The Nazi Virus by Philip J. Welch. Learn more about the real reasons behind World War II as told from the German point of view. You will realize that the 'history of America' is lies told by Jews for at least sixty years. Read this book and know more than college professors! Buy Now: $20 post paid.
No Quarter Expected! No Quarter Given! THE VOICE OF PROGRESSIVE RACISM
17 DECEMBER 2008


THE INSURGENT is an association of highly motivated White Racists. Each is an individual leader in his or her own right. THE INSURGENT promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept. We are made up of individuals and small cells, where strictly limited or non-existent networking avoids the security risks of the membership organization. Each INSURGENT Associate serves the Idea that whatever is good for our White Race is the highest Virtue, and that whatever is bad for our White Race is the ultimate ERROR. Each Associate works at whatever his or her talents encourage. Associates will financially support to the best of their ability.

Tom -- Just more of the same... but much more in our faces. There continue to be
fewer and fewer reasons for our people not to be outraged and to fight back:

YouTube and ADL: Partners Fighting 'Hate'

New York, NY, December 11, 2008 -- YouTube has reached out to the Anti-Defamation League (
ADL) for its expertise in dealing with hate on the Internet. In one outgrowth of that partnership, the League is now a contributor to YouTube's newly launched Abuse & Safety Center, where users are empowered to identify and confront hate, and to report abuses.

The YouTube Abuse & Safety Center was unveiled on December 11 at the annual conference of the Family Online Safety Institute in Washington D.C. A link to the Center is also available at the bottom of every YouTube page.

The Family Online Safety Institute mentioned above is probably one of the primary attack vehicles which will be used against our freedom of speech. Of course, pornography (a very real problem, and controlled by Jews!) is the main red herring... but then come the true targets -- 'hate speech' etc. etc.

Here is a link listing people connected to this front group (from their (2nd annual) December 11th conference description): http://www.fosi.org/cms/index.php/speaker-profiles.html

I counted 62 speakers for this one day event!! Obviously, this was a network co-ordination gathering only. This particular critter is interesting:

Child protector? Policy Analyst

Micah Schaffer joined YouTube in January 2006. As a founding member of YouTube's operations team, he has spearheaded development of content policies, legal compliance and a comprehensive child safety program.

Recently Micah took a temporary leave from YouTube to serve as 'Obama for America's' New Media Director in Arkansas, where he managed the campaign's technology infrastructure and provided statewide logistical support. In 2000, he worked in conjunction with the civil liberties organization Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Tom, considering that Google is Israel based, it is obvious that we'd better make hay while the sun shines. Our moral fitness to survive is at stake!

Lone Wolf

"It seems that the days of using YouTube as #1 media to distribute documentaries, videos and presentations about the truth of Israel and Zionist and their horrific war-crimes history and terrorism profile, has come to END. Yesterday, it was announced that YouTube officially connected to the infamous ADL as partner to 'Fight Against Hate'."

TT: I know it sounds too weird to believe, but that's the news. YouTube now has on-board one of the US's domestic branches of Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad. The ADL, the Mossad's most "professional" organizations whose "speciality is spreading hate", are recruited as a professionals in the just struggle of "fighting against hate"?! -- Lone Wolf

Vermin1 Vermin2

ADL 'Experts on Hate'
Address Internet Conference

The official U.S. recommendations to the conference included a number of ADL best practices such as ADL's HateFilter -- a voluntary, free software program that users may download to block hate sites -- and law enforcement training. ADL's work with Internet providers was applauded by representatives of the Internet industry as an excellent example of how non-governmental organizations can work with the tech industry to fight hate - and this type of partnership is also noted in the official U.S. recommendations.

Brian Marcus addressed the plenary, "Public and Private Partnership in the Fight Against Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism on the Internet" sharing ADL best practices as models for other organizations and nations to follow. Christopher Wolf addressed a session on "The Nature and Extent Between Racist, Xenophobic and anti-Semitic Propaganda on the Internet and Hate Crimes."

TT says: Be careful what you wish for. The mop has a way of flopping two ways.


I am the Lone Wolf; I am covert. I conduct surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence on my opponents. I do not join groups or organizations due to informants, agent provocateurs and troublemakers. I avoid being on a list.

