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Odin 100,000 - Allah just a few. !!!!!















 Howdy Terrible Tommy!!!
Imus comes back to add nigger cast...oh my Tommy! WOW!
New TV reality show: Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen? You can bet there will be race mixing in this one. If it's white on white Tom, nadda a problem, but you can bet there will some mixing in this one!
Yup, firefighters to spy on us, remember Lone Wolves, no evidence such as intell files stay in your home!!! Warning!!!
Yet from above, the village idiot in the White House wants to slash terrorism funds. See????? How phony the War on Terror is!!!! Nothing but an inside job and BS!!!
And the world keeps on ticking!!!!!!! Later!!!

  Biofuels Are a Strategic Attack on the United States
"The biofuels hoax is a strategic threat on the
United States," said Lyndon LaRouche this weekend, and warned that the
same British-U.S. interests that are behind the perpetual war policy in
the Persian Gulf region, may use a series of terrorist incidents, or the
blocking of the Strait of Hormuz in a war with Iran, to push the New
Dark Age biofuels hoax to a new level. "There is every reason to expect
that the Bali conference will be major target of terrorism," said
LaRouche. "There is already a precedent; it happened there already. And
bringing every world leader into that location will make it a major
LaRouche made this crucial observation in a series of discussions about
Dick Cheney's plans for an attack on Iran, and about the intense
propaganda push throughout the opening week of the UN General Assembly
for new protocols on Climate Change, to be finalized at a conference in
Bali, Indonesia to be held December 3-14, 2007.
LaRouche also warned that if the United States attacks Iran on behalf of
the Anglo-Dutch oligarchic interests, this will be another step in the
destruction of the United States as a republic. But, these same
Anglo-Dutch forces are behind the push for further wars in Southwest
Asia--knowing full-well that every competent military study of such a
war forecasts that there will be retaliations and battles that will
block the Strait of Hormuz, and block off the shipments of oil supplies.
"Perhaps the blocking of oil shipments is anticipated to give the
biofuels hoax new life," said LaRouche. "The biofuels market is in
trouble; ethanol has lost 30% of its price value. Who are the bio-fools,
who push this policy? Are you one of the bio-fools? Is your Congressmen
a bio-fool?"
"This is dictatorship. It's a fascist policy," said LaRouche, "pushed by
George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn through their front men Schwarzenegger
and Al Gore. This policy must be stopped."
Hey TT,
I watched the Skinhead show on National Geographic last night and just wanted to give my opinion. We all knew the show would focus on violence and the potential for violence but I don't think that's a bad thing. In fact I think it was all good advertising for us. Lets remember we're not looking for the timid masses, we're looking for a hard core cadre of dedicated people. Those types of people are not going to be frightened off by he prospect of violence in fact they welcome it. I thought the show portrayed the skinheads as a violent but ever evolving and resilient movement. It was good to see the skinheads are finally seeing the light and blending in more and the whole lone wolf philosophy was mentioned all through the show. Although I doubt the numbers they gave of 10,000 skinheads in the US.

I thought you did a real good job. I didn't see any negatives for the insurgent. You pretty much told it like it is and it was interesting to see "the Bunker". I thought  it was good advertising for both the website and the radio show. Its important for like minded people to be able to see and hear that "we" are out there. Its also important because I think you being on that show keeps your name out there as a major player and a name that is recognized.

"The genius of capitalism consists precisely in its lack of morality. Unless he is rich enough to hire his own choir, a capitalist is a fellow who, by definition, can ill afford to believe in anything other than the doctrine of the bottom line. Deprive a capitalist of his God-given right to lie and cheat and steal, and the poor sap stands a better than even chance of becoming one of the abominable wards of the state from whose grimy fingers the Reagan Administration hopes to snatch the ark of democracy. - Lewis H. Lapham
A conversation between a Customer and Bank of America Bank:
The Bank: Bank of America , can I help you?
Customer: Yes, I want to cancel my account. I don't want to do business with you any longer.
The Bank: Why?
Customer: You're giving credit to illegal immigrants and I don't think it's right. I'm taking my business elsewhere.
The Bank: Well, Mr. Customer, we don't want to see you do that, but we can't stop you. I'll help you close the account. What is your account number?
Customer: (gives account number)
The Bank: For security purposes and for your protection, can you please give me the last four digits of your social security number?
Customer: No!
The Bank: Mr. Customer, I need to verify your information, but in order to help you, I'll need verification of who you are.
Customer: Why should I give you my social security number? The reason I'm closing my account is that your bank is issuing credit cards to illegal immigrants who don't have social security numbers. You are targeting that audience and want their business. Let's say I'm an illegal immigrant and you've given me a credit card. I have a question about it and call for assistance. You wouldn't be asking me for a Social Security number, would you?
The Bank: No sir, I wouldn't.
Customer: Why not?
The Bank: Because you would have pressed '2' to speak in Spanish. We don't ask for that information when calling in on the Spanish line.
I've provided "snopes" for doubters:
I hope the following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them. I have included the URL's for verification of the following facts.

