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24 JULY 2011


The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!


Kikejewed Krauts Desecrate



Before dawn Wednesday, workers exhumed the remains of Rudolf Hess from his grave in the Wunsiedel cemetery, then cremated and scattered them secretly in a lake, whose name and location are not yet known.

Since 1987, when Hess was murdered by British intelligence in Spandau Prison for those on the losing side in Berlin, German Nationalists had yearly held a demonstration at the grave on the anniversary of his death on August 17th, raising their hands in the National Socialist salute and laying wreaths on his gravestone.

The cemetery in Wunsiedel contains the Hess family burial plots and the National Socialist hero had expressed a desire to be buried there in his will. His granddaughter had initially objected to the exhumation of her grandfather's bones, but the board of the Wunsiedel Evangelical Lutheran Church, responsible for the cemetery, pressured her to withdraw a lawsuit against the move.





25 JULY 1947

Rockwell Soldier
Metzger Legal Counsel


27 July 2011


(INS) – Ken Mieske died Tuesday at the Salem (Oregon) Hospital, possibly of maltreatment, as is too often the case for white political prisoners. He had defended some friends in a Portland street fight, and one of the Negro attackers later died.

Mieske, 45, had long suffered from hepatitis C according to those familiar with his treatments, but prison officials suspiciously declined to comment on cause of death.

On Nov. 12, 1988, Ken Mieske and two other members of East Side White Pride, a skinhead group, were attacked by a group of Ethiopian men in Portland after a traffic altercation. During the fight Ethiopian Mulugeta Seraw was injured, and he died the next day. If Ken had not come to their aid, his friends also could have died!

All three skinheads were arrested, and later pled guilty to murder, assault, and racial intimidation – after being threatened by the Feds that if they didn't plead to state charges, 40 years would be added in U.S. courts.

They should have gone to trial – their lawyer sold them out!

Seraw's death gave Portland self-hating whites a cause célèbre where smashing white Ken Meiske might expiate their own perceived 'white guilt'. The Portland police were hopelessly corrupt at the time, along with the DA's office. Though they all knew the case was a simple street fight gone bad, they dog-piled three white boys to go along with the crowd.

Many people know that Morris Dees is a clever attorney who has made millions in trumped up racial civil suits. In 1990, his Southern Poverty Law Center brought suit, for the Seraw family, against Tom Metzger. Eventually a 'white guilt' jury awarded $12.5 million, a then record judgment for racism. Another reason is that Dees pays witnesses and guides them to perjury; he also uses the friendly press and judicial system.

In it for the money, Morris Dees has fund raised as much as $200 million while his clients get crumbs. He boasts of destroying Tom Metzger; however, a google of Metzger's subsequent activities puts the lie to that.

Mieske had been serving an unjust life sentence for murder at the Oregon State Penitentiary. Even Jewish author Elinor Langer would agree that, at most, the charge should have been manslaughter.

For years Ken Mieske had been referred to as a Prisoner Of War, which he surely was.

TT says:
This is why I will always despise the system. May they all die a very painful death!

"The public perception is that a lot of this material ends up getting sold to knuckle-dragging neo-Nazis, but it's quite the opposite," says Bill Panagopulos, the president of Alexander Historical Auctions in Stamford, Conn., where the sale will take place Thursday. "Actually, the buyers are often Jews representing Jewish organizations or Jewish collectors who intend to open their own museums."

Some Mengele selections:

I arrived in this house exactly a year ago. However, this anniversary gave me no reason to celebrate ... I was solely responsible for my decisions. I hope that people close to me show some patience, and I hope they don't endanger things.

Beauty is a primary force of selection.

There's no 'good' or 'bad' in nature. There's only 'appropriate' or 'inappropriate' ... The 'inappropriate' elements are kept from reproducing.

What is 'good' is built out of many different fundamentals, which are all elements of the immortal soul. Maybe these values aren't limited to our 'human existence.' Think about loyalty! It's a result of breeding, as for example in dogs, man's oldest companion. But you cannot breed qualities that weren't there all along!!

The youth movement honored the traditions of our ancestors while remembering our primary cultural values. We had to remember our inner strength, and this was of utmost importance after World War I and the shameful peace that followed. This burden was designed to keep our people in a constant condition of decay. We had to find the deepest sources of German strength to make our restoration possible. We could not expect other people to help us, and we couldn't rely on religion ... (continued)

1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.

London quotes:
Socialism is not an ideal system, devised by man for the happiness of a life; nor for the happiness of all men; but it is devised for the happiness of certain kindred races. It is devised so as to give more strength to those certain kindred favored races so that they may survive and inherit the earth to the extinction of the lesser weaker races. The very men who advocate socialism may tell you of the brotherhood of all men, and I know they are sincere, but that does not alter the law.

I do not believe in the universal brotherhood of man. I think I have said so before. I believe my race is the salt of the earth. I am a scientific socialist, not a utopian...

