Burning the Jew

It takes seven hours to cremate one body. Every 70 hours or so the oven must be re-cored, which means downtime. Simple math tells us that it was impossible for Germans to have cremated 6 million. So let's surmise 4 million, with the rest shot and buried in pits.

Four million bodies cremated at seven hours apiece using 1940s technology? Where did the gas come from to fire the crematoriums? Germany was nearly out of oil and gas, and just about everything else. In fact, the 1944 'Battle of the Bulge' failed only because the Panzers ran out of fuel!

According to my simple math it takes 28 million oven-hours to cremate 4 million bodies. Tell me: how many ovens and how many years would that take? Each cremated body renders down to a quantity of ash. Let's say two pounds of ash per body. That's 8,000,000 pounds of ash. Where did those ashes go? They couldn't all have gone into rivers, but even if they did, where is the residue in the river bottoms? If the ashes were buried in pits, simple infrared scans would turn them up. You can't hide 8,000,000 pounds of anything. Nothing has shown up yet! The additional question of teeth and bones, which must be ground by mechanical means (common cremation procedure) makes the whole issue ridiculous. But in this day and age of mythology, who cares about logic or evidence!

Even so, let's say 6 million Jews died by any means. Pit killings in the East by both Germans and Russians, disease, hunger and etc. Even if 6 million Jews were magically exterminated, there were over 50 million people of other races who died in World War II. Any school kid thinks 6 million Jews died at the hands of Germans, but ask him how many Americans or Russians died, or how many Germans died in World War II, and he will give you the 'deer caught in the headlights' blank stare. In fact, given today's education standards, he or she might even say "it just doesn't matter."

If you don't like genocide, don't go to war! War IS genocide, particularly for White people. Remember, the Jews badgered Wilson to enter World War I. This prolonged the war and created the loss, and then horrible conditions, for Germany. That led straight to Adolf Hitler. Then the chickens came home to roost -- bad karma which the Jews had created for themselves!

Today the whole world suffers because the Jew badgered British government's Balfour Declaration gave Palestine to Jews and Hell to Palestinians. Yet again, the Jews are hated worldwide.

Jews are their own worst enemy and "what goes around comes around." It's just too bad that so many others must suffer to satisfy the greed and power lust of Jew leaders.

Tom Metzger