No Quarter Left No Quarter Right INSURGENT
21 JANUARY 2011


The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a leader in his or her own right. Insurgency associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the idea that whatever is good for the White Race is highest virtue, and that whatever is bad for the White Race is ultimate error. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert Jay Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan heroes who have dedicated their lives to the freedom and advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations; and I pledge, as a White Aryan Racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!


The Crimes of

The Jewish religion is not a religion at all, it is a calamity! ~ Heinrich Heine (Chaim Budeburg)

Behind every tyrant there is always a Jew. ~ Marx

Karl Marx's father had come into contact with Frankism and had also instructed his children in this ideology. His family's conversion to Christianity was just a social manoeuvre. Jakob Frank himself had done the same, when he became a "Catholic". Frank had, in his turn, followed the dreaded Sabbatai Zevi's example of "changing religion" for the sake of the cause.

Moses Hess – the Teacher of Marx and Engels

Karl Marx's worship of violence was strengthened by a Frankist communist whom he met in 1841, when he was 23 years old, Moritz Moses Hess. Hess was born on the 21st of June 1812 in Bonn, the son of a wealthy Jewish industrialist. He died on the 6th of April 1875 in Paris and is buried in Israel. He founded the German Social Democratic Party. In "Judisches Lexikon" (Berlin, 1928, pp. 1577-78) he is called a communist rabbi and the father of modern Socialism. Part of his terrifying world of ideas is disclosed in his book "Rome and Jerusalem".

In Paris, in the autumn of 1844, Moses Hess presented the 26-year-old Marx to the half-Jew Friedrich Engels, who was two years younger. This meeting laid the foundations for their long collaboration.

ARYAN Another of Marx's guides, Levi Baruch, emphasised to him that the revolutionary elite of Jews were not to reject Judaism and that they should be called traitors to their own people if they did so. When one of Baruch's letters to Marx was published, its contents caused a big scandal, which they wanted to silence at once.

This letter explained, among other things, that it would be easy for Jewry to get into power with the help of the proletariat. Thus the new governments were to be led by Jews who would forbid all private property so that all these riches came into Jewish hands, or made the Jews administrators of the fortunes and estates. In this way an old dream which the Talmud speaks of, namely that all the riches of the world would come into the hands of the Jews, was to be fulfilled. Baruch also made it clear that the goals of Judaism were power over the whole world, a mingling of the races, abolition of national frontiers, elimination of the royal families and finally the founding of the Zionist world state. (Salluste, "Les origines secretes du bolchevisme", Paris, 1930, pp. 33-34.)

The main reason Mikhail Bakunin (above) later distanced himself from Marxism was that it was a further development of Judaism. In his book "God and the State", he declared: "Of all the good gods who have ever been worshipped by men, Yahweh is the most jealous, the most vain, the cruellest, the most unjust, the blood-thirstiest, the most despotic and the one who is most hostile against human dignity and liberty..."


What Happened In Tunisia?


Blackwater/Xe, Triple Canopy, DynCorp, Aegis...

Moving Tunisia away from France and China
and into the orbit of America and Israel.

Regime change in Tunisia, followed by regime changes
in Oil rich Algeria and Libya. (Tunisia also has Oil!)

...CIA links to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Thanks for the translation!

Robert Jay Mathews

         Father & SonTruth and Freedom

January 16, 1953  –  December 8, 1984

Pastor Robert and Dorothy Miles


Both on the right; both 1925 – 1992

1. Institute or Raise Tariffs on Foreign Imports, other than for limited Barter Trade. Rescind NAFTA, WTO, GATT, and related agreements. Close the IRS.

2. Enable Sovereign Credit to rebuild Infrastructure, beginning with Railroads, Bridges, Highways, and the Power Grid. Seize the Federal Reserve for these and other National Funding purposes.

3. Close most offshore military installations, eliminate the occupation of foreign lands, and cut the Defense (WAR) Budget at least 50%. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

4. Eliminate Foreign Aid. Shift those credits to Infrastructure Development.

5. Eliminate ALL immigration into this country, legal or illegal. Eliminate 'Dual Citizenship'.

6. Severely punish Companies and Corporations that hire Illegal Aliens, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

7. Employ Sherman Antitrust and similar laws upon monopolistic Corporations. Eliminate the Corporate 'Person'.

8. Seize assets of Companies and Corporations that destroy the physical environment, with added emphasis (hard prison time) upon Executives who knowingly do so.

