and to importune them with the honor of an alliance. And this is how God and religion had to serve in each and every persecution of the Jews, while in reality these events were nothing else but the struggle of nations and their response to the very real Judaization of society, that is to battle for survival." (The Victory of Judaism over Germanism", Wilhelm Marr, 1879, pp 9)

This quote makes me wonder how much Wilhelm Marr knew about crowds before Gustave Le Bon wrote about crowds.


I don't want to pat myself on the back but last year I did warn (though not all my emails were published in the NAV or read on your radio show) that the second half of Winter would be very warm and snow-less. I warned that this would happen from January on, and that is EXACTLY what is happening. This also means that the odds for a Dust Bowl in 2012 are going radically higher. Currently, some Retailers (like Smiths) are dropping prices on canned Soups and canned Vegetables because the public is not buying them due to the extremely warm Winter –and– no flu outbreaks.

NOW is the time for Lone Wolfs to stock up on canned foods while the prices are TEMPORARILY depressed before food becomes unavailable later this year or at super high prices.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

INTEL:  Philosopher

Are Guns and Ammo the New Gold?

Do you already own guns and substantial ammunition? I disagree with this writer on a few points: Gary North did an in-depth study of Germany in the 1920's and Eastern Europe during the War Years. It wasn't Gold that everyone was chasing – it was simply "FOOD" which incidently was TRADING at +1000% increase compared to all the other "stuff" people owned. Easy to see why really; Food [and water] will be your Number ONE concern very quickly if supplies are halted by various possible occurrances. In the Big Cities the Crisis could be Unimaginable very quickly. STARVING People anywhere – and imagine their children going hungry? – They'll be about as desperate as humans can get! I WON'T DARE trade FOOD for GOLD – Ridiculous, when survival will be so tenuous – insecure. A possible trade? – Food for Ammunition? – Not likely, because in my own case no one will come within 200 Yards of me and stay alive in my neighborhood. Don't count on trading or communication, or "Trust" at all until populations are dramatically reduced.

You can go only a short time without water, and from my own "fasting" experience you can go about 35-40 days without food.

Even though I have experience with military weapons I don't recommend them unless the owner is mechanically inclined – knows how to diagnose/repair them. Briefly, a "quality" automatic handgun with extra clips, and a "deer rifle" bolt action with a scope is recommended. Shorter range, a shotgun with "double-ought" ammunition is suitable. Stay away from the modern "plastic and aluminum parts" guns.

As for 9mm, I recommend ONLY fragmentation hollow-point bullets for quick stopping power. Police-popularity now find the 10mm with hollow point ammunition works well. I use the old .45 ACP. Rifles and Shotguns are STILL plentiful "used" at pawn shops and gun stores, etc. and stick with military calibers for cheap ammunition deals in bulk.

You might get away with a cheap shotgun or even get lucky with a used rifle, but in buying an automatic pistol, better spend more and get quality. I've worked on and owned a few of the cheaper auto-pistols and I simply don't recommend them.

The "Hunting Rifle" "quality" – it's accuracy, is simply it's Barrel condition and the entire mounting in the stock can compromise that too.

For the .45 caliber pistol, the modern "clones" of the orig. 1911 Colt automatic type [below left: a 1976 model; 'old trusty" always works!] are still very popular. Below right: 9mm High Power.

1911-45   9mmHP

The main-important improvement in "modern's" over the original old 1911's [pre-1970]; The barrel bushing up front tightens on the barrel when in the firing position. This change improved the accuracy. Here again; Buy "Quality" today – spend the money! Highly recommended; The Browning "High Power" auto if your hands are smaller and the Colt 1911 clones if your hands are bigger. You simply can't go wrong with these – and this is why these guns are STILL popular, even after almost 80 – 100 YEARS! Yes, Other guns can be good, but you can't go wrong here – even if you know nothing about them. – But do some research on which one's are higher quality; ie "Kimber" is supposedly "tops" now, and "Rock Island Armory" is at the bottom! So be careful.

