The Nazi Virus by Philip J. Welch. Learn more about the real reasons behind World War II as told from the German point of view. You will realize that the 'history of America' is lies told by Jews for at least sixty years. Read this book and know more than college professors! Buy Now: $20 post paid.
No Quarter Expected! No Quarter Given! THE VOICE OF PROGRESSIVE RACISM
29 MARCH 2009


THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists. Each is an individual leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept. We are made up of individuals and small cells, where strictly limited or non-existent networking avoids the security risks of the membership organization. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR. Each Associate works at whatever his or her talents encourage. Associates will financially support to the best of their ability.

G20 Meeting:
New Reserve Currency Possible!

China and other emerging nations back Russia's call for a new currency to eventually replace the dollar as the world's standard reserve, days before the G20 financial summit in London. Some analysts say the move demonstrates China's growing discontent with American dominance of the world economy.

A trillion here, a trillion there... No Mo Do China's central bank head Zhou Xiaochuan had strong language this week, when he said the global financial crisis reveals flaws in the international monetary system. He did not specifically mention the U.S. dollar. But, in an essay posted to the People's Bank of China website, Zhou said an international reserve currency should not be tied to the interests and economic conditions of any one country.

The Chinese paper envisages the International Monetary Fund's Special Drawing Rights (SDR) being first assigned a role of a clearing currency on some transactions and then gradually becoming the main global reserve currency. "They said that the role of reserve currency should be given to SDR," the source said.

Russia holds about half of its reserves, the world's third-largest, in dollars, with the rest in euros and pounds. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called on reserve currency issuers to show more financial discipline.

U.S. Moves Push Russia and China Toward Economic Matrimony

American Dream?


We're In A Whole New Territory

Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz on the coming global economic order.

G20 Riot? ... Or just a cup of tea?

Really? A shadow hangs over London this week. According to Class War's website, it is the shadow of the guillotine dripping with the blood of Sir Fred Goodwin, the disgraced chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are also coming to town. The G20 protesters want to get rid of the bankers, get rid of corrupt politicians, remove all national borders, stop climate change and abolish capitalism. Overtime...

It's unlikely that world leaders will listen to the clamour outside their hotel suites, or that bankers will give their pensions to the homeless or donate their bonuses to the developing world, or that war will cease or that poverty will end or that capitalism will vanish like a bad dream. It is also unlikely that the rule of the people will ever darken British politics. We are not going to see the Houses of Parliament go up like a Roman candle as they did at the end of Alan Moore's graphic novel fantasy, V for Vendetta.

Maybe we prefer to moan, or have a cup of tea, or maybe we have been brainwashed into thinking that politicians exist only on television so that incidents where ordinary people lose their rag and swipe an MP or throw green custard become all the more astonishing reminders of reality.

The tub-thumping street-corner politician has long gone. The brawling days of political differences passed away with the demise of Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts in the 1930s. While they saw their politics in moral terms, the protesters on April Fool's day -- or "Financial Fool's Day" as they are calling it -- see their morals in political terms. The issues today are not who rules the world, but how do we "serve" the world.

There is no one cause any more, only a plurality of causes. It is this pluralism that will unite groups as disparate as Class War, Greenpeace and the International Union of Sex Workers. For the most part all the usual suspects will turn up, the same folks - usually young people and students - who turn up for any anti-authority gig, whatever the actual cause.

Andrew Jackson

He Beat the Jews!

March 15, 1767 - June 8, 1845

DC Genesis
The Whiskey Rebellion:
Federal Attack
on the Working Class!

In 1791 Alexander Hamilton convinced Congress to approve taxes on distilled spirits and carriages. Hamilton's principal reason for the tax was that he wanted to pay down the national debt, but he justified the tax "more as a measure of social discipline than as a source of revenue." Choo Choo But most importantly, Hamilton "wanted the tax imposed to advance and secure the power of the new federal government."