Even if I am on a list: I have a list and data on them. I know where they live, where they go shopping, where their kids go to school, where their spouses work, what model their vehicles are, where their relatives live, where they go for recreation, who their friends are, their habits and even their birth dates.

I study and research people like the Unabomber, BTK Wichita, Kansas serial killer, Eric Rudolph, Robert Mathews and others, and learn from their errors.

I am preparing for the coming War. I am ready when the line is crossed. When the oppression becomes too great, the Wolf will spring. I do not engage in unconventional warfare until the time is right. I do not seek out trouble, my enemies do that which shall give me the natural reason to fight back!

I am prepared if I am arrested or questioned by authorities to insist on 5 words: "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY!"

The Lone Wolf stores sensitive information in another location away from his or her place of residence. If in school or military or on the job I will keep no incriminating material on my person. I will not share my true beliefs with others in the work place, nor will I carry such information in my mode of transportation, work or school locker.

If need be I will pretend to be an anti racist or very liberal as a cover. If I am in a position of authority I will not disclose to anyone my true objectives. My actions must be totally covert in nature.

I protect my informants who are working inside government and in non-government agencies who provide me intelligence information to improve my effectiveness when the struggle intensifies.

I use White, Gray and Black propaganda. It's called "Psy-War."

I am the underground Insurgent fighter and independent. I am in your neighborhoods, schools, police departments, bars, coffee shops, malls, etc. I am, The Lone Wolf!

I am always listening.

Submitted by an Associate

THE INSURGENT Newspaper is distributed quarterly in PDF format ($20 per year).
To join THE INSURGENT Radio Club, email
tm_metzger@yahoo.com with "SUBSCRIBE TO RADIO CLUB" in the Subject and Message areas. The shows will be sent directly to you in MP3 format; however, you must send $20 per month to continue receiving them. Always include your email address with donations.
Cash, checks, money orders to: The Insurgent (or Tom Metzger), P.O. Box 401, Warsaw, IN 46580.
Our National Telephone HOTLINE is 574-267-5036
Monterey CA 831-597-4101 ****** Chicago IL 847-890-6164
Boston MA 413-410-1687 **** Toledo OH 419-754-2266 **** Dallas TX 214-594-8209

Andrei's Ghost. JOOM. SURVIVAL. POW Support: Jail House Law, Appendix for Women.
White America; SA Timeline; RPO: Parasites; Pierce: Iowa; Indiana No Negro Law;
Fuel Calc; Flowers; Don't Talk!; Busted!; Biological Jew; Behind Communism.
TT: Burning the Jew; JewThink; Lone Wolf Structure; Proud Racist; The Border.

Ford truck design.
Did Henry Ford build plants
in Soviet Russia?

As part of his first Five-Year Plan to industrialize the U.S.S.R., Stalin sought to develop the Soviet auto industry, and he determined that the country needed a modern plant to produce autos for the Soviet Union. The model he chose was the production line of Henry Ford, the ultimate capitalist[?].

In 1929 Ford signed an agreement to sell the Soviets plans, specifications and methods for design and production of trucks and autos and to provide vehicle parts for assembly in the first years of the plant's operation as well.

For design and construction of the plant, the Soviets turned to The Austin Company, which had just completed the Pontiac Six factory, the largest auto plant in the world at that time.

-- Western Reserve Historical Society (PDF)

Victor and Walter Reuther Brothers Victor and Walter Reuther, who worked at the Gorki plant from the end of 1933 till spring 1935 marked in their memoirs that coordination between shops was bad. If the monthly task for the tool shop was to make a certain number of stamps, the necessary drawings, models for moulding and steel for them came after about two weeks delay. This time the shop stood idle.

Meanwhile, links between the Ford Motor Company and the Ford-type plants in Russia faded in 1933, five years before the expiration of the general agreement of 1929.

-- Prof. Boris M. Shpotov (PDF)

55 years?
Bill White Persecuted by Criminal Cabal
for Internet Postings

William A. White, the Roanoke neo-Nazi figure who is being held in Chicago on federal charges of encouraging violence against a juror, has been indicted in Roanoke on more trumped up federal charges.

White, who owns rental property in the city and describes himself as the commander of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, has attracted widespread attention with Internet postings that seem to call for attacks on blacks and Jews. White has described the posts as satire and protected free speech.

TT says: I suggest alert status!

