No Quarter Left No Quarter Right INSURGENT
12 OCTOBER 2011


The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!


The Starvation


The Fields of Athenry

By a lonely prison wall
I heard a young girl a-callin'
"Micheal they have taken you away
For you stole Trevalion's corn
So the young might see the morn
Now a prison ship lies a-waitin' in the bay."

Low lie the Fields of Athenry
Where once we watched the small free birds fly
Our love was on the wing, we 'd dreams and songs to sing
It's so lonely 'round the Fields of Athenry.

By a lonely prison wall
I heard a young man a-callin'
"Nothing matters Mary when you're free
Against the Famine and the Crown
I rebelled, they cut me down
Now you must raise our child with dignity."

Low lie the Fields of Athenry
Where once we watched the small free birds fly
Our love was on the wing, we 'd dreams and songs to sing
It's so lonely 'round the Fields of Athenry.

By a lonely harbor wall
She watched the last star a-fallin'
As the prison ship sailed out against the sky
For she'll live and hope and pray
For her love in Botany Bay
It's so lonely 'round the Fields of Athenry.

Low lie the Fields of Athenry
Where once we watched the small free birds fly
Our love was on the wing, we 'd dreams and songs to sing
It's so lonely 'round the Fields of Athenry.
FieldsOfAthenry-Reilly-32.mp3 ~ Paddy Reilly
Kikejew East India Company's Charles Trevelyan

Honored Aryans

1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.

It would be good if someone created a decent computer game for WW2 that allowed people to explore these possibilities. I just don't have the time for coding for months to write one and I would prefer others to do the donkey work anyway, although I seem always to end up doing it for every idea for lack of people. I have Microsoft flight simulator on the dual boot on this pc but most games out there are crap and involve 20 people writing them. Plus shops no longer sell PC games, which have been almost pirated out of existence by console games locked down with DRM.

But years before I discovered Revisionism the military questions had my attention. Hitler's anglophilia was a mistake. His strategic thinking was that he would just be doing the Jews work for them, breaking up the empire which was one of their aims with WW2. But he could have taken England easily by air if he had moved fast after the fall of France. He could have also found someone better than Petain as he needed that French Navy really but could still have taken England without it. Just blanket the place with airlanded troops and set up airbases. There was sabotage going on in the air ministry and enemy agents yet to be exposed. For example, Heinkel's excellent He100 was not only not built but handed over to the Soviets.

Hitler could have taken England. ~ Adolf Galland


Adolf Galland shows there was thinking I had not heard about before, and possibilities we don't know about. Also, POWs should have been re-educated and Soviet methods used, like using up hostile or luke warm populations in human wave attacks. Two birds with one stone. Suvorov speaks of this. There was too much of an intellectual gap between Hitler and the next level down. Goebbels did not have military brains.

Europe has these ethnic imbalances. The existence of England prevented a united Europe for the last 5 centuries. Good or bad, the implications need to be thought out. Also it is a natural development of Renaissance for Germany to expand eastward and the Czechs and Poles to go somewhere else beyond the Urals. Hitler's Anglophilia contradicts his Slavophobia as Europe has an anglo as well as a Slavic hernia. Both were foolishness, and pragmatism must rule and leave the idealism to later. He was just a big softie.

These islands were no military threat to the Romans precisely because the simple uncomplicated natives were a lower, less dynamic breed than the English who came later as a result of Saxon and Norman invasions. The Saxons were more capabale than the Celts, and the Normans more capable than the Saxons, as proven by their more sophisticated technology with longbow etc.

I wonder, do Irish knacker travelers represent the original Irish type? The most savagely chaotic, criminal and disorganised. They have a distinct ethnic look and are the least nordic with most Irish having some anglo-nordic admixture, in other words the modern Irish are British. An equilibrium mixture. The Scottish have more nordic in them, as shown by the exploits of the Scots-Irish in the American civil war.

These DRM people banned me from their forum for "Anti-Irishness". But only the truth hurts. Not going to flatter Europe's failures and that is theft from the successes and is a red meme. Italy has most of the world's art so why should they not crow their success and superiority? While also addressing their problems, and they have big ones, such as pickpockets in Naples who are not gypsies but often natives. Several of the Belarus women I've met are there now, trading their asses.

White Nationalism is a Failed Ideology!

I don't think Irish or Welsh could organise their way out of a paper bag in fairness to them, and maybe that is what we need on isolated islands? Or are these more primitive Whites just a threat? Their replacement by more nordic types just evolution? Irish Republicans are allied to these catalan scum who recently banned Bull fighting. White nigger inferiority complex driven "nationalism". I don't think these discussions should be taboo, as they are for these petty nat groups and parties. Racial thinking does not stop at the borders of the race. David Duke won't mention these topics anytime soon, or the problem with women either. White nationalism becomes an ideology, rather than a pursuit of truth, when it glosses over these valid topics.

It is a failed ideology, and the Jews have hijacked all of these parties in Europe and used them as vehicles for Islamophobia, with plausible denial. Any deviation from the pure pursuit of truth invites in the Jew.

Europe united with an Italian male in charge, the tradition of Napoleon, who was not French at all, is a restart. Hitler had a Roman outlook and was more of a Roman than Mussolini, Nazism having more Roman type human material to deal with in terms of martial valour. Nations cannot just spring back to health by edict – they need eugenics, which takes time and immigration from fresh Aryan population sources. None have existed since the original homelands were overrun. So no wonder we have a race in crisis, where the yoke has run out and the dynamic elite elements who created culture no longer exist, just a lumpen proletariat. Hitler squeezed out maybe the last bit of yoke left.

Recall Europe back in the ethnic condition of glorious youth before the collapse of Rome, and of the many problems we have had due to imbalances caused by Germanic and Slavic displacements. The Serbs may deserve their location. They were probably right to kill the Bosnians. Europe needs ethnic surgery. Not sure about the Czechs, who had been savages with their Hussite massacres and their Prague massacres, allowing rule by Jew Benes without protest. We don't even fully know our history yet, with many mysteries about what the Aryans were doing in central Asia.

I think we should all just move to Iran or Belarus and try to build up something where some political independence exists – here we just make ourselves targets... and the filthy wigger populations do not deserve our sacrifice.