The stronger, the braver, the more indomitable, are selected to go to the wars, and to die early, without offspring. The weaker are sent to the plow and permitted to perpetuate their kind. As Doctor Jordan has remarked, the best are sent forth, the second-best remain. But it does not stop at this. The best of the second-best are next sent, and the third-best is left. The French peasant of to-day demonstrates what manner of man is left to the soil after one hundred years or so of military selection. Where are the soldiers of Greece, Sparta, and Rome? They lie on countless fields of battle, and with them their descendants which were not. The degenerate peoples of those countries are the descendants of those who remained to the soil.

On March 7, 1916, London tendered his resignation from the Socialist Party, realizing that there was no longer a place for him in the movement. In the closing of his letter of resignation he wrote:

My final word is that liberty, freedom, and independence are royal things that cannot be presented to, or thrust upon, races or classes. If races and classes cannot rise up and by their own strength of brain and brawn wrest from the world liberty, freedom, and independence, they never, in time, can come to these royal possessions – and if such royal things are kindly presented to them by superior individuals, on silver platters, they will know not what to do with them, will fail to make use of them, and will be what they have always been in the past – inferior races and inferior classes.

NEW INFO: Japan offered to enrich uranium for IRAN! Kikejew Stuxnet virus probable cause of Fukushima disaster.

This is a massive report. NON EXISTENT quake damage and seismic charts prove there was no 9.0 and therefore the very real tsunami could not have been natural. The fact that what happened in Japan did not occur naturally has been very well documented by a skilled investigator, who spent hundreds of hours getting to the bottom of this story.

Facial Recognition iPhone

Tommy, what do you think of this BS? ~ Ghost Man Pariah


The device in question is called the MORIS, which stands for Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System. Made by BI2 Technologies of Plymouth, Mass, it runs on the iphone platform. The company states that it has contracts with 40 government agencies to deliver 1,000 devices this fall.

Unlike other currently used biometric technologies, the MORIS does not require a separate digital camera or upload time, and automatically scans known databases for criminal warrants and other relevant history.


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INTEL:  Blood and Soil


TT: There is an area in the Western USA that was once known as the Great Basin. That is because no water flows out of this area to the oceans but what ever rain or snows occur there stays there until it evaporates. The Great Salt Lake, the Salton Sea, and Death Valley are in the Great Basin.

This past Winter the La Nina influenced the Pacific Jet Stream so that the Pacific Jet Stream constantly turned back up north in northern Arizona, thus, constantly making a pocket over the Great Basin. This resulted in one large storm after another being spin up and formed over the Great Basin. After one storm was ejected eastward another storm was formed. The result of this activity was not only unusually amounts of rain in the eastern USA but the ground of the Great Basin was cooled to unusually low temperatures. This resulted in a very unusual Land Surface Temperature Anomaly. This most unusual Land Surface Temperature Anomaly of the Great Basin is "joined at the hip" with a Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly in the Pacific Ocean west of southern California and northern Mexico. Those two Surface Temperature Anomalies are the source and power of the hot Ridge (upper level high pressure system) over the Southland and northern Mexico that is producing the historical Drought. Should a Tropical Storm or Hurricane blast through the hot Ridge and rain on the drought areas it will not change the long term pattern of Drought. That is because it will not change or alter the two Surface Temperature Anomalies that are the source and power of the hot Ridge causing the Drought. After any Tropical Storm or Hurricane the Drought will resume.

If the Drought persists then the hot Ridge will eventually get its power from itself and no longer need the two Surface Temperature Anomalies. If it reaches that stage then it will grow and could last for years and years. Currently, it is already historical and is at the stage of becoming a power unto itself. Lone Wolfs need to stop buying guns and ammo and start stock piling Food.


You have implied on earlier Radio Shows that you are not that interested in technical talk about the Weather. None-the-less a hot Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly has formed in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. This is reinforcing the hot Ridge above Texas which is reinforcing the Drought. There are usually five or seven Ridge/Trough sine wave cycles going about the Earth in the Temperate Zone. It is Surface Temperature Anomalies that lock them in place and keeps them from drifting West to East with the drag effect of the Jet Streams. When there is a Trough (low area of a Sine Wave) there follows to the east of it a Ridge (high area of a Sine Wave). It is the Cold Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly in the Northern Pacific Ocean off the coast of northern Mexico and southern California that is primarily responsible for the hot Ridge over northern Mexico and Texas that is producing the Drought. In other words a complete Sine Wave of low to high spanned out over several thousand miles and – not drifting – but firmly locked in place. The new Hot Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly in the middle of the Northern Pacific Ocean is producing a powerful hot Ridge just in front of the cold Trough that is being produced by the Cold SSTA. This is further locking the Sine Waves in place with a "high to low to high" (one and a half Sine Waves) with the last "high" over Northern Mexico and Texas.

What this all means for the Layman is that the historical Drought over Northern Mexico and Texas is more firmly locked in place then the past several months and is going to get much bigger and much badder with no end in sight. Note that so far the Hurricane season has been exactly as I have predicted which is exactly opposite of those employed by the Federal Tyranny and various state governments.


With so much going on it is easy for Confusion to set it. Let's clear up some confusion about Drought.