Congress designed the tax so smaller distillers would pay by the gallon, while larger distillers (who could produce in volume) could take advantage of a flat fee. The net result was to affect smaller producers more than larger ones. George Washington, the president at the time, was one such large producer of whiskey. Large producers were assessed a tax of 6 cents per gallon, while small producers were taxed at 9 cents per gallon.

Western settlers were short of cash to begin with and, being far from their markets and lacking good roads, lacked any practical means to get their grain to market other than fermenting and distilling it into relatively portable distilled spirits. Additionally, whiskey was often used among western farmers as a medium of exchange or as a barter good.

[Moonshiner Insurgency?]


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Make my day!
US Warships Deployed:
North Korean Missile Feared

North Korea, which has informed international agencies of its plan to fire the missile between April 4 and 8, says the launch is a "satellite test" which it is entitled to make under international law.

A successful satellite launch would be both a blow to South Korea, which hopes to launch its own satellite later this year, and a huge fillip for Kim Jong-il, the North's ailing dictator who was reported to have a had a stroke last year.

A US Navy spokesman said the two destroyers - the USS McCain and USS Chafee - equipped with Aegis technology capable of tracking and destroying missiles had left Sasebo port in southwestern Japan. "I would say we are ready for any contingencies," he added.

Japan has threatened to shoot down the missile if it crosses over Japanese territory, a move which Pyongyang has already said it would consider an "act of war".

Ray McGovern: Left Wing? Right Wing?
... ANTI-RACE !!!

TT, Ray McGovern, ever heard of him? He's some government official and part of the "Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity". Just heard him on an anti-jew radio show. Anyway, just heard him say he has ties to government officials who infiltrate "hate groups" and he said the worst ones were the "anti-semite" groups. Well, we know what that translates into. More anti-racist than anti-jew if you catch my drift. Just thought I'd pass that name on for the record in case he tries spreading his "anti-zionist" word into white places. Be well... Lone Wolf

Me & my JAP... P.S. Here he is: Ray McGovern - Holding Our Leaders Accountable

"On January 20th this year we got rid of the Nazis." [NB: Minute 37 anti-racism rant.]

Talk by Ray McGovern, 27-year Veteran of the CIA and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) speaking at the Veterans for Peace.

He reads excerpts from Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner, who fled Germany to England in 1938 with his Jew wife.

[27 years in the CIA means this guy is a crud!!]

Burn baby BURN
French Workers Burn:
Hold 3M Manager Hostage

PARIS - Rising public outrage at employers on both sides of the Atlantic has been triggered by executives cashing in bonus checks even as their companies were kept afloat with billions in taxpayers' money and unemployment soars.

A French 3M executive was being held hostage for the second day at a plant in Pithiviers, south of Paris, as workers protested layoffs. The situation was calm, however, with labor talks taking place there Wednesday.

In Paris, rage boiled over into an angry march on the presidential palace and a bonfire of tires set alight by workers from Germany's Continental AG, whose auto parts factory in Clairoix, northeast of Paris, plans to shut down in 2010.

Similar resentment is emerging in many parts of Europe. Vandals smashed windows early Wednesday at the home of the former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Sir Fred Godwin resigned in disgrace but waltzed out at age 50 with an annual pension of about 700,000 pounds ($1.2 million).

French workers release manager of 3M

Small farms and organic food growers could be placed under direct supervision of the federal government under new legislation making its way through Congress.

House Resolution 875, or the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, was introduced by Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., in February. DeLauro's husband, Stanley Greenburg, conducts research for Monsanto - the world's leading producer of herbicides and genetically engineered seed.

DeLauro's act has 39 co-sponsors and was referred to the House Agriculture Committee on Feb. 4. It calls for the creation of a Food Safety Administration to allow the government to regulate food production at all levels - and even mandates property seizure, fines of up to $1 million per offense and criminal prosecution for producers, manufacturers and distributors who fail to comply with regulations.