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year. http://tinyurl.com/zob77

$2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens. http://www.cis.org/articles/2004/fiscalexec.html

$2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

$12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English! http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0604/01/ldt.0.html

$17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.
http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRA NSCRIPTS/0604/01/ldt.01.html

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.

7 . 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.

$90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.

$200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

T he illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two and a half times that of whitenon-illegal aliens. In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the U.S.

During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed
our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroine and marijuana, crossed into the
U. S from the Southern border. Homeland Security Report:

12. The National Policy Institute, "estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $4 1 and $46 billion annually over a five year period." http://www.nationalpolicyinstitute.org/pdf/deportation.pdf

13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin.

"The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration:
Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by
Illegal Immigrants In The United States ".

The total cost is a whooping
If this doesn't bother you then just delete the message,
but on the other hand, if it does raise the hair on the
back of your neck, then forward it to every human in
the country including every representative in
Washington, DC four times a week for a month.
You don't have to scratch too deep to find it despite all the political
correctness in the USA.  Check this out.
A long way to go to a serious scene here.
Recently contacted by an English chap in Dublin who
seems keen to meet me .Getting the few people around
the country to go meet each other and do meaningful
activism without me there to hold their hand is a
Plus the emails from the journalists. Not a whole lot
of point of me sticking myself in the papers much
until I have serious money behind me and no sign of
that yet as 99% of contacts ,it seems like,turn out to
be freaks , imbeciles ,people looking for an identity
on the cheap , posers who could just as easily pose
with reds etc.

How many pigs were involved is unclear. The lack of a
proper military in Ireland means the youth isn't
physically or mentally tough. Boozing in the woods
isn't activism. I suppose by leaning on these guys
the system risks actually maybe turning one or two of
them into men.

A GROUP of neo-Nazis were
caught congregating around a
cross draped in Nazi parapher-
nalia at a secluded forest in
Wicklow, a district court has
Two men were fined €600
and sentenced to two months in
prison for the distribution of
material which is threatening
and abusive, including military
fatigues, flags and CDs from
white supremacy band
Wicklow District Court heard
that Garda Donal O'Sullivan
called to the woods on the night
in question after receiving a
phone call from a member of
the public.


One kilometer into the woods he
Found the group congregating
Beside a large white cross-like
Wooden structure with three
Flags draped on it.
They included a white Celtic
Cross on a black background,
three black sevens on a white
circle with a red background
and an Irish flag with a black
Celtic cross and a wolf in the left
hand side corner.
Garda O'Sullivan told the
court that he believed that the
flags were "racist in nature,
highly offensive and threatening
to people"

Another flag lay on the
ground alongside the group
bearing a Viking symbol and
the symbol of Thor.
Some of these flags are
aligned to various neo-Nazi
groups from nations like South
Africa while another was asso-
ciated with the British far-right
group Combat 18.
One admitted the flags
were his in a statement he then
refused to sign.
"I collect military and
political flags. One is an anti-
Communist flag."
The group were mostly
donned in military style
clothing, including combats and
army boots while all sported
"tight, short haircuts",
A CD-player with 19 CDs
beside it was found by gardai.
Some of these CDs were identi-
fied as being from bands like
Screwdriver - a known white
supremacy group with CD inlay
cards quoting Adolf Hitler and
bearing the Nazi symbols.
Another one also wore a white
supremacy scarf.
When the Garda first arrived at
the scene he discovered two
cars parked by the entrance to
the woods.
Kavanagh owned one of the
vehicles and Garda O'Sullivan
said that he appeared "very
When first asked why he was
there he responded that he was
relieving himself.

There was a no-entry sign by
the entrance with a black skull
and the the words "Trespassers
will be shot" on it.
One later climed that
this was a joke.

