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31 OCTOBER 2010

The INSURGENT is an association of motivated White Racists, each a Leader in his or her own right. Insurgent Associates promote the Lone Wolf tactic, where even small cell networking is limited or non-existent. Associates serve the Idea that whatever is Good for the White Race is highest Virtue, and that whatever is Bad for It is ultimate ERROR. They devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I honor the memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes who have dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of the White Race, in all of its variations, and I pledge, as a White racist, absolute loyalty only to our own!


Freedom of Speech in OZ

Unionist buttonholes KikeJew talk show host!

Kevin Bracken, the senior Victorian unionist who states that the 2001 World Trade Center collapse was not caused by terrorists, called talkback again today to demand a right of reply.

This is good stuff – a main stream Oz Jew talk show host is required BY THEIR LAW to allow the union leader a response. THIS is why support for the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE is so critical for our STRUGGLE and for TRUTH and FREEDOM OF SPEECH in general.

To highlight any aspect of 911 other than the OBVIOUS Controlled Demolition of WTC-7 is obfuscation, whether intended or not.

I have seen this for years:  If WTC-7 is discussed too forcefully, fervently and effectively, KikeJews, their flunkies, and fools will come out of the woodwork and re-direct discourse toward any other aspect – even an HONEST revelation! – where it is possible to promote truth destroying arguments. Not possible here:


Aryan Fighter
David McCalden

20 September 1951 – 15 October 1990

McCalden was victimized by opponents on 7 June 1989 when he was attacked and badly beaten in Los Angeles. Those responsible were Irv Rubin and the Jewish Defense League, who also viciously threatened David Cole.

David McCalden was from Northern Ireland. He joined up with Willis Carto in L.A. and actually was the brains behind the creation of the Institute for Historical Review. He was an Atheist and challenged Madalyn Murray O'Hair on the subject of Jews, so they kicked him out. I worked with him on and off. He was very tempramental. He went into a synagogue to debate the H-word and was roughed up by the JDL.

He and Carto developed a mutual hatred. Was on my show twice. Wrote a great booklet – EXILES FROM HISTORY – great intro for new people. I liked him even if he was tempramental. ~ Tom Metzger

Tom,  There are white Mexicans (just look at their TV or Movies – You don't see Meztisos or pure "Indios" that much). With all the Niggers/Arabs/Pakis on the "Electric Jew" (one of them a Oompa-Loopa refugee from the remake of the Johnny Depp's "Willy Wonka" film is seemingly everywhere in ads – He is a Kenyan Hindu but looks like a damn Paki)) etc. you'd think America is located in Brazil or Bombay or somewhere like that and (from Mexican TV) that you were in Sweden!

Mexican Nationals preserve & glorify their Whites while they are denigrated here on TV etc. In the "Tex-Mex" region of Texas and Northern Mexico there is a lot of Mixture. Some Mexicans look like typical Texas Whites & others look pure "Indio". Mexican Music from this area has Polka Music intertwined in its melodies due to all the Germans/Pollocks/Czechs etc. settlements along the border.

Tommy Lee Jones used to "room" with Bill Clinton at Oxford. He is a "friend of Bill" ... F.O.B., which means you're a real Big Shot or supposedly so. I wonder if Jones is Bi or Gay like Bill is. (Hillary is a dyke). This Greek-American St. Pete. Times reporter that used to be a friend of mine, Jim Scofield, claims he met Bill Clinton's boyfriend from the days he was Gov of Arkansas... his Mason friends in Hot Springs, Ark. introduced him to Clinton's "ex". Clinton's "ex" was too afraid that Clinton or the Jew-CIA controlled Government would have him "knocked off" if he were to talk to Jim or his "Tabloid" friends (the AFP claims that all the Tabloids here are ALL owned by a Jew who is also a "friend of Bill's" too). Don't know why Jim Scofield would want to go to "Enquirer" etc. since they're really Mob-CIA controlled anyway and not interested in the TRUTH!

