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No Quarter Left No Quarter Right INSURGENT


The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!


Message to White Workers

There is not one in several hundreds, even of so-called
White Racists, who still grasp the struggle White men and
women went through to achieve what you have now lost.
Every step of the way you will have to bleed to get back
what your Fathers gave to you. You have been fed a lot
of bullshit from the right wing. Every right wing leader I
have met was pushing capitalism trying to get the fucking
fat cats to help save the White Race. Wake up stupid!
Those fat cats were the first to sell you out. How many
times do you hear a right wing leader talk about the
White Working Class? You have been sold out as far back
as the deals the Aryan Kings made with the jews to collect
taxes from you. Come out from among them. The Struggle
is a White Racist Working Class Struggle or it's nothing!

TT, in commemoration of White Labor Day, specifically, the bloodstained struggle and sacrifice countless White man gave on North American soil to reach a better and happier time for them and theirs, here are some instances of White working class uprisings. Also included is the Labor Day Message you sent out to the Radio Club back in 2006 (above) which nailed our situation down precisely. Good White Worker Songs:

Whilst the White man works to enjoy something of life, the jew works to become the master of his environment. ~ William Joyce, Twilight Over England

I think deep within the breast of our Aryan yeomanry lies a long, dormant seed. The seed of a racial awakening, the seed of resurgence, the seed of anger, and the seed of the will to act. We must radicalize the American yeomanry. ~ Robert Jay Mathews' Call To Warriors

Bacon's Rebellion: White popular revolt in colonial Virginia in 1676, led by Nathaniel Bacon. High taxes, low prices for tobacco, and resentment against special privileges given those close to the governor Berkeley, provided the background for the uprising, which was precipitated by Berkeley's failure to defend the frontier against attacks by mongol asiatics. Bacon commanded two unauthorized but successful expeditions against the skraeling tribes and was then elected to the new house of Burgesses, which Berkeley had been forced to convene.

When he attempted to take his seat, Berkeley had him arrested. Soon released, Bacon gathered his supporters, marched on Jamestown, and coerced Berkeley into granting him a commission to continue his campaigns against the mongolians. A circumspect assembly then passed several reform measures. The governor, having failed to raise a force against Bacon, fled to the Eastern Shore. He gathered enough strength to return to Jamestown, where he proclaimed Bacon and his men rebels and "traitors." After a sharp skirmish Bacon recaptured the capital (Berkeley again took flight) but, fearing that he could not hold it against attack, set fire to the town. Bacon now controlled the colony, but he died suddenly (Oct., 1676).

History Of White Working Class: The great work of John Jewell. It begins about a quarter of the way down the page. He describes the battles the White yeomanry fought from the 1760's onward to the 20th century. He concludes: "The White struggle ultimately failed because although colored races were temporarily controlled, the capitalist race-traitors were still left to run the United States of America. Now, as stated in the basic law of this land, the Declaration of Independence of 1776, it is not only the right but the God-given duty of the White populace to alter or abolish the present tyrannical government and to institute new Guards for our future Security against legal and armed repression, economic exploitation, and the murderous attacks of non-white savages."

Honored Aryans

Hoover in Germany


Twice Herbert Hoover came to Germany's rescue!

(INS) – The kikejews who exacerbated World War I and created World War II were co-opted by goodwill ambassador Herbert Hoover again in 1947. His actions saved millions in the Federal Republic from destitution and starvation. He did similar good work in 1919.

Note well the difficulty in obtaining these facts. There is no PDF file available for this long out of print book (Herbert Hoover and Germany, Louis Lochner, 1960), so that screen imaging is necessary. The same obfuscation by kikejews and their underlings plagues most sources of truth, e.g. the seminal works of Ezra Pound are not promoted and are priced out of the reasonable range of many people.

1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.

War Provocation Lie – 1990

Instigated by kikejew Tom Lantos (too late dead!)

Diabolic White Rapper Smokes!

American rapper "Diabolic" is taking it upon himself to shake the nation awake because he thinks his fellow countrymen do not realize they are being taken for a ride by the US government:

I really want to expose the government for what it is. How they handle the deals and the behind the scene stuff. It's a boys club; it's a fraternity of men with money and power that basically make the decisions that determine our futures. They work to their best interests, they don't know me, my relatives, friends or anyone I know and they do not care. What they do is to benefit themselves, their futures, the money going to their bank accounts.

I do not trust Obama. He is a politician. How is he any different from any other politician? No, he is not going to change the system; he is going to be there for eight years to keep the system going and pass it to someone after. The New World Order is going to be living in a worldwide corporation. If there are no countries and just one government for all, then the enemy of such a government is going to be the people!

RIDICULOUS Tragically, what we've seen in our schools since 1960 rather suggests that the kind of fears expressed back then, by those 'racists' who were OPPOSED to integration, were justified!

That cute little six-year-old in the neatly-ironed white dress may not be as innocent or as blameless or as victimized as (the eternally optimistic) Rockwell makes her out to be. The record left behind by a half-century of letting the 'Ruby Bridges' of America into white schools has NOT resulted in what any white person today could honestly call a success. The experiment has been bad for whites, without doing much for blacks either, unless you view Africans murdering, raping, rioting, and turning every major US city into ruins a success. We live in a society that is fixated on talking about slavery and blacks riding in the back of the bus as Europeans are murdered each day trying to get to and from the bus stop.

Israeli media propaganda has Europeans feeling guilty as they hold the door open for their assailants. ~ John Miller (comment)

Draft dodger Dick Cheney has a new book coming out. The man with no pulse is trying to set the record straight about his time in the White House as Vice President – and according to excerpts from the book entitled, "My Time" – which is set to be released next week – Cheney confirms what we all suspected – that he really is that evil. Cheney goes after former Secretary of State Colin Powell for opposing the Iraq War – then rips into Condoleeza Rice – calling her "naïve" for trying to negotiate with the North Koreans.