The three other men present
at the scene were all Eastern
European with addresses in
Charges of disorderly
conduct, threatening and
abusive behavior and the
distribution of threatening and
abusive material against all 
three men were dismissed.
Abbas went to brief King Abdullah on the Annapolis unintelligible conference before going home.

    Abdullah said that he hopes that “the efforts of the international community will result in the establishment of a Palestinian state on their soil with Jerusalem as its capital.” The Saudi monarchs will not support any solution unless Hamas dictates the terms of any future accommodations with the Israelis.
The shallow American analysts saw the Saudi presence as support for Abbas when in fact the Saudis wanted to make sure no agreement would be considered without Hamas full participation and Jerusalem remains Muslim in Muslim hands. All roads lead to and go through Riyadh.”
My man has a PhD and knows whereof he speaks.  Remember that Saudi Arabia stabbed the US in the back when it engineered the Mecca Accords.
  *Memorial For * *Robert J. Mathews*
Is being held in support of the Jesus Christ Christian Foundation
December 9^th 2007 at 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
At: _McClelland Arts Center 951 Delaware
There will be a speech on diversity and how it affects our society
There will also be a speech on the future for American Youth. The
future that the politicians want for you is the poverty of the third
world. Only a Revolution can secure a future for the American youth.
Join it.*
Food and Beverages will be supplied free of charge!
Also accepting any donations in the support of the white minorities
of Washington State.

I cannot certify this as a secure meeting since I am not in that area.
Meetings of all kinds are now infiltrated to obtain names and other information personally.
In other words approach any meeting cautiously. Lone Wolves may best to avoid such meetings.
I only pass the information along FYI.
This is a documentary about South African pro-white leader Eugène Terre'Blanche. During the late 1960s, Terre'Blanche increasingly opposed what he called the liberal policies of B. J. Vorster, the then Prime Minister of South Africa. In 1970, Terre'Blanche, along with six other Afrikaners, founded the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, more commonly known as the AWB. His oratorical skills earned him much support amongst the pro-white in South Africa; the AWB claimed 70,000 members at its height.[3]
Terre'Blanche viewed the end of apartheid as a surrender to communism, and threatened full scale civil war if President FW de Klerk handed over power to Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress. When De Klerk addressed a meeting in Terre'Blanche's hometown of Ventersdorp in 1991, Terre'Blanche led a protest, and the Battle of Ventersdorp ensued between the AWB and the police, with a number of people killed.[4]
In 1993, Terre'Blanche led an armed invasion of the World Trade Centre in Kempton Park while negotiations were in progress.[5]
Great interview .  Here in Boston , along a major interstate trucking route 495 on black friday the foolish shoppers acutually were parked on the hiiway abandoning their autos to get into the big DEAL shopping discounts . Typical white nit wits .
thought I heard Rev Al Sharpton say that Obama is not black enough . LMAO
    I enjoyed your interview on Thursday. On it you said you were really a propagandist. I liked that. What more powerful position could you, or any of your listeners assume in this world at this time? You also went further and said you were trying to get people to think about things the way you do. Of course, that makes sense but there was another goal that you didn't state. One that I imagine is always on your mind. That is the goal of training, as well as you can, the next  generation to be propagandists. I can imagine several dozen or several hundred "students", who carry the ideas of the struggle onward. People trained over time to get others to think about things the way they do. Right now, you look and sound great but lets be candid Tom, heaven forbid but you are no spring chicken anymore and anything can happen to the best of us. What happens when the day comes and there is no more Tom? Are your listeners ready to pick up the standard? I don't think we are ready, although I see and hear promising things. Your experiences and insights are hard won and not repeatable. The world is changing fast and we can't go back but we can certainly use the lessons of the past, different though it was. The more things change, the more they stay the same huh? Oh, and what of the future? No one knows for sure but who is better to see it than someone who has lived the past? It's not just the racial struggle that you are teaching. It is that often mentioned variable, human nature and it's interplay. That is probably the most important thing your experience and guidance can decipher and instruct. So, while you are trying to get others to think as you do, remember those of us out here who are learning to do the same thing.  Please never forget to pass along the wisdom that you have accumulated whenever it comes to mind. I know you do this. I have heard it. Most will not recognize it when they hear it but some will. Believe me, we are listening and we are learning.
TT says
It is impossible for anyone to choose or contemplate successors in any endeavor.  It's been tried a million times.
All I can do and say it, say it again and keep saying it as long as I'm around.  You must always speak over the heads of the masses to the few individuals in society that understands.  These rare individuals will always by free choice carry on the struggle.

