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No Quarter Expected! No Quarter Given! THE VOICE OF PROGRESSIVE RACISM
5 JULY 2009


THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists. Each is an individual leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept. We are made up of individuals and small cells, where strictly limited or non-existent networking avoids the security risks of the membership organization. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR. Each Associate works at whatever his or her talents encourage. Associates will financially support to the best of their ability.

The KikeJews Have Won !!

The Culture War which began in the nineteenth century -- the 'march through the institutions' and the insertion of a US president who has no effective 'connections' other than those of his KikeJew controllers -- that War is over!

But can KikeJews consolidate their victory with so much revealed to so many?

This is a test of mankind -- a test of survival!

The seeds of the next War have been sown...



Wishing means nothing.... ACTION!!
Demand visits and agitate agitate agitate.
They don't give a shit how much we whine! TT

Reflecting on a recent article I sent to others that was writen by someone else, they indeed covered much of what I have also pointed out over the last several years as I have been outspoken on womens issues.

Here in Tennessee I have recruited more females than males into the racial struggle since 2001. Much of the reason is because I made it a point to include females when speaking to other Eurofolk on the problems and issues that face our race. Many sisters had made the comment to me that its rare to see men covering womens issues, and women who have believed this was a "men only" struggle were inspired to get involved after speaking to them.

Our enemies such as the SPLC target Eurofolk women and categorize white women with so-called minorities in a vicious attempt to turn them away from white men, and also turn them away from our struggle. There is nothing the enemy hates more than to see Eurofolk men and women unified and fighting the same battle against all that is wrong with our people and the world today.

However, besides the tireless attempts waged by the enemy to divide white men and women, there are several errors that many males make in the racial cause today either on purpose or without thinking. When we don't include women in literature distributions, in social gatherings or in organizational movements, we help the enemy. There are a few organizations who do not allow women to take up leadership roles, and there are also a few who have even excluded women from their ranks.

One has to wonder, just what these types of groups plan to or think they can accomplish when leaving our sisters out? One may wish to ask if these "brothers only" groups have any real intentions at all as far as reaching any levels of progress, when they fail to acknowledge the important roles that women play and the contributions that women give to our race and struggle. (continued)

Please edit (cut & paste) relevent news items and include source URLs (links).
Direct all email to only. Thanks! -- Tom Metzger

To join THE INSURGENT Radio Club, email with "SUBSCRIBE TO RADIO CLUB" in the Subject and Message areas. The shows will be sent directly to you in MP3 format; however, you must send $20 per month to continue receiving them. Always include your email address with donations.
Cash, checks, money orders to: The Insurgent (or Tom Metzger), P.O. Box 401, Warsaw, IN 46581.
Our National Telephone HOTLINE is 574-267-5036
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The Racial Nation ... is back!!

Some of the asshole reporting is clinical, and most of the comments are ridiculous or inarticulate, up until comment #89 by Gina of NYC (surprisingly) who hits it succinctly and squarely!:

89. Gina NYC
July 2nd, 2009 5:22 pm

Just WHAT IS the U.S. government's mission statement in Afganistan exactly?

The Taliban are NOT the ones running our economy into the ground, invading foreign nations on a whim, routinely torturing detainees, commiting MASSIVE international securities fraud or stealing from the American working class in order to subsidize private corporate losses.

What we need to do is INVADE WASHINGTON DC to rid ourselves of the REAL terrorists!

After this the quality of commentary improves. Some are even outright laughable: "What happened Obama - we trusted you...!"

The Iron Heel may have Won in Iraq (but Afghanistan is another story!)

The Hudson Institute recently held a book discussion of The Strongest Tribe: War, Politics, and the Endgame in Iraq by Bing West.

Bing West on CSpan; Afghanistan Understood: The Places In Between

Lethal US arms shipments through Russia to Afghanistan OK'd by Medevedev!

2 + 2 is .......,..
Indianapolis, Indiana FBI

A native Midwesterner with 30 years in law enforcement, 18 of those with the FBI, Danny L. Barkley is the special agent in charge of the Indianapolis Division's National Security and Intelligence operations.

For the most part, Hoosiers seem not to give a lot of support to the environmental activism going on in the southern part of the state. Indiana's long history with the Ku Klux Klan, which in the 1920s included a governor and other elected officials, is still reflected in 15 white supremacist hate groups, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Locally, Warsaw is home to White Aryan Resistance leader Tom Metzger. The White Nationalist group WTM Enterprises is based in Roanoke, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

White supremacy organizations historically have tended to be the most violent toward people, with environmental and animal rights extremism tending toward disruption and property destruction, Barkley said.