American charged with threatening Canadian

TORONTO -- An American neo-Nazi has been charged with threatening a Canadian anti-hate campaigner as well as blacks and Jews in the United States. The complaint specifies he criminally threatened Warman, who has mounted a one-man crusade to eradicate 'hate speech' on the Internet. Bill White was indicted in Virginia after testimony from Ottawa-based human-rights lawyer, Richard Warman, the alleged target of one threat. Canadian Jewish Congress chief executive Bernie Farber also testified against White before a grand jury in Virginia last September. Both alleged White and other U.S.-based white supremacists often threaten Canadians like themselves, and agencies which challenge hate speech.

TT says: The RATS are using a new angle so watch it. TT

'Neo-Nazi' tried to kill
Passau police chief

Alois Mannichl, 52, was found slumped in the porch of his house in Fürstenzell near Passau, late on Saturday afternoon, having been attacked with a knife.

The man said something along the lines of "Greetings from the National Resistance," and said, "You leftist pig cop, you won't trample on the graves of our comrades any more," before stabbing Mannichl in the stomach with a 12-centimetre knife. Mannichl was operated on in hospital and is said to be out of danger, although seriously wounded.

German Nationalist resentment in the region against the police reached a high point this July after the authorities ordered that the grave of a former Nazi functionary be opened so that a Nazi flag that had been buried with the coffin, be removed.

TT says: It's a fact that if you don't put the knife into an artery then it takes as many as 20 stabs to kill a person.

Killer Eyes

Hillary Clinton:

I don't think that their policy towards Serbia will change. We have not only Hillary Clinton, who I think is in some ways responsible for bombing Serbia over Kosovo. Because, if you read and can believe all of the accounts, she put pressure on her husband to bomb Serbia even though he was initially somewhat reluctant to do so, realising that it would be in violation of international law and it would be in direct conflict with the UN's Charter. I don't think that there will be much change in the US policy towards the Balkans and their anti-Serbian position.

Joe Biden was one of the most aggressive senators who wanted to bomb Serbia and he continues to talk about that as being one of the major achievements of his thirty year long career in Senate. His son has taken up the same sort of theme that Serbs are the bad guys and that they should have been bombed. In addition to that we have Obama's chief of staff, Rham Emanual who enthusiastically supported the bombing.

They will continue to do what they can to punish Serbia. What is different now, however, is I don't think that the "coalition of the willing" will be as willing to follow US directions. The Europeans have learned the lessons from Serbia and Kosovo and more recently in South Ossetia. There are some signs that the French and the Germans are not going to follow slavishly the US policy from now on. They are unhappy at the US approach to the Balkans and also to the continuing US concerns about Russia. There are those in the US who continue to believe that the Russia of today remains the same as it was during Stalinist times.


Hi TT,

As Cold as it is Here in New Jersey, {32 Degrees for the High Today}, Just 200 Miles off the Coast of Cape May the Air and Water Temperatures are in the 70 Degree Range:

Buoy Station 44004

The Link Above is a Good Link for Information About the Oceans. The Link Provides Real Time Data of Many Ocean Observations, Including Ocean Temperature, Air Temperature, Wind Direction, Wave Direction.

All Quiet here on the Front. LATRINOES, MESTIZOS and the MAYAN BEANERS have All Gone Into Hibernation Mode, just Like Their Close Cousins the COCKROACHES, TICKS and BUGS in General.

We're Getting Ready to Watch ANOTHER Race and Reason Show on PUBLIC ACCESS. The Employees at Public Access Have Been very Helpful Getting these Older Shows on the Air. How Many Have We Awakened? MANY. And MANY MORE TO COME!

With Admiration......... Lone Wolf BROWNTOWN

Some more feedback:

American Media Services Interactive (TheRADIO.com) is blocking Hal Turner traffic.

Blagojevich arrest could send Jewish rep to Senate

Somali Pirates Captured (Slideshow)

Radio Free Mississippi: Seeking Uncorrupt Leaders

Americans will never understand jews, nor history, nor manipulation,
but Americans can understand "race war", which is all that is necessary.

Movie basic outline: Future society buys organ donations on credit card
and repo man reposesses them when they stop payments, thus killing them:
Repo Opera

Jew Garry Kasparov starts new Russian anti-Kremlin movement!

