What Does The Term Aryan Mean?
By WAR Staff

Aryan basically means someone of Aryan, or European, racial descent: that is, a "White" person. However, it also means and implies much more: it describes our Aryan character, our Aryan nature, and our Aryan culture. That is, the term Aryan describes what it means to be Aryan: to have the character, the personality, the culture, of an Aryan.

This is the reason why we use the term Aryan instead of "White. White refers just to the color of the skin; Aryan refers to our culture, our heritage, our character, our Aryan way of life.

A true Aryan is much more than just a "White" person: a true Aryan is a White person who has an Aryan character; who has an Aryan "soul".

A true Aryan is a White person who behaves, who thinks who lives, like an Aryan: that is, in accord with our own Aryan traditions, our own Aryan heritage, our own Aryan way of life.

A true Aryan is someone who upholds the noble, civilized, values of honor, of loyalty, of duty to the folk, and who strives to live by these values. A true Aryan is thus a person who is fair, rational, tolerant and just.

A true Aryan is someone proud of his or her own race, proud of their Aryan culture, proud of their Aryans traditions, and proud of their Aryan way of life. What it is crucial for "White" people to understand is that the culture, the way of life, of all Western societies, of all Western nations, is not Aryan.

That is, our present societies are not Aryan societies: they do not respect, let alone uphold, the Aryan way of life, as they most certainly are not strong-holds of Aryan traditions and Aryan culture, just as the "laws" and ethical values of these societies are not Aryan laws and not Aryan ethical values.

Accordingly, most White people do not live in an Aryan way, just as the Schools of these societies do not teach Aryan history, Aryan culture, and just as they never tell us to respect our own Aryan way of life, our own values, although we are forced to learn about other cultures.

The truth is that our own Governments do not allow we Aryans to live according to our own culture, our own Aryan way of life. Indeed, these Governments have systematically outlawed our ancient traditions and our way of life.


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