REJOICE ! . by Matt Koehl

More than two years ago, before the recent meltdown of housing and financial markets, the veteran NEW ORDER commander saw it all coming. Not only did he place the reality before us in proper perspective, but he showed us the attitude those of us who look forward to a better world should assume toward unfolding events. Now, as we face the many uncertainties in the world on this Christmas Day 2008, it is fitting that we present these earlier observations, which are now even more remarkable and pertinent than when they were first made:

Today we are living on borrowed time in a bubble world. No longer is it a question of IF it is going to burst, but simply WHEN.

The signs of disintegration are everywhere: in traffic gridlock and crumbling infrastructure; in the outsourcing of jobs and diminished wages; in runaway public spending; in a ballooning national debt; in a shaky, casino economy; in a Middle East misadventure and never-ending war.

All of this is accompanied by an overall lowering of the quality of life, a treadmill, rat-race existence, increasing societal dysfunction, plummeting educational standards, the disappearance of personal manners and morals, unchecked criminality, filth, pollution, race-mixing and depravity of every description, environmental degradation and the depletion of natural resources, as well as a radical alteration of the national demography.

The list goes on. And capping it off is institutional irresponsibility and corruption, of which the various recurrent corporate and political scandals are but symptoms.

At the center of this collapsing order is the world's great superpower, the United States of America. Like Humpty-Dumpty, it is headed -- despite all its prancing and posturing -- for a great fall. And once this has happened, none of the king's horses and none of the king's men will ever be able to put it back together again.

The future of this new Babylon was decided when it insisted upon waging war against the One who came into the world for the salvation of Aryankind. To this very day, it continues to reject him and his Cause. So its fate is sealed. It will go the way of the British Empire and the Soviet Union, those two other erstwhile powers which once made war on Adolf Hitler and which have since collapsed.


To the extent that their stock portfolios and pension plans are intact and their sons and daughters are not dying in a war overseas, some may still look forward to a Pollyanna future of prosperity, if not of peace. But most other people sense that something is seriously amiss. There is a general feeling that things are not quite right, and that they themselves are helpless to do anything about it.

The unease and uncertainty occasioned by this malaise is reflected in a mass tendency toward escapism of one sort or another. The retreat from the real world into drugs and alcohol, video games and post-puberty toys, charge-card consumption, All-Star bread-and-circus, interracial entertainment and mislabeled "reality TV" -- all of this is symptomatic of a subconscious recognition of the transience of a world that is breaking down and falling apart.

But it isn't only members of the broader public who are affected by this malaise. National Socialists, as well as racially aware individuals generally, are even more keenly sensitive to the approaching collapse. And with each new sign of dissolution, some of them are given to a sense of hopelessness and despair. For them it seems as though all is lost, a feeling that is enhanced by the seeming indifference and stupidity of so many nominal whites.

But this is a deadly trap, one which saps the spirit and paralyzes the will. This is not good, because we know that triumphs are not produced by paralysis of the will. That would be a sure formula for defeat.

While the great mass of people cannot be expected to understand or appreciate the broader historical implications represented by contemporary events, it is essential that those who profess greater awareness not be caught in such a snare.


To evade such a trap, it is critically important that we know where we're going. Before we can possibly have any idea of where we're going, however, we must first know exactly who we are.

The sad fact is that most American whites (and, unfortunately, an increasing number of their European counterparts) have forgotten who they are. They no longer know their core existential IDENTITY.

Unlike members of racial minority groups, who have a strong sense of ethnicity and group identity, most so-called white people -- actually deracinated Europeans -- think of themselves as "Americans," committed to a star-spangled flag and the common piece of geography upon which they happen to find themselves, as well as to a mythical system of government, one which in practice treats them and their vital interests with utter contempt.

Apart from the patriotic fašade, they might think of themselves as Christians, or as members of a particular profession or club or fraternal order, or as employees of a certain company, or as fans of their favorite, integrated sports team. Or some other benign category. Or they're simply Mr. Jones or Mrs. Smith, or Frank or Bob, or Harry or Suzy.

But this is not us. None of this has anything to do with us or with our true identity or racial history and culture as Aryans.

It is not enough simply to say that we are "Caucasians" or so-called whites, with nothing more than our pale faces to distinguish us from all the other human flotsam and jetsam of a chaotic, produce-consume-exist society.

