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Dear Terrible Tommy:
Greetings from London
Hello Comrades,

First some background information for you all.The Republic of Ireland the
Western most point of our Ancient European Homeland is being invaded. For
many years Ireland stood as a beacon of hope to many White Aryans as a
non-Racial White Aryan Nation un-affected by the machinations of our
oppressors of the New World Order.Sadly due to the very nature of liberal
democracy Ireland too is being subject to the Calvary of the White Aryan Race
namely :Third World  Immigration.The usual suspects have invaded Ireland the
combat age young men supposedly fleeing warzones and they are already making
their presence felt with numerous rapes,stabbings,assaults and other
scandalous incidents.Now the Irish are much like White Aryan people the world
over open handed and open hearted needless to add as with White Aryan people
the world over they have found this attitude a distinct disadvantage when
dealing with these alien invader.Many Irish people have waited in vain for
first their Government to stop this flood of third world aliens then have
looked  to their 'Boys' of the IRA and INLA  to 'sort it out'.With dismay
they have seen Sinn Fein and its subsidiaries like the Government re-affirm
their commitment to a Multi-Racial society in Ireland.Despite years of
campaigning against the immigration of native Irish people,the existing Irish
Nationalist Movement has adopted an open door,open arms policy towards the
aliens of the third world.That their Government are in the thrall of our
enemies came as no surprise to most ordinary Irish people.That Sinn Fein
really are a Marxist Leninist New World Order Organization has come as a
rude awakening to many ordinary Irish people who presumed that the
professed,multi-racialism and  international socialism of Sinn Fein was
merely window dressing for the worlds liberal elites Into this Political
vacuum have stepped the National Socialists,the only philosophy untainted by
the prevailing New World Order..In response to this anti White Aryan policy
various 'battle groups' of concerned White Aryans are forming across Ireland
to counter this deadly invasion.National Socialists are already carrying out
many actions against the invaders and their allies across Ireland now.To
consolidate and encourage these latest developments in the 'Struggle for
Existence' It is intended on  the last weekend in August 2001 to hold the
first ever National Socialist march and Demonstration in the Republic of
Ireland entitled 'A Walk Into History'.National Socialist adherents in
Ireland have naturally turned to their Comrades abroad for assistance and
advice on how to carry out this activity which has never been undertaken by
National Socialists in Ireland.So far the response has been good with
stickers.Leaflets,Flags and Banners being purchased and made for this
historic occasion.If you would like to help in this endeavor or indeed
attend 'A Walk Into History' Then contact

W.A.R. is now out of back issues at 10 cents each. From now on its 20 cents per issue minimum 100 . However this will be the current issue.


Terrible Tommy says:
Skinheads Daniel Glen Butler,Jason Mac McCully and Gregory Allen McDaniel appeared in court in Riverside,California before being sentenced in connection with a minor racial skirmish near Temecula, California in 1999.  They get four years in prison for their role in watching the skirmish..
Breaking his two-year silence, the known rapist black so called victim said Friday that he hopes time will heal the souls of three men involved in the minor skirmish. "Someone, somehow, twisted your hearts," Randy Wordell Bowen told the three Temecula men in a Riverside courtroom. I can only pray for you that when you get out of jail you can find a way to free yourselves from the cowardice and stupid hatred that consumed you that night two years "

As part of a plea   bargain, Daniel Glen Butler, 22, Gregory Allen McDaniel, 21, and 19-year-old Jason Mac McCully were sentenced Friday to four years in prison. The
three  -- admitted members of Hammerskin Nation-- each pleaded guilty to
assault  with a deadly weapon and a hate crime in the March 1999 attack on
Bowen, 25, outside Temecula.  Three other men are awaiting trial in connection with the incident.
 As he was led from court, McCully hurled angry insults at Bowen, whose father, Branford, shouted back,Have a good time Relatives of the  three Temecula men have called the charges unfair, arguing the case is mired in anti white working class politics and that the men did nothing more than yell and  watch the attack. They just put my son and his two friends in prison for four years for watching a fight at a party, said Chuck McDaniel.They did no more than what at least 50 other kids did that night.

Negro Bowen crashed a St. Patrick's Day bonfire in the hills east of Temecula when a group of young men hit him in the head with a beer bottle, beat him and slashed his
back with a knife or straight razor. Some of the attackers shouted correctly identifying him as a nigger,  as they chased  Nigger Bowen through the night until he reached a farmhouse where the  resident called authorities, according to grand-jury testimony.