Europe has been unbalanced since the decline of Rome. England is anti-Europe in a sense, a rival political entity to the continent, with celtic britain organic to it and not in opposition. A failing made worse by the creation of America. America is an anti-Europe also and would be even if it were ruled by Whites, as such a large state would exert a brain drain and out compete due to economics of scale. The Jews, with these two big semi-European states of America and Russia, crushed the rebirth of culture. Putin is hateful as he is antifa in a jewish way. Putinism is eurasian and PC.

Cherginets is the real brains in Belarus and much more impressive than the president, who is a little clownish. A National Socialist basically despite the antifa trappings. ~ EuroWolf

Cherginets, Orda denied access to Andrzej Lepper's funeral

SUSPICIOUS MINSK – Chairman of the Union of Writers of Belarus Nikolai Cherginets and member of the House of Representatives of Belarus Mikhail Orda were denied entry to Poland where they were to attend the funeral of Self-Defense Party founder and leader Andrzej Lepper on 11 August, BelTA learnt from Nikolai Cherginets.

He emphasized that Belarus did not do anything of this kind when Polish people crossed Belarus to get to the plane crash site near Smolensk in April 2010, instead, Belarus did everything to assist these people. "The Polish government could not care less," Nikolai Cherginets said.

Suspicious death of a Polish conservative!

Wolf Europe ~ Being closer to these things, what is your opinion of the 1985 Russian movie "Come and See". Thanks! ~ WWS

I'll ask my Belarusian buddy what he thinks – he is likely to have seen it. All I can tell you about now is the general pattern of the Belarusian outlook.

The Belarusian nationalists have been warring with Russians for centuries, hated them and the Jews. And for good reason, they were murdered in the millions by them. This accounts much for the silence and appearance of brotherhood – the prominent objectors are dead or banished. As I'd mentioned, Sovietization and Russification was imposed.

Like the Ukrainians, the Belarusian nationalists would have looked upon the Nazis somewhat favorably to begin with – hoping that they would defeat the Soviets and disempower them. However, it did not quite work out that way, I recall some stories of Belarusian (not Jewish) villages being burned.

Whatever the case, they hated and still do hate the Russians more than the Germans, the really hard-core nationalists, that is. I've learned that when the Orthodox Nationalist says that he suspects that the Belarusian nationalists I speak of are ex-pats, living outside of Belarus, that that is an old Soviet line of argumentation – that you do not live here, so your comments are not valid – kind of like saying that if you do not vote you cannot comment on the candidates or the President.

I was talking to a Polish woman yesterday. And there is a kindred sentiment. While the Poles looked upon the Nazis as enemies too – you know that I do not want Poles and Germans fighting and killing one another – she passed on her grandmother's and aunts remarks. They were a family of beautiful women. They learned the languages of "the enemies", German and Russian. When the Nazis came, they gave them tea and were treated with civility. When the Russians came, all the women were raped – every one of them.

That does not answer your question about the movie, I know; but I think that the perspective of a Belarusian nationalist would tend to make corrections in that way – i.e. that the Russians were worse.

I'll ask my friend if he has impressions about the movie. ~ Wolf Europe


Wolf Europe: Did you ever see "Come and See", a 1985 movie about Nazis in Belarus?

Belarusian Nationalist: Yes. Listed as one of the best movies ever.

WE: Does it do justice to the relative brutality of the Nazis and the Soviets?

BN: Yes. More concentrated on the nazis.

WE: Does it make the Nazis seem worse than they were and the Soviets seem relatively ok?

BN: Definitely yes. It was the times. They wouldn't let it be recorded otherwise.

WE: Makes sense. Ok, thanks.

BN: It's not about soviets simply. A movie which shows both sides of the coin, a pretty recent one (and banned in Belarus) is Mysterium, Occupation. It also pictures ukrainians as pigs. No mentions of jews though, which is typical for european war movies.

WE: Hmm.


Greetings Tom,

Occupy Wall Street is DEFINITELY a false flag. I can tell you right now from my experience with the protesters that there is a HUGE jewish presence, AS JEWISH AS WALL STREET ITSELF, and they were all very hostile to the 98% who are enslaved by the Khazar 2%. At one point, one of the jewish ringleaders sicked his ANTIFA and SHARP dogs on me, but I eventually got them to go away. I suspect the jew George Soros is financing this protest, and many gentiles who don't know why they're there, and simply are angry at the system, are being snapped up by jewish communists.

UNCLE?? Many photographs of me were taken, I was heckled and insulted, and people kept using the N-word at me: NAZI. Everyone was accusing me of being a "white supremacist", what does "white supremacy" have to do with the FACT that virtually all of the world's financial moguls are JEWS (Rothschilds, Moses Sieff, Lloyd Blankfein). Although most people there were annoyed at me, and sassy little kikes were telling me to leave, there were still some people who were open to talk to me and went home to look up the things I was talking about.

On a side note, I bring attention to this courageous black man who I had the honor to meet: http://youtu.be/mvJJOQpXmv4*. He is a very intelligent and jew-wise man who has been at the protests since day one.

I plan to return next weekend with more comrades. I would suggest anyone who wants to go their local 'Occupy' protest to leave the swastikas and skinhead gear at home. Dress in shirt and tie and do not immediatly talk about white nationalism or NS. I would also suggest trying to ally with other races, such as this black guy (who is doing more to help the white race, ironically, than the vast majority of philosemitic white lemmings) against the common jew foe.

This may be a Soros style revolution, but if there are enough of us braving the commies, capitalists and cops, we might be able to turn the tide against the eternal parasite.
*Unfortunately, while verbally admonishing the jew bankers of Wall Street, the sign blames Hitler on one side and the 'Nazis' on the other. Occupy Wall Street is an obvious psyop which receives media coverage, but there are always a few good men at these events.

INTEL:  Blood and Soil


TT: It being Thursday the latest weekly Drought Monitor for the lower 48 is out. It needs to be understood that weather patterns aren't just for Drought in Texas but for Drought in Georgia and the Corn Belt. Note that "D2 Drought-Severe" has grown in central Illinois and that "D3 Drought-Extreme" has grown in Georgia. Land Surface Temperature Anomaly maps will show that the Texas Drought has become a power unto itself and Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly maps will show that even though the Texas Drought has become a power unto itself it still is being powered up by a cold SSTA in the Pacific Ocean off of northern Mexico and southern California. SSTA maps will also show a very hot SSTA in the middle of the Northern Pacific Ocean which is the power behind the growing Drought in the Corn Belt.