Clandestine cell system

Russian general expresses alarm over US plans for military bases
in ex-Soviet republics:
US 'plans'

If France burns again the muds will join in.

Movie of the year award: PUNISHER WAR ZONE!

Tom, you have got to see this shit. This is surely a pro white movie. Castle is working with a white guy, one black dude, and a spic to protect a white mother and her daughter against Jigsaw and his army of niggers, chinks and white trash. It is also very close to the comic story line. One scene he makes reference to why he left the church in his younger days. Plus it's bloody as hell. At last a movie we can truly celebrate. 14/88 Lone Wolf

Ty Cobb

TT: Ty Cobb was the epitomy of Southern racism. I laughed while reading the information about Cobb on the update. He called Babe Ruth 'nigger lips', and refused to stay in a Georgia hunting lodge with Ruth, stating he would never sleep under the same roof with a nigger. -- Lone Wolf

High, Inside! Greek-inspired protests spread across Europe

MADRID, Spain -- The unrest that has gripped Greece is spilling over into the rest of Europe, raising concerns the clashes could be a trigger for opponents of globalization, disaffected youth and others outraged by the continent's economic turmoil and soaring unemployment.

Protesters in Spain, Denmark and Italy smashed shop windows, pelted police with bottles and attacked banks this week, while in France, cars were set ablaze Thursday outside the Greek consulate in Bordeaux, where protesters scrawled graffiti warning about a looming "insurrection." More demonstrations were set for Friday in Italy, France and Germany.

At least some of the protests were organized over the Internet, showing how quickly the message of discontent can be spread, particularly among tech-savvy youth. One Web site Greek protesters used to update each other on the locations of clashes asserted there have been sympathy protests in nearly 20 countries.

TT says: Now we are getting someplace.

The Domino effect we talked about, right on the money!

MADRID, Spain -- Unrest that has gripped Greece for the past six days showed troubling signs of spreading across Europe, as violence erupted in several cities.

Angry youths smashed shop windows, attacked banks and hurled bottles at police in small but violent protests Thursday in Spain and Denmark, while cars were set alight outside a consulate in France. Protesters gathered in front of the Greek Embassy in Rome on Wednesday and some turned violent, damaging police vehicles, overturning a car and setting a trash can on fire.

"What's happening in Greece tends to prove that the extreme left exists, contrary to doubts of some over these past few weeks," French Interior Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet told The Associated Press. "For the moment, we can't go farther with our conclusions and say that there's a danger of contagion of the Greek situation into France. All of that is being watched."

TT says: I love it! Conservatives Hate It.

Greek Molotov Cocktail Sequence

Tom -- What's wrong with this picture [sequence]?

Some ... . .. like it ... . ....Hot!

If I were that cop and carried a 45 (or ?), I would unload the clip at them. -- Is it the Israeli police training that makes these things possible? -- All to the benefit of media spectacles, which are performed by working class (maybe) anarchists and working class cops... here probably both white!

Isn't this just more gang/countergang crap? It seems to me that true anarchists go for the head -- not the tail! -- Lone Wolf

TT says: They don't make Anarchists like they used to. Communists either. Only Capitalists seem to get stronger.

Race & Honor

Greetings Tom and all Brothers and Sisters,

I visit WAR frequently and have downloaded a lot of your manuals and other informational materials. We are at a very dangerous and crucial point in time where survival of our race is foremost.

I walked with you at a time when you said you would never appear with the Clan again. Philadelphia and Meridian, 1991. Kathy Ainsworth visit and memorial. It is sad that the CKA leader chose to sell us out. He is still to this day operating as a confidential and has been in check for the last 11 years here.

I have viewed many of your videos and news conferences or confrontations and I thank you for the knowledge I have gained. They have helped many of us here become wise in the ways we should act.

My best wishes go to You, John and our loyal Brothers and Sisters.


TT says: Please get me the exact location of Kathy's grave and plot number. I have lost the info somehow. CLASP

Letter to the Editor


Mr. Hanslip wrote a guest editorial about Racism. Social Marxists often use the lowest common selection of terms to advance their true agenda.

The concern for one's race or tribe is as old as time itself. Mother Nature attached it to one and all through the process of natural selection.

Today, Big Brother has taken on the role of negating all that is natural -- they have short circuited evolution. If successful, the White race will mix into a sea of non whites.