Bosom buds
NY Times:
Israel Controls America!

The New York Times editorializes in Friday's editions that if Binyamin Netanyahu wants to prove that he is a 'partner for peace,' all he has to do is surrender to all 'Palestinian' demands.

It will not be that hard to judge by his deeds, and relatively soon, whether Mr. Netanyahu is serious about seeking peace with the Palestinians. His government is expected to win parliamentary approval next week.

If Mr. Netanyahu is serious about being a partner for peace, he will not get in the way of the militant group Hamas entering a Palestinian unity government with the rival Fatah faction -- as long as that government is committed to preventing terrorism and accepts past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.

Portnoys Complaint!
CIA report:
Israel will fall in 20 years!

The study, which has been made available only to a certain number of individuals, forecasts the return of all Palestinian refugees to the occupied territories, and the exodus of two million Israeli - who would move to the US in the next fifteen years.

'There is over 500,000 Israelis with American passports and more than 300,000 living in the area of just California,' International lawyer Franklin Lamb said in an interview with Press TV on Friday, adding that those who do not have American or western passport, have already applied for them.

The study further predicts the return of over one and a half million Israelis to Russia and other parts of Europe, and denotes a decline in Israeli births whereas a rise in the Palestinian population.

TT says: Amazing that these guys are at least a year behind my predictions. And never send me a check!

TT, Something to consider as we head towards perilous times:

Get a Van!

Gary North recently wrote: "In every recession, there are permanent victims. The RV industry is the poster child as this recession's permanent victim. The industry is finished."

Truckin' Yes - and so now is the best time to buy an RV.

Some people will gasp at the thought of living for perhaps years with only a van as home. But consider the alternatives: to be caught in the crossfire of civil unrest, to painfully die of exposure. Economic Armageddon won't be pretty.

So get yourself a mobile survival machine - and keep the gas tank full.

TT says: Also, the wrecking yards are full of salvaged RVs. They are very good for out-building storage or as small offices, radio rooms, etc.

Many GOODWILL type stores have older RVs donated that can be bought very cheaply. If you have an out in the woods piece of property, use one for a retreat or vacation place to live. Even with a dead engine you can tow it where you want it.

Tom says....

TT, I recently read on your site about scanners ...and went about purchasing one, but people told me you have to get an expensive digital scanner; but the local police and fire departments have a scrambler, so buying one would be a waste!

Any thoughts or suggestions??

The Mighty Kneegrowslayer

TT says: In big cities this may be true but in the heartland or other small towns most is not scrambled. Also, by listening to unscrambled communications you can get pretty good idea if something big does down. In my area nothing is scrambled yet.

You must talk to experts in your local area, not just some casual acquaintance. Talk to CB, Ham Radio and even scanner clubs. You can find some answers on the Internet. Also, you can join a cop ride along program if you're not known. As a ride along you can pick the cop's brain for all kinds of valuable information. I tried to get into it here but am too well known.

Guadalajara Report

There used to be, as recently as the mid-70s, large cattle ranches in Northwest Mexico where, the closer one got to the main hacienda, past one security fence, gate, or checkpoint after another, the more likely you were to hear languages other than Spanish, commonly German, French, English, Italian, Flemish, Dutch, etc., and often several. Families that had immigrated there before the Second World War and intermarried with the blondest of the Mexicans. The same thing used to be true of the Southernmost part of Brazil. Imagine being in the middle of nowhere in Mexico, being served Classic French Cuisine, listening to live classical performers, and talking about the future of race with local blue-eyed blondes and green-eyed redheads. What a trip!

As I understand it, the biggest concern for the older members of these families is being able to obtain emergency medical care when needed, so the older members often move to walled and guarded communities near the larger cities just for that purpose.

I'd like to hear more from this reporter, and similar reporters living in Central and South America, maybe Northwest Africa, etc.

This News and Views was one of the best.