Indiana's domestic terrorism task force is made up of agents and law enforcement officers "strategically placed" throughout the state, with the majority of the group in Indianapolis, he said.

"As we get further away from 9/11, people tend to return to their old ways," Barkley said. "We need to remain vigilant."

Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette

Dear sir:

Please understand that White Ayan Resistance has not been in business since early 2004 as IRS records will show. It was a non membership, non dues paying, concept of like minded people that on a private basis co-operated on some ideas. Both the White Aryan Resistance and/or The Insurgent are purely propoganda and public information instruments.

In the early part of 2005 I created the entity 'THE INSURGENT'. The Insurgent is a non membersip, non dues paying entity also. No Rallys, no Flags, no uniforms, no demonstrations, and only rare meetings between two people at a time. It is made up of lose associations of individuals interested in the concept of Racial Separation. Beyond that, each individual is purely an individual and is simply a private member of the White Race.

I would prefer that when you speak of Tom Metzger you ask Tom Metzger who and what he is and not simply write what someone else tells you Tom Metzger is or is not. To do otherwise is sloppy journalism bordering on allowing yourself to be an agent of wealthy pressure groups and self interested agents of the state.

Tom Metzger

He lets you live!
Some Iraq Pointers

Hey Tommy!

I've picked up a few more pointers from the Iraqi Insurgency. I hope you and your associates can benefit from them.

1. The ragheads have been using IEDs for years, but they've realized that it's extremely difficult for passengers to escape an armored vehicle submerged underwater. So the insurgents have been placing bombs by rivers and bridges, hoping to roll their target into the water and causing the soldiers inside to drown. In response to this, American soldiers now unlock their doors when they're close to a river, allowing for an easier escape.

2. The Iraqi Police and Army have been getting better as they've become more experienced, but the Insurgents discovered that the IA and IPs are way too trigger happy. One sergeant told us how he was involved in a 15 minute gun battle alongside the Iraqi Army, and they burned through 5000 rounds in that time space alone. In order to capitalize off this, the Insurgents often send a couple of their own ahead to fire pot shots at the IA and IPs. With a couple of rounds, they've often made their enemy waste almost all their ammo, giving the Insurgents an easy target.

This tactic is especially useful against undisciplined fighting forces - like Bongo Boy's 'youth volunteers' for example.

3. Awhile back, the US Military discovered that Iraqi snipers have been using a readily available book in order to train themselves, The Ultimate Sniper by John Plaster (pictured). I haven't read this myself, but if it's good enough for sand niggers it should be good enough for us!

Also, pick up Marine Sniper - 93 Confirmed Kills by Charles W. Henderson if you want another good sniper book. I've read this one, and it reads just like an action novel, except it's a real account of Carlos Hathcock's experiences in Vietnam. It's a great read, and if you read in between the lines you can pick up a few sniper tips.

That's all for now. Take care of yourselves.

14 - Keep your powder dry!

Ruger direct sells folding stocks for the Mini-14


The stock folds completely, to the left side.

FORWARD OBSERVER Report: Class Warfare Hamilton/Trenton

Hi TT,

Just sent in Race and Reason Shows #5 and 6 to Public Access. They can be Seen Every SATURDAY at 5:30PM, Channel 23 in Hamilton New Jersey. "CABLEVISION" is the Name of the Service provider.

Hamilton is a Sister City of Trenton. Hamilton is Considered to be Part of Trenton. The Only Difference is that Hamilton is Mostly WHITE, While Trenton is Mostly NON-WHITE. For Years Whites Living in Hamilton have made fun of, and Spoken Down to those Whites Still Living in Trenton. It is Perceived that Whites who Remain in Trenton are Trash and Low Life. In this Way, Whites in Hamilton can Express their Closet Racism. Instead of Speaking Out Against the Real Problem of NON-WHITES Running the Government in Trenton. Politically Correct Dogma makes Speaking Out Against the Real Problem a Rare Occurrence.

Class Warfare and Nationalism are two Destructive factors to WHITE Expansion and Growth. And the RIGHT WING Revel in Both.

One Note of Encouragement. Voters in Hamilton in the Last Election Voted NO on the School Budget. Instead of the Government Honoring the Will of the People, the Government Approved the School Budget Anyway-with a Big Increase in Funds. My Right Wing Buddy's came up to me and Cried in ANGER: "the People Voted AGAINST the School Budget and they Rammed it Through Anyway, Amazing". I Responded to that by Asking: "You are Still Voting? do you REALLY Think anything can be changed for the Better going through Traditional Channels?"

