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30 NOVEMBER 2011


While relatively independent of the Soviets, Nicolae Ceausescu adhered closely to communist centralized administration at home. His secret police rigidly controled the media and tolerated no internal dissent. Because of failed industrial ventures and massive debt, in 1982 he exported much of the country's agricultural production. Drastic shortages of food, fuel, medicine, and other necessities drove Romania to near starvation. Ceausescu also appointed his wife and many members of his extended family to high posts.


Ceausescu's regime collapsed after he ordered his security forces to fire into demonstrators on 17 December 1989. On December 22nd the Romanian army defected. Ceausescu and his wife fled the capital via helicopter but were quickly captured. On December 25th the couple were tried, convicted and executed.

It turns out that those who ordered the execution were second-in-line communists posing as 'revolutionaries' and used the uprising as cover for their coup d'etat. An early rendition of the George Soros 'Arab Spring'. Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu had private Swiss bank accounts worth about $400 million (US). After all of thiss the coup-masters became very successful businessmen, purchasing hotels, steel mills, pharmaceutical companies, merchant ships, farm land, newspapers and TV stations – everything they could lay their hands on during the privatization period. Shades of Russia itself.

LARGESSE WAIT! After the death of Louis XVI in 1793, the Reign of Terror began. The first victim was Marie Antoinette. She had been imprisoned with her children after she was separated from Louis. First they took her son Louis Charles from her (often called the lost dauphin, or Louis XVII). He disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Then she led off a parade of prominent and not-so-prominent citizens to their deaths. The guillotine, the new instrument of egalitarian justice, was put to work. Public executions were considered educational. Women were encouraged to sit and knit during trials and executions. The Revolutionary Tribunal ordered the execution of 2,400 people in Paris by July 1794. Across France 30,000 people lost their lives.

The Terror was designed to fight the enemies of the revolution, to prevent counter-revolution from gaining ground. Most of the people rounded up were not aristocrats, but ordinary people. A man (and his family) might go to the guillotine for saying something critical of the revolutionary government. If an informer happened to overhear, that was all the tribunal needed. Watch Committees around the nation were encouraged to arrest "suspected persons, ... those who, either by their conduct or their relationships, by their remarks or by their writing, are shown to be partisans of tyranny and federalism and enemies of liberty" (Law of Suspects, 1793). Civil liberties were suspended. The Convention ordered that "if material or moral proof exists, independently of the evidence of witnesses, the latter will not be heard, unless this formality should appear necessary, either to discover accomplices or for other important reasons concerning the public interest." The promises of the Declaration of the Rights of Man were forgotten. Terror was the order of the day. In the words of Maximilien Robespierre, "Softness to traitors will destroy us all."

Robespierre was the mastermind of the Reign of Terror. He was the leader of the Committee of Public Safety, the executive committee of the National Convention, and the most powerful man in France. He explained how terror would lead to the Republic of Virtue in a speech to the National Convention:

If the spring of popular government in time of peace is virtue, the springs of popular government in revolution are at once virtue and terror: virtue, without which terror is fatal; terror, without which virtue is powerless. Terror is nothing other than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible. ... It has been said that terror is the principle of despotic government. Does your government therefore resemble despotism? Yes, as the sword that gleams in the hands of the heroes of liberty resembles that with which the henchmen of tyranny are armed. ~ Maximilien Robespierre: Justification for the Use of Terror

The old maxim "the end justifies the means" describes Robespierre's policy well.

Even the radical Jacobins, the supporters of Robespierre, come to feel that the Terror must be stopped. Danton rose in the Convention calling for an end to the Terror. He was its next victim. Fearful of Danton's reputation for eloquence, the Convention passed a decree stating that any accused person who insulted the court should be prohibited from speaking in his own defense. Danton was not allowed to speak in his own defense. Nevertheless after the trial Danton asserted that "the people will tear my enemies to pieces within 3 months." As he was led to the guillotine he remarked "Above all, don't forget to show my head to the people – it's well worth having a look at." Modesty was never one of his virtues.