I guess Cheney would have preferred just bombing them. Cheney, who got five deferments from serving in Vietnam, even admits that back in 2007 – he urged President Bush to launch military strikes against a Syrian nuclear site. Luckily – no one else in the White House agreed with Cheney. Cheney then goes on to praise the use of torture – confirming that he is not only a war criminal – but also a proud war criminal. As for Cheney's thoughts on Bush – he praised him as a "strong and resolute" leader. Go figure.

You Might Be Right!

TT, you and WWS always have a very thought provoking dialogue on the Fourth Position Show. There was something WWS said about Might Is Right that exhorted me to send this brief message to accentuate a few instances where the eternal parasite was brought up. Also, I think the RAGE Ghost Man Pariah gives to the recent shows he's been doing from MIR gives it a more driving, stirring force than if you were to just read it yourself. How about the LWs out there listen to this song before whatever their personal White Insurgent endeavor is for the day. Just make sure that it's focused, calculated and properly directed when you decide it's time. It's all a matter of survival now!

Attack: We Will Kill You!

"In order that the jew may be secured in his usurious 'shent-per-shent', oppressive taxes are laid on the Peasantry wherewith to pay the annual interest charge upon the Bonded Millions. All of these tributes are collectable (in appreciating gold) at the point of the Supreme Court's bayonet."

"What is viler than a government of slaves and usurious jews?"


"The jew has been supinely permitted to do what Alexander, Caesar, Nusherwan, and Napoleon failed to accomplish – crown himself Emperor of the World; and collect his vast tributes from 'the end of the earth'."

"The jews are ministers of Gold – Great Bankers who see in the People and the State a mine to be worked. Our life blood is drawn from us by these harpies of finance and the gaming table, who mock us with illusions, while they strip us of our all. The harm which the jews commit does not come from individuals, but from the very constitution of these people; they are locusts, caterpillars, which ravage France, to whom commerce ought to be prohibited."

"There are two distinct yet parallel species of the parasitical semite: The first, represented by Marx, Lasalle, Stepniak, and Jesus-the-dreamer; the second, by Goshen, Rothschild, Baring, and Iscariot-the-Banker. Between them they've practically extinguished civil liberty and personal independence, wherever they have been sheltered. Viper like, do they not bite the very mama that gives them suck? What have they ever done to Gaul but eat her heart out; and Gaul was first to 'emancipate' them? What are they now doing to Germany, Russia, England, America, Africa, Australia? Poisoning the brain cells of the enslaved multitude while taking-in-pledge – the plough and the harrow – the millstone and the mill."

"As long as the Aryan Race bows down(even nominally), at the Sign of the Cross, or vacuously endeavors to 'keep the commandments,' it is hopelessly entangled – it is delivered up a burnt sacrificial offering to the dolabra of the sons of Jacob the supplanter."

There are many more but these were the most salient. Concerning the time when it was written, 1896 sounds about right with this excerpt:

"Thirty years ago the United States quixotically essayed to demonstrate racial equality with rifle bullets and bomb-shells, but failed most ignominiously."

Personally, the mystery surrounding the true author gives it a bit more of a powerful legacy (same as if the doer of certain deeds remained unknown). Although wouldn't it be great if our Comrade Jack London wrote it? There is some parallel in the language from his great book Valley Of The Moon and the following quote. Both deal with the iron concept of Blood and Soil. Get back to the land and nature, White Man!

"If the human animal lives a natural, clean life, out on the plains and forests away, where ocean rollers crash along the shore or on the banks of the pouring rivers, he requires no police force to "protect" him, no usurious jews to rob him of his harvests – no tax-gathering legislators to vote away his property and no "priests of the Idol" to "save" his soul."

Practicing Muslim

TT, My thoughts on the Muslim question. First I would have to ask are we talking about non-practicing Muslims or people who actually follow the faith? Someone who was born Muslim, appears White and no longer practices the Islamic faith might be acceptable, however a practicing Muslim can never be acceptable. The main reason for my belief on this matter is that Islam has at its core what is known as the "Five Pillars of Islam" which is basically a framework upon which the faith is built. It consists of 5 acts which are considered obligatory to ALL Muslims. Number one of the five pillars is called the Shahada, it is a profession of the faith and is required to be recited by all Muslims. It's a simple sentence, "There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God". Muslim belief holds that all anyone has to do to become a Muslim is an honest recitation of the Shahada.

SHAHADA That is the problem right there, Muslim belief holds that ANYONE – whatever race, culture, or ethnicity – can become a Muslim simply by an honest recitation of the Shahada and then striving to uphold the remaining 4 pillars. That belief lies at the very core of the religion, to be Muslim you must believe and practice the 5 pillars of Islam and it is those 5 pillars which make all people eligible to be Muslims and all Muslims of equal status and rights. It is impossible to be a practicing Muslim and be a National-Socialist, Racial separatist or White supremacist. I'm not claiming that individual Muslim persons don't hold Racist views and opinions, I'm sure they do, just like Christians can be Racist, however, when they are they are Hypocrites because the faith they practice forbids it.

The bottom line is: You cannot be either a practicing Christian or Muslim and be Pro White, because to do so is a total contradiction of the faith that you practice. This is why White Christians created Christian Identity. They recognized the hypocrisy and attempted to morph the religion into one in which you could hold such beliefs, but that's a whole other story. ~ HG Wolf


Hi TT,

I have a slogan for those race mixers: OIL and WATER DON'T MIX. Say that loud when you look at a greaser next time: OIL and WATER DON'T MIX.

