10 JANUARY 2010


THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists, each an Individual Leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept, where Individual and Small Cell networking is strictly limited or non-existent. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is Good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is Bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR.

Associates devote their time to whatever their talents encourage, financially support themselves and the Insurgency to the best of their ability, and proudly affirm the following:

I Honor the Memory of Robert J. Mathews, The Order, and all Pan Aryan Heroes throughout history who dedicated their lives to the Freedom and Advancement of our White Race, in all of its variations; and I Pledge, as a White Racist, Loyalty Only To Our Own!

Homosexual International


A worldwide conspiracy against society.

"The cause of the dark perversion of human instincts is obscure. Homosexuality is found among many tribes of savages, but that fact has little relevance here. Civilization is by definition the process whereby human beings repress and prevent the conduct and behavior that is characteristic of savages."

"The most common explanation of homosexuality in societies that can be called civilized is that advanced by the great traveler and ethnological observer, Sir Richard Burton, in the commentary appended to his famous translation of the 'Thousand and One Nights'. For Sir Richard, the prime cause is geographic and racial. He speaks of the Sotadic Zone, that is to say, the Near East, which is dominated by the Semitic and Hamitic peoples...."

"Whatever the reason, homosexuality is normal in the Sotadic Zone. That merely means that we shall have to restrict our inquiry to Western man, who seems naturally to regard the perversion with instinctive abhorrence."
Kay Griggs on Cherry Marines
Survivor "Homosexuality is only one of several factors in the Decline of the West, but it is an important one. As is well known - at least since the publication of Anatoli Granovsky's 'I Was an N.K.V.D Agent' (New York, Devin-Adair, 1962) - the Communist Conspiracy maintains in Russia two training schools for sexual athletes. The graduates of one college are heterosexual experts and specialize in the capture and manipulation of promiscuous females who, through wealth or marriage, hold positions of political power or influence in Western Europe or the United States. The graduates of the other school, which may be the more important, are perverts trained to attract perverts. The agents thus trained are, of course, a part of the elaborate mechanism by which the Bolsheviks now control and paralyze civilized nations."

"The propagandists need not be perverts themselves, and it is likely that many or most of them are not. It is a basic axiom of subversives, formulated by Adam Weishaupt when he organized the conspiracy of the Illuminati in 1776 and reaffirmed by his successors, including Lenin, that the best way to destroy a nation is to undermine its morality. And that, of course, is what the secret and implacable enemies of our civilization have been doing for centuries."

"Is it possible that we, men of the West, members of the only race that has had the intelligence and discipline to master many of the powers of nature, are too stupid to preserve our own civilization?"

The appalling story told by Mr. Seelig in the foregoing pages is much more than a personal tragedy that must excite sympathy and pity in every human heart. It is a story that is terrible in the full sense of that word: it should strike terror into the heart of every American who hopes that his children will not regret having been born.

As America's most eminent journalist suggests in his introduction to the present book, Mr Seelig's account should be verified in every particular by diligent and intrepid investigators. But such verification could only confirm what we all know - or would know, if we paid attention to the evidence that has been accumulating for decades.

Mr. Seelig's narrative confronts us with two facts that cannot be denied, and to which it would be cowardly and disastrous to close our eyes. Those fact are, of course, the ever increasing perversion of law and judicial process in our country and the epidemic sexual perversion that has brought us to the verge of moral imbecility. ~~ (Revilo P. Oliver continued)

Tribal Religion
The early and authentic Aryan religion had no place for professional holy men.

The essentials of native Aryan religious practice may be summarized in a few lines. The head of every household was its priest, who himself performed for his household such rites as the family tradition prescribed, usually or always including some sacra peculiar to the family line, and such other ceremonies as seemed appropriate to him.

The tribe or the state was, in a sense, a great family and naturally had its own rites and gods to which it accorded a tribal or national worship. The rites were invariably performed by citizens, never by professionals.
-- Revilo P. Oliver

Gordon Wendell Kahl

Winged Truth . Posse Comitatus

January 8, 1920 - June 3, 1983

Death and Taxes

James von Brunn

The Patriot

Race Patriot
11 July 1920 - 6 January 2010

James von Brunn wrote this book some years ago. You can download it here or above. Believe what the wagging heads on TV tell you about James von Brunn or believe what he tells you in his own book.