Some more feedback:

A little bit closer to the truth:
U.S. should not fund Israeli colonization, atrocities

Another group of vile nigger types foisted upon the white world
so we can all share in the gutter ideology of DIE-ver-Shitty!:

The Sikhs of Vancouver

Ireland: Racist Posters in Cork

Yarmulke donned revisionist!:
Dieudonné interview with Rabbi Robert Faurisson

Pinochet's grandson expected to win seat in Chilean Parlement:
Un Pinochet se présente aux législatives

Iraq: A Forgotten Humanitarian Disaster

Train your brain and avoid the strain of dementia!

Hepatitis Outbreak in Tennessee

Surprised?: David Irving talk postponed!

Pat Oliphant At Bat

Police officer arrested for DUI
Montgomery County (MD) Corporal Fernando Martinez crashed his police cruiser
into a concrete barrier northbound on Route 270 just south of Montrose Road.

More bad wiring imperils troops in Iraq

Tom, I have changed my service to Comcast. I had verizon and they were snooping on my hardrives! I got a warning about downloads I had done like torrents of movies; anyway I dropped them like a bad habit. -- Virginia Wolf

TT says: Word to the Wise!

Hey comrade, recently I went to the the bookstore and bought 2 books: Boxing Mastery and Savage Strikes. They are part of a series of boxing and wrestling books by Mark Hatmaker. They have many pictures, and anyone from a complete novice to a skilled fighter can take something from these books.

The author also has a website Extreme Self Protection where he draws mostly from western sources of combat as opposed to eastern martial arts. I recommend him for any wolves out there learning about self defense. I've already learned a lot just from the two books. Remember white man, stay sharp and fight hard. -- 14/88 Reaper Wolf

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat" ... Navy Seals

Mr. Metzger: First Sir I would like to thank you for making mine and many other people's views not only heard, but allowing us to see that we are not alone. I have watched you on TV, and read your articles on the internet. I live here in Indiana, just north of Fort Wayne. I am happy to see that someone as important as you lives so close. I am also happy to see that an intelligent force is moving amongst us and working for us instead of against us. -- Indiana Friend

How to develop friendly contacts with non active community members:

Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

Elder abuse comes in a variety of ways but, the worst in my opinion, is financial elder abuse. A neighbor of mine who is in ill health has been taken advantage of by a local developer and the system itself. Several years ago the developer built many nice homes off of Ferguson Road. I don't know what happened, but drainage was evidently last on his "honey do" list. So he did what any successful developer would do. He dug a big hole in the ground that looks like a small lake to take care of the drainage. This hole in the ground, of course, was illegal. As it has no dike, soon the waters came over the top and flooded my neighbor's woods. In fact right now his woods looks like southern Louisiana. The developer has drug his feet on doing anything to fix the problem. Perhaps he was thinking he would wait out a sick senior until he would be out of the picture.

Now, another solution is offered. They could dig a ditch through the woods and drain into the Rozella Ford Golf Course creek. Oh happy days! That solution reminds me of the old adage: "OLD GOLFERS NEVER DIE, THEIR BALLS JUST FLOAT AWAY".

How about just saving an old primitive woods and helping out a senior citizen.

Tom Metzger

JewThinker! England Swings

You think you have it bad in the U.S. Try living in England. For example the Muslims can shout their hatred in the streets and the law does nothing, but one white man throws bacon at a Muslim who calls our troops baby killers and rapists and he gets arrested.

We white people in England are fast becoming second class in our own country. That is why (and I hate to say this) I'm fast beginning to hate my homeland. A joke for you, hope you like it: What's more fun than spinning a Muslim round on a clothesline at 100mph? Stopping him with a spade!

TT says: Thanks for your information. Stay in touch. TT

Corrupt Justice™

Dear TT: Searching for info on recent shootings I found the blog of a reasonable Negro chronicling police abuse. This chap's in the know as he names mestizo cops as such! When the SHTF I'm going to make temporary alliance with Blacks and will not give the time of day to pallid suburban Whites with no kahoonies. What's your take on alliances of expediency? -- West PA Lone Wolf

TT says: Whatever weapon works as long as we don't forget who we are.