The Pacific Jet Stream has finally sped up to its average speed and is trying to do its average thing which is to make convolutions while forcing the interaction of cold and warm air masses which means rain and snow. It takes a minimum of ten inches of rain to make the driest of grasses grow. The deserts of the South West get seven inches of rain a year which is why they are deserts and not grass lands. A little bit of rain in Texas, Georgia, and the Corn Belt will not change the aggregate Weather Patterns for Drought in those areas so don't get excited by a little bit of rain.

What Lone Wolfs should get excited about is that there isn't just one Drought, that could end, but that it is so bad, and the pattern is so incredible strong for Drought, that there are –Three Droughts– that will eventually converge into a Dust Bowl next year.

From September to December the Pacific Jet Stream will be doing its normal thing of trying to make rain and snow but next year from January to July it will be flowing so fast that it will turn into a blocking pattern preventing rain and snow. As some rains and snows happen to the end of the year it means that a FOOD PANIC is held off, for now, and Lone Wolfs should be happy and keep amassing all the Food that they can before the FOOD PANIC really does beak out sometime next year.


The hot SSTA in the middle of the Northern Pacific Ocean is drifting westwards. This means that the Hot Ridge in the upper atmosphere that it was locking in place over central Illinois, that was making the Drought over central Illinois, is, also, moving to the West. Last Winter there formed a Cold Land Surface Temperature Anomaly in the Great Basin. This Winter a Hot LSTA may form in the Great Basin. This is not good news if the Pacific Jet Stream picks up to very high speeds in the first half of 2012. That is because the Drought that I am predicting won't start on the east side of the Rocky Mountains but will be now be the entire North American crop growing areas which will include the North West and California.

What this means is that the Corn Belt and NE will be very cold and wet for the Fall and the FIRST HALF of the Winter. But in the second half of the Winter it will turn to Drought as it will everywhere that crops are grown in North America. With this slight change in the weather a Food Panic has been put off so take advantage of it and amass the Food you will need for years to come as SHTF time arrives next year. The Drought I am predicting next year will now be WORSE than what I have been warning about for most of this year! So don't get stupid headed about the cold and rains in the Corn Belt and NE for the fall and first half of winter.


The Sex Pack abdominal muscles are meant to be used, half of them at a time, while picking up the hip and leg and moving it up and forward while hiking up steep inclines such as stadium stairs (in flat lands). But most of what develops, while hiking, is the feet, ankles, knees, and hip muscles of a natural Swagger. To take that natural Swagger further and to go beyond a natural Swagger requires a different type or Training. The martial art of Cave Man Club provides the next level of Training for a Swagger beyond steep Trail Hiking or Stadium Step walking.

Standing still and swinging a club or baseball bat will not do much for a Swagger. In order to develop more Swagger, while training in the martial art of Cave Man Club, requires that, while swinging the baseball bat, you are always walking forwards and backwards. Swinging a baseball bat while walking will throw you "off balance". Staying "on balance" requires that the feet be spread wide (like walking with a Swagger) and that body cavity control muscles for balance be utilized and strengthened thereby.

Swinging a baseball bat while walking forwards and backwards both develops the Swagger –and– also develops greater body balance on top of the Swagger. In other words, while walking with a Swagger you will look balanced, "cool", and very "bad ass" because you will literally be "cool" and "bad ass" due to increased strength and coordination for any type of standing martial arts which includes batons and bladed weapon martial arts. This is very, very, attractive to the opposite sex. Weakling White Males take notice.


In Boxing the Speed Bag is a defensive bag. The Speed Bag is not meant to be hit with a punch but with the Knife Edge of the hand and arm. In Boxing the knife edge of the clenched fist and the forearm are used to block punches from the opponent.

In Judo the mat is "hammer fist" when forward falling and when thrown down in order to help pull away from the opponent so that you are not set up for his particular ground game. In stretching out before doing Judo, while lying down on ones front, it is common practice to repeatedly Hammer Fist the mat while pulling along the mat for it's entire length.

When hiking up steep grades it is good practice to put ones arms and fist out in front as though you are going to Box. Should your feet slip out from under you then you can Hammer Fist the ground to stop from sliding down the hill. In addition to this safety feature, walking up step grades with your fist in front, as though you are going to Box, will assist in engaging the Six Pack Ab muscles to do what they are really meant to do which is to Pull and Lift the Hip forward. Six Pack Ab muscles are not meant to be developed by lying on ones back and lifting the feet six inches off the ground or lifting the head and shoulders off the ground. Abdominal Muscles are evolved to lift the Hips and Legs both forward and UP while hiking UP step grades.

The Hip Action of a Swagger is developed last –and– LOST FIRST. Hiking up steep grades, with your fist clenched tightly in front, as though Boxing, makes it easier and much safer to properly develop Hip Action of a Swagger while hiking up steep and dangerous grades.


In Judo, when thrown sideways or backwards, the person being thrown can dissipate the energy of being thrown by striking or slapping the ground with one or both hands with open palms and spread out fingers. Doing such helps the person being thrown to try to make the coming ground game his ground game instead of the ground game of the person who threw him.

A person can increase their confidence of walking down step and slippery grades by doing so with their arms spread wide, at their sides, and the palms faced to the rear with the fingers spread. In this way, should they fall, they can dissipate the energy of the fall and better control the situation on the ground by slapping the ground with the open palmed hands and spread fingers. This Confidence is helpful when walking down hill so at to spread the legs wide and allow the hips to go far forwards and downwards. With the feet bent to the grade of the ground, the feet tend to slip on sand and gravel very easily; so, a safety factor is helpful for people to walk down step grades (while trying to develop a strong Swagger).

Note that when quickly changing from up hill to down hill that the hands can smoothly go from being tightly clenched in front of a person's face to open palmed, with spread fingers, with arms spread wide, on a person's side. Changing from one to the other can be done very smoothly while changing from up hill to down hill then back to up hill again.

These two methods of hiking on rolling hills, or step mountains, greatly increases the Confidence to do so with the legs spread wide and the hips moving forward which lengthens the stride on that more dangerous ground. A lengthened stride on step grades is more dangerous but that is when it is needed most in order to develop a strong Swagger. Proper hand and arm positions will help to gain the Confidence to lengthen ones stride when it is most dangerous to do so thereby developing a very strong and Natural Swagger that gives the edge in all standing Martial Arts including Weaponized Martial Arts.