{Concerning pistol Ammunition; My own experience indicates that the hollow point bullets are MORE accurate than old style round nose bullets. The only logical explanation I have for this is; The weight of the bullet is more distributed to the circumference – causing a more stable gyroscopic effect in the spinning while in flight. And "Air Resistance" seems to have no effect.}


Suppose there will be [contrived] CHAOS when the Election comes? Let's BEAT the damn crooks at their traitorous games:

OK, since Ron Paul is HATED by the Jew-Establishment, and since HE is the only "Honest" "STATESMAN" in the Public Eye, Let's just say to hell with the Election! Let's just ""appoint""-or "Declare" Ron Paul as President since the Nigger-Traitor-Fraudster-Communist Turd doesn't qualify anyway. And since the Voting will be Rigged anyway, let's just skip the damn Election! Let grass roots Americans simply unite under Ron Paul.and obey Him and skip out on the crooks!

Let Ron Paul appoint a group of trusted businessmen to BRING BACK Constitutional Law, the "Republic" and CANCEL OUT everything the Traitorous shysters have done including appointing a Communist Bitch to the Supreme Court. Absolutely REVERSE the Entire Socialistic Mess BACK to Honest Constitutional Government.

Declare a Temporary Dictatorship if necessary! Americans can simply start OBEYING the NEW Order and skip out on the Traitor and his friends. Get the Military leadership to help here. I'm sure they are sick of the Communist Nigger also. – Along with the Rest of US!!!!

We could make everything recover in a short while, including Education, by throwing the Traitors OUT of America. Then YOU [and I] could even be proud of that American Flag again!

New York gun laws are simple. Screw the public. Aid the criminal: Another victim of Jew Justice in the Big Apple. However, people are going to have to learn the hard way about the country they live in and the system traps all around. Most of these traps are simply for revenue raising. But this type of trap is designed to frighten people into giving up their ability of self protection – in other words become prey for the predators. No one should allow this, but be constantly aware of the traps. ~ Tom Metzger

I have ordered the armed forces to develop measures to ensure, if necessary, that we can destroy the command and control systems [of the US missile shield]. ~ Dmitry Medvedev

Mono-ethnicity is something that our nation and no other on earth can pride itself on. There is no suppressing the nation's shame and anger at the talk of 'a multi-ethnic, multi-racial society', which would dilute even the bloodline of our people. ~ North Korean

The biggest problem in times of darkness, is believing the darkness is everywhere and ten times too powerful to compute or arrest. ~ Les Visible

As democracy is perfected, the office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright moron. ~ H. L. Mencken

The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein. ~ Joe Theisman


TT:  I believe that 'Jon Huntsman'(what a fucking made up name) to be a Jew, his facial features and skin tone reek of Semitic. I saw the speech by the Syrian president today on BBC, it was pretty good from a Syrian nationalist standpoint. It is so obvious to anyone who has any military knowledge that the Jew's and US used the Internet as well as provocateurs and subversives as a fifth column to destabilize any of Iran's potential allies before an all out attack. I disagree with you that cooler heads may prevail; the attack is pretty much under way if you see it from a military standpoint. There will be so much damage done primarily by these subversive tactics it will luxuriate any strength or alliances Iran may have, and the military strike will simply be a coup de grace. How obvious it is to me.

TT says:
I guess you're probably right. Since all these leaders are psychopaths. You can expect to figure them out by pure logic. Since the public at large stupidly sits on their thumbs it's no wonder. Instead of having a few world-class psychopaths running around it seems the whole population have become closet psychopaths.

I understand that Huntsman has adopted Chinese kids. If he does the question is simple why can't the bastard find white kids if not in the US at least in Eastern Europe? Of course power people today parade these little Gooklets and Niglets around simply because the Jews like it not so much for themselves but for everybody else.

BIG Israel can nuke anyone!

I do not want a nuclear 'armed' Iran. But then I don't want a nuclear 'armed' Israel or United States for that matter. I can not help but recoil in disgust at the levels hypocrisy coming from the nuclear armed nations currently pushing for a war with Iran over their nuclear 'energy' program.