Heavy rainfall has started. Up to 2 inches per hour with the storm to last for 21 hours. We stand ready for the flood. Communications are up but not for long. MIS-INFORMATION about the Hurricane: The High Water will be the problem, not WIND. You're damm sure we all have boats too, TT. Now the Rats will come out, I'm up all night an' watchin' out for 'em.

Coiled-Spring Division 14 5 88 24 7


We just got back from surveying the State after Hurricane Irene. Looks like that big blob of puss Governor Christie was right. We estimate several BILLION DOLLARS IN DAMAGES as a result of the storm. Roads are closed down all over the State, making transportation and Truck deliveries nearly Impossible. Live wires are strewn across major highways. The Motoring Public got a major shock of it's life this morning on their way to work.

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

INTEL:   Blood and Soil

"We now ask the reader – what group appears and reappears in the history of one civilization after another? What group has always been actively disliked by its host peoples? What group has played an often decisive role in the decay and collapse of one civilization after another? What group indulges in every type of degeneracy? What group always localizes to certain positions among the host peoples? And what group refuses to fulfill a constructive role in any civilization, but instead, remains true to its motto of "Always take", while refusing to make a useful or an adequate return?" ~ ("The Biological Jew", Eustace Mullins, pp 6.)

TT: Take a look at this week's (August 30, 2011) US Drought Monitor. Notice the new separate area in Georgia of Extreme Drought (red area). Notice the steady increase in Moderately Dry and Moderate Drought in the Corn Belt along with the steady increase in size of Extreme Drought expanding out of Texas. Hurricane Irene will do little to relieve any of the Extreme Drought.

I am of the opinion that Hurricane Irene's track is because the Drought is going to expand into a Dust Bowl in 2012. What this means is that Hurricane Irene's track constitutes Proof of a Dust Bowl just beginning to form. Hurricane Irene is not all that important. It is the Drought continuing to expand into a Dust Bowl that is important, weather wise.


Take a calmer and closer look at the August 30, 2012, USA weekly Drought Monitor. Notice that there are, now, Four areas of Extreme to Exceptional Drought: Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. Only the smallest area which is in North Carolina will get any relief from Hurricane Irene.

Now look closer. Look at the trend for Abnormally Dry areas to be converging on northern Mississippi/Alabama and southern Tennessee. Now which is more important: the size of Hurricane Irene or the size of that area which is converging other Abnormally Dry areas into one huge Abnormally Dry area? When that area, the size of Hurricane Irene, ends up as a huge area of Abnormally Dry then it won't take long for the Exceptional to Extreme Drought area of Texas to expand from Arizona to Georgia which will be many, many times the size of Hurricane Irene. Odd that this is not National news like Hurricane Irene is.

Lone Wolfs need to stay on point and keep stock piling Food.


A local Wallmart has little league baseball bats at two thirds off. The Sports Department is being greatly reduced in size because sports equipment is no longer selling very well. Over a hundred little league baseball bats are two thirds off in price and will remain that way until all are sold because they are no longer going to be held in stock due to slow and no sales.

The US Military no longer uses the long barreled M-16 but has replaced it with the shorter barrel M-4. The M-4 is a "carbine" version of the old M-16. It is probably better for Lone Wolfs to be equipped with shorter little league baseball bats than the longer major league baseball bats due to small autos and tight places like auto parking lots etc. Now may be the time to acquire several new short baseball bats at greatly reduced prices before they are not available at any price.


I just acquired a 40 lb Weighted Training Vest from Big Five Sporting Goods. It was on sale at $20 off. It is made by Valeo and is adjustable by one pound amounts. The weights are smallish Bean Bags that seem to be filled with steal bird shot. I am of the opinion that it is a "must have" piece of Training Equipment for all Wolfs. I don't recall Ghost Man Pariah ever mentioning it while he was in the US Military. It would be interesting to know if any System Force Men train with it. Irregardless about System Force Men training with it all Wolfs need to train with it and use it on Dry Runs of Ghost Wolf Missions.

Rifle Repetition over Time

I keep saying that all Martial Arts, whether it be Cave Man Club (using a Baseball Bat for the club) or Combat Handgunnery, is based on Repetitions Over Time:

"To be effective in combat, the Marine must train to perfect the physical skills of shooting so they become second nature. The more physical skills that can be performed automatically, the more concentration that can be given to the mental side of target engagement." ~ ("Rifle Marksmenship U.S. Marine Corps MCRP 3–1A, pp  1–2.)

Something for TT and Ghost Man Pariah to muse over:

"Foremost among the dominant ideas of the present epoch is to be found the notion that instruction is capable of considerably changing men, and has for its unfailing consequence to improve them and even to make them equal. By the mere fact of its being constantly repeated, this assertion has ended by becoming one of the most steadfast democratic dogmas. It would be as difficult now to attack it as it would have been formerly to have attacked the dogmas of the Church.

"On this point, however, as on many others, democratic ideas are in profound disagreement with the results of psychology and experience. Many eminent philosophers, among them Herbert Spencer, have had no difficulty in showing that instruction neither renders a man more moral nor happier, that it changes neither his instincts nor his hereditary passions, and that at times – for this to happen it need only be badly directed – it is much more pernicious than useful. Statisticians have brought confirmation of these views by telling us that criminality increases with the generalisation of instruction, or at any rate of a certain kind of instruction, and that the worst enemies of society, the anarchists, are recruited among the prize-winners of schools; while in a recent work a distinguished magistrate, M. Adolphe Guillot, made the observation that at present 3,000 educated criminals are met with for every 1,000 illiterate delinquents, and that in fifty years the criminal percentage of the population has passed from 227 to 552 for every 100,000 inhabitants, an increase of 133 per cent. He has also noted in common with his colleagues that criminality is particularly on the increase among young persons, for whom, as is known, gratuitous and obligatory schooling has – in France – replaced apprenticeship. It is not assuredly – and nobody has ever maintained this proposition – that well-directed instruction may not give very useful practical results, if not in the sense of raising the standard of morality, at least in that of developing professional capacity. Unfortunately the Latin peoples, especially in the last tweny-five years, have based their systems of instruction on very erroneous principles, and in spite of the observations of the most eminent minds, such as Bréal, Fustel de Coulanges, Taine, and many others, they persist in their lamentable mistakes. I have myself shown, in a work published some time ago, that the French system of education transforms the majority of those who have undergone it into enemies of society, and recruits numerous disciples for the worst forms of socialism.