When Robespierre called for a new purge in 1794, he seemed to threaten the other members of the Committee of Public Safety. The Jacobins had had enough. Cambon rose in the Convention and said "It is time to tell the whole truth. One man alone is paralyzing the will of the Convention. And that man is Robespierre." Others quickly rallied to his support. Robespierre was arrested and sent to the guillotine the next day, the last victim of the Reign of Terror.


TT, some noteworthy people and dates in December:


December 8th, the indelible date that marks the Martyrdom of our Comrade, Warrior and Hero – Robert Jay Mathews – one that instills feelings both of somber vitriol and an invincible honor that is forever the sinew which drives us forward in our own Racial vineyards as we draw nearer to the bloody, ashen end, then to emerge complete and reborn in totality. In His Spirit, For His Sacrifice And Deeds!



In times of peril he fought for our race
In winter's solitude he died by ZOG's flame
Those who betrayed him must feel our blades
For shaming our martyrs and bringing disgrace
Those who stand loyal your time soon shall come
When the benefit of your sacrifice is reaped by your sons
Our ancestors guided you and you lead the man
For all of our kindred to live not as slaves

And so Robert J. Mathews... gathered his army behind enemy lines...
And in racial communion, the blood pact was made
And in silence... The Brotherhood...was born...

Hero to your people you stood alone
Lead by example to conquer Zion's throne
Bled for your brethren the army of Folk
And like the wolf alone you died in the snow...

"I am not going into hiding, rather I will press the FBI and let them know what it is like to become the hunted. Doing so it is only logical to assume that my days on this planet are rapidly drawing to a close. Even so, I have no fear. For the reality of life is death, and the worst the enemy can do to me is shorten my tour of duty in this world. I will leave knowing I made my family and friends love me and support me. I will leave knowing that I made the ultimate sacrifice to secure the future for my Children." ~ From Robert Mathews' final letter

December 9th, 17 year old Swedish Racialist, Daniel Wretström, was killed by a gang of cowardly subhuman muds in 2000.

December 12th, White Austrian Lone Wolf, Franz Fuchs was born in 1949. He seized the initiative to combat the ZOG tyranny and non-white invasion of his land through several unconventional sorties. He was executed while remaining a defiant and loyal modern Werewolf.

December 30th, the White man's poet, Rudyard Kipling was born in 1865. Some of his immortal words:

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is hard business. If you try it you'll be lonely often and sometimes frightened. But no price too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

"The strength of the Wolf is the Pack. The strength of the Pack is the Wolf."

Never Forget Our Fallen, Never Forgive Our Enemies!

The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!



Billington On Burma (mp3)

"The United States fought on the wrong side in World War I."
The first two of the six classes given by Michael Billington to Australian followers of Lyndon Larouche in 2005 were recorded at lower quality; however, this study guide should assist in understanding the abridged MP3 audio version. Useful links to key words and phrases appear in order below:

American System: Dirigistic system promoted by Lyndon Larouche.

Dirigisme: An economy in which the government exerts strong directive influence. Opposed to laissez-faire capitalism

British System: What the British system, and the Karl Marx it trained, defined as 'capitalism', was the British imperial form of Anglo-Dutch, Venetian-style ultramontane rule by a financier oligarchy. This was the system established by the victory of the Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy, centered in the power obtained by the British East India Company through the February 1763 Treaty of Paris.

After World War II began new Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent Stephenson to the United States in June of 1940, to covertly establish and run British Security Coordination (BSC) in New York City, well before U.S. entry into the war.

BSC, with headquarters in Rockefeller Center, became an umbrella organization that by war's end represented the British intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 (the Secret Intelligence Service, or SIS), SOE (Special Operations Executive) and PWE (Political Warfare Executive) throughout North America, South America and the Caribbean.