Again, we have to take these people STILL in the Right Wing by the Hand, as if they were small Children, Molly Coddle them Along. Dry their Tears for them then Gently show them the Way. Over Time they will learn the Painful Lesson. America as Our Grandfathers Knew it is Gone.


With Highest Respect and Admiration....... Lone Wolf BROWNTON,
Wolfpack Browntown, Wolves in Blue and G Man Lone Wolf

Some more feedback:

Jonathan Pyle on Leonard Zeskind's 'Blood and Politics'

No Cap to Al Gore's Greed
$2 million to $100 million, and soon to be 'Carbon Billionaire',
Al Gore -- Trading Greenhouse Gas for Global Fun & Profit!

No.10 Weekly ENews of the National Front 4th July 2009

Joint venture between Nigeria's NNPC and Russia's Gazprom: NIGAZ

Racism is the new liberal term for opposing views (open comments)

Rapid Security Airport Screener for 'Elites'... Out of Business!
Elite Confidential Information at Great Risk [LOL]

Fathers of the Bomb: Enrico Fermi

White Fight ?

Dear TT: And we must admit that we are to blame that these subs still exist. So there should not be extreme hatred to them. I am not cruel to animals, we do not need them to work, we have machines to do this and highly qualified folks to use them. We do not want their ugly women, we do not want their nigger drums called music, we no not want anything from them, so they should be allowed to pass away without pain, to ship them back is a nice idea but I think there are other methods which are not so expensive. And more human I guess. There was a big progress in chemistry and maybe we can use them as fertilizer but Karl Lueger, mayor of Vienna when Hitler lived there said: "No, I think natural fertilizer is much better." How true! -- Austrian Wolf

Dear TT: A tribe, a people, a race who gives away its land and its very premise of existence to alien folks without resistance, ask all peoples of all centuries - from Bantu land to headhunting cannibals of the Pacific, from the realm of the Neanderthal to ancient Rome - you will not find such a fool tribe, people or race, "impossible, never" would they say and if you would tell them that they should do so they would have either killed you at the spot, or ,if you are lucky, they would have laughed at you and say: "That was a good one guy, but not to much of this!" But oops, there is one exception: The White Race, or what is left of us, of the very last decades. Be it the USA, Europe or SA, everywhere they retreat and give living space to scabby uncivilized non white aliens without a shot. Only in Russia and portions of Eastern Europe they think a little different on this issue. But the very best is: Ask any sound Englishman, German or White American or African: They will tell you that they do not want them in their countries, in their streets and neighborhoods. Hmm, why is this? Who commands this and who are the persons behind this abomination never seen before in history?

POW Dennis Mahon denied bail, Daniel Mahon granted

The prosecution laid out a long list of reasons why the Mahons present a danger to the community and shouldn't be released on bond. When it came to Dennis Mahon the judge agreed.

Daniel Mahon's attorney, Denny Ryan, agreed with the judge who set bond at $50,000 for his client. "They have a history of political views, however unsavory and unpopular they might be, it's their right to have them," he said.

There'll be a hearing on Monday morning to make sure the $50,000 used to bailout Daniel Mahon is from a legitimate source. If it is, he'll be free to go.

Radio show, encryption etc.

Dear Tom: After the search at your home the radio show format changed. Do you have to pay for it including the old shows? What's the procedure for getting shows, or is it being reworked because of the search?

With regard to the search, have you been demanding they give back the computers they stole since no charges were filed? I hate the word seize, the cops steal your car, computer, property and more over the most trivial reasons. Racially yours!

TT says: The change on the radio archives was planned long before the raid.

They brought back my computers about 4 days ago. The files were intact.

Encryption is a waste of time. Just make sure there is no illegal activity on your computer or anywhere else. If my computer had been encrypted probably all my files would have been erased. In any case, most secrets are given up on telephones and in bars.

I still believe that for most people it's best to HIDE IN PLAIN SITE. The illusion of maintaining privacy if you have ever been active in any manner is a myth. TOM METZGER

On the Wall Hitler and Gerhard Rex Lauck

Hi there,

Regarding your comments on Hitler a few shows back, I don't think he had any interest in systematic extermination of jews per se, he just wanted them out of Greater Germany. In towns recently captured from Russia, shooting them all was just the most expedient way of dealing with them; in the rest of Germany, they were relocated to work camps before their eventual deportation to Madagascar. And if some rich jews used their money and influence to voluntarily get out of town, well so much the better. Hitler wasn't trying to save the world, just Europe.