I bought an aluminum wallet at a China Mart. Actually, it is not a wallet as it will not easily hold currency. Currency must be double folded to fit in the aluminum case. It does what it specifically advertises that it will do which is to protect drivers licenses, credit cards, and debit cards from being scanned by magnetic scanners. It is not a perfect replacement for a wallet that holds pieces of paper larger than most laminated cards. None-the-less, I recommend that Wolfs acquire such passive security cases before government(s) start prohibiting retailers from selling them to the public.


Don't lose track of the growing Food Shortage. America has been in a growing nine year Drought that accelerated this year. America's "carry over" has been shrinking for nine years too and is approaching critical levels that could explode Food prices skyward. Since 2009 China as been importing larger and larger amounts of Corn and other Food stuffs.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf


Hello TT,

Greetings from Greece. I love your website and shows, you sure have a way to cut through bullshit like a knife through butter. Compared to all those right-wing websites that are full of useless slobs who all they do is post in forums, you are the real deal. Wall Street's show is great, I understand most of it since I've also graduated from a financial school, but he needs to chill out a bit and stop seeing everything so black and grim.


This subject has a lot of misconceptions around it. That is about the Albanians. There is a lot of propaganda coming from the Serbs that Albanians are muslims and non-white. That is not the case, I know a lot of Serbs and they are good people, but they just need to let off some steam since they lost the wars. I also know lots of Albanians and none is non-white or muslim, they are all excellent technicians and engineers, good and loyal family people, true friends, and most of all White and instinctively racist. Yes, there are a few criminals, but the damn media likes to blow stories out of proportion.

Here are some photos, old and new, of everyday Albanians, there are over 40 pages of photos and they all look typically Southern European: Albanians. I especially like this photo of Albanian girls in traditional clothing:

And here is a video of Kosovo where all the muslims are supposed to be, it looks like every other European city: Ordinary day in Kosovo.

And if that ain't enough check these two videos below. Could you imagine these things going on in a muslim country?

We are all racial brothers, more or less, and it pisses me off that those wars were fought and we killed each other over petty narrow-minded nationalism when we should be united and face the dangers that are already coming from Asia, and will become a flood in a couple of generations. Anyway, that's all for now. Keep up the good work, we are all with you.

With respect,
Ares from Greece

TT:  Good to know there is a Greek comrade who is really sharp. What isn't very good, after I checked out the links to the discussion forum, is that I have a fellow countryman there that doesn't seem too bright!! These forums are always the same bullshit, and many times they end up banning a guy that only said a few truths! all a bunch of bullshit.

I don't see great difference between Albanians and Portuguese. Even some of their traditional customs are very similar to ours, with the exception of those funny hats. (Turkish or whatever style they are.) Only that while they have a slight oriental bloodmix we have African blood mix and by now the rate of quadroons and octeroons is such that we are race mixed beyond any point of return, beyond any possibility of digesting and diluting the dark and Jewish poison. Only a natural catastrophe like an ice age, or a real war could change things...

The racial elites of western Europe are dying, the race is moving east. In the end, slavery and colonial empires killed the west, while ironically communism preserved racial integrity in the east!

INTEL:  Philosopher


The story from my friend in Iowa – briefly. A Neighbor Woman won $1500. at a nearby Casino... BUT!!! Casino runs her Soc. Sec. Number through IRS Computer "access" and finds out she OWES some sales taxes from when her little restuarant business was running, so Casino transfers ALL her "winnings" to the IRS collections! Evidently, Jew Gangsters running the Casinos are in Cahoots – "teamed-up" with the IRS Jews... Why am I not surprised! One wonders when they will somehow crack down on "Out of State Sales Tax Avoidance" loophole – with computers and the "666" identity methods. Can't be far off.

RESULTS Like Solzhenitsyn's "200 Years Together" book BANNED in the West, by the time the Chinese [or someone hungry enough] translates "101 Jewish Business Techniques from the Jew-Talmud and More" finally get's it into Engish, YOU Westerners will be totally EATEN UP by those techniques? Europe is a good example, or how about America's Real Estate and Small Businesses right NOW?

You might as well read the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" NOW, to get the MAIN BLUEPRINT for YOUR White Race-Occidental Nation DESTRUCTION. – It's already in progress.

Or, Instead of waiting for the Translation, just LOOK at WHAT is currently going on! [fits the Protocols to a tee.] Let's itemize here:

Central Banks pouring "Billions" into Jew Banksters pockets to PREVENT their massive failure during the current Debt Destruction Depression, ie: "Inflation, Credit-Wealth" [&"Mega-THEFTS"] for powerful Jews... Deflation, Usury, Extortion, heavy Taxes and Collapse for YOU Goyim. When the dust of "crisis" clears Jew-Banksters will own - control everything!

Giliad Atzmon's revealing quote recently, "Whatever is GOOD for the Jews is GOOD!" [Meaning whatever is Good for you Goyim simply doesn't count or more likely is viciously forbidden]. Bernanke and the ECB [include the Politicians] are following their marching orders exactly – you just have to recognize the priorities. Or how about Senate Bill SR 510? The phony "Carbon Tax"? "Value Added Taxes"? Punative-Outrageous Socialism? Your Property Taxes NOT "reduced"? – All of it fits perfectly.

In Philosophy I can sum up the technique in just a few phrases; Vicious Usury, Extortion [IRS.] ""Super MEGA-THEFTS"" Viciously Aggressive Jew-UNITY against Goyim Businesses and Governments. Continually consolidate – build UP JEW-Power in Corporations, Government, Military, Education, Religions, Culture, Art, etc.

Viciously aggressive"Existentialism", Jew-Communist UNITY, and Hegelian Dialectic applied to Economics and Absolutely everything else! ie; Goldman Sachs aggressively Advising their Corporate clients to OUTSOURCE ALL WHITE MIDDLE CLASS JOBS to low-paid slave-wage foreigners. [9-11+ Million jobs gone now] WHILE Jews who hold positions of authority get massive pay raises! ie; generally in the $250,000. range and UP !!! And don't forget the Criminal Goldman Sachs phony 2nd mortgages tacked on to Reposession-Mortgages – THIS still UN-Prosecuted!!!