Stephenson soon became a close adviser to Franklin Roosevelt, and suggested that FDR put Stephenson's good friend William J. "Wild Bill" Donovan in charge of all U.S. intelligence services. Donovan founded the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which in 1947 became the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In 1941 John Foster Dulles accepted the chairmanship of the Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace, established by the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. Dulles presented their "Six Pillars of Peace" plan to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943, as a plan for establishing international cooperation for peace. That Commission proposed six "pillars of peace," which they thought, based on the scriptures, were foundational for a just and peaceful world. They were:

• A strong United Nations;

• A global system of economic institutions;

• A comprehensive system of international law;

• A commitment to the empowerment of oppressed people;

• An active program for controlling military everywhere; and

• An upholding of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"Synarchist banking circles"
Synarchism: Nazi/Communist (per Larouche)



Opium Wars and Free Trade

Philadelphia and Germany

In New York about two years after the JFK assassination, I saw a poster on the street for an ad hoc "Free University" conducted in a loft on 14th Street. I attended an economics class taught by Lyndon LaRouche. He said the change then being pushed through our national strategy by Anglo-American financiers – away from industry in the advanced countries, toward cheap labor, would lead to ... systemic collapse. ~ ANTON CHAITKIN

A group of Burmese nationalists known as the "30 Comrades," led by General Aung San, joined the Japanese forces in driving out the British at the outbreak of World War II. However, the Burmese Army switched sides in mid-1945 and aided U.S. and British forces in their drive to Rangoon against the Japanese. After the war, the Burmese, with General Aung San at the helm, demanded complete political and economic independence from Britain. The British Government acceded to these demands. A constitution was completed in 1947 and independence granted in January 1948.

Hillary Clinton explained that she had come to "test the true intentions" of the junta and would make no significant concessions by Washington. She met with Burmese President Thein Sein on Thursday in the country's artificial new capital of Naypyidaw, warning that recent political steps, while welcome, were "just a beginning." Over the past year, the regime has released Suu Kyi from house arrest, handed nominal power to a civilian president and permitted Suu Kyi and her opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) to run in upcoming by-elections.

The Burmese government is anxious to reach a rapprochement with Washington that would ease its heavy dependence on Beijing, end Western sanctions and allow the transformation of the country into a new cheap labour platform. Thein Sein described Clinton's visit as "a historic milestone" that he hoped would open a "new chapter in relations." In comments reported in Time, presidential political adviser Nay Zin Latt pointed to some of the junta's motivations. "Before, whether we liked it or not, we had to take what China had to offer. When sanctions are lifted, it will be better for everyone in Myanmar," he said. [The veracity of this paragraph is suspect!]

China has begun energy pipelines through Burma to southern China as part of Beijing's efforts to limit its reliance on the Malacca Strait to import oil from the Middle East and Africa. The strategy is aimed at countering Pentagon plans to control key "choke points" such as the Malacca Strait and thus have the ability to impose a naval blockade on China.

Speaking on Chinese Central Television, academic Gao Zugui highlighted Beijing's fears, saying: "The US wants to strengthen relations with lower Mekong countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. We can see this intention is strong, and it is very clearly targetting China."

Related by Michael Billington:

China's Taiping Rebellion

The two British Opium Wars against China occurred between 1842-44 and between 1856-60, the second coming purely because the British were not satisfied with the concessions extracted from the first. In between, China was convulsed by the largest and most devastating peasant revolt in Chinese history outside of the Maoist revolt. Nearly one-half of the country was under the control of the Taiping Tianguo ("Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace"), between approximately 1853 and 1865. Between 20 and 30 million people were killed on both sides of the warfare between the Taiping-controlled South and the forces of the Manchu Dynasty in Peking. Overall, China's loss of population, taking into consideration both the death toll and the breakdown of the nation's capacity to support and expand population growth, is estimated by some to approach 100 million.

