Russia & U.S.

However, most valuable and alone justifying reading this book is Saker’s “spot on” philosophical and religious analysis of Russia, Russian politics, Russian history, the Russian people and Russia’s relations with other peoples and religions (especially Islam.)

Book Review

The threats from Turkey and Saudi Arabia to mount a full-scale invasion of Syria create the potential for a modern-day “march of folly” into World War III by drawing NATO and the U.S. into a direct military confrontation with Russia and Iran, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains.

World War III

The U.S. government defined events in Ukraine as a “pro-democracy” revolution battling “Russian aggression” — at least as far as the world’s mainstream media was concerned. But what if the script were flipped, asks Joe Lauria.

If Russia Had Freed Canada

The Communist East appeared to many people as an ominous threat, though it is now common knowledge that it was to a great extent a propaganda bugaboo created artificially by CIA.

Sham Cold War