It seems that some Wolfs are reading and studying what I have said about the Pacific Jet Stream and Drought. This is good. However, the Drought at this time, in North America, has nothing to do with the Pacific Jet Stream. This Drought is not being produced from above but from below. This Drought is "caused" by Surface Temperature Anomalies.

Basically, there are two different Droughts each "caused" by a different source. One source is high above and the other source is deep below. I am no longer expecting the Pacific Jet Stream to make it's own Drought. Instead, I expect the current Drought to last to next year and to be greatly empowered and greatly enlarged when the Pacific Jet Stream speeds up to unusually fast speeds (due to the QBO Winds). In other words, the Drought of next year has already begun this year but by other sources/causes.


At the start of WWII the Allies were very concerned about the Waffen SS. The Allies clearly understood that the Waffen SS were the baddest ass Warriors to appear in Europe in a very long time. So the Allies started doing research as to how to make common soldiers the mental equal of the Waffen SS. What the Allies came up with was Condition Red and Condition Black. Condition Red is the pulse rate and mindset of Martial Artist in competition fights. Condition Black is the higher pulse rate and the mindset of real self defense on the street. Today we know that Condition Red is the consciousness of Mammals with all the muscles available to use that mammals have. Condition Black is the consciousness of Reptiles with only the limited number of muscles to use that reptiles have.

THIMK Nose to nose, the best defense is a good offense is absolutely correct. What this all means is that the best way to win a hand-to-hand fight is to stay unafraid of your opponent while making him afraid of you. It is the aggressive attack that gives you the upper hand because you are unafraid and, therefore, not in the Reptilian Brain but in the Mammalian Brain with more muscles available to use. Causing your opponent to become afraid of you will also cause his consciousness to slip from the Mammalian Brain to the Reptilian Brain which greatly reduces the muscles he has available to call upon for his defense.

The real purpose of hand-to-hand Martial Arts competition fights is not whether you win or lose the match but gaining experience of your own changes in consciousness. Fighters need to be on the defense in the Reptilian Brain then go on the attack and be in the Mammalian Brain. They need to experience not only themselves going through mental and physical changes, in a competition contest, but also their opponents going through such changes. When on the defense, they need to be aware of the fact that they just don't have all that many muscles available for their use. They need to become aware that as they go from the defense to the offense that suddenly, like a miracle, many more muscles are available for their use.

Even though "repetition over time" is the physical basis of all Martial Arts; the true training for deadly encounters is mental and spiritual self control.


About twenty years cameras become popular in System Force Men's squad cars. But then a huge legal liability arose. Ninety percent of the System's Force Men "lost it" at the point that they perceived that they could and were going to be killed by another. By "lost it" I mean that all their prior Military and Police Academy training flew out the window. Only ten percent of the System's Force Men preformed, while perceiving that they could be killed, to the level of their prior Military and Police Academy training. Studies were done and it was discovered that most System Force Men moved about like Reptiles from the point in time that they perceived that they could be killed and that someone really was trying to kill them. So, the theory was advanced that their consciousness had slipped back into their Reptilian Brains.

What this means is that not only can some drugs cause a person to slip back into their Reptilian Brain but so can Fear and Fright.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

P.S. Century Drought Withers Hay Crop

INTEL:  SE Indiana Report

First off, I have some tips regarding Blood and Soil's weather predictions for the coming drought of summer 2012, and the possible seven year winter following it. When I was a younger kid we followed some tips to get salad greens in the very early spring and very late fall, sometimes getting greens in early March and into late October to early November. Also, there are ways to conceal food growing from roaming packs of mud gangs, or to grow on top of high rise buildings that are enclaves for whites in cities in the ice age. Remember, even in the ice age in the midwest it will get up to 50-60 degrees in June to August and 70 and warmer in the deep south, probably 70-80. Also I will go into an irrigation plan for a small city garden where watering is restricted, or on farms during the drought of summer 2012. This may buy a few months worth of food; how much yield depends upon how inventive you get with irrigation and placing the plants.


According to the weather patterns presented in the last several posts by Blood and Soil, the drought in the southwest will spread thought into the Northeastern United States. This should really start to take hold in April 2012 with current jet stream predictions. Here is a plan to get a small to moderate garden on a deck or small plot, or even both, in your back yard. If you use these plans, you might be able to pull it off where using garden hoses to water gardens in town is outlawed to conserve water, and if on a farm to save water in a well or spring house.

EATS I will get to the watering technique in a minute, first of all I will get to the stuff to grow, you better stock up this year, by next year you better be stocked up, and be continuing also growing bartering goods. First of all get a few hanging baskets of strawberries, good for bartering after making jam or wine. Peppers you can grow and a small amount of tomatoes in pots; and onions, make salsa, good bartering. Also, there are recipes for pepper jelly, a possible delicacy in hard times. I would keep the garden small, because water will be limited, and if you put something in the ground maybe put a small patch of potatoes.

Now to the watering. Have everyone in the house take a bath in the tub, instead of using the shower. Store the water in 5 gallon buckets, like lard buckets or grease buckets; you may be able to acquire these at a local grocery store for free from the deli. Do it now. Soap is a natural fertilizer, and you can use the water from your washer before spin cycle.