Mestizo Deputy District Attorney John Ruiz said the charges and sentences against Butler, McDaniel and McCully were appropriate even though they never struck Bowen during the attack. Aiders, abettors and thought criminals have to be punished,They need to be held accountable for their not liking Negroes and sharing there white girl friends with the Negro Bowen..

Chuck McDaniel questioned that involvement, arguing there was no evidence that his son encouraged the attack. Three other men, Travis George Miskam, 22, of Hemet and Alan Thomas Yantis, 21, and Jesse David Douglas, 19, both of Temecula, face attempted murder and hate-crime charges stemming from the attack.

Trial is set to start in June.  In court, Bowen said memories of the incident continue to wake him up during the night,and  he will carry scars of the attack for the rest of his life. I will not allow this incident to ruin my life, and I will not let it change the  way I feel about  white women, the Murrieta , California man said.

As the hearing began, Judge Patrick Magers ordered working class McCully's mother to leave the courtroom as he ordered pro white spectators to keep their mouths shut, make faces or otherwise show contempt for the witch hunt.. As part of the plea deal, Butler, McDaniel and McCully have admitted Bowen was assaulted because of his race.

The attack they participated in with the other three men was tied to the Western Hammerskins, a skinhead group with chapters in Riverside, Hemet and San Diego Prosecutors agreed  not to call Butler, McDaniel or McCully to testify against the other men and said the admissions would be presented at that trial only if they are called to testify by attorneys for Miskam, Yantis or Douglas. Bowen filed a federal civil rights lawsuit last year targeting the international Hammerskin  Nation, the Western Hammerskins, the six men charged in the attack  and some members of their families.

Terrible Tommy was not in the courtroom this time but sent the following letter to the local newspaper.



It seems that Riverside County has a new railway system. Its called the
Riverside County Criminal Courts system. The target is young white working
class men.
But that door swings two ways. Any white man going to prison today will come
out twice as racist as when he goes in. With 300,000 inmates being released
each year I will let you do the math. Tom Metzger


Terrible Tommy says: As long as young white men bluster and play games involving

themselves in race mixed parties etc many will get burned. These men learned nothing

from good advice. Now over one stupid Negro they will do many years in prison which

Dear Terrible Tommy:
My wife's Mother and Father were young Germans who emigrated to America
right after W.W.II left their homeland flattened. They made their way to
the West coast where they prospered because of their highly skilled
trades. My Wife's younger siblings were born in the U.S.

A sister of my Wife married a young business man from Mexico, his family
was of German ancestry but were Mexican citizens. They had several
children who are all blond, tall, blue eyed and very attractive. They
are of course fluent in Spanish and English. The children are all of
above average intelligence. All would seem well, except that in the last
few years the following has began to happen. The two youngest children
in private Mexican schools have been tormented so badly that they both
receive counseling. They are cursed, spit upon and sometimes even
beaten for being 'white' blond 'and with blue eyes. One of the older
girls has now dyed her beautiful blond hair black in order to 'fit' in.
Watching this process has been painful for us and when they visit here I
in particular do everything I can to help them feel proud of who they
really are.

The shame of it all is this, their own mother and father do absolutely
nothing to help them develop a sense of pride in their heritage and even
"Opa' und "Omah" don't seem to have the guts to make a stand for these
kids. So it falls to me, the son in law to do what I can. Shameful
really, but I hope that eventually these kids will just get pissed off
enough to tell the whole of the mixed race vermin Mestizoes to go fuck
themselves. The great mystery is of course, why don't more people care,
even about their own children and grandchildren!

Dear associate:
The game is very easy to understand once you understand human nature. Once
you understand basic unchangeable human nature it all falls into place.