Immediately seize the assets of British Petroleum and imprison all Executives involved in the events leading to and exacerbating the Gulf Oil Disaster.

9. Empower the 50 States to regain their individual sovereignty. Empower offshore holdings to gain their Independence.

10. Revitalize the Articles of Confederation to enable these things.

(INS) – Its "one strike and you're out" aluminum design makes the Navy's new Littoral Combat Ship a potential death trap – RPG vulnerable even at high speed. However, future deployment of drones and sea-skimming bots may prove the intent of designers for its use by Imperial America.

We here at INS await the launch of the USS Evel Knievel (LCS) ...

Edwards Lawsuit Reversed!

The Kentucky Court of Appeals reversed a $1.3 million civil judgment against the former leader of Kentucky-based Imperial Klans of America on Friday, ruling that there isn't enough evidence to hold him liable in the beating of a minority teen by other Klansmen at a county fair.

On Friday, a three-judge panel threw out that judgment, ruling that "there was no evidence that Edwards had encouraged or instructed any of the assailants to go to the fair" and "no evidence that he had encouraged or instructed the assailants" to assault the teen.

But Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which represented the teen, said his group would ask the Kentucky Supreme Court to reinstate the verdict.

An unmanned floating airship surveillance system is proposed for Ogden, Utah. Its cameras have incredible night vision to see with tremendous clarity daytime and nighttime. One person will be able to operate the system but it will also function on its own with programmed directives.

The blimp is 52 feet long, will be outfitted with two cameras, and is capable of flying up to 40 miles per hour at 400 feet above the city. It can fly for four to six hours before needing to be recharged, and has almost no operational costs and minimal maintenance expenses. Ogden city officials say it will cost about $100 a month to operate.

Heimdall's Ghost HEIMDALL'S  GHOST
White Aryan Racist News On Twitter
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MIXER INTEL:  Portugal Report

Hi TT,

Here in the paradise of the race mixers it's election time for presidency. The usual puppets of fabian socialism debate themselves like if it was all for real. Our glorious leader Kim-Il-Socrates the first doesn't want to listen about the IMF, and considers non patriotic and counter productive to talk about crisis!! Now all the poor and people with extremely low income (minimous wage by law: 475€!) know what they need: positive thinking!!... positive thinking, soap opera and soccer (and non-white immigrants) - that's what we need!! China bought our public dept and our minister of finance, today on TV, says he doesn't know exactly what happened!! – Man! I am not an expert on economics or finance, but this sounds weird! I suppose this doesn't mean that the lovely Chinese decided to pay our debt just out of pure charity!... I guess not...

It seems that there is a new wave of Portuguese emmigration it is said on the news frequently, as if it was a matter of concern... well... isn't it what they are all working on at the top? to kick out the natives and replace them by muds, being ruled by a jewish elite? "At this moment the country doesn't need all this talk about crisis" ..."patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels", I've heard once... in these last years of my life I've been understanding why. Each day that passes the less I belong to this country, and the more the Aryan nation is my real nation.

I wish a great year of 2011 to you, all lone wolfs and white resistants out there! 14/5!

P.S. I love these "intel" files, great stuff!

CLINT INTEL:  White World Report

Hi TT,

This evening, I spent two hours at a gas station, talking with a comrade. I'm not shitting you, every 15-20 minutes I was being introduced to another White Racial Loyalist, stopping in to buy gas or some other item.

The local sheriff flies a Confederate flag on the flag pole in front of his home, while his cruiser sits in his driveway!

A friend hangs a noose from a beam, open to all to see in the barn close to the roadway. Yes, some libtard will complain from time to time. When the libs look to be a pain in the ass, the local deputy will just take down the noose himself, and not bother my friend.

A few days later, he will put it back up!

Have to go...