Security Guard At Holocaust Museum Hit By Friendly Fire?

A CNN transcript of testimony from a witness to the shooting suggests friendly fire, not von Brunn, killed security guard, Stephen Tyrone Johns

HENRY: And then you saw some of the return fire from the security personnel?

MARIA: Yes, it hit the security man.

N.H. Man Guilty in Incident at Fed
Thursday, March 3, 1983

A D.C. Superior Court jury yesterday convicted a New Hampshire man of attempting to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve Board, stemming from a 1981 incident in which the man was arrested at the board's headquarters carrying several weapons.

James Von Brunn, 61, of Lebanon, N.H., entered the board's headquarters at 21st Street and Constitution Avenue NW with a bag slung over his shoulder. He was captured by a guard after running to the second floor, where the board was meeting. He was detained outside the board room and was carrying a revolver, a hunting knife and a sawed-off shotgun.

Von Brunn has died before his trial. Murdered?

A moment of Silence for a martyr please! ... R.I.P. J.v.B. ~~ She-Wolf

It's over for him now.... he served his time in Hell and paid his dues to Satan for the "privilege" of doing so. But it's far from done for the rest of us.... he laid his life down so that we could go on.
We will... in his memory. RIP, Skipper. ~~ California Long Time Wolf

James von Brunn -- I knew him

I only remember him from a few phone conversations as an idealistic yet angry and bitter older man -- and fiercely anti-Christian -- who was petrified that Whites would not wake up in time. In particular, Mr. von Brunn was furious at Jews for running and ruining our nation. So what is the point of shooting a black man? [That will, conveniently, never be proven!]

TT says: Sounds like damning with faint praise.

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England and Germany were never natural enemies. Germany was the first nation to recover from the great depression. That's well known. Carr explains why. Hitler broke away from the International Bankers and enacted a system of monetary reform. Austria (Hitler's home Province) had enacted a similar system in the years that followed World War I. It was successful until the Rothschilds raised trade sanctions against them. Hitler's actions provoked the bankers to the point where they initiated war against him. *****

Written in the 1950s this book is an exposure of the new world order from a right wing Christian viewpoint. He attributes most of the world's problems to 'Satan' and doesn't understand that Christianity is also a tool that's used by the new world order to control and brainwash the masses. *****

It speaks about a Third Word War between Israel and the Arab world, in which the US would side with Israel. This was BEFORE the US became the top Israeli ally and before Neo-cons started talking about WWIII (between Hamas and "islamofacism" and the "forces of freedom"). It is the best book on the subject. *****

Pawns in the Game

In 1933 they reached a decision that the leaders of World Jewry, headed by the international Jewish bankers, were the 'Secret Power' behind the World Revolutionary Movement. They became convinced that these men used the wealth they possessed to purchase sufficient power to influence international affairs in such a manner as to bring nations into conflict with each other. They also reached the conclusion that the motive behind the Long Range Plan was to establish the Messianic Age, so that International Jewry, with a central government in Palestine, could enforce their totalitarian ideology upon the peoples of the entire world.

With this latter conclusion I agree. As the reader knows, I admit going through the same period, i.e. 1907 to 1933, in doubt and uncertainty, but in 1939 I became convinced, after the way the Jews had been purged by Stalin in Russia, and used to start abortive revolutions in other countries, and then abandoned to their fate, that the men who constitute the 'Secret Power behind national and international affairs were the Illuminati who used Zionism and anti-Semitism; Communism and Fascism; Socialism and selfish Capitalism to further their secret plans to bring about a One World Government which they intended to control in exactly the same way as they had controlled Russia, in the person of Lenin, after October 1917. ~~ William Guy Carr

William Guy Carr 90 minute 1958 presentation (mp3, Youtube).

C-SPAN caller "John" from Franklin, NY

"Good morning. I for one am sick and tired of all these Jews coming on C-SPAN and other stations, and pushing us to go to war against our Muslim friends. They're willing to spend the last drop of American blood and treasure to get their way in the world. They have way too much power in this country. People like Wolfowitz and Feith and the other neocons that Jew'd us into Iraq... and now we're going to spend the next sixty years rehabilitating our soldiers. I'm sick and tired of it."