The nature of all humans no matter what race is to go along to get along.
Most are gregarious and crave acceptance. They want to fit in. They want
people to admire them and cater to their individual weakness..If you think
Nazi Germany was any different you are mistaken.
Without strong leadership any race or nation loses direction. Sheep must be
herded by a stern Shepherd or the Wolves get the sheep. Jews have lived under
so many cultures that they are keen of observers of human nature. It doesn't
take a lot to subvert any race or culture
The only way the sheep are persuaded to listen to the shepherd is for them to
be ruthlessly oppressed by the enemy. Every thing must run its course and
there is very little that can be done to change the flocks movements unless
the shepherd regains the power to overcome the wolves. The fallacy of the
right wing is their insistence on educating the public or masses when the
masses never directly change anything. never did, never will. The best they
will do is follow the strong determined leadership if it arises.
As I have said many times before. Forget wasting your time trying to reshape
the niggerized white masses. They will do what you want but you don't ask t
hem, you show or tell them. Timothy Mcveigh understands even though he is
just one tooth in a growing wheel.  Its the one percent solution. The one
percent that is in power must be persuaded to change or die by the 1% that is
not in power. There is no other option.
If you look at a lot of WW2 footage you may see many people debating accept
one group. You never saw an SS man arguing. You either followed his directive
or you died. To waste time debating Judaized whites is silly and shows how
ignorant many are of human nature. The right wing America First Committee had
thousands attend their meetings and whoop and holler eternal loyalty and
swore they would not allow what happened to happen. When the crap hit the fan
and the Roosevelt machine lowered the iron rod of steel and most fell into
line. They gleefully marched off to murder their own kind.
When the Militias were prancing around all prettied up they were recruiting
like mad. But then Tim Mcveigh stepped up to the plate and showed them how
its done. Most of the militia faded away like early morning mist.
All of this is tied to human nature. If you do not know human nature better
than your enemy you will never win. Read The Prince, Might is Right, The
Crowd and many other books out there that are gathering dust but very much
available.  Or simply be a people watcher. Watch the tactics of people in
power and then decide if you want to deal yourself a hand.
If not go back to playing solitaire. I just thought I would share a few
thoughts with you and others. Remember never go for an ankle when you can
reach the throat.
Recently Tommy has been discussing a bit of history of WW2 with a Russian associate.

The following is an excerpt.
Dear Mr. Metzger:

Well, may be you are right. But isn't it a  fact that Stalin prepared the attack
on Europe!
The Germany could be invaded too. Do you think that's why Germany attacked Russia?
And I think that if Hitler didn't think about the attack on the whole world
Germany would really great country!

Dear associate

I think all countries have possible invasion plans of other nations. Its
called counter measures. That does not mean the invasion was actually put
into motion. Unfortunately many of my right wing friends like to jump to any
conclusion that absolves Germany of making classic blunders.
Stalin's reaction to the invasion tells more than most other stories. He went
into seclusion for days refusing to talk to anyone. The German Russian pact
was totally a checkmate on Western Jewry and their friends.
Germany was investing millions of marks in Russia. 40,000 German engineers
were going into Russia every year to work, Stalin was dealing directly with
the German military and not the German Communist party.

No other tragedy in history matches the German Russian struggle. Millions of
White people died on both sides. This helped put the Jews in the drivers seat ever
since. Stalin knew how to handle Jews better than Hitler. Stalin would give
one Jew an award and then kill hundreds some where else. If you can get hold
of the book A HISTORY OF THE SOVIET UNION by  GEORG VON RAUCH printed in 1965
I think you will find convincing information that will show the Soviet Union
had no plan to attack Germany at that time. If however Germany were to have
been put on the ropes by the West and their defeat looked eminent I believe
Stalin would have joined the feast when he had little to lose but not when
Germany was at full strength and the pact was working so well.

Hitler lost much support among his regular army Generals by attacking Russia.

Much of his high command had trained with Russians and loved the Russians. Later it led
to the formation of the Jew Rudolph Roessler spy cell that operated out of
Switzerland and reached into the High command in Berlin itself. There were
Generals involved mainly because they hated Hitler for attacking Russia,

. Walter Schellenberg was hot on their trail at the close of the war and was
within days of arresting them. This Spy cell that grew out of  disenchantment
of German Generals about the attack on Russia was probably the main reason
Germany lost the war. Roesslers code name was Lucy you may read about it in
the book entitled A man called Lucy by Pierre Accoce and Pierre Quet printed
in 1966.

The pro Hitler right wing go to far in absolving his faults and mistakes. He did
great things for Germany in peacetime. If he had held to internal reform he
would now be a great hero to millions but his world geopolitical outlook was
weak especially when it came to the U.S. His attachment and admiration for
England was misplaced because he underestimated the Jew strength and the
Christian 5th column. Along with a largely Jew controlled banking system.
In short Hitler had good advice from his left wing but instead listened to
his right wing. Tom Metzger
What some Rabbis,s say about the A.D.L.

Rabbi calls ADL leader Jews' 'worst enemy' Wednesday, 28 March 2001 18:54 (ET)

Calling secular Judaism's preoccupation with victimhood "liberalism with a circumcision,"

an Orthodox rabbi has given the "Our Own Worst Enemy Award" to the head of the Anti-Defamation League.

 An ADL official has dismissed the characterization.