ONE thing good about Mexicans, they do hate Jews. I think Jews are well aware of this. When you see Movies etc. about L.A. or Southern California you'd think there were little or no Mexishits there. My nephews tell me that's all you see when you go to L.A. (Mexicans) just like San Fran – all you are 'zipper heads'!! So much for the White man's hope.... California. ~ LW

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the Federal Communications Commission that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable and balanced.

Reagan's FCC Chairman announced in 1985 that the doctrine violated free speech rights, and by August 1987, the FCC abolished the Fairness Doctrine!

Break the stranglehold of rich media corporations against true Free Speech!

Stutzman... Does it matter which party he's in?

Don't be fooled by motherhood and apple pie


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Warsaw, IN 46581

574-267-5036 • 888-570-4114


The MAIN way Jews conquer the world:
They create a greedy and corrupt Right Wing
which drives the Working Class to the Left
where Marxists scoop them all up!
~ Hervé Ryssen ~

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IV. Some Conclusions

Gang of Four? THE FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE between patriotic partisan resistance and revolutionary guerrilla movements is that the first usually lacks the ideological content that always distinguishes the second.

A resistance is characterized by the quality of spontaneity; it begins and then is organized. A revolutionary guerrilla movement is organized and then begins.

A resistance is rarely liquidated and terminates when the invader is ejected; a revolutionary movement terminates only when it has succeeded in displacing the incumbent government or is liquidated.

Historical experience suggests that there is very little hope of destroying a revolutionary guerrilla movement after it has survived the first phase and has acquired the sympathetic support of a significant segment of the population.

Mao Tse-Tung on Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla warfare in a Third World country is a lot different than in a first world country. In another few decades the US will be at that level but not yet. Mao Tse Tung could not have made it in modern China. Agrarian nations are where guerilla warfare works best. For guerilla warfare to work in an advanced nation it has to be seriously reconstructed. Any attempt at traditional guerilla warfare in the US at this time would be fruitless and wiped out quickly.

However, as the serpent continues to eat its tail many advantages can be taken – always with the thought of weakening big brother. That will most likely be a slower process and depend a lot on the natural deterioration of the system itself. It can't be forced to happen and it cannot be stopped from happening. It will be a long frustrating struggle. Many people with good intentions will try to hurry it along but that will only be suicidal.

If one does choose suicide there are many things that can be done. Perhaps to give the rank-and-file a shot in the arm – but having almost no effect on the overall battle. Every such war is different but every such war is the same. ~ Tom Metzger

Pension? What Pension??

What ... Me Worry?
Some words of warning!

Hey TT,
I don't know if you have been noticing in the news for perhaps the past year there has been a series of reports on the slow collapse of public pension systems all across the country. At the bottom I've put a few links to some of the news stories just to give you some examples. But to sum up the situation for you, the bottom line is that public pension systems all over this country are running out of money and most are now unable to meet their future obligations unless they receive huge infusions of money and we are talking amounts in the hundreds of billions of dollars! The reasons for this are many but mostly stem from states diverting money intended to fund pension systems into other projects for years, borrowing against the pension fund money, investment losses by pension fund managers – and pensioners living longer then at any time in the past thereby drawing pension funds longer on average than ever before.

As a result, most states are now scrambling to bring their systems into line and they are basically left with two choices – either cut pension benefits severely or pass massive tax increases. Most states now realize these pension funds have the ability to bankrupt them. For us this is an important and critical development in the collapse of this society. Make no doubt about it, the loyalty of government workers at all levels of government and in all positions is directly tied to their lucrative pensions. As the government hacks away at the pension benefits it will be undermining that loyalty. If government workers end up feeling cheated and deceived by the government they will loose their enthusiasm to support it. The more the government takes away, the better for us.