This in itself gives strong evidence that the British must have had a major hand in the process. This is indeed the case. Lord Palmerston's Britain, together with his allies in the United States, who were in the process of forming the Confederacy, "played" the Taiping rebels against the Peking government to force the Chinese to open up the interior of the country to "free trade," especially in opium.

Sun Yat-Sen's Founding of the Chinese Republic

One of the slogans displayed prominently by the youth who defied death at Tiananmen Square in the days preceding June 4, 1989 was, "You cannot fool all of the people all of the time." This quote from Abraham Lincoln evoked in the mind of every Chinese patriot the legacy of the father of the Chinese Republic, Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Dr. Sun had based his fundamental principles, known as the "Three Principles of the People," on the concept presented by Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address: "government of the people, by the people, for the people," an historical connection which Dr. Sun never failed to present, proudly, to any audience.

Dr. Sun saw the founding of the American republic as the most advanced expression of the effort to create a society governed by agapé, the Christian notion of the love of God, truth, and mankind. He compared it to the Confucian notion of a "Great Commonwealth," where man would govern himself on the basis of "jen," the Confucian term that approximates the Greek agapé.

Main Sources:

Dear Tom,

My name is Michael Quinn, I'm the founder and Chairman of the Democratic Right Movement. We are Ireland's only white nationalist revolutionary political movement. In fact in the history of our nation there has never existed such an organization. Which makes us totally unique and history makers.

The movement was formed in March, 2010 to act as a buffer to mass immigration, the rapid growth of radical Islam on our Island. The political elite, the Jewish bankers IMF, ECB the left wing media and multinational profiteers. The drug lords and criminal gangsters that are destroying our young people as well as our society including of course white collar criminals. The hard-core leftist thugs that hold positions in our national parliament as well as in the unions. The murderous dissident republicans who are trying desperately to re-start the war in Northern Ireland. And many other issue's

Since DRM's formation we have slowly but steadily grown in numbers. The slow growth in our numbers is understandable given our very public hard line approach to the above issues which the sheeple of Ireland are not at all used too. However, we feel as time goes on, more and more people will join our cause. Unfortunately like most white nationalist movements we are in desperate need of funding. Thus my reason for contacting you. We are trying to find ways that we can make some money and would like to put forward a couple of ideas we have.

We would also like to ask you if you know of any Irish Americans whom you think might be willing to make a contribution to our movement? Or if you have any advice or ideas that you feel might be of help to us, would be very much appreciated?

Kind regards,
Michael Quinn

P.S. We broadcast a twice weekly video podcast on our website http://www.drmireland.com all of which are archived. You will also find links to our forum, blog and twitter account. We also have a number of yt accounts.



Chaos is the Seed. War is the Harvest.

Beginners Guide To HollowHoaxianity

Auschwitz, The Comedy



Extension of Deadline Will Allow Additional Holocost
Survivors and Heirs to Participate in the Most Exclusive
Holocost Era Property Confiscation Program in History



Kikejews may often have white characteristics, or traits
of other races, but they are a different breed altogether:
They are genetically evil!

New US Dollar Means Economic Collapse?

InCogMan: The Globalist Jews have promised AMERICA will
backstop the Euro debt. They'll be giving away the US dollar
to prop up the NWO financial control of Europe.

There may be a deeper twist to all of this...
....the world currency!

Enter the US Dollar

Prepare For Martial Law

FORWARD OBSERVER:  Thanksgiving Day

Hi TT,
Check out this article, Rastass didn't go easily when Police arrested him for beating his wife, in fact he mistook the Law Enforcement Officer's leg for a TURKEY BONE.


Thanksgiving Day Feast: LONG PIG!

TRENTON – A suspect who was arrested Thanksgiving Day on domestic violence charges tried to choke a Trenton cop from the back seat of a patrol car and then managed to bite a cop in the thigh, police confirmed.