"The primary danger of this system of education – very properly qualified as Latin – consists in the fact that it is based on the fundamental psychological error that the intelligence is developed by the learning by heart of text-books. Adopting this view, the endeavour has been made to enforce a knowledge of as many hand-books as possible. From the primary school till he leaves the university a young man does nothing but acquire books by heart without his judgment or personal initiative being ever called into play. Education consists for him in reciting by heart and obeying." ~ (The Crowd, Gustave Le Bon, Book II, Ch. I, pp. 53–54)

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

INTEL:  Philosopher

Latest through the grapevine mining news:

Testimony from an anonymous Newmont Gold Drilling Supervisor at the exploratory Drill site near Wendover, [Oasis] Nevada: They are drilling deep now but they found SO MUCH "Rich" Gold Ore at the Surface, He is afraid the Drill crews will simply quit working on their jobs and start panning the Gold Themselves! So much surface Gold they had to hire Security Guards to guard the site! If Newmont develops this Gold Mine, little old crappy "Wendover Nevada" will Mega-BOOM LIKE CRAZY! And "Oasis", nothing but a closed up old gas station, will change dramatically too? We'll see.

[Ed: Hugo Chavez Nationalizes Venezuelan Gold Industry, Demands 211 Tons Be Returned From Abroad; JPMorgan, Bank Of England & ETFs Scramble For Physical Metal ... Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland? ... FOURTH Position on GOLD]


Since it's Sunday and all the idiot Lemmings go to Church to pray to their false Gods; False Gods? As a Philosopher I can show you the facts here: Starting out WAY BEFORE Christianity, Way before ancient Rome, you had the Sun God Religion for 3500 Years++. Perfectly logical to the ancients as the Sun made everything Grow and Live. The Sun God religion was based on objective logic and so it sprung from the White Race – the White Sumerians- – 4500BC. Trojans, Phoenicians, Egyptians, all the way up to possibly John the BAPTIST 30BC. – He, supposedly still using the Water Baptism rite from THIS very ancient White Race Religion.
Ratzinger's double Jew-Satan sign!  
GHOUL But there was also an ancient religion based on the very ancient Pre-History "Mother Weird" Religions of Snakes, Demons, Monsters and Mystical conjurings. This Religious principle became Babylonian Mysticism – Today You find it in all the "Sickness" Philosophy: Existentialism, Hegelian Dialectic, Socialism, etc. The basic idea here was to SCAM the TRIBE with FEAR – intimidate them into obedience – most all of You people still fall for it. {The "fantasy" Book of Mormon is loaded with THREATS to totally intimidate-enslave the Individual. Add the Muslim Religion and Medieval Catholic oppressions, etc. etc.}

Now somewhere way back there – between Troy – 1500 BC and the rise of Grecian Civilization – Greek and Roman Mythology doing a great "camoflouge" service here! A GREAT TRICK was performed Racially-Religiously – a GREATEST DOUBLE THEFT in History:

The White Race Sun God = Racial-Religious "Identity" = "Is-Ra-El" = "of-Sun-God" was STOLEN by the Hebari, Hyksos – bandit Tribe. And so were the perspectives for a Healthy Civilization. The Saducees and Pharasees – or similar ilk, Must have gathered all the healthy positive attributes of successful "winning" methods, AND gathered together all the "sickness" – LOSING Methods of failure tribes and civilizatioins and They injected the "Winners" into their OWN religious-racial perspectives while attempting to inject the "Failure-Sickness" into their Enemy's religious-racial perspectives.

This Mega-"Transvaluing" became outrageously successful with.... "Christianity". {Nietzsche's all important quotes avail. 1880's and the Biblical Nexus article to show you the FALSE ANTI-Nature "God" all moderns have been bamboozled-ballyhooed-JEW-BULLIED to accept.} And there's Jew Makow today, pounding away on the Goyim about how if you DON'T accept Judeo-Christianity, you will surely fall into the Pit with some sort of Evil "Paganism". YOU are already in the Jew-Pit WITH Christianity! – So why not use your objective logic and find the Truth?

As for the REAL "Creator God"? We only have the evidence of an unfathonable Universe down to the tiniest cell being controlled – in balance by "Natural Law". "Natural Law" the true evidence of a Creator's existence AND intentions.

EVERY time the White Race has gotten "in Tune" with this in any arena, fabulous things have happened! i.e. The ancient Greeks got the idea to CONTROL the Birth-Genetics of their tribe through brutal infanticide of the inferior, and even "incest" of Superiors to try to produce the greatest warriors possible. WHAT they actually got were 58+ illustrious GENIUSES that dramatically changed Civilization from then to today.

Modern Technology – a result of objective logic in tune with "Nature" – well, mostly except for Greed and Evil riding along. If Whites today had a "Natural Law" awakening and rejected the "False Gods" and False-LOSING Methods – rejecting the poisonous Jew-Perspectives, a Fabulous recovery of White Race Destiny would occur. Sadly, I see absolutely no evidence of this currently.