No mon, no fun ..... Stay clean or no dole:
Lawmakers demand welfare recipient drug testing!

TT, What's going on Tom? I wrote you the other day asking how to go about getting drug testing for people receiving assistance checks from the government. My wife called me at work today all excited saying she saw the issue being raised on TV, and West Virginia is really pushing that law. I just got done contacting some politicians myself.

It is nice to see some progress being made. I don't think that will have a huge impact in W.V. but the issue is definitely gaining popularity among the rest of the country. That's all for now. Thanks for the hard work you do for our race.

Lone Wolf CT

TT says: I am already on it, calling state legislators etc. Also, I have promoted it on my radio show.

Talk - Talk - Talk

TT: Of what value is this? What good are these conference calls at a time like this? Don't you get enough communications every day from your constituents about America's suck economy and the worse than absurd and most likely bad faith attempts by the Obamanation to shower more unbacked M-1 paper (Bernanke confetti) on the banksters and other financial parasites who got us into this and expect the tax slaves to get them out?

One of the main reasons this country is in economic free fall right now is the presence of poor little rich kids who have spent their entire lives gambling with OPM... and losing. Well, they are not going to do it with my money... of this I solemnly assure you:

Mike Thompson Conference Call

James Blake Miller The Miller Man

TT: I wondered whatever happened to this guy, the system's white-cannon fodder hero of the day, AKA, "The marlboro man marine", it seems the Marines didn't exactly work out well for this guy but it looks like he found the next best thing to being in the military... he's joined a biker gang :)

After originally supporting the war in Iraq, Miller has turned against it, noting "What have we gained as a country? What have we actually accomplished other than the loss of some damn fine people?"

Gone... and forgotten....

Dear TT, Upon listening to your program today you advised that you had a strong dislike for policeman.. As a retired police officer I guess you have the same feelings for me as well.

Having said what you said about policemen I guess I'll request you remove my e-mail address from your radio club list, and also from news and views.


TT says: My experience with police has been very negative. That's all I can say. Their pro-Dees actions cost me everything I owned and the premature loss of my wife. Many attempted set ups, both local and federal. I have a list a mile long of why I don't trust cops. TT

Slurp... The Face of Fu Manchu (1965)

"Dr Fu Manchu was the creation of 'Sax Rohmer', the Irishman Arthur Sarsfield Ward. First appearing in print in 1912, Fu featured in novels and stories for more than 40 years. Over the years Rohmer toned down the racist elements, and the seemingly immortal Fu involved himself in the fight against Fascism, attempted to install a puppet US President and even worked with the Chinese Communists."

"Christopher Lee, though obviously not Oriental, looks the part of Fu, whom Rohmer described as tall, slender and having an overwhelming, hypnotic presence. Lee looked exactly like the tall Asian that he had glimpsed many years earlier and who had inspired the character."

I read this review and realised another thing from my youth has gone into the memory hole; films starring white men in yellow face makeup :)

Charlie Chan and Fu Manchu are nowhere to be seen on cable, these used to run on late-night tv all the time, I especially liked the Fu Manchu films since he was killed off in every one but came back every time, sort of like the many reported "deaths" of Osama Bin Laden.