75 Surprising Expiration Dates
Google Real-Time Speech Translator

California leads again:
Warrantless Cell Phone Search Legal
Online Impersonation Illegal

DOD password hack: 'DEFAULT'
Army Fights Fat With 'Health Food'
Fitness training de-emphasized!
Confederate message finally delivered:
Expect no reinforcements for Vicksburg!

Chinese: White is Right!
China Light is Toxic

No Semper Fi for Marine Le Pen!

Race flux in Israel
Israelis approve racist Rabbis:
Don't rent to Ragheads!
Don't race-mix with Ragheads!

Bin Laden: It wasn't ME!
It was the KikeJews!
Mossad head's farewell:
Oy vey! How we danced!
The JDL joins the EDL
Useful Idiots! Great Brits?

Victim Captures Murderer
Quick Steps for Long Life!
Retired in 1969, he is now 107!

The Latest in Balaclavas
Mirror or Two Way Glass?
How you can tell!

John Demjanjuk's travails:
Witness tortured; testimony challenged!
Spain demands pound of flesh!
Demjanjuk liable to universal law?

Orlando Nazi Rally organized by FBI
Frank Spisak seeks life at hearing.
DA Soo C. Song: Man Bites FBI

Comedy: Gervais and Boyle
Detroit in Ruins! Next?
Morse Code Experts

Low Power FM Radio Act Passes
This opens up the radio dial to the general public for Low Power FM, with the FCC mandated to license thousands of new stations in all areas, not just rural communities.

VICTIM Bill White Convicted In Chicago

(INS) – William A. White, 33, was found guilty of "encouraging harm" to the foreman of a jury, on only the third day of his trial in a Chicago U.S. District Court. The right wing leader has been serving a 30 month sentence following convictions last year in Roanoke of threatening a bank employee in Missouri, a university administrator in Delaware and a group of apartment tenants in Virginia Beach. Instead of a scheduled Jan. 18 release, he now faces up to 10 more years in prison.

CHEAP Gasoline to $5/gallon!

TT:  Worse is better, for now!!! You predicted this Tommy many times, and I new this was coming also!!! I am glad I don't have a drivers license and automobile and then insurance... but I feel bad for my mother who has to slave for living 24/7 like a Nigger for room and board. They just laid off half of mothers department, and mother is facing unemployment as well because the so-called cut-backs and losing her apt, and now this when she cannot even afford medical, bills, and gas as it is, and worse is that her bankruptcy just ended and she ran out and traded her 2003 Monte Carlo car in [granted it was a piece of shit and falling apart and forked $10,000 in just keeping it running] for a new 2009 Chevy Impala @ $30,000. This is why I walk everywhere I need to go, except for groceries once a month where I tag with my mother in her car for conservation!!!

I advise people to dump their cars/trucks/suv's and buy motorcycles, or else keep your car for primary daily needs such as work, etc; then buy a Moped cycle for around town as they get like 60-100 (Miles Per Gallon), or else start taking the buses again!!! This is only the beginning at the hands of these corrupt fucking criminals in power, and it's going to get rock-bottom worse before we start making things better!!! I don't buy into that Capitalist bullshit about the oil wells drying-up as much as Global-Warming is a fucking scam to enforce/create more Orwellian laws against us and take more of our individual rights and national-sovereignty away to the (UN) and Israel for the world-government!!! I do all my basic needs outside groceries by walking and don't have to face this problem!!! Pay all my bills via car or money-order!!!

It's winding down, sir, yes indeed, Tommy just might see it collapse and the (RAHOWA) (making or (breaking) our racial/folks existence on this planet in his lifetime, just yet!!! Burn, system, burn!!! Get the gas-cans and torches and pitchforks... Viva le' White Revolution!!! ~ LW

SERVING Desperately Seeking Patsy

Running low on agents provocateur and patsies, The FBI and Media underlings target the dead!

(INS) – A purported bomb, conveniently found and likely previously planted by FBI operatives before a parade in Spokane, Washington, is being attributed to deceased Pastor Richard Butler of the former Aryan Nations in Idaho. A patsy has yet to be unvailed by the perps.

Famous but incompetent Spokane operative Frank Harrill called the planting of the bomb "an act of domestic terrorism clearly designed to advance a political or social agenda."

"The confluence of the holiday, the march and the device is inescapable!"