The problem at that point is: "What comes next?"

I assure you it won't be pretty, as the birth rate among the wretched refuse of the world spins hopelessly out of control.

Once we go down that road, there is no return!

Tom Metzger
PO Box 401
Warsaw, IN 46581

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Senator Lugar, whose major support comes from Christian Zionists, has a cover of visiting former Iron Curtain countries where his picture is taken beside old military equipment, as if he were really anti-war.

But Senator Lugar: What about the cluster bomb manufacturing facilities within a few hours drive of your office?

Cluster bomblets are packed by the hundreds, into artillery shells, bombs, and missiles, which scatter them over vast areas when deployed. Some fail to explode immediately. The unexploded bomblets then lie dormant, possibly for years, until they are disturbed, often by children attracted by their small size and bright colors, with tragic results.

Senator Lugar has supported nearly every criminal action taken by the Bush War Criminal Cabal, yet still is re-elected! Do the voters of Indiana really OK the mass killings of men, women and children? Do Indiana Republicans support the use of cluster bombs? Or are they all merely mis-informed?

(By the way, don't get your hopes up by Obama, folks. This non-citizen president has been bought and paid for by the Military Industrial Complex and a full coterie of Trans-National Corporations. He has $1.2 BILLION in his campaign chest -- all, of course, donated by small contributors... DUUHH!!)

192 countries have signed the treaty banning use of cluster bombs, but not the 'Land of the Free' and home of the bomb maker!


Tom Metzger
PO Box 401
Warsaw, IN 46581

Back to Africa!

Is the Right Racist or Capitalist?

TT: Extreme right now gets 29% in Switzerland, same as in Austria (29%).

TT says: The Insurgent is not right wing. Conservative and Reactionary is not Insurgency. TT

I know what you mean, but the Swiss People's Party (UDC) did use that beautiful poster of white sheep kicking out a black sheep, etc, they are therefore openly racist and anti-immigrant. Hitler took in some rightwing reactionary conservatives around him, like Bismarck [?] and industrialists. We need them, like Hitler did. -- Lone Wolf

TT says: By taking those actions Hitler enventually lost it all. He betrayed the foundations of National Socialism and crawled into bed with the Capitalists. 55 million people died as a result. Most were White Aryans. TT

Latest White sickness

About "The Day The Earth Stood Still" movie; naturally, the White female lead character has a nigger son, from her nigger husband who died in Iraq. The media is conditioning young White people as fast as they can. They never stop.

TT says: They are really on a crusade. However, most of the opposition doesn't practice what they preach.

Great Lakes Lone Wolf Report

Howdy Terrible Tommy,

This is interesting about the U.S. Armed Forces being trained by FEMA & FBI agents, wonder what they're preparing for? Hmmm, you know Tom, there's more of us than them and firearms & ammo sales are big right now! Anyway, this video should be passed around:

Alarming Military Escalation by Homeland Security for "Disaster Event"!

Tom, I saw the movie 'The Day The Earth Stood Still.' Let me warn our associates about this movie; first, it was a dud and a waste of money and second, there's race mixing in there. The main characters is a white mom and a negroid cabbage head kid. In the story both his Black parents died but she married his negroid father but he died in the military, so she was his step mom. It was sickening. See, the Zionist gotta condition the sheeple to make them believe it's okay to race mix so they use Hollywood as a tactic. I wouldn't waste my time watching this movie even if was on TV. So just to warn people out there not to waste your money and time on this movie. Watch the original 1951 movie.

And people coming out of the theater were just as disappointed as I was and one guy came by me and said the movie was nothing but race mixing in there! Bravo! I thought I was the only one thinking of that when I was in the theater!

Great Lakes Lone Wolf

TT says: It's getting bad reviews all over the place. I didn't even like the first one because I don't think anything that comes from outer space is going to be Mr. Nice Guy.

Also, the star of that movie I can't stand. There are dozens of actors that are much better.

From Hal Turner blog: AryanKnight said...

Dear Mr.Rick Wagoner (ceo-GMC): In response to your request asking your employees to call their legislators, asking for a bailout for the American big-three automakers -- please consider the following:

Both you and your workers are infected with the same 'entitlement-mentality' that has bred like a cancer in UAW halls for several decades, and whose plague is now sweeping the nation, awaiting our new "messiah" to wave his magical-wand and make everything okay, while at the same time allowing our once great nation to keep "living the dream"; -- unfortunately, that dream is presently over!