It should be known:

TOM, hello, i live in las vegas and there's nowhere, nothing for the whites to hang on to down here. it's infested, swarming with immigrants on every corner you drive down. i see that there's almost no hope for the las vegas area whites, but i feel as time goes by my childhood, and the future children of my own, will not have a place to call their own as once their forefathers had.

i am white and i am proud of it, but there needs to be a white movement that presses the issue to all these dam niggers and wetbacks. its filth in the streets, and all you see is mexicans and dumb niggers being foreclosed on their houses because a dumbass white person wanted to make it easy for everyone to be in a house.. but in my father's time and his father's time there was no such thing. now you see the gov't giving handouts to the people that just abuse it and are not even citizens of this country. they dont care, they'll just come back when the economy gets better in a few years. the west coast needs help bad and it needs to be known, but in a way that the communities will turn on the blacks and the mexicans, forcing a war between them.

thank you and i hope you do talk about this situation in the future.

val halla, LWLV

Melon Man Black activists demand Obama address racism

"As we mark this International Day for the Elimination of Racism, Black human rights activists across the country are holding simultaneous press conferences to protest President Barack Obama's threat to boycott the United Nations World Conference against Racism-Durban Review being held in Geneva, Switzerland, next month."

TT says: They also demand the wind stop blowing!

Racist struggle has too many reactionary types!

Dear Mr. Metzger:

I just got banned from the VNN Forum and Hal Turner Show. Not that I give a damn, mind you. I posted messages on those sites such as Jews are not responsible for all of our problems, Dr. William Pierce's ADV broadcasts were too angry and negative to attract anything but a fringe element, that Communist East Germany and Tito's Yugoslavia were pro-White countries which were in many ways better off than the USA is now and that Hitler made some very serious blunders which damaged the White Race.

For posting these honest opinions, I was accused of being a Jewish "troll" out to undermine the glorious White Struggle and therefore not allowed to post on their forums any more. Don't you think there are too many right-wing conservative and reactionary elements in the so-called White Struggle? They are just as close-minded, dogmatic and intolerant as the Establishment types they seek to overthrow.. No wonder the Struggle never gets anywhere. I'm glad you don't believe in censorship. Have any of those idiotic, right-wing racist groups ever accused you of being a traitor or a troll? That seems to be their favorite pastime, i.e., accusing everyone of being a "secret Jew" or something.

Also, what happened to all the "experts" who have been telling us for years to "buy gold" because the economy is going to collapse soon? Well, the economy is on the brink of catastrophe now and I don't see any gold bars coming to their owners' rescue....... Just another scam to fleece the gullible "patriot community". But then again, these are the same right-wing CON ARTISTS who also tried to get Ron Paul elected President. It seems the best course of action a truly committed racist revolutionary can take is to become a Lone Wolf. No secret handshakes or boy-scout uniforms to wear, no Central Committees, Party Congresses, Constitutional Conventions, blah, blah.... Just some good old-fashioned anti-occupation Resistance.

Sorry if this message is too long, but I just needed to vent a little. Also, I like it when you play the phone callers' messages on your show. Can you read some emails too?

TT says: Don't feel bad, the right wing has accused me of a host of things over the last couple of decades. Yes, most are reactionary and are as bad as the Marxist left at censorship.

My answer is simple. "Let the dead bury the dead", and don't pay them any attention. Just charge forward and forget most of the past.

Member? Some Clarification

Dear Sir, I am a member of W.A.R in the state of Tennessee. I have been a member since July of 1999. I have just recently viewed your website and enjoyed it. I have a few brothers around here that have been in contact with you. One of them is state captain. I won't mention any names of my brothers until I have heard from you. The reason I am writing you is to make sure that our cell is recognized through you. So if it is alright with you, could you please e-mail me and let me know if you want any more conversations with me. I would like to get in touch with you to find out more about you because due to limited resources of information. I thank you for your time and strongly hope you get back with me as soon as possible. -- Lone Wolf Tennessee

TT says: Greetings:
I don't know who is operating as a recruiter for W.A.R., but I have no recruiters. We are not a membership group as our Lone Wolf info will explain. I have independent Lone Wolf associates, but have not had members in many years. Someone took advantage of you. Read my Lone wolf manual and you will understand. Anyone who is recruiting members for W.A.R. either is lying. Tom Metzger