If the pension systems collapse completely then likely so will the government. Workers show up and do their jobs because of pay and benefits not because of any great love or respect for government itself. As pay and benefits are eaten away a situation develops like what existed in Mexico for years. Government workers there have for decades been underpaid and received few benefits, and the result has been endemic corruption as workers supplement their pay. The alliance of the police with the drug cartels down there is only the latest development in that trend.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, especially in the Border states as pay and benefits to law enforcement are cut back and the drug cartels are flush with plenty of money. I for one am eagerly anticipating the further collapse of the pension system. With government now cutting medical benefits, freezing contracts and under-hiring staff (forcing others to do more with less), the dissatisfaction is growing daily. Add the pension debacle to the mix and we got us a party Tommy!

You wolves out there better be getting ready with supplies because if those pension systems collapse, the shit is really gonna hit the fan!! Stay tuned to this story Tommy, because if you combine this with the looming failure of Social Security... well I think you get the picture. Nothing inspires armed uprisings more than financial collapse!! When people are fat and happy they will never lift a finger for change, but take away the security blankets of pensions and social security and now you have some very pissed off and desperate people to contend with... tens of millions of them.

So a warning to all you Lone Wolves out there, Stock up on supplies now, educate yourself about all aspects of survival now, get yourself fit and healthy now and finally start laying out some plans for how you will respond to the financial collapse – now. Don't procrastinate and keep putting this stuff off, because once it begins it will then be too late!! You may have read a hundred racial books and listened to a thousand hours of TT's radio shows, but if that is all you did to prepare... then once it starts you are fucked! ~ LW

Blanco eyed....

Hello Tom,
I received your message on skype. Thanks again for airing my comments on the show. My emails which you contribute to the nav are usually attributed to west wolf. Thank you for allowing me to stay anonymous. It accomplishes the task and it helps me keep a low profile. A lot of your listeners know that you have specifically warned them to limit the scope of their associations with other wolves or fellow racists. At the end of the day people are still going to throw caution to the wind in most cases and break with protocol. If Dennis Mahon can be compromised after years of relative peace, it is bound to happen to others. However the exception proves the rule, because without the contributions of Joom, computer, wall street, dc, ghost, and the rest of the wolves, the show would lose valuable content and perspective. I'm mostly partial to dc and wall street, but to the next listener it might be joom or ghost wolf who keeps them tuned to the show. Fortunately for wall street and computer guy their association with you has not jeopardized their prosperous livelihoods. This reaffirms to me and others that your guidelines for wolves's association at an arm's length protects us from becoming victims of attrition.

Sometimes I wonder why people fly across the country to attend Duke's conferences when they're always canceled due to jewish interference. It's horsefeathers. Does a general deploy his troops into an area where he knows a trap has been laid and is therefore doomed to fail? If you put your hand on the stove it's going to get burnt.

There's a Diversity Wall of Shame somewhere out there with names and faces of people who lost their careers, families, reputations, and lives because they misplaced their trust in someone they thought would protect their identity, or because they opened their mouths in a public arena, whether electronic or physical. If it wasn't for your shift to lone wolf tactics and loose associations, after the Portland trial, the enemy would have already had you so deep under the jailhouse they'd be pumping sunlight down to you. They wounded something which they couldn't kill, so when reconciliation and payback comes to the enemy, at the hands of wolves, I hope they find discomfort in the fact that it was partially their attempts to stifle and silence you which led to their termination. All their worst fears about men like Matt Hale and Bob Mathews will be realized when on their behalf action is taken.