We tend to be buffaloed by the media into believing we are weaker than we really are.  I experienced that every time I do an interview.  They are all cookie-cutter social Marxists with a preset agenda.  That is the chink in their armor.  You can tell them exactly what you think and what you plan and they don't hear you.  That is our strength our enemies are reactionary and incapable of thinking out of the box.  I remember many years ago when George Wallace would give a speech.  It was almost the exact  same speech every time.  At the time it used to sort of piss me off. But then I studied propaganda and the book THE CROWD by Gustave Lebon . Repetition is for the masses but the trigger is short punchy ideas buried in the repetition.  There are already tons of young people putting out similar propaganda and as the old right-wing reactionaries fade out of the picture a new wave will replace them.  They will be ideological, they will be fanatical, and they will be ruthless.  Devoid of Middle Eastern mythology and with a great reverence for our heathen roots.  One must endure the blathering of the great OZ and decipher intelligence information while not allowing the great OZ to neutralize you into psychologically surrendering before the battle begins in earnest.

The system media is like artillery that has ringed a city and pound it for days and weeks before it is invaded.  The system artillery has been pounding us for decades and has neutralized millions of white people but like in Stalingrad it  has failed with a minority of activists..   At times we all get a bit down which indicates that system propaganda has found a niche in your armor to which you must quickly repair it before their armor is destroyed.  If one is down most of the time in this struggle it simply means the GREAT OZ has penetrated that person's armor.   They only see negative.  While a real soldier sees opportunity.  This is why Lenin's slogan WORSE IS BETTER is like holy water to vampire. Your opponents are stopped dead in their tracks when you say this.  It takes the wind out of their sails.  Then they know you're not just a right-wing reactionary type.  They know then that you have escaped the box.In other words the system becomes victim of their own narrow propaganda.  Actually the fact that they belittle us as powerless and ignorant is one of our best weapons.  It is always a great mistake to underrate your enemy and  is also a great mistake to overrate your enemies.  Tom Metzger
Dear TT:
You were talking about Iceland the other day. If I could move anywhere
but here it would be there. But I love Kentucky, it's very white here.
The only problems with Iceland is that it's a huge *Volcano* and they
have one of the most difficult ancient aryan lauanguas to learn.