Just Say No! Michael Scheuer: "I think that American foreign policy is eventually up to the American people. One of the big things we have not been able to discuss in this country for the last thirty years is our policy towards the Israelis. Whether we want to be involved in fighting Israel's wars in the future is something that Americans should be able to talk about. They may vote yes. They may want to see their kids to be killed in Iraq or Yemen or somewhere else to protect Israel, but the question is, we need to talk about it.

"Ultimately, Israel is a country of no particular worth to the United States, strategically, they have no resources we need, their manpower is minimal, their association with us is a negative for the United States - now that's a fact. What you're going to do about that fact is entirely different; but for anyone to stand up in the United States and say that our support for Israel doesn't hurt us in the Muslim world, or our support for Hosni Mubarack's dictatorship doesn't hurt us, is just to defy reality."

Bloody clashes between African migrants and residents took place in one of Italy's poorest regions. Most Italians will not work for a pittance, so capitalists bring in low wage niggers.

Tensions persist and sometimes erupt into violence, as they did in Rosarno, a town in Calabria, an underdeveloped southern agricultural region with chronic unemployment. Among the more seriously wounded were three migrants beaten with metal rods.

Premier Silvio Berlusconi last year dismissed any notion of a multiethnic Italy. His conservative coalition, which includes the anti-immigrant Northern League party, has repeatedly cracked down on illegal immigration.

Ski Mask Training

Instead of regretting the weather, Ghost Wolves should make the weather a resource. The best Generals are able to turn defeat into victory.

Knit Grey Flexible Ski Masks are not like Balaclavas. Ski Masks are thicker because they are designed to be insulative. Having a proper Cheek Weld in a Weaver Combat Handgun stance (rifle stance with a handgun) usually means that the shooter is looking past the bridge of their nose. With Balaclavas that are thin, due to being made of thin material like silk, this poses no problem.. But using Ski Masks that are thick, because they are meant to insulate from the cold, can pose a problem with aiming.

One answer to this problem it to shoot in a Modified Weaver stance by twisting on the toes so that both feet are pointed towards the target. This will result in the hips and body being un-twisted so that they are more frontal to the target. The result will be that the shooter will also move his head so that he is not trying to aim past the bridge of his nose (that is blocked by the thick Ski Mask) but is aiming straight ahead.

Training with a Ski Mask is an excellent time to do alternate eye shooting as well. With the feet at a forty five degree angle, just twist on the pads of the toes to an extreme angle so as to twist the body beyond the normal forty five degree angle of a Weaver Combat Handgun stance, thereby twisting the head so far that the opposite eye can be used to aim with its opposite hand. A Weaver Combat Handgun stance is where the entire arm aligns with the short barrel of the handgun so as to make the handgun and arm simulate a rifle. This type of opposite eye to hand aiming keeps the short barrel of the handgun lined up with the entire arm. Some Hollywood actors pull the handgun across their faces by bending the wrist so that the short barrel of the handgun no longer is in perfect alignment with their forearm, in order to keep from laying their heads over so that their faces are more tall, frontal, and erect for the cameras.

To get the best unobstructive view while using a Ski Mask, a shooter should think and put the Ski Mask on in a "Y" pattern. This is done by pulling the Ski Mask tight up the bridge of the nose with both fingers dragging high over the top middle of the head followed by pulling the Ski Mask down and at an angle at the jowls of the jaw and ears/neck. This action will tighten the thick Ski Mask out of slant eye openings to circular eye openings for less obstuctive aiming.

Lone Wolf

Some more feedback:

US lifts HIV/Aids Immigration Ban!

Kevin MacDonald is director of new political party

Persecutor of KKK Member Byron De La Beckwith Going to Jail
Lied to FBI = Obstruction of Justice!

British Nazi was to receive Auschwitz sign
TT Says: Rich Whites will cough up money for nonsense
but not for effective programs!

US general urges strip search of Jewish men

Illegal aliens subjected to 'pat-down' searches at border.
Stepped up US security causes furor!

TSA Replaced By Mind-Readers?

Arizona Rest Area Photographs
Refuse discarded by illegal aliens: True!

Guy calls FBI to apply for job replacing Hal Turner.