About two years ago I shifted the focus of my efforts to further the cause, working mostly from behind the scenes. I find it's most effective for me to utilize the collection of information on and other sites by drip feeding it to friends, associates, and people in my extended network. With a systematic and methodical approach to disseminating the facts about the plight of our race, I put a lot of consideration into what and when to send to each and every person on my growing email list. When I develop a repiore with someone, it's only a matter of time before they end up on my email list. I generally initiate the education process for them by praising their keen intellect and then asking for their opinion on various subjects. Everyone's a hero in his own story, therefore a little praise or flattery goes a long way. I usually break the ice by expressing my confusion over a controversial speech I heard from la raza (the speech by jose angel gutierrez you used to play), and then asking for the other person's opinion on the matter. The one that really jolts people is the story about the massacre at the gaza zoo in 2009. That is usually enough to snap someone out of their daze. But educating people about the dangers of zionism is useless unless you dovetail race into the dialog at some point.

Literature mysteriously pops up in public places in my area from time to time, and as best I can tell, the source of it remains a mystery to those in my community.

I know I can rely on your experience for sound advice on how to proceed in most situations. I've listened to virtually every show you've aired since February of 2006 and things are pretty well laid out on how to conduct activism so I rarely need clarification on any given matter.

Lone Wolf West

JOOM Journal: Recent Additions

My fellow Kinsman

Tom, you really have affected my life in a positive manner and I wish you and your family only the best in life. I would like to send you some T-shirts I am making (what size do you wear?).

If you find time to watch any of the videos included that would really be something to me. I would love to hear what you think of my propaganda. I have listened to your radio show for many years and say thank you Terrible Tommy!

Lone Wolf AL

California Pro-White Voting Guide

California Cuts 37,000 Government Jobs

'Attack Page' Scam Lurks in Firefox and Chrome

REAL VIRUS: UPS/Fed Ex Delivery Failure
Delete without opening!

Zombie Network: Beware 'Free Public WiFi'

Fake Defragmenter Holds PCs for Ransom?

War Rap – No Mercy!

Craig Cobb's Blog

Richard Butler on Race and Reason

Confederate group fears link to KKK
TT says: For fear of the JEW!

Hardy Lloyd sentenced to 30 months

Home Depot's homosexual agenda
TT says: Don't shop there!

Noruega en España

Nationalize The Federal Reserve

Does Foreclosure = Free House?
Possibly, with Chapter 7!

Palestinians: Show us the Map!

SAfrica: It gets Worse for Whites

Citizenship For Sale?

Republicans hate the working class.
Democrats hate the White working class.

Nature takes care of the Action –
We must learn our place within Nature.

Virtuous and vicious everyone must be;
few in extremes, but all in degree. ~ A. Pope

Illegal Aliens canvass for votes!
Do what you must, but beware Social Marxists
and thought police with hidden cameras.
Devise clever - better methods. ~ TT

"... a squad of Federal agents from the Bureau of Investigation, led by J. Edgar Hoover on his first important action, attacked Lindbergh and his family, dragged out all the copies of Lindbergh's "Your Country at War", and burned them on the lawn; when young Charles rushed forward to stomp out the fire, Hoover knocked him down." ~ Eustace Mullins, The World Order

No mercy! Whose Law?

TT: Ghost Wolfs should be able to raise operating funds without resorting to criminal means. By reducing their utility and food costs they will be able to do so. Should Ghost Wolfs resort to crimes they will greatly increase their exposure to being identified. For all the work that Micheal Meyers has done I don't recall him ever talking about the subject of how to go about reducing costs in order to raise funds – legally. It seems that you need to step up and do that for him.

Blood and Soil
Lone Wolf

TT says: I don't think he could reduce his expenditures much more. I think he lives out of his bugout bag now! lol

Abandoned? Cyndi Steele
allowed to visit Edgar

In a Targeted Individual case involving the FBI, yesterday, the Court granted Cyndi Steele's Motion to Vacate the No Contact Order in part, allowing her to see her husband, a rights defender exposing human trafficking, now in solitary confinement for state accused attempted murder of his wife with a WMD, a pipe-bomb. Some people, on both the left and right, view the case to be a Cointelpro operation to neutralize Steele, as his attorney recently alluded outside the courthouse, winning a round of applause.