Media operatives even suspect the Hayden, Idaho snow Ku Klux Klansman which is holding a noose!

Unconventional Lone Wolf approach changes FBI strategy
(INS) – The year coming to an end saw several supposed 'terror plots' in the United States foiled. These kinds of plots have two things in common: They are launched by lone-wolves via FBI agents provocateur. Experts expect more undercover cases in 2011 because the FBI has clearly decided that the best way to grow the threat of 'homegrown terrorism' in this country is to again do it themselves.


Hi TT, I know you don't watch a lot of TV. I normally don't watch a lot of it myself. I have however came across an interesting show called Gangland, and it gives information about gangs. Mostly non-white gangs. I think that if an average white person who's not racially aware see a few episodes of that show they might awaken. It really shows how disgusting and sick these nigger and spic gangs behave. They do have some episodes about white gangs like Hells Angels and Aryan Brotherhood (a white prison gang). Although, they are not really much of a threat compared to some of these non-white gangs. Aryan Brotherhood was formed to protect whites in prison, and Hells Angels MC really are not a gang at all.

I was watching the local news where I live in Maryland. They had a story about a white liberal teacher being brutally beaten up by some student. I assume it was a nigger or spic, because they didn't say what color he was, and the teacher was white. The teacher was saying that he felt sorry for the boy and was wishing that he could be helped while laying in a hospital bed. ~ LW

TT says:
He or she, like millions of other Whites, are infected with Negrophilia and with misplaced compassion. There is nothing we can do for these types.

The Minsk Election
The vast majority of the Belarusian people are content with their lives. Their salaries are modest, on a par with neighboring Russia, but they have no unemployment and they do not worry that their place of work will get shut down. Their cities are clean, their food is inexpensive, the heating and rent are heavily subsidized, and transport is well organized. They are not subservient to the Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, the Pentagon, nor to the Masters of Discourse. They are the cause of soul-searching for their neighbors, a living proof that the Soviet Union did not have to be destroyed, that socialism can work, and that it often works better than financial capitalism. ~ Israel Shamir

WHITE Spiridovich Murdered?

Hello Friend,
I want to thank you for the information you share. Actually, I have just come to your homepage for the first time today, but I have been reading Major-General, Count Cherep-Spiridovich's book THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT pdf from your site and become more grateful as I read this great man's appeal to us all, and of course, I also thank the Lord for others, like yourself, who have been kind and courageous enough to make sure another generation has the opportunity to learn the Truth faithful men of other generations laboured to share with the world.

Russian General Entertains at St. Regis

As I was reading Spiridovich's book just now, I wondered when and how he may have died. I paused reading to do a quick search and right away found an article from 1907 about the Major-General's visit to America. At the end of the article is a note, I assume from the editor of the page, in which they say that Spiridovich 'committed suicide' in 1926! You may already publish this information at your site, but since I haven't read anything but Spiridovich's book from your site, I am unaware, but thought I'd contact you and send you the link and ask you whether you have more 'true' information as to how brother Spiriovich died. Obviously, I don't believe he committed suicide, and certainly not in the same year he published the book about the THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT, but I can certainly believe there would be those who would want him dead and would murder him to 'shut him up'.

Again, thank you for all the information!
Out of Canada

TT says:
You're welcome, but at this time I have no further information on the subject. However I will post your concerns on our NEWS AND VEIWS section less your address and name. Perhaps someone knows more.

Pat Buchanan Defends Sarah Palin
If you want to listen to an exciting exchange on the blood libel controversy don't miss this exchange. Pat Buchanan stood by Palin eloquently and steadfastly. Don't miss it. ~ Ted Belman, Jerusalem

TT says:
What a dog and pony show. Buchanan, the tired old Republican apologist, against tired old Democrat lackey Bill Press. Arguing over nonsense while ROME BURNS.

40 Queensland Deluge

I apologise for the non-appearance of Australia Calling these past two weeks, but I have a major technical problem. When the flooding began in Queensland a branch fell off a tree and took down the telephone line to the bunker.