Dusk is the best time to water, sunlight can damage a wet plant. The best thing to do if you live in town is to build a privacy fence. This can keep predators of all types out of your garden and keep people from snitching on you for watering or having surplus food. If you keep the garden small to mid-size it can use the water from your bath and laundry, and possibly buy you a few months of food and bartering material for bad times, even during drought of 2012.


There may be two ways of growing food during the seven year ice age possibly following the drought. The first is greenhouses. You can get them up and grow all kinds of food if you are way out in the sticks and far away from roaming packs of niggers and other gangs of muds. If you live in an area that is prone to roaming gangs or you can't put a greenhouse on top of a high rise that a pack of wolves live in, you can do the following: In the summer months, it will still get rather mild in most areas of the 48 states. Most of you can Google the concept of cold box.

You make a box and put glass over it, and put soil in it. You can grow greens, and if you are lucky you may be able to get some good stuff out of them during that time. When we made these things on the farm we had broccoli and cabbage in late February and early March. Just some thoughts, maybe Blood and Soil can go over this.

Sickle Cell LW

INTEL:  Euro Wolf


"Those who use heroin are likely to have contracted Hepatitis C infection already, since it is currently present in about 70 per cent of injecting drug users."

If this is the case then it is unlikely that Hepatitis C is a real virus but a form of liver irritation as Lanka and Duesberg assert. This is one topic on which AIDS dissidents agree. After all, they have being giving junkies clean needles for a long time, so how can they have such a virus to such a degree? Hepatitis C seems to be a fraud concocted to cover asses for what was done to Hemophiliacs by the medical-pharma complex.

Real science is going to be hard under this system. So it will remain a mystery for now if HIV is an actual virus, a passenger virus or a complete fraud. I tend to the latter assumption but think that the antibodies in the test they use do correlate in some way to the amount of foreign proteins one has been exposed to through various diseases.

Even that French guy who "discovered HIV" tried to back out of the AIDS thing, but the cult turned on him: "There was Montagnier, the Jesus of HIV, and they threw him out of the temple."


Plot to destabilise Iran by flooding the country with illegal drugs has been uncovered. Joint efforts of the CIA and Mossad are concentrated on smuggling drugs into Iran through collaboration with the drug mafia in Afghanistan.

Smuggling drugs into Iran from Afghanistan is an unfortunate fact of life which Iran has fought against vigilantly since 2005. After the U.S. invasion in 2001, annual opium production within Afghanistan has increased from 185 tons to 3,400 tons, and is now soaring beyond that.

INTEL:  Philosopher


Cutting Off your electric power is a very quick way to send you BACK to Third World sub-survival Status or Medieval miserable Existence. This link is saying "someone" is planning to WRECK America with this new technique. Read it here. The potential for greatly augmenting a Famine, Depression,or Chaos is possible also.

Len – You are right, but it is up to the people to see past the BS and work towards their independence and grow their own food and raise their own livestock! – JK


When "LENIN" called it the "Rural Idiocy", the TRUTH HE REALLY was desperately HIDING was that the independent agriculture enterprise of yesteryear centuries-eons gave the people real freedom and sovereignty, add maximum economic efficiency and barter efficiency in the local community – as far as it was possible. What I'm getting at here is that people's NEEDS were met the most direct way by the family agriculture economics of early-mid America. Actually, it's SOooo OLD you can read about Ulysses' ancient farming homestead on "Ithica" in Homer's "Odyssey" – about;1500BC. – VERY similar to America's "Western 'cowboy' Ranch" culture Or "Ten Acres Enough"; farming in New Jersey,1858.

Government and Banking occasionally trespassed on this but had a hard time! Once the energy of the people was transfered to "Industry" [wage "slavery", Corporate organization] and esp. heavy Industry-War, then the Mega-THEFTS became possible. Once the "Theft Enterprise" grew in Banking, Government, War, and Socialism, the ROT in the system set the Nation in rapid Decline. Today, the structure is close to collapse because of overwhelming Mega-THEFT [Socialism-Mobocracy, Bankster Usury, Illegal Taxation, outrageously punative regulations, anti-Individualism, "Lysenkoism"-destruction applied to America!!!!,, etc.].

Notice Banksters and Politicians DO NOTHING for the basic underlying Economy – only "fine tuning" of the Financial Mega-THEFTS. The reason for this is because "Helping" Farms, Main Street Economy, Factories, Industries, etc. would require radically "BACKING OFF" Government Influence-Power-THEFT.

A major problem today is; ""LACK of VISION"" in the People. With Vision would come UNITY and TRUST. The modern school technique is to WRECK this possibility with Dumbing Down and corrupt-predatory-defective perspectives. Both young males and females are mega- "HIT" in different but POISONOUS-Defective Philosophies. Add; "Political Correctness" – a Jew-Communist invention from 1920's Russia – verified personally by an ex-Olympic Russian female swimmer now living near Wash. DC.