The possibility is increasing that the KikeJewdiciary is behind another frame-up, with control going as high as B'nai B'rith.

WOOF Good Shows

Hi TT,  Very good shows you have been putting out lately! ...about the books that people have being a good clue of what people are or think: I don't think they tell so much about the owner, after all, how many of those books were offered and left on a shelf by lack of interest, or dropped at the beginning of the middle by the same reason? and of course, the fact that you read some book doesn't mean that you subscribe it... it's the jewdized thought police that tend to profile people by their books and other personal belongings when they search or get into your house!!... there are all kinds of books for all kinds of readings, as far as I'm concerned, in these days, any romanticized history of mainstream thinking, you can leave on the shelf for decoration... some others are good to leave by your bed because they make you sleepy.

I achieved the Redneck Manifesto for ages and I'm still on the beginning... I think I know what it is all about, after all, I've experienced it! the same goes for books about jews. I already know what it is and what it looks like, I don't have to read anything about it. There is a good story that may give you an original view of the international jew, both in book (Bill Lancaster) and movie (John Carpenter): "The Thing"!! if you haven't watched it yet, watch it and you will see what I'm talking about!

On the other hand, dictionaries of several kinds and technical books or manuals will always be of some interest. If a book doesn't become interesting by the first pages I quit it, unless i really have to read it. that's why I never read all of Jack London's books. Only the more interesting ones: White Fang, the Iron Heel and Star Rover ((or is it the jacket?) I have both, same stories with different names, different translations)... many political books are a drag... I read pieces of the Bible but i can't imagine reading it all. It's a mess of astrological allegories and desert jews raving on mescaline, all of this translated I don't know how many times from various languages!!

With the millions of tons of books that there are, people must be selective and not forget to make their daily work out and avoiding sugar! maybe I should read this book Sugar Blues, the subject of last ghost wolf radio show... I've never been much of a candy (poison!) eater, but I thought I was hooked on coffee, unless I'm hooked on the sugar I put in it!!

I agree with what you said about the Labrador you've got there, they have a bit of a clown face, but if sometimes he makes you laugh, it is good for your heart and soul!! - it's the magic of the dog!!! I heard say that when a peaceful Labrador gets angry it is worse than a wolf, I don't know if this is true... Yep, you have to get another kind of dog and bring him up since puppy... what about having two dogs? one to bite the burglar and another to warm your feet! ~ 14/5!

This is the end... America Nears All-Out Civil War
by Sorcha Faal

A new Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today warns that the long feared for new American Civil War may be underway after shots fired from what are to believed to be high-powered military-type sniper rifles shattered windows in the Pentagon and the nearby National Museum of the Marine Corps, both located in the Washington D.C. area of the United States.

TT says: Do not trust this writer. Beware of Mossad style deception. He or she has been off base many times. No doubt this country is in severe decline but a few shots from a hunting rifle doesn't make for revolution.

Ear ache! Cell Phone Brain Tumors!

Honest Natural "Justice" may prevail here against the ignorant; The Solution NOT mentioned; Throw the Damn thing in the Trash! - You don't need it. ~ Philosopher

TT says: I live on a highly traveled working class road where traffic must slow down for a 90 degree curve. Four out of five women have cell phones in their ear and two out of five men do. You are far more likely to die in a car accident caused by cell phone users than they are from a brain tumor!

Germany and the Failure of Multiculturalism

Merkel made clear that Germany needed 400,000 trained specialists. Consider also that Germany badly needs workers of all sorts who are not Muslims living in Germany, particularly in view of Germany's demographic problems. If Germany can't import workers for social reasons, it can export factories, call centers, medical analysis and IT support desks. Not far to the east is Russia, which has a demographic crisis of its own but nonetheless has spare labor capacity due to its reliance on purely extractive natural resources for its economy. Germany already depends on Russian energy. If it comes to rely on Russian workers, and in turn Russia comes to rely on German investment, then the map of Europe could be redrawn once again and European history restarted at an even greater pace.