TT says: Make your choice, corruption in the working class or corruption in the ruling class. Even given all it's problems, I choose the working class.

True Spaniards are White

Hi Mr. Metzger,

I have read many of your subjects on your Joom Journal,and I totally agree. I just finished reading your December 2008 Joom Journal, and you were talking about the Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Mexicans. I would just like to clarify that in those countries there're people from the white race of spanish descent, not all of them are mongrels, and mudz as you call them...

In the Klassen section of your website he mentions it also, that whites are whites no matter what part of Europe they are from.

TT says: Yes, that fits my Pan Aryan view. Our biggest problem today is the invasion of all previously White nations by non whites. Having been to Spain, the same is true. There is a large percentage of non Whites in Spain the same as in most other European countries. That is why I do not use Nationality as a Race designation.

As Klassen said, "if you're White you're White. Of course there are variations, such as a Nordic very white Skinned Blond to a darker skinned but light hair and eyes person. Much also is White European culture.

When I use the term Aryan, I refer to NOBLE WHITE PEOPLE. Today I do not consider many as being Whites Racially Noble. At this time I consider them a big part of the problem.

TT: I forgot to say thank you for always standing for the fact that the real hispanic is White, and that such word shouldn't be applied to indians and mestizos. In name of all white Spaniards, thank you. 14/5 Lone Wolf Spaniard

Greetings from Cuba

TT: If your wing succeeds and replaces the jews and liberals are you going to:

a)Give the non-whites a 1 year of leaving warning (airports too busy) and after that period start killing them.


b)Kill them all right away.
c)Make it legal for a white to kill a non-white.
d)Execute any non-white that commits a crime.


Also, what about the non-whites still in college when it happens, will they be permitted to get the degree and then get the hell out afterwards? -- Cuban

TT says: I have advocated a peaceful solution and dialogue but it has gone nowhere. All I see now is an eventual uprising and blood bath. Once it begins I will have no control over the pent up animosities.

Race/Nation Russian court convicts racist skinhead gang

Russia's most sensational skinhead trial ended today when a gang of teenagers who murdered 20 migrant workers and attempted to kill 12 others were given lengthy terms in prison. The gang -- led by two 17-year-old students, Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky -- targeted non-Russian workers living in Moscow.

They picked their victims randomly, stabbing them to death and then walking away. Police had no clue of their prolific racist killing spree until April 2007, when the two attacked an Armenian businessman, 46-year-old Karen Abramian. As Abramian lay dying on the ground, a neighbour pursued the two teenagers, and flagged down a police car. Police captured Ryno and Skachevsky as they escaped in a tram. Their clothes were covered in blood and they were found carrying 25cm-long knives.

In custody, they boasted of their numerous victims -- a claim police treated with scepticism. Later, however, detectives established the gang had indeed murdered 20 people, including Tajik labourers, Chinese migrants and a chess grandmaster from Russia's far east.

TT says: Hmmmm!


Finnish expatriate Henrik Holappa believed Bill White

Holappa, a twenty-two-year-old anti-immigrationist in Finland, fell for hype, made a trans-Atlantic flight on the strength of Bill White's "legal-advice," to seek asylum in the United States. Three months later, when White was arrested over a trumped up 'murder-plot' against a juror, Holappa was left high, dry and lawyerless.

TT says: This is very sad but true. Many Right wing Racist leaders who usually deny being Racist are either incompetent, cons, agents, or insane. That's why the system gives them so much press. The Judas Goat Syndrome! Be very careful who you put trust in!

Left to fend for himself

Some, such as Holappa, have deigned to serve as their own lawyers, such as Ron Edwards and Tom Metzger, but all have been convicted of "hate," with multi-million-dollar judgments imposed.

TT says: I was not convicted of HATE since hate alone is not an INDICTABLE OFFENSE YET. I was found responsible not because the facts supported it, but because of media, political and Morris Dees' orchestrated hysteria. I had no attorney because I had no money to hire one.

The old adage that a D.A. could convict a ham sandwich should be changed to ANY WHITE RACIST IS EASY TO CONVICT OF ANYTHING. The juries are made up of stupid dumbed down white people afraid they might be called RACIST if they don't convict.