That was fixed last Friday, but then we discovered that although the land line worked there was no longer an ADSL connection. It seems that the farkwits at Telstra deleted my account from the system while the line was down. I am still waiting for that to be resolved. Unless or until that happens, I cannot do much.

Derrick MacThomas
[sent from one of those horrible public kiosk things]

TT says:
Sorry to hear that. I will inform our friends. Lots of luck to you and yours. TT and the crew.


Profanity and epithets have their place – this is an emergency! not always and in all instances an occasion for polite talk..

It is absolutely correct for some forums to be free of profanity and epithets in order to display that ability of White advocates, to defy stereotypes; and to use the tact and diplomacy of that angle where it is most effective in promulgating a White point of view and so on; however, it is totally wrong to assert that this language has no place in other forums – a very bad assumption, in fact. The reason being plain – what is happening is reasonably considered an emergency in many instances: An ancient people, arguably the most noble, is being destroyed! That is true in every instance of miscegenation, in every case where Jews try to institutionalize and normalize such behavior. Given that, it is those who insist on polite, calm language always and denounce such emphatic usage in other places who are dead wrong. This is not necessarily a moment for calm, rational reflection from all and on all forums. "A tear is an intellectual thing" and so too can epithets, profanity, hard and emotive language be. More, it is an assertion of free speech and a reclaiming of how it is that language counts. The reasoning of those forums that want to be profanity free is understandable. I wish that those on the Occidental and other profanity free forums could see the other point of view on this. I believe Craig Cobb said it well – we need the full panoply of voices – not only polite, calm eggheads. ~ Wolf Europe

COLD? The Cooling Sun

TT:  Here is another example of a cooling Sun. Let's say you have an old floor heater that has large coils as it's heating elements. Over time the resistance of those heating elements has increased and less current is flowing through those coiled heating elements. With less current there is less heating. So what could be done to increase the heat production back to what it was when the floor heater was new. Installing smaller coiled heating elements out in front of the older heating elements would do the trick. Thus, after air is blown past the larger and older heating elements, first, then the air is sent past the newer smaller heating elements. This would be to change the single heating element floor heater into a dual heating element floor heater. Will guess what, this is exactly what the Sun most do to produce sufficient heat to keep the Earth out of mini Ice Ages when the Earth is in between Ice Ages. It is powerful Magnetic Flux Lines bulging out of the surface of the Sun along with flip flopping Magnetic Flux Lines that propels hot matter into space that serves the purpose of a second heating coil that keeps the Earth out of mini Ice Ages. Sun Spots are just the entry and exit points of those powerful Magnetic Flux Lines.

When there are no Sun Spots then there are no powerful Magnetic Flux Lines and, thus, the Sun burns cool which means the Earth goes in to a mini Ice Age.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

Hello sir great great show on the supposed global warming myth well here in Texas we have snow on the ground and it is 17 degrees it seems that every winter it gets worse and worse and colder as every year passes well sir this was very interesting indeed makes me wish i would have studied more on our planet and the climate and also about the show in which they say that people were bullied into accepting global warming by these political juggernauts this is very true as is everything that these people say thank you

FASCISTI Fascist America?

(INS) – A term, dual term, which has been destroyed through misuse is 'fascism' ... 'Fascism'.

One definition of 'fascism' is simply "unified for effect", and as many know, 'Fascism' is the political movement first organized effectively by Benito Mussolini; however, current usage mis-characterizes Fascism/fascism as being the confluence of government and trans-national corporations as an evil combine.

The mistake is that Mussolini's Fascism was rule by an alliance of Big Government, Big Business, and Big LABOR! The Labor aspect is missing today. The voice of the Working Class has been effectively destroyed.

America is not a Fascist state – it is ruled through the worst form of government possible – it is Centralized Feudalism!

TECH Sell yours? Cash for Tools!

Well of course! I've said it for years; Americans own A LOT OF STUFF, of which hardly any of it has true Re-Sale Value. Your Homes held up until the crash. Antique cars – for awhile. But most all of you own the SAME STUFF; Furniture, clothes, electronic gadgets, used appliances, briefly; "CONSUMER" STUFF! Add the goofy baseball card and Stamp collections. Or Knick-knacks & Barbie dolls??? Ha HA! All this junk will go out of style.