Keeping the Holy-Hoax going? BUT, Let me explain the grim and amazing truth: The Jews are horrible predatory Vampires with massive Usury, Extortion, Illegal Taxes, phony,confusing, false "Religions", Historical Mega-LIES, Distorted Culture, "Dumbing Down" in the schools, Trashing Music and Art, Stealing the Gold from Gov. Treasuries.,Treason, Conspiracy, Corporate-"Gang" "crimes", Liberalsim-Theft Democracy-Mobocracy, Socialism-Communism, Rabbi SATAN worship in the Talmud, Ritual Murders, etc etc.

Nietzsche's description from the 1880's: Jewish "TRANSVALUING of VALUES"; the Great EVIL, the GREAT CURSE. The GREAT LIES of the Eons.

The greatest "SIN" against the Creation itself – against a creator "God" if there is one; The Greatest SIN-Transgression-EVIL; Is the Jew's attempts and successes to DESTROY the White Race's GENETICS. This situation on a massive scale cannot be corrected quickly in one Generation. It could take a long time – if ever. It is the most terrible because it will be the most diffcult to fix – if ever. The GUILT of the Jews here is infinite and even greater than all their mega- "Ritual Murders" and SATANIC Conspiracies and LYING Blatherings of the eons.

Moderns think that the "Swastika" is nothing but an unjustifiable "Hate the Jew" symbol. But in REAL HISTORY the Swastika was the symbol of the White Race's Pure "OBJECTIVE 'NATURAL' RELIGION" from ancient Sumeria, Phoenicia, Troy, right up to ancient Briton. One could say the horrible Jew-Bible [add; Christianity, and the Mythologies] is the great bullying attempt to WIPE OUT this ancient understanding – ancient wisdom.

Philosophically, the Jews are always trying to DESTROY objective logic with their "methods"... But once the True Historical panorama is understood, you could never be SCAMMED by Jews again! THEY are the one's who deserve the horrible visions of HELL they, themselves conjured up. Ironically, by constantly bringing back the "Swastika", the Jews unknowingly keep the symbol of the ancient Truth alive!

INTEL:  SoCal Report ELMER


Rick Perry helped stop Gaza 'freedom flotillas'

Ultimately, nine of the 10 boats that participated never made it to the Gaza, thanks in part to Gov. Rick Perry.

And from 2009:

Gov. Rick Perry has accepted the Defender of Jerusalem Award, given to public figures who have demonstrated support for the state of Israel. He has made previous trips to Israel and emphasizes business connections between Israel and Texas through the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce, his office said. Texas is Israel's fourth-largest trading partner.

TT, Actions like that are going to send Rick Perry right into the white house. And all those whites will vote for him thinking he will save America. Well, America is dying and we need to put her out of her/our misery! Instead of trying to save her, we should be thinking of ways to euthanize her so that we can rebuild our own ideal society. SOONER THE BETTER!!!

SUNNY Yellowstone National Socialist Park

The title link is to an article in the Warsaw Union newspaper about Yellowstone National Park dated August 23, 1927 that my wife found while surfing the net. What I would like to point out to you is the border surrounding the ad for the Indiana Loan and Trust Company to the right of the article. Is there something about this town your not telling us about? Were the Nazi's stashing secret money in bank vaults in your little town before Uncle Adolf was even in power? And are you now in possession of these funds in your secret underground bunker for the purpose of purchasing weapons of mass destruction for your equipment yard? HA HA HA!!

Have fun with this one Tommy.

L W So Cal


by Dutch Hillenberg

First, you must always try to be realistic. You can't hide an armored-division in your backyard. Consider this emergency stash in the same light as you do a good first-aid kit. It will give you comfort to know that you have it available, but you don't need enough arms and ammunition for an infantry-platoon any more than you need a hospital storeroom for a first-aid kit. A friend nicknamed this type of stash, a "Robinson Crusoe Box", because it contains a few simple necessities for possible hard-times.

Second, don't bury anything you can't forget about. Sure, that $1,600 Colt AR-15 H-BAR is a great weapon, but don't even waste your time burying it. It just costs too damned much! Because it costs too much, you will dig it up in a very short time to sell it, or just to make sure it's STILL OK.

Third, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Plant several "hard-time capsules" in scattered locations. Small caches are easier to conceal, because you disturb less when making the initial "deposit", and they are less likely to be found, because they are small enough to be overlooked by a casual searcher.

Remember, you are planning for long term storage. ... (continued)

by KAZ (stuck in ZOG's Gulag)

The fastest ever in cultural disintegration.
Before our eyes is Racial annihilation.
Throw off shackles of frustration,
And take up your noble station.

Free your rage and do what's right....
Nature's Laws upheld with Thor's might!
Odin's wisdom will be a shining Light,
We're slipping Comrades, wage the fight!

The most striking beauty ever to exist;
Freyja watching, tells us all to "RESIST!"
It's not enough to shake your fists,
Only in all out fray will our Race persist.

Words spoken are NOT weapons of war.
Tell me, when have they ever won before??
Will our Race's existence be tomorrow's Lore?
Stand up NOW, or that's what's in store.





The social-networking giant bans hate speech – but allows the proliferation of Holocaust denial pages, saying it recognizes "people's right to be factually wrong about historical events."

We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force... . We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under. ~ Martin van Creveld

Financial challenges will not have any adverse effect on America's determination to meet its promise to Israel in the form of aid for its qualitative [military] superiority, or for its economic security. ~ Kikejew Steny Hoyer

You talked the other day about the meaning of tribe. Structure can be important. But I think the two things that define a tribe are group identity and group loyalty. A group with group identity and group loyalty has the minimum basis of a tribe.