I was going to call and leave you a message or talk to you about this
but they have a machine now that takes water out of the air (check out
http://www.airwatercorp.com/ ). I've asked them a couple of times if
they would sell me one but they keep telling me that they don't sell it
in the usa. They only sell it to niggers in 3rd world countries and the
military from what I can gather. Maybe you could put in an inquiry and
see why they will sell it to niggers and the army but not american
citizens that dont want to rely on a well. I guess it's one of those
inventions that they dont want the public to have. But I saw it on a
home remodeling show, so somebody can get one somehow.
  Hi TT...enjoyed your show today, 11/25/07...good discussions on
    articles of confederation versus constitution of independence.
    Interesting to note one main concern of the articles of
    confederation was it's lack of taxing authority and it's one-state,
    one-vote advocacy. Larger states expecting to give more, yet have
    only one vote. But I do like the states-rights feel of the Articles
    and feel the founders of the republic had no idea how much power
    would be usurped to the executive branch and the supreme court in
    particular...Let's not even mention the idea of an IRS or income tax
    which didn't even exist then.
    Anyway, two things...would like to hear more humor on your
    show...bring back Igor from time to time, he is funny. Have a beer.
    Secondly, you mentioned a hypothetical conversation of what we might
    want to see "after" the revolution, sort of
    speaking....Hypothetically, I'm thinking of 10 things, 5 if the
    revolution is successful 'from sea to shining sea', covering the
    whole United States, and 5 if it succeeds in a smaller state in the
    republic, say, Oregon or Utah becomes a whites-only state within the
    United States. Things that immediately must be done, not far
    reaching, but perhaps immediately after...
    If it covers 'sea to shining sea';
Immediately racially seperate the armed forces of the United
    States, bring all the troops back home who are 'white', declare
    Marshal Law until which time it is no longer needed.
    2. Offer 60 day voluntary repatriation of all non-whites back to
    their native homeland, with means or funds or credits to do so for
    those who cannot afford it. Very important, must be geographic
    separation of the races, not apartheid. After which time, military,
    police, and authorites will begin in the major cities and spread out
    from there, and forcibly, methodically set up transportation to
    their land with small compensation, or transport them  six feet
    under. Silver or Bullets, carrots and sticks,  kind of thing.
    3. Radically overhaul the U.S. system of government. Take the best
    parts of the constitution and articles of confederation, throw out
    the rest, add amendments dealing with racial purity, eugenics, and
genetic engineering. Discard the oligarchy system and replace it
    with aryan meritocracy system. White statesmen already in the system
    will be needed in the beginning, must tow the line and give loyalty
    oaths, or be dealt with.
    4. Dealing with other religions, especially Jews...Due to years of
    mixing, must be two-fold. One is to give loyalty oaths to the new
    state, the other is to judge from case to case basis the 'whiteness'
    of each subject...those who pass, are allowed full citizenship,
    those who don't, will be shipped to their country of choice or six
    feet under. Only religions deemed acceptable to the new racial state
    will be permitted, all others will be denied and shunned.
    5. Corporations will be nationalized and re-patriotized back into
    the United States. They will employ American workers, and a tariff
    system put into place for foreign goods. Foreign relations will
    continue strongly with Russia and other white nation-states, while
    money, technology, and jobs will be phased out of third world nations.
    Okay, if it happens in just a localized area, not as ideal, probably
    unworkable...I agree with you about the fallacy of establishing a
    white 'homeland'...but hey, let's say it happens, in  say, Utah...
    1. Establish a strong state militia. Have only certain routes where
    colored truckers or drivers can drive and eat. Perhaps one main road
    artery of the state.
Immediately segregate the state government and
    schools racially.
    2. Have a policy of wise as serpeants, gentle as doves with dealings
    outside the state. Aryan meritocracy system of state
Conduct operations of breeding centers and arms buildup
    immediately for the inevitable confrontation between the state of
    Utah and the rest of the U.S. unsympathetic.
    3. Work to implant similar system of government in states that are
    sympathetic or leaning, and work to dismantle or destroy states that
    are foes.
    4. Velvet glove, iron fist...Outwardly show no violent impulses or
    intentions, inwardly have the organization(s) that will do the dirty
    work that is needed.
    5. Have state always work to spread similar government throughout
    the land, but also the ability to have working relationship with the
    federal government and other state governments to prevent warfare
    and continue needed commerce. Work positively with media and other
    state and government agencies, but show no quarter with compromise
    on Utah's ways.
WARNING!  The following text is EXTREMELY VIOLENT and explicit.

It is a true-life account of a native practice still going on in Africa.
If you are the sensitive type, I advise you not to read it.

I was thinking last night about some of the different things primitive
do to people for fun, profit, punishment, reward or just downright cruelty.
And after looking through my entire mental catalog of practices, the
won First Prize for having the most barbaric and cruel practice of them all.
Of course you never hear about this from the liberals or the politically
or from those that believe or espouse the "racial equality" lie, but
this practice
is still alive and well even today. You'll be hard-pressed to find any
on it anywhere in the U.S. or even on the Internet, but rest assured
this IS the
real deal, and if you look hard enough(but who'd want to?)you'll find
news of it.
Once, about twenty or twenty-five years ago I saw a movie that actually
portrayed part of this barbaric practice, but with the advent of liberal
all movies depicting any race(except the whites of course)in a negative
have been banned. My source is two CARE workers that actually
witnessed this practice as prisoners, who were fortunately rescued before
their own turns came up.
To me it epitomizes the animalism of the nigger and indeed, all the dark
which are not far apart genetically as we all know. But Rastus takes the
as you'll soon see. For how can any white person call these "people" human
again after knowing about this? Not I....Not I...

There are several tribes in and around the Congo that have practiced
a peculiar form of punishment for eons now. The practice goes back
as far as anthropologists and historians can trace it, and it is still
practiced today though their respective governments outlaw it
(as if niggers ever listened to a law).

A captive warrior, trespasser, criminal or especially a captured white man
or woman is first taken to a stream and gently washed by the tribeswomen.
He is in no way abused or threatened. Then he is given a feast of roast pig
and spiced grains as the naked natives dance and hoot and drink.
After he has eaten his fill and is at ease, the women proceed to come up
to him with several large bowls of a smooth, grey mud. They then begin to
ply him with a strong drink as they rub him with this mud, slowly covering
his lower extremities with it, covering every square inch of his nearly
body with a thick layer of this mud. He knows he is still a prisoner and is
not surprised by the fact that they have his legs tied together, preventing
any movement. They have tied them both to a pole imbedded in the ground
in front of him.

