Tom Metzger Interview
By a Poland Associate - May/17/2005

1. What were the events that led up you to embark on with White Aryan Resistance?

Simple observation of trends. It was a long evolution from 1964 until now.

2. Lets get it straight. Is White Aryan Resistance a right wing organization? Do you identify yourself with the right wing movement?

No, I do not identify with the right wing. I was a right winger into the 70's but I left the right in late 70's. The right is so reactionary it goes nowhere.

3. "they mislead their followers" you said. What do you mean by "misleading"? Convincing the members of their organizations that two plus two equals five?

They do the same old failed things over and over never winning anything. They waste time with uniforms and flags and rallies. I promote revolution against the Capitalists and the Social Marxists.

4. In other words. You encourage to resist the "status quo" but simultaneously exhort for abandoning the right wing organizations But as far as I can see the right wingers attack the government too. Does "enemy of my enemy is my friend" work?

Not when their methods are bankrupt. They also spend to much time damning the communists when for the most part the capitalists are the force to be reckoned with. The right thinks they can get money support from the Conservative right wing wealthy. We don't !We never did. Many still believe in party politics or just education. Nothing changes without blood flowing.

5. Knowing what you think about the right wing movement I would like to know where the WAR stands/exists? Neither right wing nor left wing, than where?

I use some right ideas, some left ideas and some all our own. I mix it all together. Go to and find our positions and you will see.

6. I suppose that here in Europe the meaning of the right wing differs from the American one. Who are right wingers in the states? Any examples? Because from the European point of view I would label WAR as a right wing group...

In Europe the right wing is bogged down in Nationalism in most cases and still fighting so called Reds. A White German would rather smash a White Pole than smash a Nigger. Or a White Englishman would rather smash a White Frenchman than a Jew! Crazy!

In the U.S the right is very wide. From Neo con's to almost Anarchist. They are Quasi racist but most deny being racist when questioned by the press. We are proud to say we are racist and hate to see Whites fighting each other. I oppose the Wars. U.S Civil WAR, WW1, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq. They are all capitalist WARS and terrible for the White Race. Our enemy's are the transnational corporations, The political parties, the Jews, etc. The press lump us all together as right wing. I reject that. I would rather recruit a Racist left winger than a right winger.

7. Why does WAR operate without membership cards, etc? What are the positive aspects stemming from it?

Yes, we carry no cards. We wear no uniforms. Our Skin is our uniform! We operate as covertly as possible embracing the lone wolf or cell structure. We network but not through a rigid hierarchy. We do not reject either hate or violence. If need be we embrace them both. We hate those in power in Washington D.C. and anything bad that happens to them is good for us.

Most of our meetings are one on one. No big meetings where government agents are always around. I like the methods of the old IRA or the Bahder Meinhoff. Their Tactics not necessarily their ideology.

8. What is your "modus operandi" to resist ZOG? What way of resistance would you advice? To stop paying taxes.........?

To travel at periscope depth. Quietly move in the public. As Mao said, The revolutionary swims in the sea of the people. Network and promote White tribalism.

9. The left wing movement seems to be well organized. They operate at many levels, I would say from Greenpeace to Antifa fighting against police. How would you explain that a well educated youth boosts left wingers ranks instead of ours?

The left wing is only successful as long as the Jews and White traitors lead it. The left is controlled as tightly as the right.

Yes, That is why the right wing loses. It recruits the wrong people. Recruit radical people. Some of the best are on the left. We demand one thing LOYALTY TO RACE SURVIVAL. All the rest can be argued but in most cases I am closer to the left. Anti WAR, Anti Capitalist, pro environment and Nature, hate for the lying super rich or the lumkin proletariat, hatred of all present politicians, hatred of equality, love of environment, believe in limiting non white world populations by any means possible, reject Christianity as a slave religion that is the enemy of the race. ETC. I see that as pretty left not right.

10. What kind of the political system would be the best for the whites to live peacefully?

All systems are oligarchy. There is no other. They ad trappings such as the silly Democracy title but all governments are rule by the few no matter what you call them. It follows that we desire a White Racist non Colonial, Non empire White nation who ever supports that we will support. We are also White Pan Aryanist or Pan White supporting Whites all over the World. We will fight race destruction through thick and thin and never CO exist voluntarily with it.

11. What is your opinion about Manson and his group? Why am I asking? Because some of his utterances seem to be interesting, but I would say it about swastika on his forehead.........Do you take him seriously?

How would you explain the fact that a serial killer are sometimes more popular than a rock star? Yes, but its all useless fetish. Manson is a con and always has been. He talks gibberish most of the time but once in a while makes a true statement. I told the Satanist's they were nuts to promote him. That Swastika on his for head is just more con. Almost as big a con as the mythical Devil.

12. What about Mason and his book "Siege"? Should it be read by the racialists? Could you tell me what is that book about in the nutshell? By the way who is Mason?

Siege is a great book and James Mason in the past has been a revolutionary innovator. He took national Socialism out of the reactionary right and packaged it as a revolutionary struggle. In the way Joseph Tommassi broke with the conservative Nazi, s. Unfortunately he turned away from his best thoughts back toward some Christian thing. I don't know where he is now but I promote and sell his great book.

13. Does "Leaderless Resistance" work? Do you consider The Order as a group that adopted Leaderless Resistance and started using it?

Yes, they did but in a very crude form. They recruited to many men and their targets were not the right people. They did not really operate as Lone Wolves or in a desirable network. However I admire them and support their efforts. It was the first time people from the right struck out as true revolutionaries.

14. Can Paul Franklin be conceived as a follower of LR? Do you see any positive aspects of his activity?

Sowing the fear in the enemies hearts is respected but at the same time the media portray him as a ruthless killer therefore an average citizen instead of joining the movement assumes that "we" should be avoided and cured.

We care little about what the average citizen thinks. If their were more Franklin operations it could help the cause much more than right wing activity. A hundred Franklin's moving quietly around the country would cause a tremendous uproar and chaos. It could prepare the way for more important action.

15. There was once a group named "Knights of Freedom" whose leader was Decker and his original name is Greenbaum. As far as I can see his group hard core NEO nazis does not exist, but I would like to ask you why the Jews join our movement? Were there other Jews who joined to movement beside Knights of Freedom?

That's not strange at all. The Jews tried to join Hitler. One was even in the first few that joined. The reason the Jews hate Nazis is primarily because they didn't come up with the idea first. The group you mentioned was just another Hollywood Nazi style group. Their dozens of them in this country. Uniform freaks, malcontents, father fetishes and even Homo sexuals. They don't even know that National socialism was a leftist idea. Here they sound like National capitalists. They love To dress up and march around while the police save them every time. They never think of clever ways to beat their opposition in the shadows. They always stand up and say HIT ME!! Its so embarrassing. When I did it in the 70's and 80's we crushed the communist race mixers. We beat them bloody and were never arrested or saved by police. In almost all cases now the police are as much an enemy as the others.

16. It seems that you consider Pastor Butler as a hero but at the same time you frown upon Christianity...More, "Christian Identity" merits no respect because that's pure stupidity trying to "aryanise" Jesus, so, how can you hail a person responsible for it and at the same time encouraging to refuse Christianity?

I was once of his belief but in 1980 I left that belief. Richard Butler and I were personal friends for over 25 years. We just agreed not to fight over religion. A friend is a friend! When we go to WAR I will not ask the White Racist next to me what is he Christian or Atheist? I will only expect him or her to kill the enemy as I will. We can debate later over some beer!


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