Revolution in San Domingo, 1905

Whites and many mulattoes murdered in 'Haiti'.

Present-Day Europe, 1917

As in medieval Europe, the numerous Jews form a caste apart,
largely parasitic in character, persecuted and despised.

New World of Islam, 1922

Mohammed ibn Abd-el-Wahab was born about the year AD 1700
in the heart of the Arabian desert, the region known as the Nejd.
This puritan reformer kindled a fire which presently spread to the
remotest corners of the Moslem world, purging Islam of its
sloth and reviving the fervour of olden days.

They knew that the Young-Turk clique which had engineered the
coup was made up of Europeanized renegades, many of them
not even nominal Moslems, but atheistic Jews.

Revolt Against Civilization, 1922
Revolt Against Civilization (text)

THE idea of "Natural Equality" is one of the most pernicious
delusions that has ever afflicted mankind. It is a figment of the
human imagination. Nature knows no equality. The most cursory
examination of natural phenomena reveals the presence of a Law
of Inequality as universal and inflexible as the Law of Gravitation.

The rise of Karl Marx typifies a new influence which had appeared
in the revolutionary movement – the influence of the Jews. Before
the nineteenth century the Jews had been so segregated from the
general population that they had exerted almost no influence
upon popular thought or action.

Rising Tide of Color, 1921
Rising Tide of Color, 1922

Chief among these were the Mongol Chazars, who founded an
extensive and powerful empire in southern and southeastern Russia
as early as the eighth century. It is interesting to note that they
accepted Judaism and became the ancestors of the majority of
the Jews of eastern Europe, the round-skulled Ashkenazim.

They knew that the "Young Turk" clique which had engineered
the coup [in Turkey] was made up of Europeanized renegades,
many of them not even nominal Moslems, but atheistic Jews.

Racial Realities in Europe, 1924

Europe and Our Money, 1932

Into the Darkness – Germany Today, 1940

Another misconception is that the Nazis regard the Jews as a
distinct race. To be sure, that term is often used in popular
writings and many ignorant Nazis may believe it, but their
scientific men do not thus defy obvious anthropology.

They refer to the Jews as a Mischrasse. By this they mean
a group which, though self-consciously distinct, is made up of
several widely diverse racial strains. It is because most of those
strains are deemed too alien to the Germanic blend that the
Nazis passed the so-called Nuremberg Laws prohibiting
intermarriage between Jews and Germans.

"We have voluntarily withdrawn our German minorities
from places like the Baltic States, and we shall do the same
in Northern Italy. We are even marking a place for the Jews
where they may live quietly unto themselves." ~ Himmler