In a very short time the mud hardens into a very strong cement-like
concoction, trapping the man's legs completely. But he is now quite
drunk and full and really doesn't feel any deep concern about it, or for
that matter, much of anything.
Next the women tie his hands to the pole as well, now completely
tethering the
man to it, making it impossible for him to escape. This is when he
begins to get alarmed and starts complaining and struggling against his
bonds, discovering
he is totally helpless from the waist down, encased in this diabolical mud.
This is when a couple of the warriors come over and threaten him with
a couple of pointed jabs with their spear points. He ceases his struggles.

Next, the women pack him in mud from the nose down, encasing his entire
body in the mud. He begins to struggle once again and recieves a painful
from a spear for his efforts. He remains still. They stick a horn-like
piece of
tuber in his mouth for breathing and warn him not to spit it out.
He soon discovers he needs it if he wants to breathe out of his mouth,
because his neck and jaws are now immobile.
Within minutes the mud hardens, leaving him completely immobile and
very terrified. Next they put two wooden pegs in his nostrils and cover
the rest of his head in the mud. Within a few minutes the poor fellow
is totally encased in this most evil of nigger inventions.

The victim starts screaming out the horn they placed in his mouth,
and now the conical shape of the tuber becomes clear. It was designed
to magnify his screams for the entertainment of the niggers, which it
indeed does because every time he lets out a sad hoot from the horn,
the niggers bust up in gales of laughter, some literally rolling on the
ground and laughing until the tears flow at the ridiculous sounding bleats.

But the fun has hardly begun...

Now four warriors walk up to the captive and they all grab the pole he
is tied and welded to and give it a mighty tug, pulling it from the ground.
They then lift the pole up on their shoulders, two at each end, carrying
him swinging on the pole like a freshly killed deer. He hoots out screams
as he swings, eliciting more rounds of hysterical laughter from the

The warriors walk up to an already well established fire pit, with a
nice hot
fire burning in it. They lift the pole onto two "Y" forks placed at each
of the fire and let it slide into place with their victim swinging a few
above it.
All the niggers watch silently with anticipation because their victim
doesn't yet have a clue as to where he is at, or what his fate is about
to be.
Then the heat begins to slowly seep into the hardened clay, causing the
victim to rapidly become warm and uncomfortable. He starts to sweat
profusely, screaming his discomfort through the horn. A few giggles
greet his display, but
most are waiting for something else. A hush covers the entire village....

Then it comes...the first of a very long and pitiful line of screams as
the fire finally heats the clay enough to allow him to feel its
presence. First he screams in pain, then when it dawns on him what's
really going on, he lets out a long, and extremely loud scream of terror.
The crowd roars with delight and approval. Some of the warriors begin to
dance around the man as he suffers, pushing the casing with their spear
butts to make
it swing over the fire. This causes more wild laughter to erupt from the
women and children, who run to get sticks to join in on the jabbing. The
drums beat and hand-made flutes bleat.
The woman are laughing and working at the same time, preparing other dishes
to go with the one now roasting over the village fire pit...roast white man.

And after about 20 minutes of the most horriffic screams and gurgling
cries ever heard by man or beast, the victim falls mercifully silent. An
hour-and-a-half later
he is removed from the pit and the case broken open with large stones.
It shatters
like kiln-hardened pottery, because that is in fact, exactly what it is.
The white man is now a golden brown and ready to eat. The women argue
and fight over who gets the best pieces as they quickly dismember the
body and dole it out
to the waiting tribespeople. The children eat last, and two half-grown
niglets get into
a bloody fight over a half-gnawed foot.

An hour later all the niggers are quiet, laying around the fire, farting
and burping,
their bellies distended from gorging like pigs. All that's left of the
white man are
some bones scattered about the camp. After dark a hyena sneaks into camp
and steals a well gnawed tibia, scurrying off into the night.  Another
day in the Congo....
The March of Dimes Dimes Alabama Chapter Central Division honored Morris
Dees as its Citizen of the Year on Tuesday.

Dees received the award from the March of Dimes at its fourth annual
Citizen of the Year Testimonial Dinner.