Mr. Metzger, I was recruited by a brother. He and another brother formed our group back in the early 1990s in Tennessee. I wasn't there when it was first formed, nor do I know the second brother personally. But for the past 9-10 years I have been a member of W.A.R. I understand that you didn't send any recruits to Tennessee but I have been doing my part to change the minds of all the lost White men we have in these messed up times we are living in now. I have saved many White men that were lost or had no direction in life. I myself was lost and had no direction before I got my patch. I always had the views about corrupt government that I have now. I can't understand how our government can let fellow White americans go without any health care or jobs, but will let any other trash races cross our borders and give them tax cuts, health benefits, places to live practically free. My own mother has worked all of her life. Paid taxes all of her life now when she has COPD and numerous other health problems she can't get any benefits from the government. Like I said earlier, they will give the other trash races that aren't even from our country all the benefits. This is just one example of how corrupt the government is.

I made some mistakes in my life. I don't know how you judge people like me, but we are as strong about the movement as other brothers. I have met many brothers during my time and have learned much. I can't accept the fact that I was lied to, like you said. I might not be under the same W.A.R that you started, but my patch means everything to me. So please don't say that it is a lie. I don't mean any disrespect at all, but please understand how I must feel.

I am sending you some pics of me and my patch to show you what my groups representation is. I hope to be able to further discussion with you on this. Please check into me and get back to me on your thoughts on this. -- Lone Wolf Tennessee

TT says: I simply tell you the facts. I have hundreds of people acting as lone wolves who adhere to the W.A.R positions, and now Insurgent positions. But I do not run a regular membership organization with membership cards, etc.

I do sell the patches, but that patch means that you wish to support our beliefs and will honor those beliefs. Not a command structure that you may order or be ordered to do something. TT

Action in England?

Tom, I am a 41 year old single White man, without children. I am an Englishman, and as you know, England is in a big mess. I have distributed thousands of racial leaflets, and always speak up for my race when I have an opportunity to do so. I have been listening to your radio shows for about six years, and have you to thank for my evolution to a higher state of being. I am not a member of any group, but hold to the lone-wolf, leaderless resistance ideology.

Tom, I have a problem, and I just do not know what to do about it. I have come to a crossroads. I want my life to count for something. I want my life to be an example to my race. I know you talk about keeping the powder dry and wait for the right time, but I am now thinking, is NOW the right time as far as England is concerned? What is the honourable thing for a man in my situation to do? What can I do? What can I do? Would a short campaign against the race-mixing filth be of more use to my race, as an example of at least one man who was not willing to take it anymore? Or should I just continue with the leaflets? This is hell. Please give me some guidance, comrade.

Lone Wolf England

TT says: I release all Wolves to their independent plans. I no longer urge people to keep their powder dry. Each must act on their own gut feelings now. TT

14th Amendment Power Grab

TT, Prior to the 14th amendment, citizenship was controlled by the states. There was no such thing as American citizenship. When the Federal Government seized control of citizenship, its power was greatly increased on many levels -- civil rights, immigrants, equality, etc. In the 1990s, a poll was taken in the South, asking individuals if they considered themselves American citizens. The majority rejected US citizenship in favor of their states. -- Southern Wolf

Kissin' shame McDonalds promotes race mixing

Hi TT, I stopped by McDonalds yesterday to grab some desert. I ordered two of their cherry pies. If you look closely at the cardboard pie box, you can clearly see race mixing being openly promoted by McDonalds.

The pie box says "... i'm lovin' it" with a picture of a white girl kissing the face of a flat-nosed, dark-skin mud. Just another example of those jews promoting race mixing in a subliminal manner.

TT says: It's been that way for decades. McDonalds is the worst. But all fast food is strongly controlled by Jews. Also, their food is shitty. If they all burned to the ground tommorrow I would cheer.

Always choose a White owned MOM and POP resturant when you eat out. But even then take a peak at who is in the kitchen. With all the diseases floating around, it's best to prepare your own meals... and check countries of origin when you shop.