 Rabbi Daniel Lapin is president of Toward Tradition, a group based in
Mercer Island, Wa., that describes itself as "a coalition of Jews and
Christians dedicated to fighting secular institutions that foster
anti-Semitism, harm families, and jeopardize the future of America." The
group bestowed the "award" upon ADL National Director Abraham Foxman on

 "The award is given to a Jewish American who exemplifies those cultural
forces that most endanger Jewish continuity, substituting unhealthy values
for Judaism itself," Toward Tradition said. "Children thus grow up to
dismiss Jewish identity as, for example, merely with an obsession with
death and persecution, or as liberalism with a circumcision."

 "I think Abe Foxman means well," Lapin said. "But he's deluded by
liberalism, a worldview preoccupied by victimhood."

 The rabbi called attention to Foxman's letter that appeared in the March
23 editions of the New York Times. In it, the ADL leader compared the
newspaper ads by conservative activist David Horowitz -- who opposes
monetary reparations to American blacks for being the descendants of
-- with Holocaust deniers.

 "Put that together with Foxman's statement last week about the 'big
eruption' of anti-Semitism in New York, and so on, and you get the picture
of a guy who's not in close touch with reality," Lapin said.

 The rabbi was referring to a March 21 New York Times story in which
Foxman was quoted as saying: "Anti-Semitism is a disease, and we have seen a big
eruption of that disease in New York." Foxman based his remark on an ADL
survey that says anti-Semitic incidents rose by about 49 percent in New York City last year.

 David Klinghofer, Toward Tradition's editorial director, questions the
survey's validity. Many of the incidents recorded are not crimes, he said,
but rather "anything anybody perceived as anti-Semitic." The ADL "gets
paid (by contributors) according to how much anti-Semitism it finds,"
Klinghofer told United Press International Wednesday.

 Toward Tradition said that Foxman's "tireless efforts" to convince
American Jews that they are beset by "a phantom anti-Semitism," when their
own experience suggests otherwise, "have helped to confirm many in the
belief that being a Jew has to do mainly with being oppressed and hated."

 The American Jewish Committee's annual study for 1999 reported that
anti-Semitism is the main concern of 62 percent of American Jews, up 5
points from 1998. This belief pertains "notwithstanding the strength of
democratic institutions and legal protections in the United States," AJC
President Bruce M. Ramer said at the time.

 The study, which was summarized in a June 9, 1999, story in the
Times, also revealed that American Jews give a low priority to religious
observance and believe recalling the Holocaust is the key to being a Jew.

 In its story, the Times quoted Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, humanities
professor at New York University, who believes Jews are "absolutely free
equal" in America.

 "I deplore the survey results," Hertzberg said. "When you say: 'Remember,
we have enemies,' it simply feeds a neurosis. I maintain that Jewish life
not fear, but affirmation."

 Toward Tradition's National Director Yarden Weidenfeld also said that
traditional Judaism, as taught by Lapin, celebrates life. Foxman's
constitutes the real threat to American Jewry, Weidenfeld told UPI in a
Wednesday phone interview, because young American Jews who associate their
religion with death and misery are more likely to marry Gentile partners.
The real danger is assimilation, Weidenfeld said.

 ADL Assistant National Director Ken Jacobson dismissed Toward Tradition
and its positions. "At some level, I might not want to dignify the
comments," he said in a phone interview on Wednesday. "I don't really
that Rabbi Lapin and his organization represent anything significant in
Jewish community."

 Toward Tradition said it picked Foxman "from among other representatives
of the Anti-Semitism Industry" because of his role in former president
Clinton's pardon of fugitive tax evader Marc Rich.

 Citing Friday's Newsweek report, the group said: "After the ADL received a
$100,000 check from the Rich Foundation, Foxman wrote to Bill Clinton urging
the pardon." In doing so, Foxman "joined other leading Jewish liberals who
had benefited from the billionaire's largesse. The ensuing scandal was a
comfort to true anti-Semites who say that Jews buy and sell justice,"
Tommy says; Thanks for agreeing with us. If the shoah fits wear it.

News from Spain or camp of the states is now. All wagons must be circled on the main issue of race.

The ends must justify the means.

Let me tell you what it is happening in Spain now. Till 1996 there wasn't an
nigger to be seen on the streets of our cities. As the right wing party came
to power, and abiding (submitting themselves to) by European Rules hordes and
hordes from Africans are daily invading our country. There is a political
interest in that since entrepreneurs hire niggers and Arabs for nonqualified
jobs because they are much cheaper than white labor force. They are much
cheaper because Arabs and niggers usually share a flat with 15 or even 20
other of their fellow country men, thus they can survive with minimum
salaries. In return, large corporations and the big business finance the
political campaign's of the governing party so that they will get favoring
new laws including special contract modalities and access to cheap African
labor force.