"I am certainly pleased to receive the honor, but I accept it on behalf
of the Southern Poverty Law Center and all the people who have worked
here over the past 35 years," Dees said Monday. "I feel humbled that
March of Dimes would choose to honor the work of a civil rights

Dees founded the Southern Poverty Law Center in 1971 with law partner
Joseph J. Levin Jr. and Julian Bond in Montgomery.

State Sen. Myron Penn on Tuesday night said Dees "provided hope for so
many who didn't have hope" before presenting a resolution from the
Legislature in appreciation of Dees' work.
This law passed the House and is now before the Senate.
“(a) Establishment.—There is established within the legislative branch of the Government the National Commission on the Prevention of Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism.
“(b) Purpose.—The purposes of the Commission are the following:
“(1) Examine and report upon the facts and causes of violent radicalization, homegrown terrorism, and ideologically based violence in the United States, including United States connections to non-United States persons and networks, violent radicalization, homegrown terrorism, and ideologically based violence in prison, individual or ‘lone wolf’ violent radicalization, homegrown terrorism, and ideologically based violence, and other faces of the phenomena of violent radicalization, homegrown terrorism, and ideologically based violence that the Commission considers important.
Schindlers lost!
I once wrote a character who believed in racial separation, warping the ideals of cultural diversity and hiding his hate beneath a veneer of respectability.  It can be interesting to peel away the layers and expose an ugly core, especially when the ugliness is so relevant to our lives. I really wanted to portray a charming, intelligent guy, completely devoid of compassion or tolerance.

Here’s an excerpt…

“We just happened to be a group of white kids.  If we had been a group of black kids, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Shit, today they’re calling it Diversity.  We’ve gone to classes to hear all about respecting different races but where is our respect?  I don’t ever hear them talking about White Americans in all this diversity bullshit.”

“You see what I’m saying?” Garrett picked up on Simpson’s slight nod, accepting it as consent to continue. “Why shouldn’t we show some white pride?”

Simpson could see how this kid gathered people to him.  His speech on white pride would be the perfect lure for middle class white kids, struggling to define themselves in a society wrought with racial conflict, violence and doubt.

Simpson recognized the smoke screen, the justification that covered a racist underbelly.  Kids would be drawn in with Garrett’s words of pride and accomplishment, but what would they find within the inner sanctum of the group?

- Quiet Corners

Tom Metzger, founder of WAR (White Aryan Resistance) a militant offshoot of the KKK, organizes festivals across the national.  The festivals draw large groups of young adults, blending racism and religious zeal into a brew of hatred.

In years past, members of these organizations were adults, but now young people are being recruited. “… the skinhead subculture is a youth subculture and the majority of racist skinheads appear to be in their late teens and early twenties. Men make up about 60-70% of racist skinheads, but women comprise 30-40% of the movement. Women skinheads often call themselves skinbyrds, skingirls, chelseas, or sometimes featherwoods.” (1) Skinheads are the sons and daughters of the white middle class, who feel ignored or disenfranchised.

Ashley Brown epitomizes the new Skinheads, hiding his racism under a clean cut façade.  He publishes his own newsletter, The Vanguard, spreading white supremacy propaganda. He plans to run for office, with the intention of creating change from within the system.  The radical fringe is moving into the mainstream.  Metzger presented a plan for revolution during a unity gathering in 2003.  ”This plan called for “lone wolf” tactics, silent operations, blending with the community (regrowing hair, covering / removing tattoos), the acquisition of professional jobs, identification of informants, and a commitment to action.” (1)

Resistance Records produces bands such as: Bound for Glory, Rahowa and Aggregavated Assault, which spread racial separatist ideals through lyrics; lyrics that connect with young adults.

Families are often confused and helpless when their children are indoctrinated into such groups.  Some of the children have run away from home or been rejected by their families and seek refuge. Skinhead gangs, often called “crews” such as: Hammerskin Nation, Keystone State Skinheads, or the Connecticut White Wolves, offer a sense of belonging and purpose.

Skinheads are the fastest growing fraction and most violent segment of the White Supremacist Movement, though many skinheads are not aligned to any group.

Members tattoo symbols to display their history of violence like a badge of honor. A spider web tattoo on the elbow symbolizes time spent in jail, although it may also be earned by assaulting or killing a minority. Nazi Bolts are earned for an act of violence, such as a stabbing or shooting which doesn’t result in death. Blackened Nazi Bolts are earned for killing a minority. (2) Images of pitbulls, runes, Odin’s cross and various Nazi symbols are common tattoos selected by skinheads.

