The Way Ahead


The preceding indication of the kind of people needed for the instrument of battle can now be re-enforced conversely by an examination of the kind of people we need to exclude and avoid entanglement with.

To begin with, let us consider the continual chatter about the desirability of unity in the "right wing": the notion that, if only there could be some indiscriminate banding together of all the different political shapes and sizes of Democracy's non-Left dissidents including us we would all be well on the way to success. On the contrary, such a variegated assemblage could never result in anything other than a short-lived excursion into futility both for us and for the rest of the hotchpotch. The original National Front in the U.K. pursued this fool's errand, and proved its folly by succumbing to a rapid succession of splits because of the indigestibility of its ingredients.

The prerequisite for organizational unity is like-mindedness to an overwhelming if not entire extent, thus a union of minds to supply the justification and provide the durable bonding. This fusion of thought to the extent of transcending common belief is the real substance of unity. Without it a physical fusion brought about because of some partial agreement alongside much disagreement is but the outward semblance cloaking an inward continuation of disunity of belief: an illusion of increased strength but a reality of continuing weakness. Any National-Socialist body foolish enough to be deluded into participating in such an exercise of self-deception, conceiving it to be some short cut to victory, will learn through its ensuing disablement and nullification, and all the resulting waste of time and opportunity that this is no real way ahead. Emphatically there are no such short cuts, only the long, straight, hard road with the benefit of sound methods of advancement which are the subject of this study.

An entirely different matter from the folly of fusion with non National-Socialists including nationalists who, in contrast to National-Socialists, put the state and the country above the race and its ideology is the folly of failing to unite with all genuine National-Socialists. The restrictive qualification of "genuine" has to be stressed because there are various persons and bodies who adopt the label, part of the ideology, and much of the trappings, but who are certainly not in the full and therefore proper sense real National-Socialists as we must define them. These people range from sincere but mistaken ideological deviationists to crude parodies and monstrous caricatures, and will be dealt with later in this study.

Putting aside all such counterfeit material, there can be no good reason for a failure to bring about structural unity among all genuine National-Socialists for the greater strength to be gained thereby from organizational recognition of their unity of thought. Instead, the invalid and demeaning reason is petty, personal antipathy. In this, real or imaginary affronts, jealousies, failure to balance good in a person against imperfections loom out of proportion and override the interests of the cause and its requirements of comradeship. Thereby the ulcer of personal friction suppurates to the benefit of the enemy. The noisome pus of concocted or aggravated allegations and disparagements oozes forth to spread infection. Persons who formerly and happily worked together, once some personal clash has occurred turn round and discover almost every sin under the sun in the erstwhile comrade.

The poisoning of the atmosphere is helped on by those who, without an actual thorn in their own flesh as the cause, are stricken with chronic gullibility. This latter failing of the mind to perform with cautious scepticism, requiring and evaluating evidence before reaching a judgment in the range of guilty, innocent or not proven one way or the other, is seen in this present context in the form of a proclivity to swallow and regurgitate any kind of rumour, so that, for example, persons of somewhat Iberian appearance are instantly pronounced to be Jewish, and male companions who go camping together are pronounced to be homosexuals. It can of course in another and reverse form work as a willingness to accept a person as genuine too easily, and thus cause the person to fall prey to fakes and enemy agents.

The cause is too great and the time too short for all the petty, personal nonsense which puts and keeps National-Socialists apart and in conflict. If we cannot expurgate it, we will deserve to lose, and lose we will. If we can henceforth cast out, here and abroad, the cancerous wasting disease of disunity, we will show a far greater worthiness to succeed, and attain a much increased capacity to do so.


In rigorously resisting and rejecting all the befuddling and distracting talk about uniting the "right wing" with us as part of it, we must from this moment onwards completely and constantly disown this term as applied so commonly, wrongly and harmfully to us, along with the nationalists. This rejection is a vital part of the purification and clarification necessary for the creation of the combat efficient force we must have for our victory.

We National-Socialists are no part of Democracy's political pattern, right, left or centre. We are wholly outside it and wholly against it, and intent on declaring and demonstrating this. As part of the rejection of the right wing label, along with calls for our involvement in right wing unity, we have firmly to resist and sternly to expose and denounce the recurrent disposition of those who accept the label to fancy that there is some easier way to better things by fondly grasping at some right wing figure of Democracy's old parties as some shining white hope of salvation.