As of right now we are simply headed into the pit of collapse, bankruptcy, famine, and chaos. Once the Interest Rates move up substantially the "game" will be over; ie; Both the pathetic remnant Private Sector and the Bankster-Gov. Finance will totally collapse. [See the current interest rates in the "PIIGS" Nations{avail.} NOW!!! = Those rates will totally Destroy America as we see the "Debt-Economy" today.] Extreme Inflation or Deflation – both destroy the structure.

The current ongoing Real Estate CRASH is DUE to a number of ingredients NOT acknowledged by the "Establishment" because the Middle Class is slated for total Destruction by the subterranean Communist conspiracy [ie; London& N.Y. Banksters, Soros, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, super-Rich 'Kahilla' criminals in Israhell, etc.{"...Protocols of Zion", Communist Manifesto. Bilderberg Agenda = ie; planned; $180. a barrel Crude Oil!! = $8+ per gallon gasoline!..."Middle Class America"??? ].

You can read [pages; 54- 58, in Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Archipelago"], about the INCREDIBLY VICIOUS ATTACK against independent Farmers in Russia and the Ukraine by Communism. The treatment of "Kulaks" and "Podkulachniks" was so outrageously cruel you won't believe what you are reading!!!

My advice to all of you based on Grim History is to be well armed with plenty of ammunition, and long life food storage – sadly, I think you will all desperately need it soon.

Current Senate Bill SR510 is a very grim sample of their intentions! Add traitor-Obama & BATF "giving" guns wholesale to Mexican criminals, or the Halliburton built "concentration camps" , Or Israhell's Nuclear Revenge "Sampson Option" – Add; the supposed huge "Asphyxiation Chamber" near Indianapolis. You are WARNED by History HERE! [add; Solzhenitsyn; page 13, footnote #5 – where your own deadly road may begin.] ~ Philosopher

INTEL:  Food and Water Storage

Hey TT,
Northwest Wolf here with a little rant for 'ya on the topic of food and water storage. This may seem boring to some people out there who aren't new to stockpiling food, water, and supplies, but I have a feeling that there are many wolves who haven't made any preparations – for the simple fact that many people are finding it hard enough to feed themselves and keep the lights on now, without worrying about stocking up for the future. I have some tips for these guys on getting started without spending too much.

DRY I have been stocking up on food and water recently and have a few pointers. I have been straying away from canned food lately and have been instead going for rice. It is only 5 bucks for a 10 pound bag up here (and that makes a hell of a lot when its cooked), cheaper than pinto beans even. It also takes less time than beans to prepare, which in a survival situation is key, not only in terms of time but in terms of energy usage; 15 minutes instead of an hour or more with beans. It isn't that good for you (not good for you at all actually), but it is a cheap source of energy to get you through the initial stages of a collapse until you can better secure your position.

Also on canned food, it is good in that it is ready to eat, supplies some moisture, and has an essentially indefinite shelf-life, but it is heavy and bulky. This is a prime concern for many of us who are either apartment dwellers or are in urban or otherwise vulnerable areas, as we are going to need to move quickly in a collapse lest the spics and niggers get hold of us. Remember, we are going to need to carry other supplies as well as food and water. Another thing about commercially canned food is that the cans are lined with Bisphenol-A. The story is that this is an estrogenic that causes cancer, heart disease, etc., but that it isn't prevalent in our diet to a degree that can cause any adverse affects. (This substance is found in many plastics as well as canned foods.) I personally think that this substance is causing many health problems today. I adopted this view when I found that this substance actually has its own website, www.bisphenol-a.org, which is nothing but pro-BPA propaganda. I don't accept anything until the mainstream totally rejects it. I would suggest that it be avoided whenever possible.

Most cannot, however, avoid BPA when it comes to water storage, as plastic will probably be the only option for most. Plastic 2 liter bottles and 1 gallon jugs can be obtained easily, but are impractical in my opinion due to their small size. On the other end of the spectrum are plastic 55-gallon drums, which are impractical because of their large size, bulkiness, and weight when filled. If someone is in a secure position, these may be the best bet. For those of us who may need to take off when the shit hits the fan, something in-between is best. 5 gallon jugs for water dispensers are good, and can be found at second hand stores for $2-$3 (buying these new can cost quite a bit). Wolves can also obtain cooking oil jugs for free. These are usually in the 5 gallon range can be found at restaurants for free as they are often thrown away; and after a good wash they are good water storage containers. They usually have handles on top, another plus. As for how much water to store, I would say as much as is humanly possible.

On food storage, I have found that 5 gallon paint buckets work quite well, and are cheap or free. To get these free, ask around at places such as retirement homes and apartment complexes, where the painting never stops and they are usually discarded. You can also buy them at hardware stores for $2-$3. These buckets are strong, lightweight, not too large, but still have a decent storage capacity, and are waterproof or nearly so. They are good for storing all kinds of supplies, not just food. I have buckets filled with canned food and bags of rice. I have put the rice in the buckets as-is, without extra drying and repackaging. In a super-humid area this is a great idea. This can be done by placing the rice in a pan or on a baking sheet and placing in an oven on low heat, with the oven door slightly open. The rice can be weighed periodically throughout the process so you can tell when you've got all or nearly all of the moisture out. This can be done with beans or whatever other dry goods you want to store as far as I know.