You don't hear any of these war hungry nations offering to dismantle their own nuclear 'weapons'. Israel has two nuclear research centers – at Dimona and Soreq – and refuses to allow inspections or sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which safeguards the sale of nuclear material. The latest estimates suggest that Israel has produced at least 118 warheads with weapons grade plutonium and they have the missiles to carry them.

TT says:
The sane solution is for jew controlled U.S. to brand Israel a rogue state until it signs the treaty and allows inspection of its nukes with an eye toward taking most of Israel's illegal nukes out of use, but this will not happen because jewland-a and jewland-b want absolute control of that part of the world. They are ready to order their self created god to destroy any nation that stands in the way.


Good day to you Sir:

Let me cut straight to the chase: I'm an individual of mixed Northwest European (Irish & Scottish), African and Indian descent. Nevertheless, I can see nothing wrong with an agenda of selective breeding to ensure at least one future society in which everyone closely resembles incredibly beautiful Norwegian actress Kristanna Loken, or amazingly handsome American actor Justin Hartley (both pictured below). We are both aware of the precarious demographic position of 'Nordid' whites in particular in today's world. Only the wicked proponents of miscegenation, multi-racialism and multi-culturalism would rob the planet of people like these who will forever epitomize feminine and masculine pulchritude. And this I declare unapologetically.


Also, I have designed an 'Anti-Miscegenation Flier' for local distribution here in Trinidad & Tobago (a multi-racial/multi-cultural country where far too many 'sheeple' favour the silly slogan 'harmony in diversity.') Remember, there is nothing un-Christian about being unflaggingly loyal to one's own racial community; indeed, it is traitorous to not be.

Trinidad & Tobago, English-speaking Caribbean.

PS: In future I hope to share some information with you that is both enthralling and unnerving.

Segregated diversity is natural and necessary. Integrated diversity is DEATH! ~ WWS

'Double Jeopardy' DEAD !!

Dobson had previously appeared in court in 1996 in connection with the Lawrence murder, but that case – a private prosecution brought by the Lawrence family – collapsed and he was acquitted.

His latest trial on the same charge was allowed thanks to a change in the centuries-old "double jeopardy" law under which a person who had been acquitted could not be tried again for the same offense. In a change that came into effect in 2005 in England and Wales, a second trial is allowed if substantial new evidence emerges.


Hey TT, I was thinking about what you said about Talkshoe...

I know that chatboxes are a bit crappy, and I understand that you don't want to speak with guest number so and so, or avatar so and so, or someone whose appearance you ignore, but we are not going to put our full name and photo there for obvious reasons, right?

I know it gets trolled big time, but I like to throw my quarter in... and it's a little bit like playing hide and seek... But I understand that if you are there with your real name and everybody knows who you are, you don't want to speak with some absolutely anonymous. You could give a call to wolf wall street, even during the middle of the show.

Get your headset ready and let's kick jewish ass: "are all of them guilty or only 99% of them?" "...it's the attitude, stupid!!"

The shows get much more interesting when there is interaction between two or more people. I myself would give a call if my english was better... just ignore the damned chatbox!! This reminds me of answering to your question about the radio shows: Yes, I like shows with guests. Sometimes the sound is not so good or their accent is harder for foreigners... but I like it. And the heavy and black metal are great, but don't forget to add some bluegrass once in a while!

Again, Happy New Year!

death metal black metal heavy metal
great to hear you are finally going to play metal you know that all forms of metal including death metal black metal heavy metal and so on is a white mans creation by white men for whites everywhere and gals also one of the best bands out there is amon amarth this band is a heathen nordic viking type band that sing about fighting dying and living in the heaten ways of our ancestors please if you can play some amon amarth or pantera thank you sir