As far as that Farmbelt Fuhrer character, I became a white nationalist due to the newspapers and leaflets he sent me years ago when I was a teenage lemming. And what really, decisively, changed my mind was listening to the George Lincoln Rockwell tapes I ordered from his catalogue. Also, he's been a proponent of the Lone Wolf concept since way back.

So that's my 2 cents, enjoy everything you do, even if I don't always agree.

14/5 AA WOLF

TT says: Minor tactical disagreements exist in all revolutionary struggles.

Choco-Ped Caught by Fed

TT, Here's an example of a pedophile which S. 909 would assist if it were law today. Last week the FBI and Washington D.C. police announced the arrest of homosexual Duke University administrator Frank Lombard for trying to persuade an undercover police officer to have sex with Lombard's six-year-old adopted Negro son. The affidavit said Lombard sexually molested the boy, describing himself as a "perv dad for fun." The Negro is reared by Lombard and his homosexual partner.

Gay Duke U. Official Attempts to Sell Black 5-Year-Old Son for Sex

TT says: Well GOLLEE! Ain't that a shocker. That will be in the used car section of most newspapers.

WHY Are Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified??

Mmm, so, just what is going on in space to make them classify the entry of meteors or debris?? We have satellites running into each other? Shuttle background shots censored or 'air brushed' to hide anomalous space images and objects?

Banzai !!! A total US lack of coverage of the Chinese and Indian and Japanese space missions and programs ... How many Americans even know that there are full space programs in India, China, and Japan?

Military Hush-Up:
Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified

For 15 years, scientists have benefited from data gleaned by U.S. classified satellites of natural fireball events in Earth's atmosphere - but no longer.

A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released, has learned.

The satellites' main objectives include detecting nuclear bomb tests, and their characterizations of asteroids and lesser meteoroids as they crash through the atmosphere has been a byproduct data bonanza for scientists.

The upshot: Space rocks that explode in the atmosphere are now classified!

"It's baffling to us why this would suddenly change," said one scientist familiar with the work. "It's unfortunate because there was this great synergy...a very good cooperative arrangement. Systems were put into dual-use mode where a lot of science was getting done that couldn't be done any other way. It's a regrettable change in policy."

White Reality

Here is the harsh reality; For 7000 years it has been only a small minority of superior whites that built civilizations and created beautiful things [Roman Patrician Families for example]. The rest of the whites will obey and follow along. The other races haven't done anything except copy a little.

Mixed race Zionist Jews [Canaanites-Khazars] are "destroyers" in history. Notice when the frontiersmen discovered the Indians which are again mixed race hybrids, they found them living at a primative subsistance tribal level - just above "Stone Age"!.

Notice today what happened when the blacks took over Johannesberg SA. It has the HIGHEST CRIME RATE of any city! Or how about Mogadeshu Somalia! Watch the movie "Black Hawk Down" for a real look! Cannibalism STILL in the Congo, Slavery & murder in the Sudan, degeneration everwhere, etc.

What destroyed ancient Egypt? Intermixing racially with the blacks of Africa - goodbye whites! Get it? Why they don't want people to know this stuff - because the jewish shysterisms would never work.

Deutsche Seized computers offer no clues, but "Neo-German propaganda" is found

Ocoee police returned today the computers seized from the home of James Hataway, whom investigators have called a person of interest in the case of missing Tracy Ocasio.

Authorities didn't find any information as to the whereabouts of Ocasio, 27, who disappeared on May 27.

But they did note the computer user had an interest in "Neo-German propaganda," according to Ocoee police. The forensic exam also found inquiries into suicide. The research on suicide was done after police first questioned him about getting a ride with Ocasio but before he was taken into custody.

5 Percent

Greetings Mr. Metzger,

Hope all is well, my thanks for helping preserve some remnant of true proud non enslaved white people.

I am just reading a book right now that deals in mind control and cults. During the Korean war of the fifties it was the first time in recorded war that prisoners (American soldiers) that had been captured made no escape attempts. Long after the war it was revealed why.

The Communists found through research that only 5% of the male population where true leaders who would organize and inspire the rest of the population. Any men among the prisoners that showed any sense of being a leader were immediately removed and either killed or put under maximum security. After their removal the remaining prison population never was a ble to organize or think enough to seek their freedom.