In closing, dry goods such as rice and beans are more economical, lighter, and more compact than canned goods, but require water and significant energy use for their preparation. Stocking up on these goods saves space for more water storage, which is more important.

This is aimed at those listeners who don't have food or water stored, as a guide to get started without spending too much. In the future I plan to can some meat, as this will save money over buying canned meat and will help avoid the all too common BPA. I will share my experiences on this.

Northwest Wolf

HIGHER INTEL:  Joseph Paul Franklin

He should have used a nondescript car, the most common possible, with nothing distinctive (no custom paint, no custom wheels, no racial or uncommon stickers, no serious damage, no broken windows, no burned out bulbs). I used to drive a brown mid 80s Escort when I lived on the east coast, and it was practically invisible.

JPF talked way too much about his illegal activity. He acted in a manner that ensured people would not forget him. He had a tattoo (not mentioned in the story) that led to him getting caught. He did not exercise his right to remain silent when picked up by the police.

He did not pick up his spent brass from the SLC action. He should nave never used the same cover name and town twice. It is not smart to sell guns used in a crime (bury it, destroy it with a torch, or get rid of it in some other creative way). If the gun is 100% clean and untraceable, just leave it at the shooting site.

Park on concrete whenever possible (no tire tracks). If you had to park on dirt during an action, change the tires afterward and burn the old ones, unless it was raining hard. A good time to make a hit is during a good rain: fewer witnesses, dampens noise, destroys finger and tire print evidence and can wash away fibers.

Many hand guns (like a Glock), and some long guns have barrels that are very easy to change and for which aftermarket barrels are available. Some aftermarket barrels can even allow you to fire a different caliber (such as letting a 45ACP pistol shoot a 40Corbon round). Remove the original barrel with the matching serial number, install the aftermarket barrel, do what ever it is you are going to do, reinstall the original barrel, and destroy the aftermarket barrel with a torch.

He should have used a more varied routine. One does not always need to use a gun. Poison, fire, a wooden spear, or a rope can all be just as deadly as a gun. A hand grenade is really the perfect alternative weapon (it destroyers most of the evidence when it goes off (except the spoon and the pin, so wear gloves) and leaves the user clean provided that he clears the blast radius.

Possibly leave false evidence (but you need to be careful as this as it can actually mark you if you leave the same or similar false evidence at multiple sites). Something like a cigarett butt from someone else, a few hairs from a stranger, a soda can from the trash, shit like that. Not only can that throw the police off your trail, but it could be a good source of reasonable doubt if caught. Wear gloves, keep hair short and tuck it under a hat during actions.

A very effective flash hider can be made for a revolver or rifle from sheet metal and a radiator clamp (this could has concealed his location during the SLC job). Save the last few rounds from different brands and styles of ammo when target shooting. Use that during an action (so he would have none of the same type of ammo used on the job after the job is over). I like what you said about not being able to make mistakes if you are on the run.

Last thing. If someone is going out as a White revolutionary, part of that is being an honorable White man, even if captured. Do not cooperate with ZOG in any way. They can kill a man, but only he can give up his honor.

This opens up the radio dial to the general public for Low Power FM, with the FCC mandated to license thousands of new stations in all areas, not just rural communities.

North American New Right? What a joke. Another Daniel Johnson flop in the making? They will still be arguing about how many Philosophers can fit on the head of a pin as we sink deeper under millions of NIGGERS and other assorted WOGS. It's all been said over and over. Now let's get ready for the next stage! Tom Metzger

Why Al Qaeda is not real: Yesterday I finally wrote something that's been bothering me for about ten years: The fact that Al Qaeda can't be as big and bad as it's made out to be, because its whole design violates every rule of guerrilla organization. It's like a counter- intelligence officer's dream, the Al Qaeda plan to bring guerrillas from all over the world, introduce them to each other, and exchange funds, materiel and ideas.

G-D       K I K E S

TT:  Are Jews/Judaism a religion or a race? My question is since the Jews/Judaism call themselves Jews/Judaism named after Judah and Judea would they not been called a race and a tribe or a tribal group or a ethnic group also are the Jews from Europe Khazars if the Jews are Khazars why do the Jews's ancestry trace back to the Middleast?

TT says:  While Jews give lip service to keeping their lines straight, the fact is they were always race mixers. It is their best weapon against the real races. When leaving Egypt they were referred to as the mixed multitude.

The Khazars are a Turko-Mongoloid bunch that adopted Judaism in about the 8th century AD. These 'Jews' moved west into Europe and later the U.S. and became the leaders of Israel, but have no legitimate claim to it at all. The Sephardim, or dark 'Jews' from northern Africa are a racial mess.

Judaism in all its many variations exists through GENE HIJACKING and RACE MIXING. They are prime advocates race mixing, which weakens those races who resist their conspiracy.

BURN BABY BURN Captain Daniel Shays
Following Independence from the Crown

Unpaid by Congress for their military service, thousands of soldiers retruned to their farms penniless and faced foreclosures for not paying state property taxes. They took up rifles and pitchforks to defend their properties. In Massachusetts, former Captain Daniel Shays led more than a 1,000, farmers in a rebellion that shut-down all courthouses in two counties. Maryland farmers followed suit by burning down the the Charles County courthouse. Virginia farmers burned down courthouses in two counties.