Stupid is as does Muddied Waters
Friday, 22 October 2010
Twenty Years Ago

10-22-90 . . . Tom Metzger, a white supremacist from southern California, has been held liable in an Oregon court for violating the civil rights of a black man.

... blah blah blah blah ...

Yes and I am alive and well and working hard for Whites that deserve it. I never went bankrupt and Dees helped me a lot in round about ways! lol

Running for congress now! ... also

Tom Metzger
The Insurgent

Posted by: Tom Metzger - Saturday, 23 October 2010 at 04:03 PM

Talkshoe Show & Joke

TT, Interesting Talkshoe Show last night. I think that if lawyer Ed is so confident about his legal theories about citizenship, then he should make a legal challenge. Once he has made a successful challenge, then he may have something. The only example he used was about some woman that has been jailed "illegally"; so much for success. Talking and doing are two different things and talk is cheap! I wish him luck if he tries and will congratulate him if he succeeds.

I am with you TT and think the time of playing with the law and the constitution has been over for a long time. The only way we are to succeed is for this corrupt system to collapse one way or another, with or without our help. I am for using whatever will be successful in getting this accomplished. When it comes to the survival of our race then THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS! There is more than one way to skin a cat and our enemies will need to be attacked from many angles. It is our duty as wolves to develop and IMPLEMENT individual methods to use in the destruction of our enemy and when we develop tactics that are successful, they will spread like wildfire!

Worse is Better,
LW So Cal

P.S. A little humor:

Rush Hour Ya gotta love NASCAR!

Jeff Gordon announced that he fired his entire pit crew. This followed his decision to take advantage of President Obama's 'employ Harlem youngsters' scheme.

It was thought to be a bold move, as most races are won or lost in the pits. However, Gordon got more than he bargained for!

At the first practice session, not only was the new crew able to change all 4 wheels in under 6 seconds, but within 12 seconds they changed the paint scheme, altered the VIN number, and sold the car to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for 10 cases of Bud, a bag of weed, and vids of Jeff's wife in the shower.

State of Texas

TT, here in the lone star state the powers that be in their infinite wisdom, have decreed that the 1BILLION in fines and fees due the state by "the less fortunate" should be reduced to approx. 10% of what they owe. These fines are for such "minor" things as driving without a license, no insurance, and no registration. You can bet these "less fortunate" are for the most part mestizos who do not give a damn about such things. Almost daily I read about a mud involved in an accident, and instead of remaining at the scene, they haul ass for parts unknown. If you or I get caught you can bet we'd get no amnesty. I do believe in Dallas if you are stopped and have no lic., reg., or ins. the car is impounded until proof is presented. Here in Austin these liberal weenies would never consider such a ghastly remedy. How would their mestizo nannies, gardeners, and various other day slaves get to work? Unless and until a mass round up and deportation is put into effect, nothing will change it will only get worse (which as you say is better) and I agree.

One of the mexican state legislators got nailed for drunk driving and had the case dismissed because the judge ruled the police didn't have probable cause to stop him just because he was weaving.

If one of these illegals massacres relatives of the powers that be I'll bet there would be some change,who can say.

That's the rant from Austin lone wolf 14/5

Wall St. Clips, Old Man

TT, The Wall St. clips with the OLD MAN October 17th, on the Auto Industry OUTSOURCING TO CHINA!, WAS EXCELLENT.

AND ABOUT THE QUALITY OF GM Cars is right on. My 98 Buick Regal GS bought New. After 1 year began STALLING moving away from a stop into traffic. The Dealer couldn't fix it, dangerous to pull out into Heavy Traffic with, otherwise a nice running car. NOW WITH 128 K MILES ON.

What is your opinion of the CBS mini series "JERICHO"? It was RERUN on SiFi channel recently? I thought it was very good, about cities losing electric power, and living without modern conveniences.