We have had this furore in the past here in the U.K. with Enoch Powell serving Democracy as a safety valve on the issue of Coloured immigration, appearing to wishful thinkers galore to be raising a banner of competent revolt against this alien invasion, while all the time remaining a devotee of the system inherently responsible for it. Recently another pied piper from the same political abode playing much the same political tune to beguile the public and boost his prestige, came on stage and predictably attracted an instant accolade from the legions of undiscerning optimists who seemingly never learn. This second seducer was appropriately a second Winston Churchill. His grandfather was that calamitous character who, for the benefit of the Jewish cause which he espoused for his political and financial advancement, put us into and kept us in the inferno of the Second World War to the bitter end of unconditional surrender to an insanity resulting in all our present afflictions.

Winston No.2 won all his instantaneous and resounding hurrahs from the credulous congregation of the right wing for what resolved down into no more than a virtually useless proposal to slow down slightly the process of making Britain Coloured. Thus all he had to offer was a slight delay in attaining this culmination of that descent to ruin so powerfully promoted by that supreme showman of spurious patriotism, his grandfather, Winston No.1.

A founder-member of the Inter-parliamentary Council against Anti-Semitism, who has told the London Jewish Chronicle that he wants "exemplary sentences" for those "who incite racism", Winston No. 2, toast of the nitwits of the right wing, did not even call for a complete stop to further immigration. So he never went beyond this to suggest anything at all to encourage the departure of any part of the millions who are already here, thanks to all he and his Conservative and Liberal and Labour fellow political criminals have or have not done over the decades since his grandfather made war on Aryan racial resurgence.

Even if, contrary to both Churchills, all further Coloured immigration was permanently stopped tomorrow, there are already so many Coloureds here, and they are breeding so fast that it is only a matter of time, and not so very long at that, before they become Democracy's majority. Then the Aryans who have trod, worked, fought for the land, and died here time out of mind, bringing about a unique blend of blood and soil, will become a dissipated, demoralized, dwindling minority in what was once their homeland, facing extinction by reduced reproduction and miscegenation. That is our destiny under Democracy, the death system of the Aryan.

Even if, in addition to stopping all further entry by Coloureds, there was some encouragement to repatriation solely on a voluntary basis by means of some financial inducement, as has been proposed in various circles of the right wing, it would be woefully inadequate to remove the Coloured settlers as a whole or any great part of them. Coloured immigrants swarmed here and still do, despite the tricks of Democracy's politicians to dissemble -- precisely because of the benefits of residence and citizenship. The vast majority of them will only be induced to depart voluntarily if, in addition to any reasonable repatriation grant and other assistance, those benefits are withdrawn from them, something you can be absolutely certain the politicians of Democracy, along with right wing nationalists, will never contemplate.


Their citizenship, which was wrongly given to them in the first place, has to be rightly revoked. They must no longer be able to vote, no longer able to hold public office, and no longer be able to take advantage of unearned welfare facilities, among other things. This and nothing short of this should shift the greater part of them. The remnant, after a reasonable period of grace, will have to be compulsorily deported without the resettlement aid given to the voluntary emigrants.

The wholly sufficient justification for total exclusion and total eviction, as far as permanent residence is concerned distinct from temporary visiting, lies in the fact that this drastic measure is absolutely essential for the survival, revival and welfare and betterment of our own Aryan Folk, which has to be our overriding consideration. Misplaced squeamishness in opposition to this measure by the weak, muddled and misguided can only mean that, faced with the choice between care for the Coloureds and care for our own Folk, hardship for the Coloureds or the far greater hardship of racial death for our own Folk, they choose to inflict this latter fate on us.

Obviously there can be no place with us for anyone who inclines to this latter preference. The right wing "patriots", whose concern for the Coloured invasion is subject to their training by the media of Democracy to worship "moderation" in the face of even the most immoderate menace as an essential part of the conditioning -- for tame and tractable servants of their masters, will never bring themselves to go along with the one and only sufficient solution to the Coloured problem. For the same reason of training plus timidity in their domestication to Democracy they are inhibited from even breaking silence, or else saying anything which is not so bound by limitations as to be quite useless, on the less recognized but even more important because more basically responsible Jewish problem. This makes them that much more undesirable to be entangled with.


This Jewish problem arises from the presence in our midst of what is predominantly another non-Aryan minority, but one much more able and ambitious and influential and powerful. The Jews have the enormous advantage of an ethnic religion all their own, endowing them with a divine sanction for world domination. At a later stage in this study, when we come to deal with the religious factor relating to racial resurgence which the nationalists and even some National-Socialists fight shy of, we will see how vital it is that, as the very foundation for the right ideology for the right people in the right forms of activity and organization for victory, we equip ourselves with no less a religious sanction and sustenance as the Jews possess. Believing themselves to be divinely chosen for global supremacy, the Jews although they now have a country of their own, Israel, with which the vast majority of them actually have no real ancestral connection at all as compared with the dispossessed Arabs, nevertheless demand and receive the right to residence and prominence and even immunity from criticism in Britain and in every other Aryan land throughout the world.