With regards to niggers,and as a sign of thanks, they walk around chasing,
harassing and ambushing our white women as they are unable to understand that

Further, out of political interest, making any of these comments and
declarations as I am doing now is regarded as "politically incorrect" and
prosecuted with disproportionate measures, trials and incarcerations the
reason behind being to come up as the defendants of human rights etc while at
the same time divert people from actually realizing who the real enemy is,
hiring cheap labor force from the outside leaving their citizens to degrading
conditions of unemployment, bringing down or way of life as they want us to
give up our expectations of living in privacy with our families in our single
flat without having to share it with strangers as niggers, or Arabs do. By
the way, if you think I am a nonqualified handworker I tell you that I speak
7 languages and graduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry.

I am really concerned about this nigger situation, and get really furious
when I see a nigger conversing with and harassing our women. The problem is
that for some reason they are most physically powerful and I am not, so I
cannot go and say you motherfucking nigger what the fuck do you think you are
doing with this white lady? at the same time I get furious with the woman too
because I know she does it out of Snobby reasons as if it were modern to do
that and she were past beyond white men.
Terrible Tommy speaks on Ceasar Chavez the great Mestizo con man turned saint by the media..

I have been involved in activism for 30 years in one phase or another. I was heavily involved during the rise to power of a sleazy little pool room hustler from Delano, California by the name of Caesar Chavez

While visiting areas he thought could use some old fashion Marxist agitation Saul Alinsky well known extreme leftist and Marxist ran into Caesar Chavez in a Delano pool hall. Before this Chavez was a roust about pool hustling no body. Saul Alinsky took Little Caesar back to Chicago and ran him through his marxist agitation training school. Upon graduation little Caesar came back to California and began his great but phony career of uplifting the down trodden. Liberal amounts of cash and media support built this no body and now after he kicks the bucket people who know better have helped give him a special holiday in California and as time goes by he will have a national holiday.

A writer by the name of John Steinbacher a friend of mine wrote an explosive book about this issue during the early seventies. The title was Bitter Harvest. If you want an accurate view of those times read the book if you can find it.

At that time many of us were working on food drives to assist the non Chavez opposition to survive . Several caravans of trucks and autos carried large amounts of groceries to those that Chavez was trying to starve out. Like the great phony Martin Luther King Chavez is a total political Frankenstein creation to con the boobs.

Dear Terrible Tommy;
Greetings once again! I saw the one mention of how Black men are going after White women aggressively....(as if this is a new trend?!) I see it too,but some of it has to do with how White women ACT...take for example: the Mardi Gras celebration(and not just New Orleans) where White women,many of College age,flashing their tits to a crowd of men,half of whom are not their own. Also,White men are in many ways,SPINELESS.....and regardless of whether  they admit it or not,Women do not like a "sensitive" male any more than a case of the clap!
When playing with monkeys.....expect monkey shines!!!!

When I co-owned a Dating Service here in VA. from 95-99 , I saw some LONELY people sign up for $1500 to $2000 worth of dating-matches ,most of whom were white men looking for a suitable mate,and white women looking for either the elusive "Mr. Right"(i.e. Doctor,Lawyer,Rich old man,etc.)or some used-up hussy wanting to find some
sucker to raise her illegitimate brats. I even ended up being sued by several Customers whom were next-to-impossible to match-up with their archetype.

The dating scene SUCKS!
Point here is....I think allot of White females date Non-whites to feel "unracist" yes,and perhaps they are seduced....on the other hand,White men are no solution to what they are looking for in a way......such geeks! Scrawny/fatass/unemployed yahoos whom turn the other way when they see destruction consuming their country,their future,etc. Hell Tom,you know the drill !

Tommy says;

That's the way I like the thoughts. straight and to the jugular. W.A.R does not believe in making white people happy with soft words. Our goal is to goad white men and women into being a virtual cross between a no holds barred bare fisted street fighter and genius in any field. A mountain man with a plan. A Tim Mcveigh with thousands of adopted children. If you go to an instant message profile on warmetzger @aol you will find an ad for Young White female Aryans to be impregnated with Tim Mcveigh sperm. Sperm smuggled out of Terre Haute Federal Prison now in the hands on WAR technicians who plan to create operation BOYS FROM OKLAHOMA CITY.


Thats it for this week .Have a good week and I hope your feeding area broadens and your lone wolfishness is paying off. Its seed planting time boys and girls so lets get to it. Watch the news for April 20. Who knows what might happen. Always remember THIS IS WAR.

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