Charles Brown, 40, of Hamilton Avenue, Trenton, was in handcuffs being transported to police headquarters in a patrol car when he maneuvered his handcuffed hands to the front of his body and reached through the glass divide in an attempt to choke Officer John Carrigg, police alleged.

The cops stopped the patrol car and opened the back door to readjust Brown's handcuffs, and that's when Brown took a bite out of Carrigg's leg, police said.

F.O. says most of the Police service calls are for NIGGER couples fighting and beating each other down. We've been paying to babysit these "people" for 3 centuries now.

Eustace Mullins: The New World Order

Thanks for turning me on to Eustace Mullins. I found an Interview with him on YouTube and have watched it 4 times. He REALLY connects the dots across the last 3oo years.

Thanks for the FDR fireside chat INTEL. Very interesting, sounds like 1938 is indeed 2011. Same thing different year. Follow the Money, Follow the Money – it's like you always told us TT.

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

INTEL:  Philospher

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor – he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation – he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city – he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. ~ Cicero



No printing press back in those days but they had carved wood block stamps, ink and paper. Occasionally, European parents were reminded with stamped printed Warnings to keep their children AWAY from the Jews due to Jew Ritual Murder and drinking the Blood of Goyim children. Modern known famous example: The "Lindeberg Baby" kidnapping and murder. Recently, Jews caught in Russia committing child ritual murders. Let's add known killer Jew Phil Spector [Hollywood music producer] murdering beautiful actress Lana Clarkson ["Barbarian Queen"] right in his own Foyer.

Let's add Anna Nicole Smith – likely murdered by the Bankers to get control of all that money BACK. Lana Turner? Marilyn Monroe? Possible Ritual Murders. Based on Historical patterns, one could now predict Mel Gibson will be viciously victimized soon for his blatant "insulting" "Sins" against Jewry.

They will probably leave Mel Gibson alive for now, due to the fact that Everyone in the World LIKES HIM, and his movies !!! If they killed him, the Entire World would be asking VERY serious and feverish Questions the Jews would NOT want brought out into the light. But when it happens, they likely will Grab his money also.


No wonder the women are all on pills! They get pounded with "Feminism" [You don't need a man! – just get a job!]. THEN they see Cosmo-Magazine telling them to BE some sort of sex kitten for all those sexy guys in their lives! – WHAT "GUYS"???!!! [Many of us went looking in Russia for a wife!] Then look at these article headlines! – Worse than the Men's magazines back 15-20 Years ago! The men's porno magazines in the 1950's – same trash!

Then look through ANY magazine for "White MEN" in the ADS [except Field & Stream!] Ha HA! You won't find any... Only Sexy White Women [maybe sexy] WITH BLACK or MIXED RACE MALES are shown – no white males at all.

Cover below; And they still use the Betty Page image [genuine "Betty Page"; other photo – Jews in Porno used the hell out of her image – she had to hire a law firm to try to collect on the constant thievery. She died in 2008]. – Maybe because any dark haired young girl no matter how ugly can throw on enough make-up and cut her hair to cover up the rest.


So was it always like this? No, it's gotten worse!


Except for computer technology, I've seen nothing but DECLINE my entire life! Industry? Declining for 50+ Years. Isn't it amazing that NOTHING gets Fixed Right? That the Jews and ALL their methods are leading the entire Nation to Destruction, Ruination, Decay. That the alien invasion will eventually lead to a NON-possibility of Recovery of any American Greatness. That "Greatness" was rooted in a certain rare Idealism/Individualism of the minority of Superior Whites – that's it! It fashioned the Republic and Constitution. That Constitution of 220+ Years ago – is it still any good?

From a long view of History, I've got surprising news for all of America: You want a return to greatness? You'll have to fashion a STRONGER, more STRICT, MORE White Race Apartheid !!! – Much More White Race conscious "system".