Then you have the "Law"; Ho HO! The Jews have REALLY DONE A NUMBER on "Law" with [Jew-Existentialist] "Statute Law", Jew-Talmudic-Masonic Judges sending the impoverished Goyim to White Slavery in the Prison System. Over in Asia, they tricked young White Ukrainian & Russian Women into Brutal Prostitution SLAVERY in Israhell too. And then there is the JEW-THEFT of "Body Parts" in New Jersey, Haiti, China, and elsewhere. Add more Jew Slavery of impoverished 3rd World desperate people.

Christianity is absolutely NO MATCH for this sort of amazingly BRUTAL Visionary Jew-Existentialism. Christianity expects even it's ENEMIES to be "Moral". Forget it.


As a Philosopher with the very Rare ancient Instincts intact, I suppose I recognized all this stuff quicker than most all moderns. Or maybe it's just Hopeful Denial and laziness in you people?

But the sooner you DROP the modern brainwashings of Christianity and accept the grim realities, the sooner you can not only defend yourself from Jew-Power, you might even be able to go on the attack. It's time to think like an ancient Spartan Warrior. It's time to become like an ancient skilled Gladiator in the efficient Killing – since it will have to be done.

As a Philosopher. I guess what I see as so ugly today other than the ugly cars, trucks, art, culture, music, and people! – Is the ugly defective Jew-"Idealism" ie; Jew Socialism [Theft], Christianity [false Religion-defective Philosophy], Jew-phony Democracy-Mobocracy,and all the rest of the Jew – sicknesses [Communism, Multi-Culti, etc.].

Makow's latest: Jews marry White Shiksas to get away from the insufferable bitchy [feminist] Jewess "Witches"? Of course they never marry DOWN Genetically – only "Up"! So the best of the White Race is continually POLLUTED by Defective Jew-Genetics which you can see hordes of examples of "this" if you just check out some of the Porno sites!

Nietzsche's "Birth of Tragedy" was prophetic to a degree that would astound even him today!

Of course Jew-Makow simply wallows "IN" Christianity as the ONLY Solution to EVERYTHING!!! While Superior Whites NEED MUCH MUCH BETTER SOLUTIONS.than anything the Jews conjure. In fact Jews destroy any Healthy Solutions for Whites since they would be Destructive to the Jew methods [ie, White Racism – Apartheid, or Giliad Atzmon's quote].

Meanwhile the Entire Western Civilization suffers – in fact is COLLAPSING NOW from all the various Jew-Sicknesses, Usury, Mega-THEFTS – Philosophical "Transvaluings".

At home, when I've got trouble with a stray dog damaging the property or noisy at night, I simply bait the trap, catch and KILL it, or call the pound to come and take the trouble-maker away. This ALWAYS solves the problem – 100%. ~ Philosopher


Don't Talk to Cops!
"I have nothing to say."

"GOOD MORNING! My name is Investigator Holmes. Do you mind answering a few simple questions?" If you go to your door one day and are greeted with these words, STOP AND THINK! Whether it is the local Police or the F.B.I. at your door, you have certain legal rights of which you ought to be aware before you proceed any further.

In the first place, when the law enforcement authorities come to see you, there are NO "simple questions". Unless they are investigating a traffic accident, you can be sure that they want information about somebody. And that somebody may be you!

Rule number one to remember when confronted by the authorities is that there is NO law requiring you to talk to the Police, the F.B.I., or a representative of any other investigative agency. Even the simplest questions may be loaded and the seemingly harmless bits of information which you volunteer may later become vital links in a chain of circumstantial evidence against you or a friend.


Such an invitation not only gives him the opportunity to look around for clues to your lifestyle, friends, reading material, weapons, etc., but also tends to prolong the conversation. And the longer the conversation, the more chance there is for a skilled Investigator to find out what he wants to know. NEVER open your door to an Officer. They can shove or bully their way in. Don't open your door with the chain-lock on, either. Police are known to kick in doors. To reiterate, when you let a Police Officer into your house, it gives him a chance to look around the immediate area for weapons, literature, and other items you may not want him to see, and this can lead to all kinds of problems.

Many times a Police Officer will ask you to accompany him to the Police Station to answer a few questions. Often, the authorities simply want to photograph a person for identification purposes, a procedure which is easily accomplished by placing him in a private room with a two-way mirror, asking him a few simple questions, and then releasing him. NEVER agree to go to the Police Station. Simply say, "I have nothing to say."

If the Investigator becomes angry at your failure to cooperate and threatens you with arrest ... STAND FIRM. He can't legally place you under arrest or enter your home without a warrant signed by a Judge. [There are exceptions to this however, as in instances where he has witnessed you commit a crime, and there are times, too, where he can enter without showing a warrant up front, known as a 'no knock' entry.] However, if he indicates that he has a warrant, ask to see it. We've heard of Cops waving a piece of paper around, claiming it was a warrant. A person under arrest or located on the premises to be searched, generally must be shown a warrant if he requests it, and must be given a chance to read it. [FYI, a subpoena is different from a warrant, in that you do not have to open your door to be served – they can slide it under the door or mail it to you.]

Without a warrant, an Officer depends solely upon your helpfulness to obtain the information he wants. So, unless you are quite sure of yourself, don't be helpful. [Note: Don't fool yourself into thinking you can talk or lie your way out of the situation. Don't be smug and think, "All Cops are stupid" and you can pull a 'fast one.' Most Police are smart individuals, they're good at what they do, and the only thing you will do is talk yourself into jail or prison, because lying to any law enforcement official is a crime.]

Remember, talk is cheap. But when it involves law enforcement authorities, it may cost you, or someone close to you, dearly. Remember the 5 words – "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY." It has worked for us many, MANY times. And it will work for you.

Give your Souls to your Gods,
and your Gods to your Guns.
It's time to Deal in Lead!

Community Access Preservation Act (CAP Act)
TT says: Support this bill!

Congress to ban handles and 'lying' on the web?

MCP defends Ron Paul against charges of 'Anti-Semitism'
TT says:  If Ron Paul is not anti jew and anti israel, what
good is he? Piper, take the gloves off and quit backing down!

Compiled Footage of Building 7's Collapse
Kikejews are seeding WTC-7 facts with BS!