Pro-White leaders do not deal Meth to racial kin!
Meth group busted; 'Skin' got greedy

Portland Trial Details

Muslim Demographics Video

Burkha wearing may be banned or fined in France

Indian man attacked and set alight in Melbourne

Former White Wrestler Ordained Into Black Church

Three Seconds
Princess to Nigger in 3 seconds
Prince to Nigger in 3 seconds
Nigger gone in 3 seconds

Charles Lindbergh's September 11, 1941 Des Moines Speech

EZ Fee Splitting Race Traitor Gets Minimum Sentence!

Bobby DeLaughter, a former Mississippi prosecutor and judge whose legal conquests became the subject of books and a movie, is set to report to federal prison for lying to the FBI in a judicial bribery investigation.

The next chapter of DeLaughter's life, as inmate No. 12930-042, marks a long fall from the height of his legal career in 1994 when he was a prosecutor who helped convict a civil rights-era assassin for the 30-year-old murder of NAACP leader Medgar Evers.

DeLaughter was sentenced to 18 months in November after pleading guilty to lying about secret conversations he had with a lawyer while presiding over a dispute between wealthy attorneys over legal fees. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped conspiracy and mail fraud charges.

TT says: What goes around comes around!

W.E.T. Happy New Year TT!

Over the past couple of months, leading up to Christmas, we in Canada have gotten a heavy dose of free B.E.T (Black Entertainment Television). That just reinforces the fact that we, as White people, are not allowed to have our own Identity, and are to forget our Heritage. Why, we ask, can't we have our own White Television network? I think there are many reasons for this, but the big one is they fear us uniting our people in any way! The fear of showing our accomplishments through history and the way we as white people can govern ourselves.

Jews control the Media! You would think that people would see this simple fact! From there, it just snowballs into everything and every law to do with white people in general. Slowly taking away our Identity.

I Totally stress that the Lone Wolf and small cell strategy is the way to go! But just like the IRA, there have to be two arms to a movement! We are now in 2010, let this be a mark to start educating our close friends, and of course our children, the 14 words and to live by them! Our fellow whites are our extended family, let's start acting like it! 14 and 5

Nordic North Wolf

Dinerstein vs Black Black may sign Republican loyalty oath

Derek Black, now 20, won a 2008 election to one of 111 Palm Beach County GOP executive committee seats. But the party disallowed his election because he hadn't signed a party Loyalty Oath on time. Now Black is disputing that decision. His attorney, Lee Levenson of Boynton Beach, contends that Black wanted to sign it.

GOP's Sid Dinerstein says, "Go ahead and sue us!"

TT says: KISS OUR GRITS, REPUBLICANS! What self respecting White Racist would want to be in the Republican party? Loyalty Oath??

The Evil Of Reid

Reid is a bitter, hateful, black hearted old bastard, that possesses a monstrous ego, and thinks he can and should tell everyone else what to do.. including the entire country. .... ... JOOM

TT says: He is a Las Vegas JEW SQUAW!

LibEvil Reid Apology

TT, Looks like another Washington politician bootlicker has been forced to beg for forgiveness from the mulatto messiah. This time it's not a republican, though. It's a democrat.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid apologized Saturday for saying then-Illinois Sen.Barack Obama could win the White House because Obama was a "light-skinned" African American "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one".

Obama quickly accepted, saying, "as far as I am concerned, the book is closed".

Reid made the comments in private during the 2008 campaign, according to a new book about that election. After excerpts appeared on the Web site of The Atlantic, Reid released a statement, saying, "I sincerely apologize for offending any and all Americans, especially African-Americans for my improper comments". The comments can't help Reid, trailing in polls as he campaigns for re-election in November.

Gee-whiz, I wonder how many wonderful things Obama and his Jewish handlers said "in private" about McCain and Palin during the presidential election. Just use your imagination.

Racial Regards,
Lone Wolf Golden State

P.S. Stavropol was founded by Catherine the Great to tell the Moslems that from there north is Christian (and White). Stavropol is a Orthodox Greek word Stavro-pol ("City of the Cross"). Cossacks defended the city. I know some girls from there, they moved to Florida for the weather and to go to school here. It looks pretty good -- Stavropol -- not far from Stalingrad. The Nazis occupied Stavropol in better days.

Heil Oy! J4H Objectives

These are some of the Jews for Hitler Objectives, to be expanded, modified and elaborated on starting in this document and in the future. J4H is seeking vast changes in the world as per the overthrow of the current ancient corrupt world order. We are tagging up with The Insurgent to accomplish this Holy objective.

