New Race & Reason Shows On TV

How To Get Race & Reason In Your City

Race & Reason needs your help because someone must be a resident of the
systems viewing area in order to submit shows for Cable Public Access Television.

STEP 1: Contact Tom Metzger and request to receive current Race & Reason
show tapes for submission to your local cable company.

STEP 2: Go to the cable company and ask for an application for cable public access television. Tell them you have dozens of shows available.

STEP 3: The public access coordinator will ask to see one of the shows. Take the show tape to the cable company. Request weekend evening show time. They will review the show and give you a time and date for showing. Continue supplying shows once a week or whatever the schedule permits.

Syracuse, NY - Channel 98 - Fridays 10:30pm
Ft. Wayne, IN - Comcast - Channel 57 - Mondays 4:30pm
Hamilton, NJ - Cablevision - Channel 118 - Saturdays 5:30pm
Yonkers, NY-Cablevision- Channel 18- Tuesdays 10:30pm