Blood & Soil Lone Wolf
Survival of the Fittest

Rules of Engagement

Three hundred years ago, when Working Class Whites kicked ass, "weight training" meant carrying heavy packs on ones back and NOT lifting Dumbbells and Barbells. One of the primary reasons that Whites are viewed as Weaklings is because they no longer carry heavy packs on their backs. Three hundred years ago modern day UK S.A.S and American Special Forces training would have been considered a vacation at a resort due to the fact that UK S.A.S only carry 55 lbs. in gear and American Special Forces only carry 60 lbs. of gear when children back then often carried 100 lbs or more of potato sacks on their backs.

In the January 1st, 2012, NAV you provide a link to Fourth Generation Warfare wherein the article claims that current US Marines can only go 10 to 15 kilometers on foot while ordinary everyday "line" soldiers of the German Wehrmacht in WWII could go 40 kilometers a day. That article proves my point about the bodies of Whites becoming extremely weak due to modern Civilization and big, bad, modern day US Marines are no exception. Lone Wolfs need to become better and actually can.

I have increased the time that I have a 40 lb. Weighted Vest on my back at the rate of an hour a month. Starting the fourth month I am up to four hours of doing chores while weighted down with a 40 lb. Weighted Vest. Wolfs need to consider replacing Dumbbells with a weighted Baseball Bat and replacing Barbells with a Weighted Vest. Doing so would stop the development of slave muscles and --finally-- begin the development of Fighter and Soldier muscles.

For six months I have been doing chores and Hiking while wearing a Weighted Vest. I am doing this to develop my bodies "infrastructuremuscles" like all our Ancestors had before the modern era with its flat prepared surfaces to travel on in wheeled vehicles etc. But because I am in my fifties I decided to use a "cushioned" tread mill as I start Jogging while wearing a Weighted Vest. I just got the Nordic Track C 900 Pro tread mill that is cushioned by springs. It took me three hours to assemble it and this morning I tested it my jogging for ten minutes. Not only had I assembled it correctly the first time but it preformed exactly as I expected (and wanted or needed it to do). Now I am going to be Jogging while wearing a 40 pound Weighted Vest.

In a recent Ghost Wolf Radio Show Sling Blade had mentioned about turning around and not looking at the horizon. When I turn around I have conditioned myself to look at my shoulder, then the ground, and then from a person's feet up to their face. That is a "three count". I do not turn around and look at the horizon with a "far away" look. The best way to "look" when turning around is to condition ones self to NOT look far away but to look with maximum peripheral vision that then, and only then, starts going towards a more distant look. This is because the danger behind a person is usually up close and personal. When turning around to look, tilt both your head --and-- your eyes down, slightly, instead of turning both your head and eyes on a horizontal plane. Good Boxers use both their shoulders to protect their chin by lowering their chin and raising their shoulders. When turning the head it helps to think of doing so by pressing and planting the chin in that shoulder. This automatically tilts the head down and greatly helps to be looking with peripheral vision instead of distant vision. With the chin going towards the shoulder, so to, the eye is looking for the shoulder to be more precise in the chin being planted and protected by that shoulder. In other words, by using the eyes to assist the chin you have automatically eliminated the eyes being focused for a "far away look" when turning the head. As the economic and Racial situation worsens this method of looking behind will become ever more important for survival.


You warned this past Spring about the unusual Sun Spot cycle, in that there have never been so few Sun Spots for so long even though it is occurring at a double cycle low like it should. This could help to explain this year's unusually weather along with the La Nina. Russia is experiencing their worst drought in history while Pakistan seems to have gotten Russia's rain and is experiencing their worst floods in history. The USA has come through the lest effected though it was in fact effected. There are warnings that the USA Corn yields will surprise to the downside when it was expected to be the largest Corn crop ...ever.

Russia is a major supplier of Wheat on the world markets but has announced no Wheat exports for a year. This sent American Wheat futures prices from the low end of their trading range to new all time highs. Rice evolved in India and was transplanted to China long ago. India is the world's largest grower and supplier (on the world markets) of Rice. But India has announced that no Rice will be exported for a year. So far this year, all major growers of Rice are expecting lower yields except the USA. The USA is not really a major producer of Rice because it only produces 2% of the world's annual production but almost all of that Rice is sold on world markets which is unusual. The drought in South America and Viet Nam has reached the point the the government's of Brazil and Viet Nam are considering baning exports of Coffee. Brazil is the world's largest producer of Coffee, Sugar, Citrus, and a close tie with the USA of Soybeans. Since you already warned about the unusual Sun Spot cycle earlier this year you need to carry through with the current dire realities of the World Grain and Food markets as the Jew's Media is ignoring it.

The Jet Stream plays an extremely important role in Planetary Weather. The Jet Stream has three main parts: Artic Jet, Pacific Jet, and the Sub-Tropical Jet Stream. The most important of the three Jet Streams is the Pacific Jet Stream. The Jet Stream always flows from the West to the East. The Jet Stream varies in speed by 60 to 80 mph from it's slowest to it's fastest speed. It is the variation in it's speed from it's fastest to it's slowest speed that has profound effects on Planetary Weather. When the Jet Stream is at it's fastest speed it flows around the Earth in a near perfect circle. When it flows at it's slowest speed it makes deep convolutions going south then turning back up north about five or seven times around the Earth. What causes the Jet Stream to slow down and speed up are the QBO Winds above the Jet Stream. The QBO Winds flow from West to East and then reverse and flow from East to West. The Jet Stream only flows from West to East. When the QBO Winds flow from West to East the Jet Stream speeds up to it's maximum speed. When the QBO Winds flow from East to West the Jet Stream slows to it's slowest speed. The QBO Winds have a cycle of 2.2 years to 28/29 months. When the QBO Winds are flowing from West to East then the Jet Stream is flowing at its maximum speed and moves in a near perfect circle around the Earth. The Pacific Jet Stream flows just south of the Canadian/American border. By doing so the Pacific Jet Stream has a drag effect on the air masses beneath it and stops the colder air masses in Canada from moving south. This prevents the interaction of Cold and Hot air masses which means no hot or cold fronts which means NO RAIN.

When the Jet Stream is flowing at it's greatest speed it often means Drought everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere: USA, Europe, and Russia. When the QBO Winds are flowing from East to West they put a drag effect on the Jet Stream which slows the Jet Stream to it's slowest speeds. When the Jet Stream is flowing at it's slowest speeds it tends to make deep convolutions, time and again, as it goes around the Earth. This results in forced interaction of colder northern air masses with warmer southern air masses; and, that means continual cold and warm fronts which means ABUNDANT RAINS. This condition results in rains everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere as there are usually five to seven deep convolutions along with their cold/warm fronts around the Earth. One of the reasons for Russia's historical Drought in the Summer of 2010 was because the Jet Stream was flowing at it's maximum West to East speeds and had stopped making deep convolutions that bring on cold/warm fronts thus rain. This also resulted in America's declining crop yields though the effect was not as great as in Russia. In 2012 the QBO Winds will again flow from West to East thus assisting the Jet Stream in flowing at it's greatest speed which might result in similar or worse drought(s) in the Northern Hemisphere. There are other reasons for Drought but the speed of the Jet Stream is a Primary reason especially in the Northern Hemisphere.