Reality The Old Man Show

I would like to know if there are more "OldMan" lectures/ clips/shows available? I find his shows to be very informative and would like to hear more from him.

Are these shows of his available online someplace? If either you or Wall Street could please pass along a link where they are available I would appreciate it, or if not online anyplace to hear or download could I purchase copies? [Link above.]
Thank you!

invader mestizos

hello sir i heard you talking about these invader mestizos today on your show well sir if you think you have it bad in indiana its nothing compared to here in texas we are as bad if not worse with these shitskin invaders than california something you know damn well about i would like to say that it is way beyond any kind of legal or social solution to solve this problem this government will never do anything to stop this they have allowed this and for the most part caused it and us white racialists not including you sir have done not one damn thing to curb this either mostly the supposed right wing racial folk so sir since we are so far gone in this nation what is the next step i think i know the answer to this however we are beyond nationalism also there is no such thing in this country and has not been since the revolutionary war and even then it was a small percentage well mr.metzger will we or more importantly can we whites ever regain our once great nation and return this to the great white nation we were at on time in history so long ago

your interview

i enjoyed your interview yesterday with the san rancisco radio station i feel he did respect you early on however toward the end of show when the host brought a guest speaker on who described himself as Palestinian i thought they were more or less making fun of you making rude comments and such especially when you described yourself as a white separatist overall sir it was a favorable interview and you were allowed to speak without getting interrupted at every breath that was a nice change i would bet that the college they are from is total social marxist benign from the bay area

one more warning

sir do we whites need any more warning as of the most dire of times we exist in this age we whites are once again almost gone will not any whites in average society heed any kind of warning or advice that someone as yourself terrible Tommy can and will provide to secure the existence of our people and the future for white children something that David Lane and the order tried to explain to the average white man however not to much avail are we whites that dumbed down below any kind of intelligence that we are accustomed to now sir I am no genius far from it however I know the score of everyday life of social Marxists attitude and right wing capitalist bullshit that is nothing but anti white and pro jew think diversity equality shit that will do nothing but cause chaos and so sir it begins will we white men and women continue to obey what our masters expect of us or do we burn the whole fucking world down one mass at a time what must we white brethren continue to do so sir will you answer this most serious question about our racial survival can we continue down this most destructive path ??? thank you sir

Gone!! Casuto Gone

Morris Casuto leaves the San Diego chapter of the ADL, reflects on his wasted career as the director of San Diego office. He had been the target of death threats, wore a bullet-proof vest and had police protection at his home.

TT says: During his years their were 3 serious attempts on Tom Metzger's life. Only one was investigated. His house was firebombed etc. etc. I had no police protection – a black assassin pulled a gun and attempted to kill me at a Democratic party central committee meeting and was never prosecuted. But the this kike jew received around the clock state security.

Jews naturally hate and antagonize Whites – true

What you said on Friday the 17th is very true in my experience and important - that it is inherent within Jews to hate and antagonize Whites - thus it is habit and of course for Jews, even where they are not fully aware of it. That is an important point you make as it calls attention to the need to separate from them entirely - it is not only Jewish elite who make problems for Whites; their characteristics are of patterns which will continually reconstruct themselves anew - even if their elite are temporarily taken down.

Wolf Europe

WAR Euro Report: Sniper(s) aim low in Sweden

Malmo, Sweden – Swedish sniper hunts dark-skinned foreigners. A police spokesman in broadcasting SR indicated the detectives are sure of 10 to 15 unsolved incidents over the past months. (It's true again: your skin is your uniform!) On Tuesday evening was a 28 year old man hit by bullets in the back in addition to the spine when he waited for the bus. A 20-year-old woman died a week earlier by shots fired at her car. Her companion, dark-complexioned also survived the attack seriously injured. On the radio reported another victim in the evening, as he trained in a gym two shots through the window on his arm and shoulder was taken.