TT, US presidents in their second term feel more free to act in ways that please their real constituency (big business, the rich, jews, etc.) because they cannot run for reelection. They do the business of their real constituency no matter what the public wants. With Obama promising not to deport the illegals, not prosecuting any bankers, and keeping up the wars (Libya) it seems as if he is not even trying to run for reelection; like a president in his second term. It is possible that the Jews surrounding the commander and chimp have him believing that he will be reelected no matter what. And maybe they are right.

HERITAGE Pastor Richard & Betty Butler

Tom, Racial Greetings!

Here are some recent pics of Pastor & Betty's grave site. My wife and I go over once a year to scrub and clean the marble and grave plate, and put new permanent flowers on their grave, and edge the grass, etc. We also make other visits throughout the year. We've been doing this ever since coming up here. We love doing it and feel it's an honor.

Never could find what happened with Ken Mieske's body. I emailed that lady at OSP and because of confidentiality they would tell me nothing since I wasn't family. Family members would need a written notarized request stating their relationship to him. She told me lying on request of information is a felony.

Aryan Graphics Designs

Zundel Supreme Court "False News" Victory Anniversary

On August 27 1992, Canada's Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional the law under which Ernst Zündel was convicted for publishing a Revisionist booklet about the Holocaust.

TT says:  The right and many revisionists somehow morph a case like this as a victory. For whom? Actually it helps the Jews now and then to throw a bone to the hungry revisionists. It makes their liberal followers feel good. Remember the sage comment "we spit in your face and you think it's the dew".

After this Talmudic 'goodness', Zundel, against sound advice, moved to Christian Zionist Central – the USA. There he was kidnapped and sent immediately to the German Gulag. Whoopee! Another great victory against the KIKE-JEWS.

MINE !! What Are Kikes?

TT:   Are Jews/Judaism a religion or a race? My question is since the Jews/Judaism call themselves Jews/Judaism named after Judah and Judea would they not been called a race and a tribe or a tribal group or a ethnic group also are the Jews from Europe Khazars if the Jews are Khazars why do the Jews's ancestry trace back to the Middleast?

TT says:
While Jews give lip service to keeping their lines straight, the fact is they were always race mixers. It is their best weapon against the real races. When leaving Egypt they were referred to as the mixed multitude.

The Khazars are a Turko-Mongoloid bunch that adopted Judaism in about the 8th century AD. These 'Jews' moved west into Europe and later the U.S. and became the leaders of Israel, but have no legitimate claim to it at all. The Sephardim, or dark 'Jews' from northern Africa are a racial mess.

Judaism in all its many variations exists through GENE HIJACKING and RACE MIXING. They are prime advocates race mixing, which weakens those races who resist their conspiracy.

WISDOM If You See Something,
Say Something

TT:  White Americans are now "terror suspects"... They run propaganda like this right before they start roundups. This one will appeal to the retards that are addicted to CSI & 24. They want to be important, so they can now snitch on their family and neighbors and feel like a heroes. Makes me want to puke!

INSURGENTS: Report suspicious local, state, federal government activity to Tom Metzger.

See something? Tell TT ...

Parasites in Many Aspects of Life

Another obsession of the parasite is that it must force its way into every aspect of the host's existence. It cannot endure the thought of a group of gentiles discussing anything without the parasite or one of his shabez goi agents being present to make notes. Thus, the Jew campaigns to force his way into every gentile organization, whether it be social, religious, a private school, a club, or a neighborhood, anywhere that the gentiles might be able to gather and talk over things which the Jew wishes to know . This obsession is due to the fact that the Jew can never know any real security in his parasitic existence. He lives daily with the terrible fear that the host will cast him off, and even when he has obtained control at every level of the gentile's life, the Jew still feels insecure. If the gentile manages to keep him out of anything, the Jew becomes wild with rage. ~ ("The Biological Jew", Eustace Mullins, pp 22)

Hello, When the human body loses the ability to rid itself of parasites, it settles into a mandatory 'symbiosis' relationship with the hostile residents. It's fair to say that White society has settled into a symbiosis relation with non-Whites. The Jews are a special case. Like parasites in the human body, they don't want the host to detect their presence, until it's to late. Long story short: Non-Whites are 'necrotrophic', which is to say they kill their host.

SHAKEDOWN Canadian Shakedown?

Hi TT, In Vancouver British Columbia we are waiting for the results of the referendum (against the HST Tax)!

I know you guys are in your own shit, but you have a lot of followers up here in Canada! Never forget that! A lot of the white working class don't even know if they should vote on the referendum (or did'nt)! I wish you would do a show on how controlling the Canadian government is (it's retarded total control)! Most young and middle aged white folk don't even understand the workings of the Canadian voting process! Most white working class families are planning their escape to the northern part of B.C.! My family has witnessed this for about the last 15 years or so!

Now just to change the tempo, we also have a major gang problem. Everything from street gangs to bikers! (Hells Angles to Indo Canadian gangs, whatever!) Do these bikers keep their ranks white? It doesn't matter! They're scum bags (loyal only to money)! But maybe we could learn from the way they recruit! Anyways keep it going TT, and much Love from Vancouver B.C. 14/5


Commercial Facial Recognition
Tracking Personal Info Online

Hello! Decentralized government and White outlawry is what I'm hoping for. If we are to live under a government of thieves, let us respond in kind. And I'll jump up on the coffee table with my cowboy boots and tell all the White Nationalists that a continuation of big government is insane. It never worked the first time. A new doctrine won't change anything. How many times does a person go to a dry well before realizing they're practicing the definition of insanity. A few years back, you stated that the minute power is centralized it becomes corrupt.