Race Traitor Now A Ridgling

Citing in court, [quote] "Robyn filed for divorced in April 2009 citing irreconcilable differences!" And of course, we know that those "irreconcilable differences" were Mel Gibson's tirade exposure of her fellow criminal globalist Talmudic Semitic organize-crime cult syndicate... But hey, that is what you get for marrying Jewish Gold-Diggers... Gold-Diggers are bad and scum of the human gene-pool, but Jewish ones go beyond that and way worse – that is how the Jews come to control/owned now 99% of the ex-Gentile world/corporations/industry/institutions... This is how these weasel Neanderthal's manage to take over the world, is through infiltrating prominent Gentile families with the money & power at the bottom, slither their way through the top whether it's through measures of murder, blackmail, extortion, slavery, money-laundering, marriage, waiting for the Gentile to die out of natural causes so they can get the benefits etc, or else laying on their backs in bed for sex, usually with Christian-Goyim "Jew-Thinkers"... Mel Gibson should've been smart in dealing with the Jews, as his Yid-Mongol wife is, but his Jew-Think/Jewish/Jew-Worshipping cult backed with thinking with his wrong head/penis, let his emotions get in the way of strategic survival...

Now to be fair and honest, I don't give a flying f**k, because he is the typical image of our racial enemy... Mel Gibson has done nothing but to harm our race... Worst of it, he's a blatant race-mixer/race-traitor who shacked up with a Kike and bred half-breed children with her – just as [Arnold Schwarzenegger] did with Jewess/Zionist [Maria Shriver] who will soon take Arnold for everything after the little scandal Arnold had, just as this Jewess took Mel for half of $850M=$425Million, which honestly is fucking ridiculous to be truth & fair – I can see maybe a few million, etc, and if it was a Gentile-Shishka we know it probably would be... but we know since the entire system is Jewish, and this whore is a Jew/Tribe, the Tribe sticks together, especially in cases where it's a Jew vs. Goyim, and that Goyim exposed them and dared to stand-up to them in front of the world and show the world who/what they are, and is behind everything factually-historically..This also shows you the level the Jewish Femi-Fascist bull-dyke rug-munching anti-white-hetero-male agenda/system, to which they promote gendercide & degradation & demasculinization against the Aryan & White males and seeks to destroy/pollute/mock/defile the ancient traditional Pagan/Aryan/White family household and values – which always favors the women who take everything the white man created and paid for with blood, sweat, and tears while kicking him out the gutter in a cardboard box while the whore gets a new boy-toy to move into her new mansion to fuck in front of her and her ex's kids...

But then again, this sentiment does not apply with Mel – he deserves what he gets for race-treason like a typical bourgeoisie right-winger... Mel is no friend of our race, cause, struggle, etc, or else he would've taken some of that shitload of $850million and funneled it to us in the struggle who knows what the deal is, and is not afraid to employ the methods/revolutionary-terror against those Mel back-lashed at while drunk, but do not have the proper funds to sustain a political & physical engagement against ZOG/JOG/FOG(Freemason Occupied Government)/COG(Christian Occupied Government)/ROG(Republican Occupied Government)/BOG(British Occupied Government)/LOG(Liberal Occupied Government)... If Mel Gibson truly believed the shit he spewed at the PIG gov-agent enforcer/protector cop in blue, he wouldn't be so fucking Jewish/Right-Winger/Greedy with his money and would've opened it up to true revolutionary's to either promulgated information on a wide-grand scale, or launch underground operative measures against the Jew-Serpent... He has/had $850Million dollars, short shy of being a Billionaire – he could've easily opened up his bourgeoisie wallets and let out $10-25 Million to us, and not even make a dent in his Jew bank accounts... But no, this shows how corrupt/evil/two-faced/greedy/exploitive, etc, the right-wing=liberal-conservative bowel movement is, was, and will always be... You wanna talk about "White Trash" in terminology, that term was a Socialist white working-class socio-economic definition created for criminals/degenerates of all sorts, as well as race-traitors and bourgeoisie like Mel before the Kikes/Neo-Leftist/Republicans/Rich stole that terminology like they did everything else from us, during the Republican/Liberal/Christian 60's civil-wrongs... I can look past Mel Gibson's mistakes with Drugs, Alcohol, Cheating on Wife, etc-etc-etc, if he was honest and truly heartfelt about it and didn't try covering it up and got help – but I cannot forgive/look-past Mel Gibson's two traits that make him unforgivable and enemy of our Aryan people, 1) His Jew-Think Semitic-Cult Christian Asiatic-African Poison, and 2) Him being a race-mixer/race-traitor, bad enough that, but doing so bedded-down with the Tribe/Yids...