More Aussie insanity!!!

TT: We whites can bitch about the Jews and non-white garbage all we want. But the fact is without large numbers of whites eagerly lining up to betray and destroy their own racial kindred none of these nutty ideas would go anywhere no matter how much our alien enemies tried to foist them upon us!:

Equal Opportunity Commission CEO Dr Helen Szoke: Discrimination against white males will soon be encouraged!

Australia Calling: Racism against white men to be required by law

The Fabian Marxist government of the state of Victoria has introduced to Parliament legislation that will require employers to discriminate against white males. The insane Orwellian law even allows the multicultural thought police to bring a prosecution against an individual or company who is thought might commit a breach. That is correct, not against a person or company that breaches the Act, but against someone because they might perhaps one day if one of the ZOG inspectors thinks they might. This is madness and despotism.

Derrick McThomas

Radio Show 12-08-08

Hey TT, I just wanted to comment on the radio show on 12-08-08 featuring Guerrilla man aka Frank Bauer. The content and the message in that show was great. Frank just keeps getting better and better the more shows he does.

I like how he gives out some practical field knowledge in his shows. We have a lot of people out there who are in desperate need of tips and suggestions along those lines and Frank's delivery of it gets better and better. Hopefully some of those tips will sink in and save a few Aryan warriors somewhere along the way. I'd also like to say I agree 100% with Franks prior statement that "until we start separating heads from bodies people will not fear us"

I do caution him to be careful he doesn't say a little too much in his excitement and zeal to get this message out. Let's remember that FBI, ATF, ADL, SPLC people are listening to every single show and without any doubt are members of the radio club. Let's remember Bill White is sitting in Federal prison because of his talk not his action. Make no mistake about it old Morris dees would love for some listener of the radio show somewhere to do something stupid and it to be linked back to something said on a Tom Metzger radio show, it would be Portland all over again. Just a word of Caution! -- Lone Wolf

National Anarchism in the Sun

Third Position fascism influenced U.S. groups such as the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), the American Front and the National Alliance; Christian Identity pastor Bob Miles also held similar views.25 Often overlooked by commentators is the American Front's affiliation with Southgate's NRF, which he boasted of for years.26 Like the National Front, U.S. fascists Tom Metzger and Lyndon LaRouche also forged ties with the Nation of Islam.

White Working Class Racist Union Man's Overview

TT: As an open racist and White working class member of a trade union I feel it's important to address this issue with regards to not only our racial struggle, but class warfare.

In 1950, one third of the White working class was organized. I don't give two shits about the non-whites at that time. Today, less than ten percent of the entire American workforce (spics and spooks included) are union.

Let's look at a hypothetical situation that it may or may not be too soon to talk about. The kikes have been "eliminated" from North America, after years of civil war, half the White population has been decimated and the brown spic invading hordes have either fled out of fear or their corpses are being picked at by vultures.

Now to re-establish a White workforce, where do we start. With racism gone through separation now we have purely class struggle. Organized White labor comes in, this time mandatory trade unions for every blue and White collar job. This is the ONLY way to attempt to even the playing field.

The collective fist, if you will, of the White workforce is it's only way of leveraging fair wages, hours, vacations etc. To be continued . . . Lone Wolf Union Man

Dual citizenship Pan Aryanism

My whole family said that If Obongo Got in we would leave the United states and we are in the process of applying for dual citizenship To Ireland. I don't know If I want to live and work in Ireland, but I sure as hell would like to get out of paying taxes to the American genocide machine and have an out if need be.

Ireland is very easy to immigrate to, especially if you have Irish roots. If you have one Irish parent you are automatically a Citizen. If you have one Irish grandparent or, In some cases even an Irish great-grandparent and can prove it with birth and death certificates, they will let you in. To top it off, if you are a professional, In an in-demand Job, or wish to become a student, they will let you in.

Yes they have Muds there, but do not encourage them to move there or stay. Many people are still very racist over there and their biggest minority are people who are indigenous celtic people called travelers who just live like trailer park trash and want to be thought of as their own ethnic group. Many Europe countries are easy to get in for people who have roots in them. Italy, Greece, Spain etc.