More asset theft from the goy!

Kikejew spies released after "...an innocent
hike in Iraq's semiautonomous Kurdish region."

Goyim are born only to serve us. Without that, they
have no place in the world. This is why gentiles
were created. ~ Israel's Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Good News Resource

Intrusive Surveillance Without Warrants
Oral Argument Nov. 8 – At Obongo administration urging, the Supreme Court will decide whether a court warrant is required to affix GPS tracking devices on a suspect's vehicle. The Justice Department told the court that "a person has no reasonable expectation of privacy."

A Japanese officer asked my father, "Tell me please, why do the Germans hate the Jews so much?" My father replied, "because we are of Asian origin". ~ Renee Dangoor

UNGAWA Both Sides Anti-White!


My cousin forwarded to me some information that he received from you in reference to the North and South. I don't engage in unprofitable conversation, but there is something that comes to mind. If Federal armies invaded the state of Indiana, would the citizens of Indiana fight back?

To the Southern people, it was all about the invasion! ~ Danny Weir

TT says:  Of course I would fight the FEDERALS, which I prepare to do. Some of the people who e-mail me don't seem to understand my English. My philosophy is that those who brought Negroes, no matter for what reason, into North America were criminals to the White Race. Whether they were north or south has no bearing. I would support the White working class both against the northern elites and the southern plantation elites.

I support the White working class both North and South. Faced with the fratricidal civil war I would have rode west because that war damaged both northern white workers and southern white workers.

As far as Indiana is concerned, it was a partially pro-southern state. Up until 1851 Negroes were banned from entry into Indiana. Indianapolis was a copperhead city and lots of Indiana people fought on the southern side.

I could have fought for the working class, but never the planters in the south or the wage slavers of the north. I hope I make myself clear. ~ Tom Metzger

BOSOMBUDS Ted Gunderson on WTC-1993

TT says:
Interesting but with comment. Gunderson has been all over the map for several years and is a darling of the right wing conservatives. I knew him through a female journalist I was working with on the Weaver Case. Never met him personally but wouldn't put too much stock in his information. The journalist I was in touch with was carrying on an investigation of the Chilean diplomat bombed by the Pinochet people in DC.

The other man in the clip is Anthony Hilder a long time right wing huckster I met in the early 70's. He was married to a Negro woman and was a card carrying JDL member. He had JBS (John Birch Society) connections, and for your information the JBS and the JDL once had offices in the same L.A. building.

Our last info was that he was in Alaska running a radio show of some kind and maybe still does. Hilder was the one who had the debate with the fiery Black Muslim now deceased. I wouldn't trust him to give me the weather report.

White Aryan Resistance Teens

Hi,  I love the site, I wish there were more Torontonians who were taking action against all the pigs that have been infecting our fine country over the past half century. I am 17, but I am wondering about starting an all Aryan gang/group for teens and young adults who want to support our cause, like the White Aryan Resistance or Aryan Brotherhood – Toronto Aryan Resistance sounds good too. It is about time white teens start getting involved in the fight for their future to take back their country.


Hello!  My name is Sarah and I am a married white mother of two beautiful white daughters. I am writing because I live in Yakima, WA and I am deeply disturbed by what I see going on around me.

Everywhere I turn I see illegal immigrants being allowed to do things that should not be legal. My family has been involved in 3 serious car accidents in the last 2 years and not one of them was our fault. In one of them we were hit head on at 75 mph by a wetback that had fallen asleep behind the wheel of his car! My brand new van was destroyed, my leg was broken, my husband is forever disabled due to it, and he lost his job. The police didn't do anything to the wetback! He wasn't even deported when they discovered he was illegal. And due to him not having insurance on his car we were screwed. I tried taking him to civil court and due to him not speaking English, an interpretor was called in. They sat there speaking in Spanish to one another and looking at my husband and I, and they laughed. They told us that he wouldn't give us a dime and that if he were court ordered to pay he would just "go back to Mexico for awhile"! So we never got anything!

Also, my daughters are being REQUIRED to learn Spanish in there Elementary school! They are not only killing our race but taking away our language as well! I have been looking for a local group that I can contact or some online information. Could you please help me? Thanks for your time!

TT says:  The entire system has turned upside down and the White Working class are the victims. Until Whites decide to stand up and fight nothing will change.

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

Tom ~ This video is obfuscation by inundation – a flood of information, possibly seeded with bogus stuff* to create deniability, which is simply not needed. Listen to this guy (5:25):

"What we really need to know is 'how' – how those buildings came down."

This kind of statement drips with right wing cowardice. – OBVIOUS CONTROLLED DEMOLITION !!!

View the early (uncontested) videos to see the obvious controlled demolition of WTC-7. Architects and Structural Engineers are not needed to know this; in fact, they confuse the situation. They are only necessary in a court of law – to button up legal cases.

The video 9/11 Missing Links is still the best ... and names the names! See the latest NAV. What is needed is simply to arrest the known criminals, put them on trial, and execute them once convicted. ~ WWS
* Beware fake WTC-7 info


Dear Tom,
What do you know about these outfits that claim they can detect one's racial background from a DNA sample sent to them? Are they accurate? I've been tempted to use one, but I'm skeptical. I'm not a "one-dropper", btw...Thanks. ~ Odins7

TT says:
I would not use them. even if you had a negro in the woodpile generations ago, it would mean little today. The best racial test is to look in a mirror up close. What's in the brain is even more revealing. lol

LAFD – Thank you Tom!

Hi Tom,
This is ****. I have a confession to make. I am not actually a retired LAFD firefighter, but my late Grandpa ****** was for 30 years and retired in about 1977. I was going to send out the Ben Freedman speech to a friend and had told my friend beforehand that I wanted to remain anonymous when I sent it to him, just in case it starts going viral. I just got a job wiring high and low voltage systems for a company in xxxxxxx and I can't afford to have to my name popping up all over the internet connected to anything anti-jewish because the Plant manager and the owners of my company are yids. Besides, I do actually follow some of the advice you give me Tom, and I try to keep a LOW PROFILE. I asked my friend to refer to me under one of my pen names that I use but he suggested that I use a normal sounding pen name. So I told him that I would use a relatives name, ******. That's why I emailed you under false pretenses. I apologize for that Tom. When you told me about your family in the LAFD I decided not to keep the lie going and wanted to fess up.