Today, everyone wants to go the opposite way; leading the Nation to Mediocrity and Mega-Failure – Eventually: "Gone with the Wind II." ~ Philosopher

Das Blaue Licht (The Blue Light) is a black-and-white 1932 film written and directed by Leni Riefenstahl and Béla Balázs, with uncredited scripting by Carl Mayer. In Riefenstahl's film version, the witch, Junta, played by Riefenstahl, is intended to be a sympathetic character. Filming took place in the Brenta Dolomites, in Ticino, Switzerland, and Sarntal, Italy. (Story line.)

There is no Equality. Your left eye (as 180 reflection) does not match your right. The universal basic elements are not Equal ... they are separated by Time and Space. All things in Nature are unequal. All things are UnEqual.

PREDATOR Deadly Powers
Predators and the Mythic Imagination

"North America could not be populated until the 'short-faced bear' became extinct!"

"We were in an arms race with predators!"

Devouring lions, giant bears, sharp-taloned birds of prey, deadly snakes, and snapping alligators – these and other animal predators in search of human flesh are a staple of ancient mythology, along with their mythic counterparts – dragons, griffins, gorgons, harpies, and more. The message is clear: for thousands and thousands of years our ancient human ancestors lived in fear of predatory animals and reflected the dangerous nature of their daily existence in the many animal myths that exist in almost every culture.

Deadly Powers takes the reader through the landscape of world myth to show how our more recent ancestors mythologized animal predators in four basic ways: as monsters, as gods, as benefactors, and as role models. Each incarnation is a variant on the fear-management technique that enabled early humans not only to survive but to overcome the potentially incapacitating fear of predators.


The BP oil spill in the Gulf couldn't have happened when the Gulf was ruled by White racists. Racists offshore hands lasted into the 1980s.

Back in the day, the Tool pusher who is top man on the drilling rig would never have jeopardized the rig and his hands because of incompetence by the oil company paying for the job. The Tool pusher would tell the Company Man (oil company representative) that his instructions were not workable. So where does that leave the Company Man. He can call his office and say the Tool pusher is not cooperating and try to get him fired, but that's not likely. There would be a mass exodus of drillers and roughnecks going to the beach with their Tool pusher.

I was in the dining area of a lay barge back in 1975, when a pipeline barge foreman told the chief oil company inspector that he would not do the job his way. The conversation ended with the pipeliner saying: "Fuck you very much."

The boys from the South built the offshore oilfields in the treacherous North Sea without a hitch. We had to get a wind and seas report every hour. The Gulf is a lake compared to the North Sea. Generally speaking we got along with the Europeans, but I detected some jealousy on their part.

We would have run BP out of the Gulf!

RIGHT Henri de la Rochejaquelin

"Friends, if I advance, follow me! If I retreat, kill me! If I die, avenge me!"


Hi Tom,
Some info regarding the "unknown" Quote on your News and Views: If I advance; follow me. If I retreat; kill me. If I die; avenge me.

It is an order given by Henri de la Rochejaquelein, the youngest general of the Royalist Vendéan insurrection during the French Revolution.

Is was also the oath of the Ossewabrandwag in South Africa. the Ossewabrandwag (OB) (English: Ox-wagon Sentinel) was an anti-British and pro-German organization in South Africa during World War II, which opposed South African participation in the war. It was formed in Bloemfontein on 4 February 1939 by Pro-Nazi Afrikaners.



TT: Elderly folks can find if very painful to have a revolution in thought. Ever since the Dollar went off the Gold Standard and on to the Crude Standard the Zionist not only allied themselves with Hitler –against– the Messianic Jews but also allied themselves with Roosevelt and –for– the Christan Zionist. The Zionist hedged their bet and won. But the problem is the game has changed.

No longer is Saudi Crude Oil going to be the Standard that backs the US Dollar. Going forward, it will be North American Crude Oil production that will back the Dollar. It is a mistake to think that there will be a return to a Gold Standard. The confusion is that the location or source of the Crude Oil Standard is moving and not that the Crude Oil Standard is faltering. The source of the Crude Oil Standard that backs the US Dollar is on the move from the Middle East to North America. As that move occurs the Zionist and their Christian Zionist allies have built up such a head of steam that they can not stop and are stampeding off a cliff. We should get out of their way and let them crash themselves in an enormous wreck.