Down the road things got worse. Hardcase federalist George Washington threatened citizens of the Whiskey Rebellion with 13 thousand troops.

Patrick Henry predicted that the Constitution gave Congress unlimited power to suspend state laws, enforce direct taxes, whatever. This is what folks can expect when governments are designed by intellects. All signatories of the Constitutuion are intellects.

FOOOOOD Primal Body, Primal Mind

Hi TT,
I heard your show on Primal Body, Primal Mind and I am glad you are promoting primal diet. There is another great source of information about this diet and life style called Primal Blueprint and they have an excellent forum and you can get an email news letter from the author which is pretty informative. I have been on it three years and have lots of energy. The main thing to remember is get pletty of protein. Fat is good too especially the omega-3. Dump the grains and the sugar. Above is the link to the forum.

PATRIOT Veterans won't rise up?

TT, In the last NAV, one of the LWs was asking why returning veterans aren't joining our ranks. The answer's pretty simple. The military spends a lot of time and effort into making soldiers as submissive to authority as possible. Hell, when I went through basic, they spent a lot of time teaching us to snitch on each other, mostly for petty things like some soldier smuggled dip into the barracks or something. Yes they'll train you to "kick ass and take names" but you can only do that when those in power order you to. It's like a balancing act. On one hand they let you unleash your aggression and celebrate your masculinity, and on the other they have you cowering on your knees. Ever wonder why a soldier will risk his life engaging the enemy in ferocious combat but quake at the thought of questioning his superiors?

It's all in the training. That's why we've got so many veterans turning into pig cops and mercenaries, because it's the only way (in their mind) to see action and adventure in this controlled society – torture and kill for the state.

One more thing, we shouldn't look down on veterans who chose to become liberal peace activists. They are opposed to the iron heel as much as we are, so why hate them? They're exposing the corruption of the system in their own way, and it's turning a lot of people against the masters. More power to 'em I say! 14/5

Veteran LW

False Flag Alert:
DHS warns of utility plant attacks...

Fears al-Qaida will attempt a massive September 11 anniversary attack by sabotaging a major utility facility with the use of lone wolves successfully infiltrated into such facilities, a US intelligence report states. The DHS report warns that violent extremists have obtained such insider positions and are planning physical and cyber attacks at a major facility, including a chemical or oil refinery.

"We will continue to work closely with our state and local partners, including our partners in the utility sector, to take steps to best create hysteria in the population and increase our funding for more invasive surveillance." ~ Janet Nipples

WARRIOR While REAL War Criminals
Bush and Obama are FREE

Serbia's last major 'war crimes' suspect was able to evade capture thanks to a network of hardliners and may have spent time in Russia, according to the country's president and investigators.

Goran Hadzic will be transferred to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague\, his lawyer said. He confirmed the 52-year-old had fathered a child with a woman who was not his wife during his years on the run. The Croatian Serb wartime leader, was indicted for 'crimes against humanity' during the 1991-95 Croatian war.


TT, I have no pity for the nigger loving mother. She doesn't want anything except an apology. Scared ass white trash. Every comment mentioned the fact that the description of the "teens" wasn't mentioned although they are working so hard to get to the bottom of this. I found this when I was looking at a video of Vietnam Tom. A 67 yr old pothead vet who kicked the shit out of a nigger on a bus. Worth watching also. It is still on YouTube.

What can I say that hasn't already been said. As long as whites continue to apologize for being alive. I'm glad my son is a racist. I did something right. Take care. ~ VA Wolf


TT, Your comments with Ghost Wolf about government workers and their dissatisfaction and how that works to our benefit. I fully agree with that, this whole meltdown of the Public pension systems and the right wing drive to crush public unions and strip government workers of the right to collective bargaining really works in our favor.

The government has purchased loyalty from these workers for years with pay and benefits and now as they retract those benefits they create a tremendous amount of anger and resentment in these hundreds of thousands of workers. I would venture to say not too many Wisconsin teachers are feeling the love for the government there and Wisconsin is not isolated. The same thing is occurring in many other states where pay is being frozen or cut, medical insurance costs are being hiked up and pension benefits reduced. At the same time thousands of workers are being laid off or retired workers not being replaced so that means more work to do for those who remain while they are compensated less for it.

As far as I'm concerned this is the perfect storm for us! Human nature will make these workers bitter and angry and it will not take much of a push to get many into our camp. The system is now feeding on itself and will be breeding thousands of future lone wolves.

What's happening in our country and society?