Fueled by alcohol and hate, gang members of DMS (Doc Marten Stalkers) killed Julio Riveria, simply because he was gay.  The police did not classify the crime as a hate crime until community pressure forced them to acknowledge the motivation behind the crime.

The Aryan National Front, lead by Bill Riccio, a three time felon, is based in Alabama.  The group organizes demonstrations, chanting racial slurs and marching along the streets.  Their hate extends to blacks, jews and homosexuals.  A Unification Rally was called to unite skinheads and the KKK under one banner of Fourteen Words.  “Fourteen Words” is shorthand for their rallying cry: “We must secure the existence of our people and the future for white children.”

1. Anti Defamation League (www.adl.org)

Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück said in Jerusalem Thursday that Germany had no plans to renegotiate a Holocaust reparations deal signed with Israel in 1952.
"The existing deal is signed and final and there is no need to change it," said Steinbrück after meeting with the chairman of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, Noah Flug.
I would like to point out that the governments and private interests are constantly collecting Intel on those who speak such. It might be a good idea to look into helping folks learn about counter intelligence techniques and also materials to actively train those who speak up. Please consider such things as using PGP and having public keys for contacts, and also there is some good literature concerning developing a security culture and helping to train those on the front. Perhaps also a good idea would be to have a encrypted site, using SSL. Certificates can be had for free or almost so. Please look into these matters, as during your everyday life anyone could be watched  without even knowing it and sensitive matters compromised. If those folks were understanding what and where the threat could come from, this wouldn’t happen. Just consider this and look into focusing on this a bit. Good luck, and keep up the good work.
For more than a decade, a significant number of young White males have chosen to dress, talk and act like Negroes. But I have noticed the opposite with females. The majority of non-White girls choose to dress, talk and act like White females. Opposite sex; opposite reaction.
The White race in North America is contaminated. The colored infestation has enveloped the whole of the continent.
When you watch that DVD PLanet Earth, FUTURE, I must admit one of my favorite quotes is from a black "professor" in Africa. She states, essentially, that maybe they (blacks in her nation) don't want to be material consumers and want to keep their ancient traditions and living as blacks always have. Well, I can respect that...

Townspeople stood in the sweltering heat at grocery stores and community centers, waiting to fill plastic jugs with water. Tanker trucks rumbled down the highways, bringing relief to a thirsty town suddenly gone dry.
That was the scene 13 years ago when the Georgia city of Macon ran out of water. But it could also be a glimpse of the very near future in Atlanta and some other cities in the drought-stricken Southeast.
They may be down to just a few months of easily accessible water, and the faucets could run dry if reservoirs aren't replenished soon.
The state of Georgia said it has lined up contracts with vendors to bring in bottled water and tanker trucks that could dispense water into jugs, jars and buckets.
"Are we going to get to that point? I don't know. But the most important thing is to be prepared," said Buzz Weiss, spokesman for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.
But the state, the city of Atlanta and the Georgia National Guard, which could be called into action by the governor to deliver water in an emergency, have yet to work out the details of exactly where the water would be distributed and how, saying it is too soon to say where it might be needed.
In any case, those are just emergency measures for supplying people with the water they need for drinking, cooking, bathing and flushing the toilet. Atlanta and other communities have yet to settle on a long-term solution if the water runs out.
State and city officials have talked about building more reservoirs, pipelines and pumps, but they have not adopted a plan, and none of those ideas are quick fixes.
"We don't think that the worst-case scenario is likely, but we are thinking about what we might do if we don't get rain before next summer," said Atlanta city water spokeswoman Janet Ward. "We are pretty much looking at every option."
Bill Bozarth, director of the Georgia arm of the government watchdog group Common Cause, wondered why the state has not come up with a plan yet. "You would think the water crisis would start to become more of a priority," he said.
Time may be running out.

Credit-card executives on Tuesday deflected congressional criticism of their practice of using falling credit scores to charge customers higher interest rates.
Industry critics say it's another example of abusive, confusing credit-card practices that can push consumers deeper into debt.
Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., chairman of a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee, said customers who consistently pay on time are getting whacked by credit-card issuers that raise such rates without an adequate warning or a clear notice.
"The bottom line for me is this: when a credit card issuer promises to provide a cardholder with a specific interest rate if they meet their credit card obligations, and the cardholder holds up their end of the bargain, the credit-card issuer should have to do the same," he said Tuesday.