Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver

Dr.Revilo Pendleton Oliver, Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois for 32 years and one of the leading philologists of his time, read eleven languages, including Sanskrit, and for more than half a century wrote scholarly articles in four languages for academic publications in the United States and Europe.

Dr. Oliver made many notable contributions to his chosen cause: he participated in the creation of National Review magazine; he was one of the founders of the John Birch Society; he made numerous speeches before patriotic groups including the Congress of Freedom, the Steuben Society, the Indignation Committees, the Citizens’ Councils, and the Daughters of the American Revolution; and he wrote hundreds of articles and reviews for Modern Age, American Progress, Free Enterprise, American Opinion, Christian Economics, National Review, Nation’s Business, The American Mercury, Instauration, and Liberty Bell magazines. A collection of many of Dr. Oliver’s best writings from his first decade in the patriotic movement is contained in his book America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative. That book also chronicles his eventual bitter disillusionment with conservatism as a political weapon for restoring America and the West. Here are a few of his writings. More will be added in the future.

What Is Liberalism
The Spurious Shekel
The Three American Eras

A Religion for Aryans
The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor
The Holohoax
Aborting Minds
Another Jewish Problem
The New World Order