Hitler and the Axis powers appeared to lose the battle. The WAR is still raging on and we won't stop until Aryan justice is achieved. Let's go full speed ahead and damn the turds!!

J4H Holy Objectives: ... (continued).

Fini About "Goodbye Uncle Tom"

I read the comments about Lone Wolf Golden State about wanting to see "Goodbye Uncle Tom". Occasionally black youtubers load it up on youtube:

I once saw an fragment of an interview with the Italian makers. They said they made "Uncle Tom", to counter the accusation that they were racist, because of the movie where they depicted the end of colonialism in Africa:

Africa Addio / Farewell Africa (English Subtitles)

TT says: I run this film at

The County Bull Corn

A backwoods East Texas lawyer told me about a trial he witnessed a couple of decades ago. A country girl was fighting to keep her kids. The opposing family retained a highfalutin 'out of town' counselor to get after the young mother. He walked into the courtroom wearing an Armani suit talking like a Philadelphia lawyer, accusing the defendant of promiscuity, etc. Out of nowhere, the piney woods girl hollered "Bull Corn!" (LOL) That was it. The East Texas jury immediately identified with 'their kind' and the fate of the trial was decided. She won the day!

East Texas juries are famous for protecting local citizens whether they be oil pirates, low level schemers, whatever. Suffering from public dis-esteem is quite enough punishment in Southern culture. The folk lose all representation above the county level. ~~ LW


TT, It's Ok to bend the rules for those who do not respect the rules.

TT says: I DO know the rules and abide by them even when it hurts. Not a big deal to me but the fact remains that giving any information to any agency of government that has anything to do with the White Racial struggle is by definition INFORMING! However since the right wing division of the race struggle operates by differant guidelines than LONE WOLVES I will have no more to say about Mr. Giles.

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Some advice I think was wrong.

WCG, I've been listening to your broadcasts for a few years and you've given some great advice. I have some minor points I'd like to make -- they are minor nits, but I thought I'd tell you some things that you may be otherwise unaware of.

1) Last year you recommended ZoneAlarm as a program people should be using. I'm not sure if you know this by now but CheckPoint, the company that makes that product, is an Israeli company. I personally boycott all of their goods, but if you were not aware of this, you are now. Personally, I use Kaspersky antivirus as it is rated #1. [AVG free?]

2) On a recent broadcast you mentioned that all encryption algorithms could be cracked. This is not correct. There are many algorithms that would take the NSA thousands of years to crack even with Cray supercomputers cranking day and night. If you are using things like TrueCrypt, DO NOT use AES. It was proven to be a crackable algorithm in March 2009 ACM magazine. Also there are things one could do like download Crypto++ tweak the algorithms, re-stuff the binaries into TrueCrypt and whalla! You now have an algorithm that would almost impossible to unencrypt if TrueCrypt was ran off of something like a USB stick and you tossed the original source code you tweaked. Another option is using something called a One Time Pad. It is the only algorithm that is completely uncrackable. If you are going to use TrueCrypt I highly advise you to use any of the triple encryption options when creating your file volumes or encrypted drives.

Again, I am just trying to help and share knowledge with you. I cced Tom so he knows too. ~~ Thanks!

oom laka laka For African-Americans?

You mystify me Mr. de Nugent. Did you really feel so compelled to write that long essay in response to that nigger's rant against you? Niggers are the classic psychopathic race-at least as psychopathic as jews. They only see things in terms of dominance and submission and interpret civility as a weakness to be exploited. They're narcissists who look for weakness, especially in white women, so they can manipulate for their own gratification. Niggers have 0 conscience and would hate whites no matter how much you may try to reason with them. Metzger's been trying it for years and has given up on the idea. In fact, blacks don't hate us so much for slavery, which is a convenient excuse, but rather for our good qualities which put them in the shade and excite a hatred born of resentment and envy.

And what was with the crack about blacks being sexier? Are you well in the head?



Thanks to all who sent or gave money, It really helps. I have filed a $40.000 lawsuit against my landlord and I am going to answer his eviction. If you want to tell this "prick" how you feel, his name is George Fowler and his mailing address is Post Office Box #2214, Fallbrook, CA. 92088, or you can tell him directly at 1-760-731-9611. Tell him how you feel about bashing on a handicapped and severly disabled old woman by turning her out into the street. Updates will follow.