Tom there is something you should know. My Grandpa ****** moved from Oklahoma to LA with his parents and his brother during the dust bowl, he was about 9 years old at the time. My Grandpa Paris was an admirer of you and Dr. Pierce, he lived in Huntington Beach and was a career firefighter for the LAFD at engine house xxxxxxx, right next to Watts. My grandpa watched a friend or two of his burn alive during the riots, when he was denied access along with his engine crew to the building where his comrades were trapped. My Grandpa told me this story before he passed away in 2001. Tears welled up in his eyes when he told the story. He said that he threw off his helmet and gear and started yelling at these "coons" to let his crew inside to save them. A bunch of "uppity niggers" surrounded the building and locked arms while he heard his friends' cries for help. After that day my Grandpa was never the same. My Mom and aunt xxxxx told me they always suspected that he ended up joining the Klan after that, but he wouldn't have told them. When my grandpa told me that story I was 21 and had just got back from a tour in Atsugi Japan, and I was still liberal and about 5 years away from waking up and joining the struggle. My grandpa Paris had been trying talk sense into me for a few years before that, but I was slow to come around.


My Mom's uncle was none other than xxxxxxx, the alleged instigator of the Watts riots. My Mom told me that in August of 1965, her uncle xxxxxx (CHP) came as back up to help with a fellow officer's traffic stop in Watts. Apparently he had pulled over some black lady for a traffic stop and a crowd started gathering, so back up was called as tensions rose, and that's when xxxxx got to the scene. My great uncle xxxxx had a short fuse and wouldn't take much lip from anyone – my great uncle xxxxx, great uncle xxxx, and great aunt xxxxx used to say this about him all the time – "Oh that xxxxx, he's such a hot head". Anyways, the details are a bit fuzzy, but apparently xxxxx lost his cool and ended up hitting the brother of the black lady who was pulled over, and then all hell broke loose. My Mom says that's what started the Watts riots, but hell I don't know, it could have been any damn thing waiting to happen. After the riots xxxxx ended up spending months testifying in front of committees in Sacramento, and took an early retirement. When I was young, my family used to spend Christmases down in Huntington Beach at my Grandparents place, and xxxx would be there most of the time. He taught me how to pack my sleeping bag and make model airplanes, amongst other things. I haven't seen him in years but he's still kicking. He and my great aunt xxxx live in Pioneer CA just off hwy 50 on the way to Tahoe.

My older half brother (older by 10 years) told me that when he would go down to visit Grandpa in xxxxx for summers when he was just a kid, that Grandpa, and Uncle xxxxxx, would show him how to clean guns in their garage. Grandpa used to call all his guns "nigger shooters", and he and xxxxx used to drill into my brother's mind that he needed to know how to use them because "someday the niggers are going to come up out of LA and into the white neighborhoods". When xxxx was 15 years old Uncle xxxx sent him home packing an xxxxx and told him "not tell Mom about it, and use it just in case a nigger ever tries to break into her home". Tom I can't make this kind of shit up, that's my family, and that's what they said to my brother.

Very Respectfully Yours!

TT says:  My direct knowledge of the Watts riot support this story.

HAPPY Radio Archives

TT,  I think it is important to keep the radio archives open as an integral part of public outreach. You may think of having limited access for the general public to use as an example of the show for potential subscribers and put a donation request graphic on the web page to help in the further production of the show. You can set up full access to archived shows by having subscribers log in with a user name and password. Hell, you can even post the new shows daily instead of emailing them, which may save you some time. You can then shut off access to subscribers when they stop paying their subscription.

Yours in the Struggle,
L W So Cal

More on Radio Archives

Hey TT,  Just a quick comment on the situation with the radio show archives. How about shutting them down but keeping up a "sample page" that would have one show per week on it and would run maybe like two weeks or so behind. This way people would still have a way to check out a fairly recent show but would eliminate someone listening to all the shows for free. At most they would only be able to hear 4 shows per month.


TT,  The video of our White longshoreman kin fighting there in Washington state – must say it is a proud moment as whites rise up against the regime, including the police who are the cushion of protection for big business. Like how the White longshoreman worker took down the cop and the other White longshoreman came to his aid. Every White Wolf and separatist should watch this. This is a small intro to what really lies ahead for us. I welcome with open arms our struggle/revolt for all White brothers & sisters who have died in the struggle fighting against our enemies. They can mock, lie, arrest, attack, stalk, murder, but another mighty White fighter will rise up and extract revenge.

White victory is imminent!

Evil 'Child Protective' Services

TT:  The main goal of my State's child protective services is to remove beautiful White Aryan Children from their homes and place them in a multicultural environment. When the Agents of the State come, nothing can be done, they have the power to remove children and even elderly dependents without your approval. What can be done is this: Train YOUR Children like I did mine, teach them to SAY NOTHING TO THE ENEMY. 30 days they can hold a child to monitor them. The enemy is treating RACIAL LOYALTY as a mental illness. We have Insurgents inside these agencies that don't like what's going on either. As always, we thank them for providing inside information. Do what you can for us but keep your head down.

Let me clear up this Mystery of the Absence of White People on the streets in some inner city areas. Whites are NOT afraid of the MUD PEOPLE, we just think they smell so bad makes me want to Puke, Especially the MUD Female of the species. These beaner females are so putrid it sends most White People running for the fresh air inside their homes. They Seldom bath, NEVER wash their hands, ignore their children and brutalize their pets. Man I'll tell you us WHITES in the city WISH the difference was only Skin Color. The Social Marxist Fairy Tale.

Those who operate inside the city must take special care when dealing with Mud people. We are only observers and do not participate or associate with the Muds. Just like training a Wild Animal, gentle stimulus is introduced into the habitat, with the hopes of one day encouraging some normal behavior from them. This is a so-called "Sanctuary City", where Mud people from Mexico and points south can invade with no penalty against them. If they attack you on the streets, do not, repeat, DO NOT engage them, simply drive away. Whites have lost the right to self defense here and must change operating procedures accordingly. With Admiration. ~ Lone Wolf BR


The CDC is now calling U.S. households demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking!

TRUST Mistakes of the past!

Hello Tom,
I heard you once on the air when you were criticizing Germany and its leader for invading Poland at the beginning of WWII. I don't think it did any good for our race either. I don't care if some NS supporters will disagree on that subject.