It requires a revolution in thought, irregardless how painful that process is, for there to be a revealing in fact that Zionism's days are numbered.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

kikejews did it! More JFK

Best book on the JFK murder is "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper. The Jews did it ... instigated by David Ben Gurion (Israel) and coordinated by Mayer Lansky (Mafia). Zionist James Jesus Angleton (CIA) assisted but did not control. The actual hit team is not important, but may have been Corsican mob linked (many Jews there). The Hunt story is certainly incomplete – read the Piper book. Top controllers understand "need to know" security.

BTW ... interesting name "Saint John" ... was E.H. a fan of St. John Philby, father of triple-agent Kim Philby, who arranged the early 20th century American (Jewish) hegemony over the Saud family and much of the oil resources of Asia Minor. (The Sauds are Dönmeh crypto-Jews.) St. John Philby 'converted' to Wahhabi Islam, a sect supposedly Sunni but which is rejected by most Sunni Muslims, as well as Shia and Sufi alike.

Wahhabism is used primarily by SIS/MI6 as an Islamic fundamentalist 'counter-gang' to other much more reasonable Muslim factions. It's usually the Wahhabis, or those influenced by them, who chop off those hands and heads, and stone people to death, creating the negative image promoted by Jew controlled corporate media.

The Arab governments now being destroyed (by MI6/Mossad/CIA) are secular until being 'liberated' by al Qaeda 'rebels', then they transition to manipulable Wahhabi 'Muslim Brotherhood' theocracies. The GCC is comprised of these. Of course, 'al Qaeda' is an obvious CIA tool.


Sacrifice to Equality: My Tram Experience!

TT: You probably have already seen or heard about the 'My Tram Experience' youtube videos, it has gone "viral" which just means very popular, especially in Britain/England recently. It is on the front page of ProThink.Org and after watching those videos youtube lists endless videos of people commenting on it.

England has the same problems and the same dumb fuck white people there, really sad! There's a few whites video comments in support of the white woman, but I could soon tell that most of the white comments on it are anti-white, and some even called people like us (racists) the enemy. Of course many niggers are for themselves.

So I am feeling that it is a good thing when niggers/spics rape and murder these white people, like those who comment on videos about how Britain's multiracialism is good. So really, when we hear about these brutal rapes and murders of these white fuckers, They usually talk just like these pieces of shit before it happens to them. These assholes are talking like they are upset that the white woman was not attacked.

TT says:
If they don't listen they will have to feel. You must personally stay aloof from these street altercations. Also, 99% of white victims would testify against you for trying to save them.

Insightful commentary on the continuing Islamic Wars, centering on kikejew coordinated CIA/Mossad/MI6 attacks upon Syria. Mark Glenn interviews Palestinian journalist Sammi Ibrahem and Moeen Raoof, consultant in humanitarian and emergency aid who was on the ground in Libya. Abridged mp3 file.

"The 'liberation' of Libya – nothing but a Zionist-engineered bloodbath carried out by hired radical thugs."

"In Libya, Twitter and Facebook was used to provide target coordinates for NATO to bomb."

"Libya had a trillion dollars in cash in American and European banks, and that's all gone now."

Source: TUT Podcast Nov 21 2011

Millions of Syrians flooded the squares of cities and towns, gathering in Damascus, Aleppo, Hasaka, Deri Ezzor, Raqqa, Sweida and Tartous to proclaim their rejection of the Arab League's conspiratorial decisions against Syria, pledging to protect Syria at any cost. They were aware of the conspiracy since its beginning, realizing that it targeted all Arab nations, as well as Syria, and is disguised as calls for reform and democracy.

Wake Up !!Breakout !!!
Lone Wolf