We who are about to die... Onward, Christian Soldiers

TT, Here is a short version of Onward, Christian Soldiers that I've been rewriting:

Onward, Christian soldiers, marching off to war,
Go ahead you stupid gentiles, for your Jewish lords,
Kill and strike each other, according to Jew plans,
When the smoke clears away, Jews will take your lands.

I haven't completed it yet but is a work in progress.

Best regards!

Why it will be Worse this time!

Anyone studying History - studying the periods of Warfare, Depressions, Famine, and Collapse would notice that the conflagrations get bigger for at least one reason; The Population is simply larger. ie, World War 2 was on a scale totally unimaginable to an ancient Roman watching the collapse of the Empire or a Medieval Serf in the "War of the Roses". Or a Frenchman in the Revolution.

But there may be other ingredients much more subterranean today that will create the horror of horrors - And I'm not refering to the Nuclear Bombs although "city dwellers" certainly need consider their vulnerability on that one.

Analysis of this requires observing - comparing modern humanity to it's forefathers:

The building up of Civilizations required the supression of Envy, Resentment, certain ignoble, viciously barbarous attitudes in the masses. These are naturally controlled mostly in the Noble, intelligent superior - ie, his "Idealism", but the majority would have to be intimidated - Religion helped a little with that. Today the Jew-Transvaluing has Dismantled the subterranean unity of civilization and restored the "cancer" - the envy and resentment through Socialism, and "Mobocracy".

Then there is the modern extreme Disconnect of the masses with the basic "food production" - an unimaginable disaster just waiting to happen.

Add, a Taboo-unspoken perspective here; Genetic Degeneracy; Basically, because so many botched and mediocre DID survive due to modern medicine [just since the 1880's!], they went on to produce LOTS MORE of their kind. Because the Jews suppressed Racial Awareness much "BAD" combining of genes has occurred. This has resulted in the Rare Superior White being even Rarer! Also resulted in "Medicare" being Totally OVERWHELMED with Oldsters today trying to lengthen their lives.

So what is the Historical Prognosis here? Just logically, and with unemotional detachment? It depends on whether the Jews take everyone DOWN to a new "Dark Age" with their "Evil" methods again, or whether a certain number of Whites regain their sanity and simply say "NO" - break free of the growing "sickness".

Humorously, it was pointed out that the REAL REASON the Berlin Wall came down was because East Germans and East Europeans generally under the sickening heel of Jew-Communism - living in Poverty, Penury, and Misery, were watching Western Euopean "TV" programming!!! After awhile they REALIZED that Westerners were living WAY WAY BETTER, while they were barely surviving! It only took alittle awareness of the corruptions of their bureaucracy to set off the total revolt - total breakdown in motion.

America is moving to this revolt-bankruptcy-breakdown doorstep now. Of course, there will be nothing on the Jew-Tube about it, until the "Tube" ain't "Jew" anymore.

$12.1 Trillion$ Gov. Debt

Just like the Jacobins [Jew-Communists] in 1789-96 France, America today has ALREADY been taken over by the Thieving "Revolutionaries". Based on History, now YOU can expect a WILD RIDE on a Roller Coaster of Economic dysfunction, speculation, uncertainty, and collapse - even murder. These monsters of Political and Economic skulduggery and destruction will manipulate the entire structure. Only those who have insider-foreknowledge will win big. Everyone else will wither away in "bushwacked" draconian manipulations. [401K's? Ha Ha!!!]

In ONE YEAR the Gov. Debt went up MORE THAN 10% = $1.5 Trillion$; $787 Billions$ to bail out Jew Wall St. and "selected" big Corporations and $700 Billions$ for Jew Banks. NOTHING for the American "Main St. Economy". EXCEPT MORE DEBTS! [Ha Ha! ie, "cash for clunkers!"] A Massive SHIFT in Wealth "RACIALLY"!!! - From White middle class America to wealthy Jews! Well, of course this has been going on a long time with the breakdown - destruction of Industry, Culture, and white race, AND the predatory-confiscatory Socialism, Fractional Reserve Banking, and Illegal Taxes. [Take it back to 1913, at least].