Dear Mr.M: We are not adepts, but a friend is. Using a Ouija Board, crystals and ancient Celt rituals and rites, we wanted to find Christopher Bollyn of BOLLYN.COM. Please Tom , read this lenghty site about 9-11 and jeeews and Christopher Bollyns kidnapping at hands of zionist jeeews. 9-11 WAS A ZIONIST JOB. Zionist filth, knock at door, grab you outside of your home, even with cops help. During these Celt rituals, we began to ask questions about the future of our race and nation. We will survive as a people and a nation, but you already know this. "I o k ", was all we got from our clarvoyant, telepathic and truly gifted friend when we asked for you and our race. We will be tactful & respectful to those who answered our adept friend, as we are not for sure who, (will not mention names,and a number of others who called out, moved candle flames, turned on & off lights) they are... These people simply spelled out 3 letters, " i o k". We will continue on with investigating all that is covered up and should we dissapper as well?? ... then we are over their targets... Sincerly E & M.

Chug-a-Ugh Minimized whites is a blessing!

Someone sent you something about this and you expanded on it a few days ago. I have been saying for years now that in the future of a melting pot the last of the pure white race will be the ones who did not want to melt. The liberal assholes who think race mixing is cool will probably not have white children. The ones that happen to have white children, their kids might understand that their parents are nuts and wake up. Look at India, there still are Aryans over there and have been doing things like arranged marriages to keep the blood pure. Like you said, they won't be trying to get rid of us, the dark people of India are not all still trying to kill the Aryans. I believe they still have a reverence for the caste system and have a romantic view of their Brahman/Hindu past. I think the non-whites will have a kind of hidden shame for knowing they screwed up our societies.

Since most white women who are with non-white men are fat and ugly, and since they don't have a strong genetic tendency to want to be with their own kind I have played with the idea of going up to them, shake her hand, and say "thanks for breeding your inferior genetics OUT of my race". I know... most of it is brainwashing and not genetics, but maybe saying something like that might slap her out it. What do you think?

TT says: I think you're right!

Venus ClapTrap

KikeJew Zionist Geert Wilders

Infiltration China To Buy Greek Debt?

KikeJews/Zionists vs Muzzies!

Defense Budget To Include Israel?

Cantor: Israel is not a foreign country!

Holy Shit Goyim have NO PLACE in the WORLD!

Kaiser Wilhelm II and anti-semitism

Ashkenazim in Mao's China

Jews Killed Millions

Swedes fear Nazi backlash against Jews

Islam in Paris


Muslims blocking streets, putting up barriers and hiring
private security guards to enforce their will is now
commonplace in the city of Paris and neither Bertrand
Delanoë, the socialist mayor of Paris nor French
president Nicholas Sarkozy are willing to intervene.

TT, this is Paris France showing how the ragheads are taking over that city. I do not know if you have seen this. I am trying to send any info I think you may find useful. ~ LW Austin 14/5

The resistance is steadily building in France. The budding rebellion is cropping up everywhere – "secondary schools, train stations, refineries and highways have been blockaded, there have been occupations of public buildings, workplaces, commercial centers, directed cuts of electricity, and ransacking of electoral institutions and town halls..." – And the big unions are calling for more strikes, more agitation, more ferment.

For more than a week, transportation has been blocked across the France due to the protests by students and workers. Sarkozy's popularity has plummeted. Thus, the cauldron continues to boil while the prospect of violence rises.

New York Hope

Racial Nationalist

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Vote Karl Hand!

Oldie but Goodie

TT, Do not know if you have heard of this site or not.
It goes back to the 70s and has lots of reading regarding
economics, race and govt etc. ~ LW Austin 14/5

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TT says: Yes, I received INSTAURATION for years.
Published by Wilmot Robertson. Very good info.


" ... and a well ordered militia ... "


Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D  Jew T H I N K !!!