What we are is ARYANS, proud heirs to a great European heritage and culture, and bearers of a destiny set forth by the One who came in modern time to proclaim anew the eternal Laws of Life. What this means is that we, as Aryans, are a people already separated out from those other whites who have chosen the path of racial oblivion.

There are two kinds of whites: those marked out to fulfill a great destiny; and that indifferent, rootless rabble slated for oblivion and extinction. In the natural-selection process now going on, every white person is being presented with a choice between racial life and racial death.

For our part, we are of that select minority which has chosen the path of Life. We have opted for a racial future. As such, we are -- with our dissimilar ideals, values and interests -- already spiritually separated from those others. We are, in fact, the progenitors of a new people, a new nation -- a NEW FOLK.


Once we understand who we are, the next question is: Where are we going?

We must ask: Do we envision a better world for future Aryan generations? And, can such a world be achieved under the existing Old Order? Or does that require the emergence of a different sort of order? And if so, how can we possibly identify with one that is both decadent and inimical to the existence of our race?

When we recognize that the present regime is not for us -- that, indeed, it is opposed to everything we stand for -- then we come to the inescapable conclusion that it must be replaced.

If that be the case, why should we not want this Old Order to collapse? For how can there be a New Order, unless this rotting carcass first disappears? How otherwise can there be that better world we envision? And if the Old Order collapses, should that be occasion for sadness, grief and despair, or one of ecstasy and joy?

And when we see all the mounting signs of the imminent collapse, a collapse that must precede the coming of something new and wonderful, are we justified in being sad and mournful or depressed? Shouldn't we rather smile, as we gratefully acknowledge the mighty hand of Providence, as it moves in a mysterious way, working its will, in a grand, overarching scenario?


"Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad."

What is happening around the country and around the world -- all the madness and insanity -- is merely a demonstration of this profound truth.

The Old Order is doomed. Everything we see about us, all the chaos and disorder, is but a testament to this fact.

And so it must be, so that something new and better can come to this Earth. The collapse MUST come, so that a new world can arise. For our salvation lies not in this order, but in the one beyond it.

All the signs of dissolution which we now see are merely the harbingers of a new world that is coming. The great PARADOX is that the worse things now appear, the closer we draw unto this world.

From his prison cell in the immediate aftermath of the great Tragedy of 1945, the Führer's faithful deputy, Rudolf Hess, declared: "We are in the midst of epoch-making events. What we now suffer are the birth-pangs of a new era. At present everything seems negative -- yet the time is coming when the New and Great will be born."

The emergence of this new world will not come painlessly. People will get hurt as the System collapses. We know this. We accept it. It will happen, because it is fated.

And lest we be tempted to indulge in a bit of Schadenfreude -- in that idle and perverse delight in the suffering of others -- let me caution that this temptation should be tempered by the sobering realization that some of us will also suffer.

The New Order is the highest prize that a benevolent Providence can bestow; and nothing of this magnitude is given cheaply to the undeserving. It will demand herculean effort and greatest sacrifice, and is reserved solely for those who are worthy, those of destiny who will constitute the Aryan race of the future.


Once we know who we are and where we're going, we begin to see things in a whole new light. Then, we gain a new perspective and a new outlook.

Then, we realize that we are part of that greater Reality behind all existence; and we know that we are acting in accordance with the eternal Laws of Life, just as we know that our Cause is invincible, because it is the Cause of a Higher Power.

Then, we cannot be discouraged, for we understand what is happening and why.

Then, we realize that everything which is taking place is not mere accident but has a definite cause, and that a higher purpose is unfolding before our eyes.

Then, with each new setback for the System, each new sign of dissolution, we see a steady progression toward the coming defeat of the enemy.

Then, what formerly was cause for pessimism and despair becomes a refreshing, renewing source of hope and -- optimism!

Everything that is happening today must be, so that a better time might come. For it is only in greatest darkness that the light of His truth can shine forth most brightly. Our task is simply to keep alive and to fan the precious flame that brings forth this light.

As the world continues to wobble on its axis, we are moving into a period when the pace of history is quickening. Monumental changes are about to occur. New opportunities -- as well as great challenges -- are opening up as never before.

With each passing day and each new sign of the coming collapse, let us therefore take heart and REJOICE! Let us CELEBRATE! Because what we are witnessing is the beginning of the end for the Old Order, which must crumble and fall before a new one can be born. May we be ready.

Fall 2006
NS Bulletin