So what to expect? A massive Bankruptcy and Panic as the "Rats" steal or destroy everything, THEN a military dictatorship like Napoleon or Hitler. Notice France went on an entire WAR FOOTING after the Jacobin Theft-Corruption-Mass Murders [post 1796], Notice Germany went on an entire War Footing ["again"!] After the "Jew Thefts" resulting from the Treaty of Versialles [hyper-inflation of 1921-23 - that one took longer; 1935 Spain - on.] Jews today will try to manipulate the entire World into War to cover up their Thievery and Corruptions Worldwide - the patterns are likely to be "replays". [Jew Rahm Emanuel - Never let a good crisis go to waste! - Hegelian Dialectician!] Whites need to understand their enemies...

An old saying; "War is the Jew's Harvest".

One could guess that the internal civil wars in ancient Rome were simply "Jew-Moneys" fighting with each other through certain Roman Generals and their armies [also; America 1861-65, indeed!]. And the "Sparticus 'slave' Rebellion" gave the Jews controlling Gov. the excuse to "Tighten UP" on civil liberties a lot more, and augment-empower the "Executive branch"! So we can guess that the worse the domestic rebellion soon to come, the Worse the Political Oppression! Expect the unbelievable. And make SURE you do not get arrested or drafted personally! Gov. will need a lot of "slaves" - more "slaves" will be needed now than ever! ~~ the Philosopher

U.S. in fiscal peril with $12.1 trillion debt!

Crash Chronicles

Yellow Peril

Contrarian Sees Economic Crash in China

FED and AIG Kept Sweetheart Deals Secret

Goldman Sachs received biggest bailout bonanza; bonuses given after worthless assets sold to taxpayers!

Trust? Bailed-out insurance giant AIG was told to withhold key details from the public about overpayments which put billions of extra tax dollars in the coffers of major Wall Street firms, most notably Goldman Sachs.

Instead of bargaining with AIG's numerous counterparties to resolve its billions of dollars in souring derivatives contracts, Timothy Geithner's team had AIG pay top dollar for toxic assets, "... an amount far above their market value at the time."

Timothy Geithner spent most of his childhood abroad, living in India, Thailand and Zimbabwe. His father, Peter Geithner, is an Asia expert who worked at the Ford Foundation for 28 years. After working for Henry Kissinger, he moved into international banking. His wife is a Jewess; they have two children.

Goldman Sachs operates offshore Ponzi schemes

Study links US bank lobbying to high-risk lending! [LOL]

85K Jobs Lost in December, "Real" Unemployment Rate at 17.3%

KikeJew Kirchner Plan to Bilk the Argentine People Foiled

Stockton California Is Foreclosureville USA

Experience vs. PHDs


Here's a chart that shows the percentage of past president's cabinet appointees who had previously worked in the private sector. A real life business, not a government job, a private business!

And the Winner is.................... Obama!!!

And these are the guys who just held a 'job summit'? We are toast! ~~ LW

Obama-Panetta Tape

Da Boss!

Obama: Leon, never in my life
have I lied so conscientiously
as when I chided you guys today.
All on your behalf, of course!

Panetta: Indeed, Mr. President.
And you had such an honest and
sincere presence. Your voice was
convincing. You sounded like a
true statesman, not just some
politician. You'd have passed
any polygraph test -- as long
as we gave it! ... Heh, heh.

Obama: Yes, I suppose so, Leon,
but haven't we gone too far with
this Christmas bomber thing?
They're really getting old, and
becoming much too obvious. It's
amazing so many fell for it!

Panetta: Indeed, Mr. President.
And those who do catch on are
sucked in by one of our other
dis-info conspiracy theories,
so they sound like real nutjobs.

Obama: That's good, Leon. The
Kikes here and in Israel say
that if Americans can believe 19
Arabs and the 'Man in the Cave'
could pull off 911, then "this
faulty underwear schmuck should
scare the pants off of them!" Ha!

Panetta: Indeed, Mr President.
We've been truly blessed with a
patriotically pliable population.

Obama: But why was it necessary
to take this extra risk, anyway?

Panetta: Because, Mr. President,
we needed a plausible story to
cover for our Yemen buildup, that
new 'nation-building' thing;
and besides, it's always good to
'account' for more trillions!

Obama: Yes, Leon, come to think
of it, the Talmud clearly tells
us to kill enemies before they
kill us. We are all good Judeo-
Christians now, right Leon?

Panetta: Yes, Mr. President.
Indeed we are! [Heh, heh, heh...]

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