The Washington government has forced the debasing doctrine of political and racial equality on White people in opposition to the experience of mankind. A doctrine aimed at the destruction of all races – a doctrine at war with nature. People are going to start loading their guns. I can feel it coming in the South. Tom Watson:

"Lynch law is a good sign; it shows that a sense of justice lives among the people."

Kikejews Lose:  Iceland Just Said NO!

In the March 2010 referendum, 93% voted against repayment of the debt. The IMF immediately froze its loan. But the revolution (though not televised in the United States), would not be intimidated. With the support of a furious citizenry, the government launched civil and penal investigations into those responsible for the financial crisis. Interpol put out an international arrest warrant for the ex-president of Kaupthing, Sigurdur Einarsson, as the other bankers implicated in the crash fled the country.

MAKELIGHT ICE Holds Obongo Onkle Omar

Barack Obama's uncle, stopped on suspicion of drunken driving, told police to arrange bail through the White House, but is being held without bail on an illegal immigration charge. Onyango Obama was arrested last week in Framingham, about 20 miles west of Boston, after police said he made a rolling stop through a stop sign and nearly caused a cruiser to crash into his sport utility vehicle.

Tommy, this guy is living proof that genetics is hereditary and that race-genes-traits-intelligence etc., or lack thereof, does exist no matter how much the neo-leftist marcusean radicals rant/deny/curse it! Barack Obama is illegal and so is his invading primate gorilltang family! ~ JvR Wolf

you are right
Sir you are absolutely correct about texas this state is infested with wetback spics everywhere you turn you are confronted with these mongrels i have lived here for a while i have no intention to move why would any white person want to do this this mestizo/nigger problem is everywhere there is no place in this country that 100% white you cannot go anywhere without running in to these fucking apes the only thing white people can do now is bide their time for the coming collapse you have warned us for decades now and finally we are almost at the point of the greatest thing that could ever happen in this country the only way it can get somewhat better for whites is for it to become unbearable thank you sir for your ever enduring wisdom oh by the way this state of texas has not had any significant rainfall going on three months now when you have no water there is chaos good day sir

BLUES St. Louis News

Hello Mr. Metzger,
It seems that the failing public school system (80 percent black), in an effort to instill negro pride in an already racist community, are starting up Afro-Centric schools, on the public dime of course. And get this: Schools of this sort are being set up or are already in other cities across the good ole' US of A. Great... just what we need... Black Panther indoctrination centers springing up in every urban center. Just go to STLToday.com to find info on this and how America will look in 30 years (Saint Louis is the most violent city in the states, averaging 3 to 5 hundred murders a year, in a city of 300 thousand). Anyways, I will update every once in awhile. ~ Arch Wolf

KikenTax Coors products get kosher certification

Terrible Tommy,
Hopefully you are not serving Kosher Taxed beer at the Tavern. The only beer I have seen so far that is Kosher taxed is Coors. Since the buyout merger few years ago, Coors owns Miller too. Coors also owns Killians, Blue Moon, and Keystone Light, Ice. Look for Jewish Kosher Tax circled (U) on the package bottom. Coors has been kissing Mexican ass with Spanish on product! ~ Lone Beer Wolf

Nuestros Reconquistos: War Within Five Years!

Latinos believe they have enough people in states such as California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas to successfully wage a war on the United States.



Hello Tom,
Some time ago I read in the NAV the prediction concerning future; the guy wrote how the situation will develop in many countries of the world. I have my point of view in this matter also, my conclusions come from visiting European countries, USA, history study, current events observation, and yes, I go to church to see what's cooking.

More and more I see religion delusions grooving in my part of Europe and I think it will go in certain directions; they are building big sanctuaries, enormous statues of Jesus, priests, praying in more series TV movies, they are making holy men just from regular people.

My point of view is this:


In the beginning focus on the so called Islamic revolution. The various wars in Islamic countries serve the economic purpose – as you mentioned many times. There is another case: In two or three decades there will be no borders over there as "democracy" will spread; that will create another flood of people from those countries to rich countries of Western Europe to make them go down even faster, e.g. England, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, (keep in mind that in some point of history they removed the Chosen from their territory).

Tom, I think one reason that we will have very hard times is our technology, how much longer this situation can last, thanks to modern production lines, factories, modern food supply. In the future one white man (academic, scientific type with no guts) will be able to "serve" say 100 non-whites to preserve peace as long as possible. When everything is ready for the struggle we will be horribly outnumbered.

As events develop, the Chosen will gradually come out of the shadows [ed: now?] and everyone will think they are the absolute masters.

They will tell the world what fate awaits these countries – punishment for the 'sins of the past' against them (this will be religious background). While these countries suffer, Christians in Central-Eastern Europe will be even more turned into religious fantasy. When it comes to details, Christian religion is Love your Enemy type; Muslim is aggressive – Kill your Enemy type of religion (very dangerous for us). My country should be safe when it comes to immigrants because there is little money here, few social freebies for invaders, no anchoring babes, average salary is about 500 US dollars per month – not acceptable for lazy scumbags; and in the past we always gave protection to the Chosen. In the 18th century there would be no Chosen left in Europe, if not for Poland.

America will suffer from the problems you are talking about – no doubt like Jack London described it in "Iron Heel". I didn't mention Russia, this country has it's "sins from the past" also – her punishment will be the struggle with China.

There will be a several years of total destruction, famine, wars all over the world (an ideal condition to implement and promote bible prophecies). Then something will happen, something enlightening in my deluded part of Europe, something similar to publishing "Might is Right" or "Talmud" that lifts all curtains.

I think the Chosen will tell "end of destruction" similar to what we saw in the end of Matrix movie trilogy when the sun came out and peace was established, and we will be able to build something new from that point.