Now if they knew this in the fifties, what do you think about NOW. Perfect example of how easily 95% of the population can be swayed is they elected a man, Obama, who never did jack shit his whole life, now whose cabinet is lousy with Wall Street bankers, and who has turned all of the United States wealth over to an international Banking Syndicate.

If you are one of the 5% who can actually THINK -- well, They are coming for YOU. The Prison this time will be the whole planet. Expect MORE immigration even as the Republic crumbles. Expect more WAR. LOL... Going to leave Iraq? Really?

Any white person who shows any pride in their people and Questions the Propaganda will be dealt with more and more as enemies of the State.

Peoples' attention spans will be more and more eroded by the media. Hey anyone remember the Anthrax attack, the dancing Mossad agents, the WMD in Iraq, the collapse of the third building [WTC-7] in New York? That Obama promised to end the wars, even as he expands the war in Afghanistan. While a bunch of 19 to 20 year olds, their minds softened by years of computer games, hip hop music and a broken education system get sent to get their legs blown off or poisoned with chemicals, for the Jewnited States.

Lone Wolf

World Record! Formula 1 chief under fire for Hitler comment

In an interview with London's The Times newspaper, Bernie Ecclestone expressed a preference for "strong leaders," citing former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Max Mosley, outgoing head of Formula One's governing body, as examples.

He was quoted as saying that democracy "hasn't done a lot of good for many countries -- including this one."

"In a lot of ways, terrible to say this I suppose, but apart from the fact that Hitler got taken away and persuaded to do things that I have no idea whether he wanted to do or not, he was in the way that he could command a lot of people, able to get things done," the Jew Ecclestone was quoted as saying.

Ecclestone also said the West had been wrong to depose Iraq's Saddam Hussein, saying: "He was the only one who could control that country."
Image: Hitler's Silver Arrow World Record Holder

The Kikes must be getting really scared!!!

The so-called "Chosen Ones" are now looking at trying to read people's thoughts to know whether or not they're thinking bad things about them!!! Something tells me that if this Orwellian idea becomes a horrifying reality, these desperation mind-reading tactics will rarely, if ever, be used on any Jews:

Freethought = Hate = Treason

Lisa Randall the new einstein

This jew bitch phoney 'scientist' Lisa Randall never discovered a thing, but the media promotes her like 'einstein', all the jew schools have given her tenure. Harvard today is 100% kike ! the place is ruined ! Lisa Randall the jewess is selling phoney 'science' books about 'string theory' big bang nonsense and all with of course 'einstein' all over everything ! jews have ruined science with all their schlock !

See her wikipedia page. She discovered NOTHING: Lisa Randall

Ugh!! Crazy Madness

Hi TT,

I've just red the article of a south african woman posted in the latest updates... i'm astonished. Really, it's hard to believe... usually it's the black male with the white beauty, leaving whitey sucking his fingers!

Of course, i've seen many white men hand in hand with ugly negresses or mongrels pesuaded they are making a good show or liberating themselves, but this is the country of the race mixers...

Many of them are absolute fanatics of race-mixing, and believe that all the races (that do not exist because there's just the human race!?) should mix together until everybody appears like Obama, and do it with the same zealous militantism as we do believe in the opposite!

They already tryed to impinge me the negress all possible ways, even cornering me with it, but i never gave in...

For all i know, South Africa is the only country in the world where the portuguese emmigrants did't start race mixing like mad, maybe this was an inheritance from the Apartheid... even if the difference of white and black population there made the system to lower the standard of "whitness", most portuguese over there are really white, and they have been dropping like flies due to nigger crime without deserving any comment or suport from our fabianist social-marxist government here!

Some returned to Portugal, but without any support at all...

It's just hard to believe that a good looking white man probably of nordic descent doesn't want to flirt with a white woman of the same blood simply because she doesn't spread her legs at the first dick that crosses her way!

What kind of stupid motherfucker quits decent white women and starts hanging around with monkey females?! They deserve a load of HIV!

This is hard to believe, and an insult to our race, i give you permission to give my e-mail to that lady, in case she wants.

I just can't believe i find no proper white woman and there's a country where the white men swap them for blacks. Man, this pisses me off!

Thanks TT!


P.S: The idea of leaving Australia Calling to sundays is fine, especially now that Hal Turner's site has gone down.

(This is SOP for Moslems, though to hear the damned fool liberals in this country tell it, they are our "brothers" and are "peace loving" people. What these ignorant fools just don't grasp is that the definition of "peace" to a Moslem is not the same thing we think it is. To them, peace is having all non-Moslems dead.) ..JOOM

Muslims attack Christians with acid

News was spread among Muslims that there had been blasphemy against Islam, and it took only a few hours for a 600-strong mob of Muslims to assemble and begin the attack.