I think Mel's situation should be a warning/example to the rest of us, especially if you're a hard working man who bust his ass honestly for his belongings [albeit I wouldn't call how Mel and Hymiewood celebs who got their money from films/music/acting, etc, earning it honestly through hard-manual labor with blood, sweat, tears like a construction-worker, soldier, engineer, etc]...

Poor Mel, Poor Mel, I feel for him – but I don't as well... I will say, he justly was damned from the minute he walked into that Jew show-trial room, and lost the case, especially because his wife again being Jewish and Mel's history with the Semitic–Tribe, as well being a White man versus a Femi-Fascist woman... I am looking forward to seeing Mel's Pagan/Heathen movie though, about the Vikings, etc, whenever it comes out if not already... I would get far away from Kike-Wood as possible, and work in the international-independent sphere such as at Sundance, etc... Mel isn't the only targeted by the hook-nose ogres: German actor [Jim-Caviezel] from Mel's (P.O.C) movie was blacklisted/anti-semiticized as well among other once prominent actors/actresses...

Just sayin' hello

TT, How the hell are ya? Hope you're well! I just want you to know, that me and my friends up here in Vancouver B.C love your show!!

"We don't have anyone in Canada!"

Anyways Tommy, I would love to send you some doe, but to be honest, I'm a single dad trying to do the right thing... I'm strapped!!! Please take good care of yourself, Sir! We love the radio shows!! We hope you really understand how important you are up here in CANADA!!! Have a good 2012 TT! Of course I will be in touch!!!

Nordic North Wolf

BLACK DETECTOR New GPS feature: Avoid Ghetto

Microsoft has been granted a patent for its "avoid ghetto" feature for GPS devices. The patent states that a route can be plotted for pedestrians to avoid an "unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is subject to harsh temperatures."

Created for mobile phones, the technology uses the latest crime statistics and weather data and includes them when calculating a route. The patent also described other uses for the new GPS technology. One section mentioned that advertisers can use the technology to navigate a user through a newly set up ad campaign. Microsoft declined to comment.

Aryan Nation's "Declaration of Independence"

Terrible Tommy:
I have read about you for many years. I also enjoy your website and News and Views and Joom articles. I remember when you were a Crusader years ago.

The reason I am writing you a note – it's about Hunter Wallace's Occidental Dissent. I put some blog comments up about Lone Wolf, and a few responded good. Then a couple of sissy assholes attacked Lone Wolf and Aryan Nations. This one guy who goes by the name Fr. John who has a website of his own called Whitechrist – attacked me and Aryan Nations. He plays like he is racist, but is a wimp.

I like the info you post and read all your material. I also like Louis Beam, Butler and even Buddy Tucker. Keep the good work up! To me you a hero of our race!

P.S. I hope you post Aryan Nation's "Declaration of Independence (revised edition)" since no one else has the balls to do so.... Either in your articles or whatever!

TT says: Go ahead and send it to me. I don't think I've seen it before.

HI! Rebbe Richard Green (Jews for Hitler)
Opens Eastern Front Campaign

Arrest Made in Highland Park 'Kristallnacht'

A New Jersey man in his mid to late 50s has been arrested in connection with the smashing of windows in Highland Park Tuesday night. Richard Green of New Brunswick was charged with five counts of criminal mischief in connection with incidents of window smashing on Raritan Avene and on the Rutgers University campus – where windows of the campus' Hillel House and Chabad House were broken Sunday night. Police are trying to determine Green's motives, and if he acted alone or with others. Officials were quoted as saying that he was sent for psychiatric evaluation.

What do you know?
It DOES taste like pork!

Les Visible sounding off and
referring to Americans,
and their children!


Carbon Dioxide is a lagging indicator – not causal!



Through Christianity Judaism has conquered the world.
It is the masterpiece of Judaism. ~ Joseph Ernest Renan

Wake Up !!Breakout !!!
Lone Wolf