Right now I don't see how the lazy masses would rise against the system, organize themselves and do something. Maybe in the future I will change my mind, and it will be possible to draw different scenario. Kind regards,

Wolf Poland

Southern Belle

The Northerner graduated from college and was offered a good job in the Deep South. Dad worried about his son going off to such a strange area and warned him to avoid entanglements with Southern women: "They can't cook the kind of food we northerners eat, they won't keep the house clean, they don't like sex, and if you marry one, she'll call you a Damn Yankee the rest of your life."

After a few months, the son called Dad and told him he had just met a wonderful Southern girl, and was in love with her. Dad repeated his warnings. Awhile later the son called and told Dad that he and his Southern Belle had eloped, and "Dad, you were wrong. My wife is a great cook, keeps the house neat as a pin, and she absolutely loves sex." ... "What about the fourth thing?" ... "Oh, we reached an agreement on that. She won't call me a Damn Yankee if I don't call her a nigger."

The lady went to the pharmacist and asked, "Some cyanide, please." ... "What for?" ... "I need to poison my husband." The shocked pharmacist blurted, "Lord have mercy! Absolutely not!" The lady then showed him a picture of her husband in bed with his wife. ... "You didn't tell me you had a prescription!"

Winston Churchill was once told: "If I were your wife I would give you poison." He immediately quipped: "Madam! If I were your husband I would take it!"

CRAZY Lubavitcher Threat

TT:  In Europe, the big shots left the small Jews behind. Rabbi Fried told me that Jews sold Jews for sugar and milk. So, how much did he pay me to run the 8th Street Shul? Traveling expenses only. Hitler DID neutralize a Jew take over in Europe and all over the world. For 70 years or so, the kikes were smart enough to lay low. Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Then the Lubavitcher Rebbe came to the USA when Herbert Hoover rescued him from Europe. He lauded this "blessed land of religious freedom." Then he came up with his Global Noahide campaign to deprive everyone else of their religious freedoms. A typical Jew.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach left Beis Medrash Gevoha in Lakewood, NJ to revive the culture in Europe, which Adolf Hitler of Blessed Memory so righteously destroyed. He conspired with the Lubavitcher Rebbe to reconstruct what was going on and to bring about total world control by the Jews. Business as usual for my tribe. It was not just about getting Jews to eat kosher chicken on Shabbos and drink kosher chicken soup. It is a goal of telling the whole world that the Jews are always right and everyone else is always wrong, which is a statistical impossibility.

I took a course in Quantitative Methods at the now defunct Boston U – Ben Gurion U of the Negev Joint MSM program. I graduated in '86 with a 3.73 GPA finishing the degree in under a year of study. I competed with captains of industry and in the second and third semesters even though I hardly studied, my test papers in the economics classes and my other courses were usually tied for 3rd. I got a 100 on the late Dr. Abraham Mehrez's test. He told me that I was the only person in the class who understood what he was teaching. Pretty soon Israel will be a statistic. We will make sure of it.

Fight back against mind control, manipulating leaders and those who would exploit you. Take control of your own destiny. Before you get involved with a religious movement, investigate it thoroughly first.

Ludicrous Speech

Menachem Begin made a speech in the UN how, "The nations of the world shouldn't preach to us. We are a sovereign nation!" Yeah right, what sovereign nation gets billions of dollars a year in US aid and weapons? All they do is suck our blood and have no appreciation for us; that is inherent in the Talmud, "All the kindness of the nations of the world is but sin." No one wants them in foreign countries anymore and their electronic products don't even work. Their computers are goods that have to be sold covertly.

Fight back against mind control, manipulating leaders and those who would exploit you. Take control of your own destiny. Before you get involved with a religious movement, investigate it thoroughly first.


NATO's Rape Of Libya

Israel did 9/11

The kikejews behind 9/11

More Morality, Less Moralism!
~ Joseph Goebbels ~

British SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi
...dressed in Arab civilian clothing!

Israeli kikejew to join rebel Libyan regime!

Speed Bump: Behind schedule, but gaining...
Three weeks after September 11, 2001, US defense secretary
Donald Rumsfeld established an official military objective:
take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and
then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finally, Iran.

Kikejew inspired Libyan genocide increasing!
...MI6 just doing their thing!


Each NATO warplane that passes over Libya's coast and releases its ordnance upon the city of Tripoli is a glaring reminder that not only have the NATO-backed rebels failed to take the city, but the fighting there is beyond their ability to face without constant air support. As each bomb tears through Tripoli's already NATO-battered infrastructure – most recently destroying a fire station in the Abu Salim district – the world is given daily affirmations of just how duplicitous and premature NATO's desperate claims of "victory" were, made now nearly a week ago.

To add injury to insult, UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague was imploring South Africa to release funding to NATO's proxies in Benghazi and suggested that failing to do so would be "risking a humanitarian disaster." Hague has not yet explained how the persistent aerial bombardment of a heavily populated city isn't already causing a verified humanitarian disaster.

Libyan Rebels And Their Israeli Connection

Debka File admits 'Al Qaeda' links!


Sept 1: Our resistance is mounting day by day. Prepare
yourselves for a long guerilla war and fight and resist
occupation. We need to kill the army of the enemy,
whether they are foreigners or Libyans.


Diana was sceheduled to campaign on hehalf of the
Palestinian people! The only question is:

Was it Mossad or MI6?




Shipping containers can be readily modified with a range
of creature comforts and can be connected and stacked to
create modular, efficient spaces for a fraction of the cost,
labor, and resources of more conventional materials.



Exasperated with the first African-American president,
but the Black Caucus blames the Tea Party!



New American Legion Hetman!

Dissolution Feared!


Short on granite, slope sculpts Ivory Soap.


... one, two, three ...

Wake Up !!Breakout !!!
Lone Wolf