Postal chief: "We're running out of money!"

WASHINGTON - "We are facing losses of historic proportion. Our situation is critical," Postmaster General John Potter told a House panel. The agency lost $2.8 billion last year and is looking at much larger losses this year. Reducing mail delivery from six days to five days a week could save $3.5 billion annually, Potter said.

If the Postal Service does run out of money, the lingering question, Potter told the House Oversight post office subcommittee, is which bills will be paid and which will not. Ensuring the payment of workers' salaries comes first, he said, but other bills may have to wait.

Jew AIG director named to Obama tax task force!

Behind Blue Eyes

Mud blaming "Whitey" as usual, I worder if this dick drives a car, rides in planes, uses a phone, watches a T.V., enjoys a home with electric lights, heat, air conditioning and refrigeration, etc. Fuck this half-a-shitskin!:

Lula Blames Blue Eyed Whites!

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who has criticized the European Union and the US for tariffs on products from developing countries and has advocated a bigger say for developing countries in decisions on the world economy, pointed a finger to Western bankers.

Lula: "This crisis was caused by the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes, who thought they knew everything and now show they know nothing."

Oy! The Horror!
Le Pen: Nazi gas chambers 'a detail'

Leader of France's Front National repeats his assertion that the Nazi gas chambers were "a mere detail" in the history of the Second World War. The repetition follows the possibility that, if elected, he would chair the parliament's inaugural session because he is the oldest MEP.

Left of Left KikeJew Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Danny the Red), a German Green Party MEP, said Le Pen is "an obsessive madman and Holocaust denier."

Le Pen was fully aware that he was enjoying parliamentary immunity. The gas chambers issue is a favourite bone of contention which Le Pen likes to dig up from time to time. He made the infamous comments first in 1987 and repeated them again ten years later. He was fined 183,000 euros by a French court.

TT: The DC Lone Wolf show was excellent. You should mark this as a special show on Truly some great useful information. And the George Jones song He Stopped Loving Her Today on the March 19th show... That brought back some memories. Thanks. Dennis Mahon brought up a serious topic of obese white folks. I couldn't agree more. The food industry has put profit ahead of health. The pharmaceutical industry gets super wealthy promoting and selling drugs we really wouldn't need if we ate right (cholesterol drugs and such). And people, being sheep-like creatures just follow along and head down the path to sickness and disease.

A true healthy diet is a low carb diet. Meat, eggs and most veggies (cut out the corn and potatoes). Not much money to be made by food manufacturers there. There is lots of science behind this way of eating but it gets buried by the media or made out to be some quack fad diet, aka atkins. 100 years ago adult diabetes and heart disease was pretty much unheard of. Now they are at epidemic levels. The difference? Carbs. We eat way too many carbs. Processed or not. The human body was not designed to use these for optimal health. Nowadays thats all we eat. It really is that simple. The body needs protein and fat. There is no such thing as an essential carb.

Lone Wolf Iowa

"Remember, the first most profound revolutionary action you can take is to drop out of their system!" ... David Lane

Dear Tom, Just dropping by to let you know Lone Wolf DC did an excellent job yesterday. Very informative and inspiring. I hope he does more shows. 14 -- Lone Wolf NY

Hey TT, Just wanted to comment on the new Wolf who did the show on the 26th. I thought he did a great job, he had some really great info contained in his report. Its important for stuff like this to get out to our people! Overall a great job! -- Lone Wolf

Hi TT, Just finished listening to Lone Wolf DC show and found it great !!! Good information and little different perspective than from the infamous Ghost Wolf show :) 2 thumbs up and I will spread the "love" here on my rock in the ocean. Situation normal here in Iceland -- totally F.U.B.A.R. and having fun. Creatively yours -- Rev. Lone Wolf Iceland

Indian Chief Wherethefuggareweee

Heap big trouble!

In Heap Big Trouble!

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D . Jew T H I N K !!!