Meanwhile the "Tools" – I'm talking about the "QUALITY" TOOLS always would bring a decent price quickly.

Visualize America totally collapsed. The economy get's going again because of "Tools"; ie; Farm Tractors, roto-tillers, mechanic's tools. Machine Tools, Welding, etc. Here they are offering you "cash" for tools. BUT my own experience IS that you NEVER sell Tools, "good" self-defense capable "guns", food storage, woodstoves – ANY Survival or Income, or "Saving Money" items.

You'll always be sorry selling tools. And I happen to make a living currently with tools – pictured is one of my main work stations on the job. ~ Philosopher

SCHTUPT Rebbe: Avoid Goy Swimmers!

"Sefer HaChinuch states that the character traits of the father pass on to the son," he said. "If the father in not Jewish, what character traits could he have? Traits of cruelty, of barbarism! These are not traits that characterize the people of Israel."

Dov Lior condemned artificial insemination and sperm donation in general, saying that they lead to waste of sperm, unclear genealogy and other Jewish law offenses. He warned against undergoing intrauterine insemination at hospitals, where the workers may mix sperm samples for one reason or another - a major halachic violation.

A lot of people are upset about the shooting in Arizona, especially the little girl. They don't seem to get that Obama kills more little girls and boys than that every day. They don't get that that congresswoman does too. They don't get all the lives ruined by judges that enforce unfair and insane laws against the public that judges are sworn to serve and protect. They don't get how the outraged public that is all worked up about these killings; willingly support far greater murders every day. They don't get it. ~ Dog Poet

FRIENDS Rahm Emanual's crisis tactic!

Rahm Emanual, a disciple of Saul Alinsky, says never let a crisis go to waste. The gun grabbers and big sister big brother are using this Arizona shooting already. We should too. There have to be ways we can use this event as a way to agitate.

All the preaching and bitching about gun control will just be causing people to buy more guns, magazines and ammo. This works against their cause. It may help ours by making cheap equipment availiable to us when prices drop due to a glut on the market, or as spoils of war. ~ MichiganWolfX

Whacked Judge Supported Mestizos
(INS) – John M. Roll and his wife were under Federal Marshal protection after he allowed illegal aliens and Mexicans to sue an Arizona rancher for "civil rights abuses" – stopping trespassers and turning them over to the Border Patrol! The Marshals were nowhere to be found on January 8th.



U.S. Crop Stockpile Decline
The Department of Agriculture expects further deterioration
in supplies, and severe weather is limiting harvests in Argentina,
Australia, and elsewhere. Year-end inventories of U.S. corn are
projected to fall nearly 8 percent, the lowest level in 15 years.

The Thirty Year Trickle
Good news: Companies are hiring! Bad news: Overseas!

Why Does Mom Sell Baby?
To buy a new car, of course!

Experts: It's Global Cooling Again!
Ya better stock up on food & fuel!

Moonbeam: Californians will feel pain!

Illinois Boosts Income Tax 66%

Nip Converts Plastic Into Oil


PRESS HIM (INS) – Asshole (literally) RCMP deserves pruning, particularly after the Jeff Hughes murder.

Canada is going down the tubes fast, once the heebs get control they start opening up the Soviet style gulags for thought crime dissidents. Good thing he was able to get across the border to Montana, they are cracking down on the people the jews hate in Canada. The police call them anti-semites. They also burn anti-semitic books at the border stations now.

I have to say I admire Craig Cobb's will, resourcefulness and toughness, he's living in a hole in Montana, in friggin January and he's not even whining about it, he actually appears to be making an adventure out of it, that's badass!

Tommy, I hate basketball, but a bunch of white guys playing would pique my interest. Check out this white boy. The kid could wipe the floor with a bunch of niggers. He flies right in the face of the KikeJew negro superiority psyop:


(INS) – Jordan McCabe is classic offensive guard material. Because the traveling rule is not enforced in American pro basketball, and because of simple anti-white bias, the game is not worthwhile for most white kids to concentrate on.

We will gain back some of our heritage when we enforce the Rules!

Not A Legend!


Austrian depiction of KikeJew WWI betrayal

Wake Up !!Breakout !!!
Lone Wolf