"The most disturbing development was the throwing of acid at the Christians as they fled. At least nine women and four children have been injured," the Christian ministry reported.

The organization also is accepting contributions to help some of the Christians deal with the needs of housing and food while their homes are restored and their lives re-assembled...

TT says: White Racists have no concern about Muslim vs Christian Violence. Our only issue is White Race survival. TT

Freedom of Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to extend my condolences to Mister Tom Metzger*, Mister Hal Turner, and the members of their families. To my mind, their arrests are nothing less than a measure of how very near we are in the United States to an open civil war.

NFNF . Dead

In their entire lives neither Mister Metzger nor Mister Turner ever said anything as hate filled, as violence provoking. As the semi-literate drivel spewing from that black lesbian, Nikki Giovanni; which brings me to the point. Since the Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law, how could Mister's Metzger and Turner find themselves in jail, while Ms. Giovanni goes free?

Best Wishes!
*Tom was not arrested. Do you mean Bill White?

Typical KikeJew Behavior

TT, The article points out that the OrthoJew fled to Israel at one point... wonder how hard the extradition process was to complete considering those "wonderful bastions of morality" known as religious Jews have zero problem shielding the worst scum imaginable if they're a fellow traveling Jew!:


Yecchh.... Great Lakes Lone Wolf Report

Howdy TT!

Well the snoooze loooze media circus goes on & on & on the Wacko Jacko death crap! Give it about 1 1/2 weeks and the controlled news ZOG media will move onto other subjects.

Yeah, we'll hear silly stories Wacko Jacko didn't really die and is living off some secret island somewhere and there will be sightings like Elvis! Give us a break!!! Just you watch Tommy!

And there will be streets named after this freak called, M. Jackson BLVD, Michael Jackson Avenue, etc. guaranteed!

White Americans are losing there jobs and Amerika is going down the rat hole and everyone is concern about Michael Jackson...what a joke in this country! This is where we're headed!

Great Lakes Lone Wolf

Legal Advice for Hal Turner

I believe that most people listening to Hal Turner would not think that they were listening to a man who is perfectly stable - all the more mitigating circumstances with regard to his statements.

It is evident in the kinds of obvious chances he was taking. It is likely that many people listening to him were doing so with almost sadistic voyeurism, similar to those who watched the broadcaster in the movie "Network" as he goes off the deep end.

Perhaps his lawyer should garner psychological opinions to that effect.

Lone Wolf

Ghost Europe Radio Show (July 2nd) Erratum:

Listeners were advised to check Clinton Ave. and, mistakenly, "Summer" St. in Irvington, New Jersey. The correct address is Clinton Ave. and Cummings St. for a good sample of non-Hollywood USA.

Google Earth: Clinton Ave. and Cummings St., Irvington, New Jersey

There, one will see 4 ghetto booties on one corner, shift the angle to another corner to find a fruit of Islam and to another angle to see two future presidents crossing the street...


Gone ...

The Quiet Coup

A Case Of Quant Trading Sabotage May Destroy Goldman Sachs!

California Issues IOUs to State Employees and Vendors

California's controller will start paying many of the state's bills with Scrip as soon as Thursday after lawmakers came to a budget impasse.

The failure to balance the state's main checkbook and the looming IOUs prompted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday to declare a fiscal state of emergency.

TT says: "We just can't understand why we are broke?"

1. Non producing, Non taxpaying swarms of Non white invaders.

2. Tens of thousands of White producers fleeing the State each year.

There's much more, but just these two alone will kill any economy.

Unemployment at 26-year high; wages plummet

Play through?

Texas T

(Talk about a woman's wrath! Food for thought the next time you want to date some sweet young thing, boys...) ...JOOM

Woman blasts off
boyfriend's pecker
with firecrackers

(Rasputin's actual organ on display at the Moscow Museum)
(According to staff the majority of viewers are women)

A Russian woman got so upset by the news that her boyfriend intended to leave her that she tied several firecrackers to his penis and exploded them.

After a hearty meal and some heavy drinking the man fell asleep. The girlfriend tied several firecrackers to his penis and exploded them. The man was rushed to intensive care and doctors are reported to be fighting for his life.

Even if the man survives the girl will face up to 12 years imprisonment.


OZ: Fish....


...or Cut Out the Bait!



Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

Lone Wolf

E N D . Jew T H I N K !!!