Hello Mr. Metzger,
I'm a 19 year old kid who has autism and I would like to tell you society is going to the shitter. It's the best way to describe it. The big corporations, the capitalist, and the marxist are destroying white culture by flooding this rap nigger shit. I don't know what the fuck to call it – ape shit, lol. But the big music liberal conservative music industry bringing in horrible artists like marxist Lady Gaga, Justin Beaver and Lil Wayne. They're brainwashing our kids, that's the best way to describe it. I don't have to worry I'm an oldies kind of guy. I like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis, Buddy Holly. All the corporations robbed the poor R&B artists; they've robbed those poor black guys. The record companies and the music industry lied and manipulated them. ~ 1488


This is an excellent movie, from reading the story-plot, although I am now going to watch it online. It stars German/Swiss, Irish, & Slovak American actor Jim Caviezel, who is most famous for his role as Baby-Jewboo in Mel Gibson's uproar of a film, Passion of the Christ ... The 2008 film combines Viking/Pagans with Aliens, the over-all impression that Aryans/Germanics are descended from Alien gods & advanced civilizations. I also remember reading not too long ago about Jim Caviezel being black-flagged from Hymiewood like Mel Gibson, and saying some pretty truthful upfront non-pc words against the Kikes. He's a good actor, I like him, at least in films, and he is a native from Mount Vernon, WA, which is funny thinking of the irony of it all by him playing the role of a Viking when Washington is a Viking/Germanic settlement founded by our state-idol/figure, the great Viking-Explorer/Navigator [Leif Erickson] from Greenland, lol!!!

"During the reign of the Vikings, Kainan, a man from a far-off advanced world, crash lands on Earth, trailing him is an alien predator known as the Moorwen. Though both Viking man and the Moorwen are seeking revenge for violence committed against them, Kainan leads the alliance to kill the Moorwen by fusing his advanced technology with the Viking's Iron Age weaponry!"

P.S. Note the plot of enemy is a primitive savage monster called the "Moorwen!" or "Moor-wen"... Get it??? "Moorwen" as compared to the "Moors/Niggers-Africans/Berbers/Arabs-Semites"... I don't know about you, but the whole message/story to me sounds like, it's the higher advanced Aryans/Germanics descended from Alien beings from a far-off world who come together to defeat the primitive savage African-Nigger-Moors/Arabs-Semite invaders/monsters.

Secret neo-Nazi supporters 'wikileaked'

TT: You are right about the "meet and greet" crowd, it looks like these membership lists are open to high bidders of any political stripe, I remember when David Duke ran for prez a few people down my way had their names splashed after they donated to his Political action commitee, who but those running that organisation would have had that info?


TT says:
I guess with Rick Perry, the Bilderberger's rigged candidate, and Florida's wonderful "Gusano" Senator as vice-Prez (as a slick PR man for "Latrino" America) in a Future Administration to replace Bushbama, we'll really see the NAFTA Treason Highway in action bringing in super-cheap goods made with super cheap labor made in "Maquiladores" in Panama/Nicaragua/CostaRica/Mexico etc. plus Chi-com owned domestic "Maquiladores" manufracturing goods with super cheap sub-minimum wage coolies brought in from Asia working in all 50 states. How Wonderful! I'm sure America's Kosher Corporate Rulers just can't wait to haul in the Trillions!

U.S. Suspends Pakistan Military Aid

The U.S. is suspending up to $800 million in military aid to Pakistan after the country expelled American military trainers. The move also serves to pressure Pakistan's army to fight militants more seriously. The suspended aid includes $300 million that would have reimbursed Pakistan for deployments along the Afghan border; the rest would have come in the form of training assistance and expensive military equipment. "When it comes to our military aid, we are not prepared to continue providing that at the pace we are providing it unless and until we see certain steps taken," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

FISH RIGHTS Stock up on Aqua-Biotics!

Dear Tom,
You and your readers may already be aware of this but I figured I would put it out there anyways for those who dont know. Stocking up on antibiotics is going to be so important when times get tough. A great way to do that is by buying fish antibiotics meant for aquariums. Most are the same antibiotics humans use for infections. During hard times, they can mean life or death. They are easy to come by online, require no prescription, are often purer than those humans are prescribed, and are very reasonably priced. In the end they can even be used for bartering. Stock up a wide variety and consider purchasing a book which goes over the use of antibiotics to have on hand. Times are quickly becoming more difficult. Prepare!!!
Lone She Wolf

Hey TT:  So Gwyneth paltrow decided she is descendent of a long lineage of rabbis(!) and decided to educate her children in the jewish faith? It's criminal! This is some of the biggest nonsense I've ever heard. I didn't know about this. She has to be seriously screwed up in her mind! It's an excellent example of the confusion that jews cast around themselves! Fucking jews!!!

TT, This is an interesting Dr. Pierce broadcast dated from 2001. What makes it interesting to me is at around 12.20 in the broadcast Dr. Pierce makes a statement that although he hates Democrats he hates Republicans more, especially conservative republicans. He then goes on to bash Bush/Chenney and others and finishes by stating that it will take an armed revolution to change things in this country. There are parts of this broadcast where Dr. Pierce's statements sound very close to what you have been saying. In fact it surprised me to hear him sound so close to your viewpoints, take a listen and see what you think.

TT says: Interesting!



Major computer hacks this week against Israel.
A great job done by Dr. Trojan and Code5.
An entire goverment computer system will be
out for all to see within the next year.
~ Wolf Computer Guy ~


Wake Up !!Breakout !!!
Lone Wolf