I have more to say:

With all respect for every white, race conscious country. The Germany of the past in particular, how any decent white leader can ever team up with countries like Japan (Asian race), Turkey, Romania (definitely not white countries) and strike on great race conscious country which was America (Pearl Harbor, on 7th December 1941). It was the traitorous, suicidal decision for me. All the efforts of the people like George Lincoln Rockwell to keep American people form interfering in European war were destroyed and many white American soldiers died later on.

My opinion on the subject is that you cannot make any deals with non white people and go strike another white country, so what it has a different system of power. What guarantee you have that non whites will not turn on you and kill you in the future? That is our survival not any game.


Hiring of Illegals

I fully agree with every word in your survival guide and do so understand the "To join or not to join portion" Black gangs are so prevalent in my town White men are afraid! With me being a combat veteran, strong willed and bodied 22 year old with tons of friends who will speak it but are yet to act it. The second I see a nigger datassing a woman in my town I ALWAYS SPEAK UP. I stand with my head shaved and work boots from my working class background and have blacks make remarks at me when I'm getting gas etc. We have NO pride in my town and I AIM to change this. Your words help me understand my motive. Which isn't to spread violence, it's to make a change at no matter the cost, whatever it may take.

YOU call yourselves "Christians" and yet...

WHY do YOU people always THREATEN WITH: "If you don't send this to 20 people within the next hour you will NOT be Blessed, or you will have Bad Luck, or.... Something BAD will happen to You!!!" You MUST "Believe" or you will be CURSED! – You will NOT recieve the "Miracle Blessing"!!!! etc etc. Where are the "Glad Tidings" in your religio-philosophy?

The people that are truly CURSED are the Jews and mixed races with BAD Genetics. Not only in the "Disease" dept. but also in life's experiences-Nature's Blessings.

RAT-1 RAT-2 Ha HA! Yes indeed! Christians need all the help they can get since there was NO [Emperor Constantine's] "Hesus Krishna", and the God they pray to is a False Anti-Nature Jew-God, and the Christian Philosophy is nothing but "Poison" for the White Race, but it's amazing isn't it that so many generations have been bamboozled and ballyhooed and pushed only one way by the Jews.. So many Centuries of confusion and ignorance and Massive Lies. Nietzsche woke them up 130 YEARS AGO and they STILL don't listen! And NOW with the Computer – absolutely Free Information, none of you have an excuse for modern stupidity except your own Laziness.

Even Jews have tried to wake you up! ie; Marcus Ely Ravage [1928-32]: "We have given you a Religion which you cannot swallow and cannot spit out."

And here's your "Christian" Catholic "Pope Ratzinger" saluting Satan; I'll throw in the Jew-Rabbi Satan saluting photo too. ~ Philosopher

Some Scary Things About Bankruptcy

#1: It Will Remain on Your Credit Report for Years
#2: Bankruptcy Filing Becomes Public Domain
#3: Filing Doesn't Erase All Debt
#4: Filing Is Expensive for Those Without Money
#5: Good Luck Finding a Decent Home Loan any Time Soon
#6: Good Credit Card Offers Will Be Hard to Come By
#7. Missed Payments Under Chapter 13 Can Be Personally Devastating

Brought to you by the World Bankers Association

As I was driving home this week worrying
about all the crap going on in Washington,
I saw a yard sign that said:


Out of curiosity, I did.

A Mexican showed up with a lawnmower!

Moreland cancels NSM leader's band!

Moreland's Motorcross Park in Stanton has canceled the appearance of the band Major Disappointment, which is led by a well known National Socialist Movement member. Grant Moreland said that he made the decision to cancel the appearance.

Morelands Motocross Park
5221 East Pakes Rd.
Stanton, MI 48888


TT says:  It seems only fair to ban Republican War criminals from Michigan, along with Israeli War criminals. After all, this National Socialist has not even killed anyone.

English text at Youtube page:

The reality of the situation has started to become clear; it is a revolt against the Al-Fatah revolution and the power of the peoples committees. This is a renewed effort to return Libya to what it was before the revolution (Al-Fatah revolution) a property of Western companies and not the Libyan people, in order to enslave the Libyan people after they were rulers.

To return Libya to its colonial days after it was free; post Al-Fatah revolution. It isn't rocket science that the motives behind this uprising that is backed by the flag of humiliation and dishonour, that there is no other choice for the Libyan people but to defeat this uprising that goes against the grain of the Al-Fatah revolution. It is not acceptable for us to hand over our oil to the people of France to enjoy, and we will not allow ourselves to become slaves when we used to be masters in the People's Congresses and People's Committees. We will not surrender Libya to colonial rule as the traitors would like. Now there is no choice but to fight until victory and this uprising is crushed and God is above all those whom aggress.

Gadhafi:  Regime still alive!

PressTV: The Voice of NATO's Libyan Rebels?

Geopolitics is very much like a game of chess:

1. Iran supports militant groups in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Natural reaction to oppose Western interventionists at its doorstep.

2. Iran is fully aware that if the Gaddafi's regime goes under, Libya will fall into the hands of Islamic militants who, sooner or later, are going to clash with NATO and EU.

3. Gaddafi was cozying up to the West just before NATO invaded. Also a long history of collaboration between CIA, MI6 and Libya. ~ AGWnot 20

Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

Libya War News from Morris108

Angelina Jolie and Sean Penn support NATO atrocities!

The revival of folk music centered around Greenwich Village peaked in the early 1960s. Coffee houses were popular as a cheap comfortable place for musicians to consort with each other. The music was good, but there are some questions to be raised on the definition of folk music.

Most of the musicians attracted to Greenwich Village were a parade of strangers who did not have a common culture. If you take the folk out of folk music, what is it? Much of the music was political. It was written to promote the emerging civil rights movement. Artists who had never step-foot in the South were attacking southern racism. Ironically, they were waging war against a distinct people that had produced more real folk music than they could imagine. So you have a loose knit group of musicians contaminating folk music with politics.

Woody Guthrie lead the revival of folk music in the late 1930s. And he understood that the music was honorable and up-lifting. Rather than praise federal agents, Woodie romanticized Pretty Boy Floyd in a timeless ballad for his noble stand against Federal carpetbagger misrule called The Great Depression.

Wake Up !!Breakout !!!
Lone Wolf