Three requirements arise from this. Firstly, there can be no adequate assessment of the grievous ills of Britain and the rest of the White world without taking full and frank account of this paramount problem. Secondly, there can be no sufficient remedy for it short of the Second Expulsion of the Jews from Britain -- and their expulsion as well from all other Aryan lands. Thirdly, there can be no room in the Vanguard for any person who is either too ignorant or too cowardly to face up to this problem and pursue its only true remedy, the exodus of the creators of that problem.

Those nationalists and non-party "patriots" who pay heed to and applaud and attach hope to pillars of the Conservative Party like Winston Churchill No.2 are but a short step away from those who succumb to talking of joining that abominable association which is a living lie, conserving nothing and destroying everything at the core of our Aryan heritage to try and reform it and make it a vehicle for salvation. This very idea that you can go into this den of iniquity, and most radically change it for the better, is a futile absurdity.

You cannot reasonably hope to be able to turn into the instrument for national revival and racial resurgence something which is under the complete top-level control of Democracy's real rulers, and which under their rule has deliberately brought about all the conditions of national decline and racial ruin. The idea is about as likely to succeed as that of going into an inn for the purpose of talking the publican into allowing you to display temperance literature on his bar so that his customers become teetotalers.

The same stricture of course applies to talk of joining any of the other orthodox parties of Democracy. One and all they function under tight, top control by the forces of national decline and racial ruin to give the captive and befuddled masses the illusion that they are the ones in control, having an important and effective range of choice, whereas what is on offer in the way of difference is all carefully kept comparatively insignificant and thus harmless to the masters of those masses. The choice between these parties is consequently only a very restricted one within a rigidly enforced and held to be inviolable consensus on the common objective for all sections of Democracy.

This common objective is the ultimate World Order of Democracy in which men and women will become rootless, raceless, human economic units safely subservient to the lords of the earth. Yet those deluded right-wingers who contemplate turning all this upside down from inside, dwellers in cloud-cuckoo-land if there was ever such, are precisely the ones who dismiss as utterly impracticable any idea of creating any new structure outside the old parties capable of overthrowing them. However hard the latter task certainly is, it is not hopeless from the start, as is the idea of creating in effect a new party within a maleficent old party. We of the Vanguard cannot afford to be cluttered up with talk of attempting this absurdity.


Close to those who compromise with the old order by acclaiming its equivalent of the siren of the Lorelei legend, namely the likes of Powell and Churchill, or contemplating, as it were, joining the household of the devil to make it the shrine of the saint, are those right-wingers who make it their hobby to write to Members of Parliament protesting at this and that aspect of the scheduled course of disaster pursued by their parties, and seeking to persuade them to rebel in this respect. This is the sin of sidetracking, namely distracting and diverting time and effort into compromising involvement in the system of Democracy instead of holding aloof from it and firmly rejecting it, and engaging in activities against it.

Even if the recipient of their representation was brought by them to show the signs of some limited disobedience to the party line in this one respect, the rebellion would be restricted to this. That M.P. would remain loyal to the rest of the grievous party policy, while the right-winger involved would be drawn into focusing on, participating in and relying on the workings of Democracy, whereas what we have to do is to boycott it.

Such sidetrackers tend to be persons of split personality, half in and half out of the system. They are forever torn between a perception of the disaster which looms ahead at the hands of the old parties of Democracy, and a crippling craving for "respectability", albeit in terms of the valuations of the creators of the disaster. Coupled to this is a disposition to a starry-eyed optimism which causes them to imagine that there just must be enough good in the old gang to enable it to be worked on to bring about some amelioration which is better than nothing. Thus they incline to settle for some triviality of delay or temporary modification in manner in the passage to doom instead of holding out for and going for gold in the sense of devoting themselves to the all-out pursuit of the revolution required.

Often of the same disposition, and similarly to be avoided, are the single issue enthusiasts of attenuated vision who become and remain so obsessed with some particular section of the picture of woe --such as the reduction of national self-government, abortion, immigration, crime, usury, pollution of the environment -- that they come to view it in detachment, failing to see or grossly to underestimate the correlation between one thing and another, and one part and the whole, in what is a general picture of defect reflecting a total process of decay. Failing to discern and consider the whole problem, they understandably fail to discern and consider the whole remedy required, which is a thorough change of system and society, nothing less than which will suffice properly to cure any and all of the numerous manifestations of corruption and disintegration and degeneration. Instead, they tend to see the particular problem they focus on as being just an abnormality in a system and society which is nevertheless more or less satisfactory, a conclusion which confines them to a category of conformist.