I think more White Americans should say Fuck you to the American government and say you are not my government by getting dual citizenship. The American government looks down on dual citizenship and tries to discourage it while many Euro nations want us to come back and be treated as citizens and not guests in ancestral home lands! You would have first dibs on Employment and housing. In many of these countries if you held citizenship you would be entitled to social services, you would be allowed to vote. You would get better health care and be treated better when you are old and not have to worry about nigger health aids physically or sexually assaulting you because of your skin color. You would Not have to deal with nigger administrators or agencies Like Hud, fanny mae or freddy mac that you are not entitled to or would be on the bottom of the list in this country.

I also think white people who have the horrible habit of smoking cigarettes should buy cigarettes from INDIAN reservations. Yes you are giving money to muds, but you would be giving money to Arabs, spics or gooks at the corner store. Cartons of smokes are half price on Indian reservations because there is no tax. Giving a mud money for goods and services is not my problem. Giving the government money in taxes to use against me is. $3 of each pack of cigarettes you buy in a store is taxed to feed, house, clothe and educate Filthy muds coming into this country. Say No To taxes and do everything you can to Not pay 'em.

Lonewolf Brooklyn


Big Trillion xxx Small Trillion

Trust me !!
5 words? Madoff Scandal Disturbs Jews, Bailout Sought

NEW YORK -- The securities fraud of Bernard Madoff has rocked the Jewish nonprofit world. Madoff, the founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, was arrested Dec. 11 after admitting to his board that a hedge fund he ran was essentially a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Some of the victims:

Robert I. Lappin Foundation ... Chais Family Foundation ... The Gift of Life Foundation
Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business ... UJA-Federation of New York
New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon ... GMAC Financial Services chairman J. Ezra Merkin
Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman ... Los Angeles Jewish Community Foundation
American Jewish Congress ... Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Steven Spielberg's Wunderkinder Foundation ... Elie Wiesel's Foundation for Humanity
Carl Shapiro's charitable foundation ... The Jewish Campus Life Fund
Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center ... Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

Jewish leaders are in discussion with Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke concerning reimbursement. TARG funds have been rumored to be earmarked for this purpose by Neel Kashnkari.

Head of IMF fears unrest without action on economy!

Super-Capitalist Jim Rogers: UK & US Are Doomed

Graphics: One Trillion Pennies.


Oy, Tav HaYosher or Peulat Sachir, take your pick; but don't get caught with those meth labs,
for to get caught is to break the Laws of Cash-out.
-- Shmuly Yanklowitz

SAN FRANCISCO -- In New York, Uri L'Tzedek, a social justice group founded last year by rabbinical students at the liberal Orthodox Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, is set to launch its
Tav HaYosher, or ethical seal. The seal will be awarded to kosher restaurants in New York City that treat their workers fairly.

On the other side of the country, in Los Angeles, three Orthodox rabbis are putting the final touches on Peulat Sachir, or the Ethical Labor Initiative. The term comes from a verse in Leviticus 19 demanding that workers be paid the same day they complete their work.

Like the Tav HaYosher, the Los Angeles program involves a seal certifying that an establishment is treating its workers fairly and humanely. Unlike New York, the West Coast will offer its seal not just to kosher restaurants but also other businesses serving the Jewish community, including synagogues, bookstores, attorneys, arms merchants, physicians, pimps and drug dealers.

Both initiatives emerged in response to mounting scandals at Agriprocessors, formerly the nation's largest kosher meatpacking and methamphetamine plant, that has virtually closed down under a slew of financial difficulties, alleged labor law violations, and the meth labs exposure. Founders of the initiatives declare that as Orthodox Jews, they feel compelled to respond to a situation that cast aspersions on their communal values.

"As Orthodox Jews, we have a very strict commitment to the Laws of Cash-out," said Chovevei Torah student Shmuly Yanklowitz, the co-director of Uri L'Tzedek. "We see them as separate from but more important than how much you pay somebody."

ADL begins

The last time! .. Ever!

Pedophile Leo Frank before; and after receiving justice from the Knights of Mary Phagan, the little 12 year old girl he raped and murdered. After being convicted and sentenced to death, his Jew colleagues interfered with the usual course of legal procedure. Other options were available in 1915. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith was subsequently created to cover for kikes who get caught.

Wake Up White Man !! Breakout !!!

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E N D . Jew T H I N K !!!