I was watching part 3 of Star Wars last night when I suddenly noticed why I liked it. There were damn near no blacks anywhere! And that goes for all the early Star Wars movies. In fact what triggered this epiphany was a wookie swinging on a vine through the forests of Endor. He let out ole' Johnny Weismuller's famous Tarzan yodel from all his 1930's movies! All of us who remember and love those movies haven't been able to see them in decades now because they're considered "racist" by the liberals. Niggers were treated like niggers in those flicks. They were black, stupid and dangerous, going around in packs of angry oogaboogas that actually said "Oogabooga!" "The natives are restless!" was the famous term used to warn the viewing audience that nigger trouble for the white bwanas was upon them. Scores of screaming, spear chucking bucks were shot down like cordwood as the safari hunters defended themselves from hordes of angry coons who had chimped out because the white bwanas had offended their god. The beautiful white female, wearing only scant tatters and struggling feebly at her bonds (not a hair out of place and her makeup perfect even in the jungle heat), lay helpless on their sacrificial altar and waited for her hero to rescue her from the drooling bucks that leered evilly over her. Millions of terrified white housewives cuddled a little closer to their men as they watched the movie, making us love those flicks even more. And then suddenly Tarzan's call would echo through the jungle and the bucks would bug their eyes in superstitious fear and awe of the great white ape man as he swung through the trees at an incredible 60 miles per. Then the ass kicking fest began and niggers went flying in every direction. Ahhh, those were the days folks!

And to hear that wookie yodel that tune made me grin like a fool as I realized that Steven Spielberg may or may not be a Jew, but somebody involved with those movies definitely does not like niggers! I'd bet just about anything that most of the people involved in that production didn't have a clue as to the significance of that yodel. But I did, and I'm sure others have as well. A reminder that we're not alone...