In contrast, National-Socialism offers not some patchwork repair outfit for some futile attempt to deal with some part of the total problem in isolation, but the only adequate remedy which is total replacement.


Right-wingers, including all those who call themselves "nationalists" to distinguish themselves from National-Socialists, and particularly to separate themselves from the pan-Aryan implications of the latter, are commonly subject to a disabling commitment to Christianity, at least in the background of their minds, inhibiting them from opposing it, if it does not exude to the extent of frontally avowing it and preaching it. Religion will be dealt with in detail later. Suffice it here to say that, however unpleasant it may be to make the point to people who, tragically, have much good in them apart from this underlying and eclipsing weakness, the fact is that the creed of Christianity is unquestionably anti-Aryan in effect if not pronouncement.

The beliefs and sentiments from that creed, however singled out and detached from the rest of the collection which comprises it, are the greatest cause and constant accompaniment of all the defects and the degeneracy which it is the purpose of National-Socialism to combat. The long and the short of it is that, this being so, you cannot tackle the matter of Aryan jeopardy without confronting and rejecting and replacing Christianity. You cannot, therefore, accept and accommodate in the ranks of the real opponents of that jeopardy those who think and behave as though we have some conventional obligation to keep silent and abstain from interference in the matter of religion, or else even seek to make support for Christianity part of if not central to the cause.

The time has come for deep and clear thinking and resolute decision on all vital issues, putting aside hampering fallacies and compromises, and this unavoidably means that the time has come for the parting of the ways between thorough National-Socialists and those who are thorough Christians. No longer can we afford the obfuscation of pretending that these inherently irreconcilable creeds can continue to cohabit in the same living space. Right-wingers, including the Tory-type nationalists who are as much attached to the old order of Democracy as detached from it, are commonly addicted to supporting the royal family in Britain, even if only to the extent of a self-imposed abstention from criticizing it and condemning it, comparable to their self-censorship regarding Christianity. Here also the crisis is too serious and the urgency of drastically improving our mode of dealing with it too great to allow us any longer to fudge on this matter or any other matter of importance.

These right-wingers purport to perceive the royal family as a commendable, surviving representation of British nationhood, and accordingly something to be cherished and defended. This is an appalling misconception, appalling because it is one which causes attention and effort to be wasted in upholding and venerating something which has become void and false as any such representation. Thereby that part of the public which is patriotically inclined is perniciously deluded and diverted into believing that traditional Britain is still thriving, and is thus lulled into complacency, satisfied with a semblance and pretence, while, beyond and behind the glitter and pomp of monarchical pageantry the essential Britain is disappearing down the drain.

The hard fact which, however unpalatable it is to some, has to be proclaimed is that today's royal family in this country is no more than a hugely costly, manifestly mediocre array of characters. As their highest distinction they provide the mercenary media, engaged in promoting the disastrous policies of our real masters, with fancy, fraudulent figures with which to titillate voyeuristic curiosity, excite shallow sentimentality, and cause convenient distraction from the reality of the oncoming destruction of our heritage. All of this sponsorship and promotion of the monarchy by the media is in the same category as the provision of circuses in the arena in the twilight days of the Roman Empire as a distraction from its imminent downfall.

At the head of this royal family we have a queen in name but hardly in appearance (being in comparison to the regal-looking Mrs Vigdis Finnboga-dottir, President of Iceland, a commonplace, dumpy figure indeed), and one who verbally crowns multiracialism, ruinous to her realm, with her highest approval whenever the opportunity presents itself, such as her abominable "Christmas broadcasts". Making the contemporary synthesis of Commu-Capitalism, she has just recently visited Moscow and laid a wreath there in tribute to the Communist war against National-Socialist Germany. All in all, her performance is such as to prompt us to reword the national anthem to exhort the deity not to save the queen for us, but rather to save us from this woman and her hurtful activities.

It would take a whole issue or special supplement of Gothic Ripples to present fully the case against this burdensome and harmfully distractive royal family, not one member of which has ever uttered a single word against the alien usurpation of their realm, and compared to which any shop assistant who has handed out a few National-Socialist leaflets has done infinitely more for the good of Britain. Suffice it for here and now to mention just the following few matters as indicative of the indictment.

Colin Jordan